Chapter 12: Enter the Dragon

"My power has returned, Speed, Strength, Astral Projection!" Shendu said. "That's Shendu?" Sapphire asked. "I am the Keeper of the Talismans, I am the Apocalypse as legend speaks and I am once and for all… your Executioner!" Shendu answered blasting the girls out of the cave. "Now for that power" Simon demanded. "Fool, you did not free me, the Trollz did" Shendu refused. "I did all the work and…" Simon said but was interrupted. "Read my lips, no power or treasure for you!" Shendu finished. "Snarf!" Simon ordered as Snarf tries to attack Shendu but was levitated. "May I remind you I have the power of Levitation and Super Strength" Shendu said defeating Snarf and Simon then flew off.

Meanwhile at Obsidian's Shop: "Are you okay?" Zirconia asked. "More or less?" Onyx answered. "Mostly less" Topaz said. "Shendu was imprisoned by his own subjects" Obsidian read. "He vowed to return to resurrect his palace and release his dragon minions" Mr. Trollheimer added. "Shendu's palace is in Hong Kong and will rule on Chinese New Year!" Amethyst's Grandma said. "We got to stop him!" Amethyst said. "C'mon let's go!" Ruby said. "Isn't Chinese New Year in a few days?" Topaz asked. "Yes, but the problem is Hong Kong's time is ahead of ours!" Spinell warned. "Uncle must come with you!" Uncle Chan said as he appeared. "Uncle will make a spell that will help us" Obsidian said. "I'll call for a jet fast enough to get us there." said. "Amethyst call Coal, someone must watch Obsidian's Spellz Shop!" Uncle said. "I don't know if… ow!" Amethyst said being slapped with two fingers. "Listen to Uncle!" Uncle added. "Not if we get there first!" Simon whispered. "On it boss!" Snarf agreed as they flew to Hong Kong.

Hours later, the girls, the ancients and Uncle arrived at the location. "The palace!" Uncle said. "Where?" Onyx asked. "Here, like in the inscriptions!" Uncle answered as the palace appeared. "Never mock the inscriptions!" He continued as Shendu arrived. "What's he doing?" Ruby asked. "Releasing his dragon minions" Obsidian answered. "Girls use this potion to extract the Rat Talisman from Shendu" Uncle instructed. "Soon my warriors!" Shendu said as Ruby extracts the Sheep Talisman. "How many lives do you five possess?" Shendu asked as Ruby goes astral. " Aw man, Astral Projection!" Ruby complained. "Fresh meat!" Shendu said the girls save Ruby then Sapphire extracts the Dragon Talisman and blasts Shendu. "Nice hit Sapphire!" Topaz said but Shendu healed. "Not good!" Sapphire said. "You cannot harm me Trollz, the Horse is the healer!" He said as rams into them. "And the Rabbit is speed!" Onyx added. "Watch out!" Amethyst said battling Shendu. "C'mon Snarf let's go!" Simon said as he left. "Okay!" Snarf said as the fight continues. "Monkey, not good!" Topaz turning Shendu into a rabbit which turns invisible. "The Invisibility Talisman!" Onyx said as Shendu takes the Monkey Talisman and changed back. "Monkey see, Monkey do!"He said but missed. "Hey I got the OX!" Topaz said. "Nice Tope!" Onyx complimented. "Oh no!" Amethyst said as they were grabbed. "The battle field is almost even Shendu!" Ruby said. "You may have the power of the Ox, but when it comes to me, that just makes you a very strong mouse!" He responded. "Pity you'll not live to see my rein on your world, but you shall visit theirs!" Shendu added about to feed Ruby to his dragon minions. "Got the dog!" Onyx said as she extracts the Dog Talisman. "Yes, the Rat!" Ruby said extracting the Rat Talisman. "NOOO!" Shendu said turning back into a statue. "I will have my revenge if it takes another 900 years!" He added. "No Rat Talisman means you're just a statue, no Dog Talisman means you're not immortal!" Ruby said as they used the Dragon Talisman on him. "AAAH!" Shendu concluded as he blew up.

Then the palace collapsed but the girls(and Simon and Snarf) escaped. "We did it!" Amethyst said as they group hugged. "Congratulations girls!" Obsidian said. "You defeated Shendu and saved the world" Mr. Trollheimer added. "And we're very proud" Amethyst's Grandma added. "B.F.F.L." the girls said in unison as they won the battle.

-The End-

-Written by Khalif Brown (Harriet546)