Chapter 2: Ox Strength:

It's another beautiful day in Trollzopolus as the Rooster Talisman is protected by Obsidian's Shop, while the B.F.F.L. are searching for the Ox Talisman. "So the Rooster Talisman represents Levitation and Telekinesis" Topaz said. "Right, I used its power last night" Amethyst told. "Our second Talisman to find is the Ox Talisman" Sapphire said. "Let's asked Mr. Trollheimer where the Ox Talisman is" Ruby said. "I bet he knows about its power" Onyx commented. "Mr. Trollheimer do you know where the Ox Talisman is?" Sapphire asked. "Not exactly" He answered, "Bummer" Onyx said. "However, I made a locater spell and found out where it could be" Mr. Trollheimer continued. "That's good but how far is it?" Topaz asked. "It's out of Trollzopolus but I'll accompany you on your search" He concluded. "Okay, thank you Mr. Trollheimer" Amethyst said as the girls left. "Your welcome!" said Mr. Trollheimer.

After the girls told their parents, they met up with Mr. Trollheimer at the bus. "Are you five ready to go?" He asked. "Ready Mr. Trollheimer!" Sapphire answered. "Me too" Ruby said. "Me three" Topaz continued. "Then let's find that Talisman" Mr. Trollheimer said as he and the girls drove off. Meanwhile, Simon and Snarf are secretly following them in disguises. "Why are we hiding in their bus master?" Snarf asked. "Because you swamp mutt, we must find the Ox talisman for Shendu" Simon answered. "And once we get the Ox Talisman, I will crush the B.F.F.L. and Mr. Trollheimer!" He explains and laughs evilly. Hours later, the bus arrives at Troll Mexico. "This must be the location" Sapphire said. "I've seen better" Onyx commented. "I do like the fashion; I want to shop here" said Topaz. "Maybe later Topaz, we have to find the Ox Talisman" Amethyst corrected. "Yeah, and find it before Simon does" Ruby continued. "Correct, we can't let him get his hands on the talisman or give it to Shendu" Mr. Trollheimer said.

"Hola, I'm Paco." A boy said to Onyx. "Hi, name's Onyx" She answered. "I'm Ruby." Ruby said. "I am Topaz." Topaz spoke. "My name is Amethyst." Amethyst said. "My name is Sapphire." Sapphire continued. "I'm Mr. Trollheimer" Mr. Trollheimer concluded. "What can I do for you senorita?" Paco asked. "We're looking for something involving an Ox." Onyx answered. "There is my Idol, El Trollo Fuerte, the greatest wrestler in all of Troll Mexico." Paco said. "Hey guys come look" Onyx said. "I think that mask needs a better color" Topaz commented. "Topaz stay focused, Onyx meant what's on the mask" Ruby corrected. "It looks like he's wearing the Ox Talisman" Amethyst said. "Then let's find them both" Sapphire said as they went to find El Trollo.

"Should we go after them master?" Snarf asked. "Of course you flea bag, after them." Simon ordered. Meanwhile the girls and Mr. Trollheimer found El Trollo Fuerte. "That must be him" Sapphire said. They saw El Trollo defeat an opponent. "The winner is once again El Trollo Fuerte!" the announcer said. "He's tougher than he looks" Ruby said. "Look, he does have the Talisman!" Amethyst said. "Right Amethyst, the Ox Talisman represents strength" Mr. Trollheimer described. "How are we suppose to get it?" Topaz asked. "Simple, we wrestle against El Trollo to the Ox Talisman" A figure suddenly said behind them. "It has been a long time Mr. Trollheimer" The figure said. "Yes it has Uncle Chan" Mr. Trollheimer responded as he turned around to face Uncle Chan. "Girls, this is Uncle Chan, a Chi wizard and an old friend" He introduced. "Hi!" the girls said in unison."This my nephew: Jackie Chan and his niece: Jade Chan" Uncle Chan introduced. "Hello!" Jackie Chan said. "Hi, I'm Jade!" Jade Chan said.

"Anyway we must get the Ox Talisman before Simon gets his hands on it" Uncle said. "Who is Simon anyway?" Jade asked. "Simon was an evil Gremlin who brought the ancient world of Trollz to destruction" Uncle explained. "A real life Gremlin, cool!" Jade said. "Not cool Jade, Simon caused us a lot of trouble" Ruby warned. Meanwhile, Onyx was going against El Trollo after she volunteered. "Bring it on El Trollo!" She ordered as they started. "Onyx is very cool" Jade complimented. "She may be rebellious, but she always comes through for us" Sapphire said. "Onyx is kind of like you Jade" Jackie commented. "Guys, look what's happening!" Ruby shouted as the Ox Talisman activates causing El Trollo to defeat Onyx. "The winner is our champion El Trollo Fuerte!" The announcer said as Onyx was knocked out. "Onyx, are you okay?" Topaz asked as she wakes up. "Yeah, but I didn't get the talisman!" Onyx apologized. "It's alright, we'll find another way to retrieve it" Mr. Trollheimer said.

Meanwhile, El Trollo encounters Simon and Snarf. "Hand over the mask!" Simon ordered. "El Trollo never removes his mask" El Trollo responded. "Then I'll remove it for you!" Snarf said as he tried to remove the mask to get the talisman, but got nailed by El Trollo into a car. "Ouch" Snarf said. "After him!" Simon said. Moments later, The B.F.F.L., Mr. Trollheimer, and the Chan family were trying to get the Ox Talisman when they ran into Simon. "That's Simon, but he is a little boy" Jackie complained. "Looks can be deceiving" Mr. Trollheimer said. "Right, Simon also now wants to restore Shendu" Amethyst warned. "Aiee yahh" Uncle cried. "You'll have to defeat El Trollo first" El Trollo said but Simon used magic to remove the talisman from the mask. "The Talisman has been removed!" Sapphire shouted. "We got to grab it!" Ruby said. "Snarf, attack!" Simon commanded as Snarf attacks the group. "Your nothing but a fake El Trollo, thanks to the talisman" Onyx said. "Onyx is right I am a fake, but I must help" He said. "I got the OX Talisman guys!" Topaz said; but is being attacked by Simon. "Hand it over!" Simon demanded. "Barrier Shield I must ran, make sure Simon doesn't get the talisman" Topaz chanted as she threw a spell bead which blocked Simon's attack.

As everyone else fought off Snarf, Topaz received the Ox Talisman and tried to help El Trollo. "El Trollo, catch!" Jade said as she throws the Ox Talisman to him. "Keep it, I rather lose with dignity than win with deception" El Trollo responded as he threw Ox Talisman back. "Roarr!" Snarf growled as he hit Jackie, Ruby, Onyx, Amethyst and El Trollo into a wall knocking them out. "Now who is the mightiest?" Snarf asked. "Take a guess" Topaz said as she and Jade kicked Snarf in the face knocking him out. "Not bad for a Troll" Jade complimented. "Thanks, you too!" Topaz responded. "Thank you for teaching me this lesson, I shall wrestle with honor" EL Trollo said. "Your welcome" Amethyst said. "Thanks for the help Jackie and you too Jade" Sapphire said. "The pleasure is ours" Jackie said. "What he said" Jade spoke. As they meet up with Mr. Trollheimer and Uncle Chan: "Nice work everyone!" Uncle said. "Don't worry Uncle Chan, the girls and I will protect the talismans" Mr. Trollheimer said. Both groups go their separate ways, as the B.F.F.L. and Mr. Trollheimer have their second Talisman; the Ox Talisman.

-Written by Khalif Brown (Harriet546)