Princess Peach and Toadette were both in Peach's room, kissing each other and letting out out trombone like farts, with Peach's farts sounding brassier than Toadette's.

"Oh Peachy….witnessing you fart makes me wanna soil my diaper so badly!" Toadette gleefully admitted as she started wetting herself, her farts sounding more wet as a brown stain appeared on the back of her diaper.

"Oooh that is such an over informative thing to say!" Peach giggled.

"I know, but unlike all those generic Toads out there who are turned on by us doing fetishy things, I'm so comfortable doing it around you! I just love farting so much!" Then Toadette ripped a bassy fart that caused her diaper to expand, much to both their surprise. "Oooh, but like Amy Rose, even I have limits!"

"Don't we all!" Peach giggled as she patted the back of Toadette's diaper. "You're so lovely when you soil yourself with your farts!"

"You too!" Toadette giggled as she resumed kissing Peach, the two of them releasing such a storm of farts that several generic Toads all across the Mushroom Kingdom could hear it.

"Peeyew! I don't have a nose and god I can smell our smelly love!" Toadette stated as she fanned the air, as did Peach."

"Right there with you sistah! Phew!" Peach laughed as she plugged her nose for a few seconds. "Hey, if you take off your diaper, and I change my dirty pink panties, this isn't all your getting!"

Toadette blushed as her eyes lit up. "Oooh! Can't wait! My body is ready!" Toadette's butt suddenly released such a brassy fart that she ended up pooping herself, much to her shock. "Oh, heh heh, almost ready!"

"Goddamn, 'dette!" Peach gasped, putting down Toadette, whose diaper began smelling worse than her own farts. "Lucky for you, I'd be more than happy to change you!"

Toadette's eyes lit up with excitement, feeling touched by Peach's words. "Really? No ones ever offered me that before! Not even Toad! Or any Toad for that matter!"

Peach smiled and picked up Toadette. "Oh, like I said, I'd love to!" Peach then kissed Toadette again, the two of them in silent bliss as Peach walked to the bathroom, the two of them ripping more stinky farts along the way.