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Chapter 1:

Beasts of Red and Orange

Date: October 10th, day of the Kyuubi attack

Location: Land of Greens

Current Event: none

Two men stared at each other, not breaking eye contact or moving a muscle. Blood dripped from the weapons that stuck out of the bodies of each warrior. The host of the Red Dragon Emperor, a ninja of the Hidden Waterfall, coughed suddenly, red liquid spraying the face of the man who'd stabbed him. His opponent, a rogue Cloud shinobi and the host of the White Dragon Emperor, smiled.

"That was, cough, a good fight," the Taki ninja rasped.

"It was," commented the other. "We didn't have a winner though." The man wretched, blood splattering the ground next to the soldiers. The sudden motion cause both weapons, a sword and an ANBU knife, to dig deeper into their targets.

"No hard feelings, right?" asked the man from Taki, ignoring the pain caused by his wounds and the dragon inside him who was calling for the immediate death of his foe.

"None at all," the other responded. "I hope I meet you in the next life. I feel like we could be good friends."

"Indeed." Both men closed their eyes, passing away while their burdens moved to new hosts and their bodies fell to the ground.

Like many times before, Ddrag found himself in the mindscape of his new vessel, a baby boy with bright blond hair, but unlike the last few times, something felt . . . Wrong. Using his powers, the Red One tried to sense what was happening around the child he was now housed in.

For a few seconds, everything was normal minus the fact that they were in a cave rather than a hospital. Father looking proudly at child? Check. Mother panting and wishing to see the child? Check. Midwife letting them do their thing before taking the child for tests? Double check for the assistant midwife. The new father looked to be in his early twenties. He had sharp features and short blond hair that his son had inherited. His height was indistinguishable since the boy small frame would make even the shortest person look big, so the Red Dragon Emperor turned his focus to the mother.

The first thing that caught his eye was the bright red hair that he knew. Having been sealed inside a couple Uzumaki when they'd first arrived in this world, he and Albion would have remembered that red hair anywhere. Tearing his eyes from the striking follicles, Ddrag focused on her face. She had a rounded, beautiful face that her son had received, even if amplified due to the baby fat. She seemed tall like her husband and her figure was the kind that some women would kill for (he'd seen it happen before), but what drew Ddrag's attention was her stomach where a complicated sealing matrix was quickly fading. The otherworldly dragon came to the conclusion that this woman must be a jinchuuriki.

Using all the data he had compiled over his time in the Elemental Nations, the Red One realised that he was in Konoha. He was obviously not in Taki anymore, the jinchuuriki there had dark skin, teal hair, and just had the demon sealed inside her. Konoha were the only ones where the identities of the host of their bijuu was kept secret from the public and, therefore, were able to live relatively normal lives. Other, more obvious clues included the fact that the mother was of the Uzumaki clan and the flack jacket the man sported.

"Oh Naruto," the woman cried with joy, naming the dragon's new host, "you don't know how much I've wanted to meet you."

"Naruto," the man repeated. "Welcome to the family."

The midwife, a woman with graying hair and a kind face, lifted the baby out of the arms of the new mother and began to exit while the parents held each other, but she barely made it halfway out of the cave. With no sound to indicate that anything had changed, Ddrag felt his new host shift into the hands of some other person. It appeared the parents of this new host were shinobi because they reacted with reflexes of a speed that only ninja can obtain. The old woman and her assistant fell to the ground, dead, their throats cut. Ddrag focused upwards to see a man wearing an orange spiral mask with only one eye showing and a knife held at the throat of his new vessel.

"Back away from the jinchuuriki," the man started in a deep voice, "or the boy dies at the tender age of one minute."

"Who are you?" the new father asked, not moving and inch but ready to attack or dodge at a moment's notice.

"Me?" The masked man responded. "I'm no one, but if you force my hand I just might be the killer of your baby."

"Please," the blond pleaded, "leave the child out of this."

"You want the child out of this? Fine with me." Calmly, the intruder tossed the newborn vessel into the air. The other man lunged, dodged a throne kunai, and caught the airborn newborn. As soon as the Konoha ninja had a hold on the baby, a blinding flash of light surrounded them. The next think Ddrag knew, they were next to the man's wife rather than in the air. As the woman tried to stand, the mysterious man spoke once more.

"You seem to live up to the stories, Yellow Flash."

'Yellow Flash?' Ddrag thought to himself. 'Where have I heard that name?' A split second later, the answer struck him. The Yellow Flash was the nickname of the fourth Hokage of Konoha. That would mean that this man holding the new Red Dragon Emperor would be Namikaze Minato.

'Oh God,' Ddrag thought. 'My new vessel is the son of the fourth Hokage.' The masked man's next words pulled the Welsh Dragon Emperor from his thoughts before they could continue.

"So what are you going to do about the exploding tag?"

"What tag?" The Hokage asked. A sizzling sound started coming from the bottom of the blanket. Reacting quickly, Minato threw the cloth away, but had to retreat further when a hail of kunai flew toward him. The next thing Ddrag knew, there was a blinding flash of light and the scenery changed. His new vessel and the grown man were outside a cosy-looking house. The man rushed inside, quickly setting the newborn in a cradle, closed his eyes as if concentrating, cursed, and ran out of the building as fast as possible.

The Red Dragon Emperor didn't know how long his new vessel was there for. The cold air was nice to begin with, but, with the baby naked as the day he was born, it soon became uncomfortable. Ddrag, feeling useless, began regulating his host's body temperature to ward off the cold. Somewhere in the distance, yelling and the roar of some large creature could be heard.

"Well this day sure is interesting," Ddrag mumbled. The roaring got closer after about half an hour until the sound shook the house itself, waking the infant. Ddrag glanced out the window and was glad he did. Outside the window pane was a monstrous, orange-furred leg moving toward the building. The Red One forced his power through his tiny, crying host, covering the baby in a temporary crimson armor.

The thing's appendage crashed through the home, reducing the whole thing to little more than shrapnel and kindling. Wood and plaster bounced off the armor of the new Red Dragon Emperor, but the child remained safe. The otherworldly covering lasted only a few seconds, but that time was well used. The boy's father dropped in, scooping up the child from the rubble of the ruined home, none the wiser that his son was the bearer of a dragon. He retreated to the trees, giving the baby a view of the beast he was facing. The newborn did not comprehend what he saw, but the creature inside him did and he was not pleased.

Standing before the father/son pair loomed the Kyuubi, the nine-tailed demon fox of tsunamis. Ddrag had heard about the giant fox's power through rumors and hearsay. One of his previous hosts had met the bijuu's first jinchuuriki, Uzumaki Mito, and she had been a pleasant woman, a personality trait she had obviously not shared with the demon before them. The demon was huge, about as large as Ddrag's true height, all the traits of a kitsune present with the exception of nine flowing tails as opposed to only one. The beast's chakra fur was an orange that was not bright enough to be called neon, but not shaded enough to be dark. The monster bent over, one huge, red, slitted eye coming to rest on the male members of the Namikaze family. It let out a laugh, the octave between tenor and alto and alternating from a yipping sound to a soft bark. Ddrag wondered if the fox had a gender, but felt like now was not the time to ask.

"So this is the best of the world's strongest ninja village?" The Kyuubi questioned in an ambiguous voice. "A child barely in his twenties and a newborn baby?"

"Is that the best the world's strongest demon can do?" The Hokage taunted back. "Break a house and talk?" The Kyuubi growled in response. It snapped forward, forcing the Fourth to jump backward lest he and his son be swallowed whole. The Hokage led the demon in a game of cat and mouse, panting the entire way. Now that Ddrag looked, it was obvious that the blond man had been in a fight before coming to the baby's aid.

"I really wish I didn't have to do this Naruto," the new father muttered, "but I don't have a choice. Your mother is too weak right now and I can't ask anyone else when I have my own child. Please forgive me." Ddrag was thoroughly confused. Why was he asking for forgiveness? The pair and the pursuing fox came to a clearing, probably one of the village's training grounds. The man shifted the crying baby in his arms until both of his hands were free. Still running, Minato blurred through a sequence of hand signs before slamming one palm on the growing in the middle of the field.

From the summoning seal appeared a table with a white table cloth and eight candles that were already lit. The famous man laid the baby on the table as the giant kitsune caught up. The otherworldly dragon did not know what they were for, but the demon behind them seemed to.

"No!" the fox roared. "Not again! You will not seal me again!" The Kyuubi lashed out with its tails, but, with a short sequence of seals, the Namikaze erected a barrier that repelled the attack. Once more, the Hokage began signing. Tiger, rat, boar, dog, bird, ram- on and on the sequence went, all the while with the demon fox pounding at the barrier. Around the 20th seal, the chakra wall cracked. The leader of the village faltered but did not stop. The orange beast continued to beat at the justu holding it out, cracking the translucent wall more and more. Just when the fox was rearing for the final blow, a red blur sped out of the trees while dragging a large blue chain behind. The chain slammed into the side of the Kyuubi's head and wrapped around its throat.

"Kushina!" Minato yelled to the one Ddrag recognised as the child's mother. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm saving your ass, of course!" The crimson-haired woman continued to grapple with the red-eyed monster, her Chakra Chains holding the beast like the reins of a horse. The fox struggled, but the woman held firm. In the protective dome, Minato neared the end of the 50 seal sequence.

With a roar of defiance and desperation, the nine-tailed demon fox struck at the redhead with its center tail, skewering her. Her chains dissipated as the tail pierced her body. The weaponized appendage continued on its path, destroying the barrier and stabbing the blond just as he finished the seals.

"Sign Fuinjustu," he coughed, blood trickling from the ends of his mouth, "Eight Trigrams Seal." The dying father placed his right hand on the stomach of his son, the black lines of the seal he had just cast fading onto the child's abdomen. He laid his other hand on the fox's tail.

"No!" the demon wailed as its essence was sucked into the seal. "Not again! Damn you Namikaze Minato!" Then, the beast vanished, trapped inside the child.

"We're sorry," the red-headed mother muttered, her husband already having gone still. "Please, find happiness. I know you'll become a great ninja one day. My only regret is that I won't live to see it. Goodbye Naruto." With that, the Red-Hot Habanaro of Konoha moved no more. The clearing sat in silence save for the crying of the newborn. Only a few minutes passed before an older man and a group of masked guards landed in the field. The man lifted the child from his position on the table which promptly vanished in a poof of white smoke. With tears in his eyes, the Third Hokage and now current leader of Konohagakure no Sato carried the child into the village.

End of Chapter 1