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Chapter 2:

Meeting the Maelstrom

Ddrag never did lull himself into hibernation. He chose to stay awake to get a feel for this new village. Never had he been in a Leaf shinobi before. Sure, he had met them in both peaceful and not-so-peaceful circumstances, but he had never been in one.

And then there was his 'cellmate'. When she (yes, she) was sealed into the boy, a golden cage had materialized to contain her power. Ddrag had tried to get to know the Kyuubi, but the female demon would have none of that. After getting over the surprise of there already being a being one great power inside her new vessel and after yelling at him for calling her a 'he', she blocked him out. He hadn't talked to her since her sealing, but the cage stood as a looming reminder of her presence.

For Naruto himself, the boy was forced to grow up at a faster rate than normal, yet he retained much of his childishness do to his lack of constant parental guidance. It was an odd phenomenon that Ddrag had never seen before. Luckily, Ddrag was able to nudge the boy away from the largest amounts of trouble without him learning of the Welsh Dragon.

It was a simple enough matter to whisper suggestions in the boy's head under the guise of being his conscience so that, though he was a prankster, Naruto never bit off more than he could chew. Ddrag would have revealed himself sooner, but there was a man with a lot of power that would like nothing more than to treat Naruto as a thoughtless weapon to be controlled. This man, Danzo, could do nothing so long as he thought the Fourth's son only contained the Nine-Tails. Ddrag shivered at the though of what would happen if the old fart learned of his existence inside the child as well. Slowly, the Welsh Dragon convinced the boy to learn meditation to control his temper. Plus it would make things easier when he felt it was time for the child to know of both of his burdens along with all the other information he'd picked up the night of the boy's parents' deaths.

Eventually, Naruto picked up the dream to become Hokage after protecting a little girl from a pack of bullies, a dream Ddrag fully supported. He had never been inside of a Kage before, but neither had Albion and the Red Dragon would love to be able to gloat about being the first in a vessel above the rank of Jonin.

When Naruto reached his sixth birthday, chakra began seeping from the Kyuubi's cage. It was a sluggish but constant flow that integrated into the boy's chakra system, turning relatively tiny amounts of the child's blue chakra purple until it was diluted into a slightly darker blue. After that, his reserves began growing to contain the new energy, becoming the size of the average Chunin's by the time the boy was seven.

When he was eight, he was enrolled into the Academy. The Academy, the ninja school of Konoha, was available for children ages eight through twelve and was almost always where orphans such as Naruto chose to go. Once the students graduated, they would be considered adults by most of the population.

The first year was rough. Ddrag could easily tell why all the teachers were bias against his vessel and it pained him to see the boy so confused, but he knew the ramifications of Naruto learning something before he was ready (his vessel from the Hidden Mist had stumbled in on a shark-like kid practicing in a cave when he was six and died before even Ddrag could help. That was many years ago) and kept quiet. There was just something about Mizuki Tora, though, that didn't sit well with the Red Dragon. Luckily, Iruka Umito treated Naruto like any other student.

When their first test was passed out by Mizuki, Ddrag knew something was wrong. He could see the the paper through Naruto's eyes, but it was sort of fuzzy. Using his 'Conscience Persona', the Red Dragon had Naruto raise his hand.

"Is something wrong, Naruto?" Iruka asked.

"I think I got the wrong test, Iruka-sensei."

"The wrong test?" He may have only known the boy for a short time, but Iruka was sure that Naruto was not one to ask for help lightly. He rose and went to the student's to check the validity of the blond's claims.

"A shuriken must be thrown at what minimum speed to achieve stabilized flight?" Iruka read aloud. "I'm not supposed to go over that until the end of this year. I'm sorry, Naruto. It seems you did get the wrong test. I'll get another one." The paper was replaced with one that was much easier and Ddrag could see Mizuki scowl in the corner of Naruto's vision.

The boy quickly finished the test and sat back down, contemplating about the mix up. With Ddrag's whispers egging him to his conclusion, Naruto chose to be wary of Mizuki and to study more.

He only accepted the latter because it would increase the types of pranks he could do, but Ddrag had a feeling it would lead to him being one Hell of a trap master one day.

Naruto worked his way through the Academy, wary of which teachers seemed to be out to get him and which teachers weren't. Of all of them, Mizuki seemed particularly mean. Eventually, though, he was forced to back off when Iruka started getting suspicious.

Despite this, Ddrag enjoyed listening to the history lectures, especially the ones about him and Albion. Apparently, they were categorized with the Bijuu in power, but the Leaf had no way of knowing how their powers were transferred from one vessel to the next. Albion had once had a vessel in the Leaf, but when they had fought, he had been silent and emotionless. When one student had asked the difference between a Bijuu and the Dragons, Iruka had responded that the Tailed Beasts were sealed into a young child while the Dragons just seemed to appear randomly.

Naruto also wormed his way into the hearts of the city's librarians, at first needing a note from the Hokage to enter without being kicked out to do so. But he finally used his childish curiosity to convince them that he was just another kid. There he started doing some advanced studies including chakra control techniques and basic D-rank jutsus. The Water Style: Condensation Technique and Air Style: Wind Burst Technique became very useful for reducing his extremely large water bill and his towel-cleaning bill to a much more manageable level.

His extracurricular learning not only helped with its practical applications, but it's theoretical applications rose his grades until he was average, leaving Kiba Inuzuka as Dead Last of the class. Unfortunately, while his written grades were up, his fighting grades were less than stellar. The feral-looking boy and every other clan-trained student were able to easily beat him in any sparring matches they had. His conscious told him that physical training would be the best he could get until he could find a teacher, so Naruto had begun practicing four to five days a week at any training field that was open.

Ddrag was more than happy to quietly coach him through his exercises, even going so far as to knock off a simple kata from Uzushiogakure and leave the boy believing that he'd made it up himself. The kata was the easiest of the Whirling Tide Fist Style that the Uzumaki were well known for. They'd even had a song for it back in the time of his first vessel, but he only remembered the lines 'be as swift as a raging river/ with all the force of a great typhoon' and something about the moon. Either way, the child slowly developed, becoming more proficient in the style his mother had used. He surpassed several of the clan children and all of the civilians within two months, not that he really had anything better to do than practice.

The Summer between the boy's first and second years, the Uchiha Clan was massacred by one of their own. All but two were killed: the killer and his younger brother Sasuke. The child in question turned in on himself, pushing everyone away and clinging to his father's teachings, telling himself that just because he was an Uchiha he was entitled to all the power in the world and that everyone was inferior to him. Ddrag steered his vessel away from a friendship with him; such a thing would only be corrosive, a ticking time bomb.

By the end of Naruto's second year in The Academy, Ddrag knew full well that the young Hyuuga heiress had an infatuation with his vessel. He refrained from mentioning it, though, he had to have some entertainment after all, but like Hell was he going to let his Blond holder chase the pink-haired banshee. That girl was nothing but bad news and the Welsh Dragon was hoping that the other, pale-eyed girl would speak up at some point, but he and the rest of their classmates seemed to enjoy watching their little drama play out. He decided to add that to the list of things he may mention when the jinchuuriki learned of his existence sometime after he graduated and was out of Danzo's reach.

Although speaking of the girls, many of his vessels had found multiple loves, some at the same time. Eh, that was something for later.

In the third year of the Academy, the students moved from theoretical to practical chakra application. Yes, Naruto had learned to use a couple of Jutsu already, but those were some that did not have an upper limit of energy that caused them to not work. These new things were. The students were taught simple exercises like Leaf-Sticking. Naruto had a lot of trouble due to his large reserves, a fact that led Ddrag to, once again, whisper into Naruto's subconscious.

"Iruka-sensei?" he asked, raising his hand. His leaf fluttered to the ground several feet away after his last attempt at the exercise. "Is there a way to measure how much chakra someone has? I think I have too much for this."

"Too much?" the scarred man had questioned. "You're an Academy student. How much chakra do you think you have?"

"I don't know. That's why I asked." His snarky response caused more than a few laughs.

"I-Iruka-sensei," Hinata Hyuuga stuttered quietly, her hand raised just over her head. "I c-can see people's ch-chakra w-with my Byakugan a-and N-Naruto-kun's chakra i-is a lot denser th-than anyone else's." The poor girl must have been far outside her comfort zone, her face bright red from all the stares she was getting. Her words had an impact, however, and led the teacher to open his desk. He pulled out a small orb with clear liquid inside of it.

"This is an orb created by the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju," Iruka began. "It is called the Ōbu o sokutei, the Measuring Orb. Not the most creative name, I know, but its purpose is to measure the amount of chakra a person has." A civilian student raised their hands. "Yes?"

"Why do you have it?"

"The Hokage entrusted it to me because I was researching how to duplicate it. Anyway, if you send a little bit of chakra into it, it will hone in on your chakra signature and glow brighter in proportion to the amount of chakra it senses. Here, let me demonstrate." He sent a sliver of energy into the orb causing to react, glowing like a blue light bulb. All things considered, Iruka only had average-sized reserves. He then passed it to Sakura Haruno. She pushed her chakra into it, but the orb only flickered dimly.

The girl started tearing up.

"I'm a failure," she cried.

"No no no!" Iruka hurried to tell her. "That's very normal for Academy students. You're still young and your chakra coils are still developing. The only ones that should have enough to make it glow steadily would be the clan children because their families naturally have more chakra than civilians due to their family jobs as ninja. I believe we went over that in the genetics lessons last year." The girl had stopped crying, nodding along when he brought up the lesson. Of course she remembered; she remembered nearly every book lesson they'd had.

"So Ino would have more chakra than me because she comes from a family of ninjas?"

"Yes. Now please pass the orb to Miss Hyuuga." Hinata 'eep'ed, but was able to take the item. A second later, the orb gave off a dull but steady blue glow. "As you can see, Miss Hyuuga has a higher amount of chakra, but still not enough to make a very bright glow." He took the orb back before walking over to the blond. "I believe you know what to do?"

Naruto nodded and took the orb. He split off what was, in his mind, a miniscule amount of chakra and pushed it into the orb.

The resulting light was blinding.

The boy dropped the item, his hands flying up to cover his eyes. The orb hit the floor with a thud and rolled away slowly, still glowing brighter that it had been when their teacher was holding it. Iruka was dumbstruck.

"I..." Iruka stammered. "I've only seen that happen three times." No one asked for details. Most were busy rubbing the spots out of their eyes. The orb continued to roll away from the boy, dimming the further it got.

"What was that?" Naruto asked, rubbing his eyes. "Why was it so bright?"

"I don't know how," Iruka stammered out, "but it appears you somehow have Jonin-level reserves."

"That's a lot, right?"

"Yes it is," the teacher answered, "and if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that with those reserves and your lack of chakra control, there are quite a few low-level jutsu that we teach in the Academy that you will be unable to do. I'll have to find you some more chakra-consuming alternates."

Classes continued without problems, the blond being given alternate assignments when Iruka didn't think his large pools would let him complete the jutsu. While he was able to learn Henge and Substitution, Iruka ended up teaching him the Earth Clone Jutsu rather than the regular Genjutsu version.

Most of Naruto's fourth year came and went until the time of the graduation exam came.

"Right," Iruka said, standing in front of the class alone. Mizuki had been MIA since the start of the year. No one knew why, presumably a mission gone wrong, but the real answer was that Naruto had told the Hokage of his suspicions of his allegiances. The Hokage had agreed to check it out.

Mizuki went missing the next day.

Either way, Iruka carried on. Ninja died and/or vanished every day. The class began outside for the Bakijutsu portion of the test. The majority passed with flying colors... or flying grey. Then there was the hand-to-had combat section. Naruto passed, leaving Kiba on the ground unconscious, his Whirling Tide Fist Style outmenuvering Kiba's Passing Fang. With that done, the class went inside for the written portion before moving on to the Academy Three. The blond passed with an acceptable 78 on his written part and then eagerly awaited his name to be called. He'd always been the second to last, falling before only Ino Yamanaka.

Finally, after Sasuke had waltzed in and waltzed out with a knew headband, Naruto's name was called. He made his way into the room and was greeted by Iruka.

"Alright, Naruto. Good job so far. I know you can do this, so show me the Three." The unknowing jinchuuriki nodded and quickly Henged into the Hokage before Substituting with a nearby chair. He then made the specific hand signs needed and walked over to the window. Iruka followed, glancing outside to see the boy's clone of earth waving from below.

"Congratulations, Naruto," Iruka smiled. "You pass. You're now a shinobi of Konoha. Be back here in a week for team assignments. It's been nice teaching you."

"I did it!" Naruto cheered, taking the headband Iruka was offering while dancing happily. He danced out as Ino was called in and went to celebrate.

"Tonight should be the night," Ddrag mused as his vessel continued to gorge himself on what he claimed was the "food of the gods". "The boy has graduated, so he should be outside of that bastard's reach. I'll let him enjoy himself for now. His world is about to get a whole lot bigger." Right at that moment, the blond jinchuuriki thanked the ramen chef and left, leaving some money on the counter. He casually walked back to his apartment with a spring in his step, showing off his headband to anyone who looked. Naruto finally made his way back to his home, happily greeting the grumpy landlord on his way in and ignoring the finger he got in return as he climbed the stairs. No one had left messages that day, so entering was a calm affair. He used the Water Style: Condensation to make himself a bath before scrubbing himself clean and changing into his night clothes. He laid down in bed.

That's when the dream that would change his life began.

It all started with a deep, rumbling laugh. Naruto's eyes snapped open, a dingy sewer coming into vision. The laugh was resonating through the tunnel of shin-high water from somewhere ahead. The passage behind him was blocked off, so he did the only thing he could and followed the sound. A few minutes later found him entering a cavernous opening. There, two mountainous things were sitting on opposite sides, one large red dragon with green eyes on the left and a golden cage big enough to contain it on the right. Within the cage was an orange mass.

"What an honor to finally reveal myself, Red Dragon Emperor," the dragon rumbled. Naruto blinked.

"I've had some pretty weird dreams, but this may just be the weirdest." The dragon laughed, his giant wings stretching with his breaths.

"That was not the reaction I was expecting," he chuckled; he'd been so starved for interaction that he couldn't help himself. "Though I suppose it isn't really a surprise. You are asleep, yes, but this is not a dream. We are currently in your mindscape. I am Ddrag, the Welsh Dragon, and you, Naruto Uzumaki, are my vessel."

"Wait a second. Welsh Dragon as in one of the two dragons that are said to have come from another world?"

"That is correct, young one. I'm glad I convinced you to study."

"You what?"

Ddrag smiled. "Now that you are considered an adult and under the power of your Hokage rather than your ridiculous and paranoid civilian council, I am able to reveal myself without them being able to interfere. I have existed inside you ever since your birth and have been nudging you in the right direction. There are many things I know that you desire."

"Since my birth? Does that mean that you know who my parents are? Do you know where they are? Do I have any family out there?"

"One question at a time, child," Ddrag slowed. "I'm sorry to say that some of the answers you seek are not happy ones, but your whole history is rather complicated. You might as well get comfortable."

"But where will I sit?"

"This is your mind," Ddrag answered. "You can do anything you want." With that answer, Naruto tried to summon a chair, a plush seat appearing behind him. "Now I will get the initial shock out of the way. Your father was the Fourth Hokage."

The boy was still for a moment. "What?" he croaked.

"Minato Namekaze was your father. He and your mother, Kushina Uzumaki, died shortly after you were born. I do not know everything, only what you were there for, but your family and your village were attacked by a masked man and the Nine-Tailed Fox that night. Your parents died sealing the Fox into you."

"But... but Iruka-sensei said that the Fourth killed the Fox," Naruto answered, his mind reeling from the information overload.

"Neither the Bijuu nor Albion or I can be killed by you mortals, no matter how strong. Your Hokage ordered them to teach that in the Academy so the younger generation would see you as another child, not as a Jinchuuriki, a Bijuu container."

"So when Mizuki was trying to sabotage me..."

"Yes. That's why. The Fox is over it that cage there. She's not much of a talker, so I'm glad your life had been relatively interesting."


"There's quite a bit more you'll want to know. This'll take all night."

And so they talked. Ddrag told him of their immediate threat in Danzo and the inevitable fight with the White Dragon Emperor, whomever that may be now. They talked about the history of the Uzumaki and the fighting style Ddrag had whispered in his ear.

They talked and talked and talked all through the night and into the next day. Naruto knew that, at some point, he'd have to tell the Hokage about this, so he might as well learn everything he could first.

End of Chapter 2