Chapter 2: Same Schedule

Humphrey's P.O.V.

Thoughts were running in and out of my brain like a marathon runner. So much thoughts came into my head right when I was about to enter Jasper High. What's this school year going to throw at me? Will I be able to overcome the challenges? Will Garth ruin my school year? All of these thoughts had an answer, and there was only one way to find out. After entering the school I already saw people making out with each other and cigarettes on the floor, probably the seniors. I took out a piece of paper with my locker number on it. My locker was number '304.' Noticing that it was a long ways away, I had no other choice but to walk all the way to the left wing of the school. On my way over to my locker, Garth gave me a little shove into the wall, not hurting my body at all. 'Looks like the last thought is a yes.' I thought. Finally noticing my locker, putting my stuff in except for a binder, pencil pouch, etc. I pulled out my schedule to see what subject/teacher I had for first period. I was so relieved to see that my first period was science, my favorite subject. My brother had the same teacher as well, Christy Lewis, he said she was the best fucking teacher on this planet. I'll be the judge of that. After making my way into the classroom, I tried to look for a seat in the front of the class, which didn't turn out my way, so the back of the class was the only option. Kate then got pushed back into my mind, hopefully my Long John Silver doesn't get excited at the image. Unfortunately Long John Silver was getting excited so I had to push the thought back out of my mind. 'Bummer.' I thought. I remember when me and Kate were really good friends back in second grade, what she didn't know was that I wanted to be more than friends. That was all shot down when Kate moved away. She said we probably won't be at the same middle school, but she did say we were going to be at the same High School. I have been waiting for this day my entire life, that is after she left. Since there was so much time to spare, I decided to play some games on my phone. My favorite game was Geometry Dash, but it is rage inducing. The classroom door opened and it revealed the woman I have been waiting to see, Kate Smith. She was looking for a seat, there was a three other spare seats at my table, so waving was probably the only way to get her attention. I gave her a wave, she gasped and held her hand over her mouth. I'm guessing she's just excited to see me after all these years. She swiftly made her way over to me and pulled out a chair beside me.

"Oh my god! I can't believe it's actually you!" Kate excitedly said.

"You didn't change a bit." I said.

"Are you serious?!" She said.

"Well, not exactly." I said.

"I have changed." She said with a wink.

"Oh, I see what you're trying to say." I said realizing that she was referring to her 'body.'

"I can see you haven't changed a bit." She said.

"Well, I'm not a female." I said rhetorically.

"You did act like one a long time ago." She said.

"Anyway... are you ready for another boring school year?" I asked.

"All for it." She let out sarcastically.

All of a sudden, the classroom door opened to reveal the teacher, Christy Lewis. She set down her materials on her desk and walked over to her computer to reveal a powerpoint with the title that everyone despised, Rules and Procedures. 'Oh, great.' I thought. I honestly forgot all about what the first day of school is about, Rules and Procedures. Everybody says that the first day of school was the most boring day of the school year, I couldn't help but agree. She was just about to speak until the classroom door opened to reveal the son of a bitch, Garth. He was late to class, like always.

"You're late." Mrs. Lewis said.

"I know, I promise not to be late tomorrow and the days following." He sarcastically said.

"I hope so." She replied.

The rest of the class was so boring, hence the only fun part was secretly whispering to Kate while Mrs. Lewis just explained the rules, procedures, and safety, I was guessing that the safety was for when we have a lab. Labs were actually really interesting and fun in my opinion. It's good to get dirty every now and then. This class was going by so slow like it was a snail trying to cross the road. It seemed that an hour passed but in reality, it was only twenty minutes. I could tell everybody else was bored out of their mind because they were making random coughs and sniffles. 'How is that a good way to relieve boredom?' I asked inside my head. Finally, the class ended with a syllabus getting handed to everybody. Me and Kate exited the classroom and ventured to our lockers. Her locker was really close to mine. 'Thanks, fate.' I thought. Second period was supposed to be the class with a lunch break. I entered the classroom and swiftly made my way to a seat that wasn't taken in the front of the classroom. Kate made her way to the seat beside me. We then began to talk about what has happened while me and she was gone. I told her all about the county fairs and that The Weeknd performed live in this town. She got jealous after I told her about the Weeknd performing here. The teacher was named Mr. Stevens, as it was seen on the schedule, and the subject was Calculus. Calculus is my least favorite subject, but the only thing that matters to me is that if I succeed in this class. Over the years I have gotten all A's and B's with no sign of a C, D, nor F. Kate told me that she got straight A's all her life. That's another thing that I love about her, she's intelligent. The thing that makes me love her the most is her personality. She has a sweet, caring, funny, etc. personality. She is the perfect girl. I guess looks play a part in it as well, but in my opinion, it's really what's on the inside instead on the outside. Garth entered the classroom and took his seat in the back next to Candu, one of Garth's jock friends who's not as ruthless as Garth. Mr. Stevens then entered the classroom and sat down his materials on his desk while opening a powerpoint with the same title as it was back in Mrs. Lewis' class. He did his class differently from the others because he handed everybody a syllabus. 'A syllabus at the beginning of class, hallelujah.' I thought sarcastically. Mr. Stevens then explained all the rules in his class, but didn't get to the procedures yet because Garth began to groan aloud on purpose.

"Who did that?" Mr. Stevens asked.

Garth then let out another groan. "You, come up here." Mr. Stevens demanded.

"I don't tolerate with disrespect in this classroom." He said.

"And I don't tolerate with lame ass teachers." Garth backfired.

"I also don't tolerate with that foul language in this classroom." Mr. Stevens said.

Of course! He's trying to act like the coolest guy in school, but looking at everybody, you could tell that none of then think he's cool. Kate was just rolling her eyes, while I was just shaking my head in disapproval. He really needs to just be homeschooled because he doesn't deserve to be in a school if he's acting like a complete asshole. Garth then just shoved Mr. Stevens! Oh, my god! He is such a fucking asshole that I want to beat the living hell out of him. My fists then balled up and I started to shake uncontrollably. Kate then noticed and told me to calm down while looking at me with those beautiful amber eyes. Unfortunately, she got the best of me, my body calmed down. Mr. Stevens then called the principal's office and told Garth that the principal was waiting for him. And of course Garth didn't move. Candu then got up and escorted Garth out of the classroom. This caught me by surprise, I didn't expect Candu to that, I thought he would just cuss Mr. Stevens out, but evidently not. Class seemed to fly by because lunch time was now in session.

"Do you want to eat here or go to a fast-food restaurant or something?" I asked Kate.

"I would rather go with the second option, if that's okay with you at least." She replied.

"I couldn't agree with you more." I said.

"The question is, what fast-food restaurant?" She asked.

"Do you like McDonalds?" I asked.

"I do, it's just too unhealthy for me. How about... Wendys?" She asked.

"Okay." I replied plainly.

"Wait, did you bring a car?" I asked.

"Of course, I did." She said.

"Good." I replied.

We walked out of the rear entrance of the school and walked towards Kate's car. She had a 2006 Honda Civic, which is still a badass car, on the inside. She drove over to Wendys. She ordered a Chicken Sandwich and I just ordered an ordinary cheeseburger. After grabbing my wallet from my back pocket, she told me that she would pay. I insisted, but the amber eyes got the best of me again. 'Don't let those eyes control you, Humphrey.' I told myself. We then drove into the school's parking lot and sat in the car eating our, rather, delicious food. I finished before her because when I eat, I always take double bites like Furious Pete on YouTube. When we finished our food, we entered the school from the rear entrance and made our way into Mr. Stevens' classroom. There was nothing to do except for to listen to the procedures. I rested my head on my arm which was rested on my desk. Class ended really quickly, this class might seem to go by fast for some reason, come on, it was just as boring as the last class. We were dismissed to our lockers, and me and Kate ventured to ours. I put in my calculus binder and pulled out a blank labeled binder. My next class was literature, with the teacher being named Miss Bienko. 'Never heard that name before.' I thought. After entering the classroom and taking my seat in front of the classroom, Kate sat beside me. It seemed that fate is making us destined to be together. Anyway, Miss Bienko then entered the classroom and pulled up a powerpoint with the same god damn title. These classes have been extremely boring, and it looks like this class is going to be the same as the others. She explained the rules, which were evidently different from the others. The same random sounds that was in science class happened again, random coughs and sniffles. The time was going by extremely slow, slower than science class. That's a sign that this class was the most boring so far. Me and Kate didn't decide to secretly whisper to each other because we were easier to see than the people in the back. Kate was about to go asleep, if she did, she would get in trouble, and I don't want that to happen. I decided to shake her awake which I regretted after. She looked really beautiful when she was asleep. I remember that sleepover, that was the best one ever. Class finally ended and we got handed our syllabus on the way out of the classroom. I took out my un-labeled binder and put in my literature binder. My final class was history, with the teacher's name being Amy Crawford. My brother had her as a teacher as well. He told me that she was an okay teacher. Only one way to find out! I entered the classroom and took a seat in the back since there was no open seat in the front of the classroom. Kate took her seat beside me. Wait, she's been in all my classes. We have the same schedule! Holy shit! I didn't expect this to happen. 'Thank you, God. Thank you, God.' I thought.

"Did you know that we have the same schedule?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I saw your schedule during science class. Did you just now notice?" She asked.

"Yep, I notice things late." I said.

"I remember." She replied.

"Thank god the day is almost over." I let out.

"I know right." She said.

"And with no homework, so far, except for the syllabus." I said.

"THANK GOD!" She let out loud.

"Quiet down." I told her.

"Sorry." She apologized.

"It's okay." I forgave her.

The classroom door opened which revealed the teacher. She looked like she was in a good mood. One thing that I did notice, is that she wasn't pulling up a powerpoint on her computer, instead she wrote something about World War 1 on the board. Wait, are we actually going to learn in this class?

"Now this may seem strange to you guys and gals, but I know this day has been boring for all of you, so I decided to make it fun by actually learning instead of just listening to the same rules every class." She said.

"Thank god." A random student said which received a laugh from Mrs. Crawford and some random classmates.

"So can anyone tell me what journalists faced?" She asked.

I rose my hand, I knew this answer from the heart. She picked me. "They faced execution." I said.

"Correct!" She said.

The class flew by so quick because it was actually fun instead of boring. Hell, we didn't even get a syllabus! So far, Mrs. Crawford is my favorite teacher. This day has been crazy and boring. The crazy part comes from Garth being an asshole to Mr. Stevens. I put my syllabuses in my backpack and was about to head out until I was stopped by Kate. When I turned around, a quick flashback came into my head. It was three months after Kate moved. I moved to a new house. I pushed the flashback out of my mind a focused on Kate.

"Hey do you want to come over to my house?" She asked.

"Of course, I do. I'll just have to tell my parents first. They still worry about me." I said.

"Okay, when you're done, I'll be waiting for you in the parking lot." She said.

"Alright." I replied.

I called my mom and told her that I'll be going over to Kate's house. She was taken back when I said Kate. I'm guessing she was surprised to hear me say Kate again. I hung up and made my way towards the rear entrance of the school. I was then stopped by Garth and his group of friends. He told me that Kate was his and that I should stay away. I ignored him and pushed my way through them. I exited the school with a swift pace and entered Kate's car. We drove out of the parking lot and headed towards her house. We pulled into her neighborhood which was actually pretty close to mine. I knew a shortcut that headed into this neighborhood. Fate was surprisingly being awesome to me. We pulled up into her garage and entered her normal-size house. 'What's going to go down?' I thought to myself.

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