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Previously on Humphrey's Life. . .

I dropped my phone after seeing such a wonderful, and terrible sight. My Mom shouted something, but I couldn't make out what she said because I closed the door behind me as I exited the doorway. I got in my car and immediately drove off to the police station. Humphrey was actually alive, but was kidnapped by the only person that I know of that would do such a thing. . . Garth.

Now on Humphrey's Life. . .

Chapter 20: The Final Battle

Kate's P.O.V.

The police station was in sight, good. I began to speed up, one for beating a yellow light, and because I want to get there immediately and want them to send a search party or something. Unfortunately, the light turned red, so now I can't get to the police station fast, FUCK! My phone vibrated as a text got sent to me, which turned out it was Mom wondering why I drove off like that. I replied telling her the truth, and she texted back saying 'I'll get your dad, and we'll be there.' Okay, that's good, they better at talking than me, so maybe that means they can convince the chief to send a search party. Good, good. Some tears ventured away from my eyes as Humphrey popped back into my mind. Thank God he's alive, but he's kidnapped! Man, his life is tough. The light turned green and my car drifted away towards the station at quite a high speed.

Once I parked in the parking spot closest to the station, I swiftly got out of my car and barged through the doors with tears on my cheeks. The chief got up out of his chair and made my way to me to help me stand upright or something.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, ma'am. What seems to be the problem?" He said letting go of me and looking at me sternly.

"Please! Please! He's been kidnapped-" I said breaking down again.

"Who? Who has been kidnapped?" The chief said taking out his notebook.

"Humphrey Dalton," I said wiping away the tears

"Can you please describe him?" He said ready to take notes.

"He's the boy that tried to commit suicide three days ago!" I said breaking down again as I looked back at that moment.

"But he has to be dead. There's no other way that he could be alive." He said putting his hands on his hips.

"I have proof!" I took out my phone and showed him the picture of Humphrey tied to a chair. "He is alive! But he's nowhere to be seen!"

"Holy shit!" He threw his notes on his desk and disappeared through a door that led to. . . somewhere.

He was yelling some stuff to some other people, but I couldn't make out what he was saying because of how thick the walls were. I wiped some more tears from my cheek and sat down on a nearby bench waiting for my mom or the chief to come in with some cadets or something. I got my phone out and looked at the picture again, hoping that Humphrey wasn't dead yet. Mom and Dad entered the station and when they did, I stood up and gave them a hug, as they did for me. I could tell Mom was crying because of the black makeup streaming down her face, Dad, on the other hand, was holding it together, trying not to cry, but I could tell it was very difficult for him not to.

We all sat down just waiting for the chief to come back with a search party. The reason I know this is because I heard the two words "Search Party" yelled. Dad had his hands over his face, and Mom was leaning on him whilst bawling her eyes out. I was the only one staying strong at the moment, which is not good at all. All of a sudden, the chief came back into the lobby with six more men, which was probably the search party! Thank you! You're the only chief who knows how to do your job! Congratulations, you win the jackpot prize! He explained what he was going to do, and what we're going to do to find my Humphrey. We all nodded our heads and we exited the station and got into our cars. He told us to go to the spot where Humphrey tried to commit suicide, even though he probably already knew where the location is considering the head chief.

We drove to the spot where Humphrey jumped and all got out of our cars simultaneously and looked over the railing. The chief said something about the height, which I just ignored. The chief had to go back to the station to do his job, so it was just the six cadets and me, and my family, except for Lilly. Suddenly, the cadets or whatever hooked up to the railing of the bridge, wait a second, are they going to rappel down the bottom? Awesome! I shook my head after the thought, I need to focus on Humphrey, not the cadets' rappeling down. Then one of the cadets hooked me up and picked me up with one hand. Damn, talk about muscles. At this point, we were on the railing about to rappel down. My adrenaline kicked in as we jumped off and rappeled down. It was one true experience, I can tell you that.

We reached the bottom and we all unhooked simultaneously. He told me to follow them and keep an open eye for anything suspicious. We were off, looking for a hideout or an abandoned, old structure. I looked up to the top of the bridge to see Mom and Dad with a 'nervous wreck' type of look on their faces. I waved my hand to tell them I was fine and that they can go on home. They seemed to understand, as they disappeared. I looked back at the team to see that they far ahead of me, so I ran to catch up with them while looking left and right of course. So far, there was nothing suspicious, until I saw a pile of leaves stacked on top of each other in a random area. They were colored leaves too, and we don't get colored leaves until September, unless if some weird weather event happened. I tapped one of the cadets on the shoulder and pointed out the pile of leaves, in which he got everyone's attention and told his team to investigate.

All of the men walked over to the strange pile of leaves. They took all of their positions and swiftly made their way through the pile of leaves. Sadly, there was no trap door or anything under the pile of leaves. Turns out that change is coming to the small city of Jasper. I could feel some more tears coming, but held them back because I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of six cadets. We continued looking for about an hour, but couldn't find anything except for another pile of leaves, which just led to nothing but dirt and grass. The cadets decided to call it a night, which is just unacceptable to me. I tried to convince them that we can do it for another hour or something, but of course, that didn't work. We rappeled back up to the top of the bridge, with tears falling down my cheeks on the way.

He told me we'll continue this next week, which was just unbearable. They got in their car and drove back to the station, leaving me at the bridge bawling my eyes out. I got in my car and drove off towards my house, looking back to the bridge in my mirror. I remember seeing him jump, with his hands in the air, looking like the Christ Air in Skate 3. I exited my car and entered my house to be greeted by my family, looking at me with a 'did you find him' look on their faces. I shook my head and broke down right in front of them. They gave me a hug to try and make me feel better, which just didn't work at all.

Humphrey's P.O.V.

"Okay, we'll see if she does," Garth said going into the torture room.

"She will, and you know it, you fucking psychopath. Kate will send A FUCKING S.W.A.T. TEAM IF SHE HAS TO!" I said struggling to escape the grasp of the ropes but failed.

"We'll see about that." He said putting a new mag into his revolver.

"What are you going to do with that? Are you going to shoot me? Please do, because I want to get out of this hellhole." I said taunting him.

"Nah, I'm going to go kill a squirrel, so you can eat." He said climbing up the ladder and exiting through the trapdoor.

"Fuck you. . ." I said to myself, sitting there, in this wooden chair, suffering from the thing called boredom.

Suddenly, after about ten seconds Garth left, the trapdoor opened. Wow, that fast? Must be a good hunter; the only positive thing about him. But, then, I noticed it wasn't Garth, it was. . . Kate! She swiftly made her way towards me. She gave me a hug, which I would have accepted, but the thing was that I was tied directly to the chair.

"Kate! What are you doing here? You have to leave now!" I told her, but she just ignored me. She went behind me and started to untie the knot of ropes. "Kate, you need to hurry! He'll be here any second!" She successfully freed me, thank the Lord, and gave me another hug, which I gladly accepted.

All of a sudden, the trapdoor opened, which revealed Garth. Kate sprinted into the dark, torture infested room and hid under the Rack, breathing quietly. I pretended to still be tied to the chair, trying to con Garth, so I can knock that motherfucker out. Garth threw the squirrel at me and told me to bend over and eat it. I picked it up with my hands, in which he said the only word "What" before I threw at his face and sprinted towards him, knocking him against the dirt wall. He kicked me in the thigh, making me fall back, and took out his revolver. I pushed myself up and pushed his hand up so that it shot the roof. There was a single shot, and it made us get off of each other and cover our ears from the unbearable ringing. Kate was doing the same, except she was still stealthy. Garth and I were screaming, to try and get rid of the ringing, which was working.

The ringing stopped, and we were at it again. I pushed him against the wall and started to punch his gut as hard as I could. But then, Garth was knocked backward and sent onto the ground, trapped under a big, pointed wooden stake. Kate! She got the impalement stick and used it on him! Great idea! Since he was trapped, Kate and I took our chance to escape. Kate was first, and I was last. I looked back to Garth and was surprised to see that he was up on his feet with the gun in his hand. I pushed Kate's butt with my head, signaling for her to hurry up! We, luckily, got out and were running for our lives! I looked back to see Garth out of the hideout, and aiming the gun at us. I panicked and pushed Kate behind a tree for cover. I was being stupid and dolphin dived onto the ground, in which the bullet was flying past me and struck a tree in the distance. I got back up and got Kate and ran again, moving from tree to tree for cover. Garth didn't take a single shot. . . DAMMIT.

We saw a slope up to the public road. I pointed to where Kate and I were going to head to, to which she nodded. We took our chance and ran for it.

Kate's P.O.V.

I was walking on the riverside, looking for anything suspicious. Yes, I was looking for Humphrey all by myself, which was not a good idea, but did it anyway; stupid. . . I looked over to my right and saw a humanoid figure come from behind a tree, so I got closer to see who it was, and it turned out him, or she, had red hair and a football shirt. . . Garth. Humphrey had to be there, I just know it. Seriously, I just looked over there and Garth came out of nowhere! Humphrey had to be there! Garth strolled on down and disappeared, which gave me a shot at saving Humphrey. I walked behind the tree to find a wooden, with dirt as a disguise, on top of it trapdoor. It must lead to somewhere. . . Well, only one way to find out! I opened the trapdoor and climbed down the ladder to find that it was a medieval torture room. Damn. . . I felt sorry for the people who died like this.

I reached the bottom of the ladder and was so glad to see Humphrey; hell, I even gave him a hug, even though there wasn't much time left before Garth comes back and kills us both. I began to untie the knots that Humphrey was latched to. Thanks to the girl scouts, I could untie HUGE knots in the matter of no time. Humphrey was starting to panic by muttering "Come on" and "Hurry up" and "You got to hide, now!" It was kind of funny, to be honest, but I knew I had to quicken my speed. All of a sudden, the trapdoor opened right when I finished untieing Humphrey. I sprinted into the other room and hid under some weird torture device, hoping the darkness would help me hide. Garth had a squirrel in his hand, so that's probably what Humphrey's going to eat... and raw! Wow, that is just really disgusting. Think of it, eating all of the fur, and the organs. Eww, that's probably the most disgusting thing to eat when it's raw.

Garth literally threw the dead squirrel at Humphrey, which was just unacceptable to me. My middle fingers got boners when he threw it; fuck you, Garth. Humphrey started to pick it up, but with his hands, which was just hilarious. As soon as Garth noticed that he was untied, Humphrey lunged forward and pinned him against the wall, but was kicked back. Garth then pulled out his gun, which made me fear for Humphrey's life. Oh my God, please don't let Humphrey die here, and now! Humphrey lunged forward again and there was a loud bang, but to my eardrums, it was just an endless, annoying, high-pitched, ringing. Garth and Humphrey were screaming, so I decided to scream too. It'll just seem like the ringing to them because girls have high-pitched screams. Astonishingly, it was making the ringing go away faster. Humphrey and Garth were going at it again; I had to do something before Humphrey gets shot.

I got from under the torture device and ran towards a big, wooden stake with a VERY sharp point at the tip. Garth is going to die when I hit him with this. I picked it up but realized that I underestimated its weight, but trying never hurts. Picking it up was difficult, but charging with it was even more difficult. Unfortunately, I tripped and I ended up throwing it, and it hit Garth with the side. FUCK! That was my only chance, and I ruined it. Thanks to clumsiness. Humphrey then, unexpectedly, grabbed me and pushed me up the ladder. He came up and grabbed me again, and threw me behind a tree. There was then another LOUD bang, and Humphrey dove just in time. The bullet went flying past him at SUCH a HIGH speed and hit a tree in the distance. Humphrey grabbed me again and began zigzagging behind trees; probably using them for cover.

Humphrey pointed to a muddy, probably slippery, slope leading up to the public road. I nodded, accepting fate at the moment. We then headed for the slope, dodging bullets being fired at us.

Nobody's P.O.V.

Humphrey and Kate ran towards the slope, dodging every bullet being fired at them. They were scared for their lives; they weren't ready to die just yet, but you can never escape the wrath of death, even if you tried. Garth was beginning to catch up, making Kate and Humphrey's adrenaline rise up to its highest point. Kate and Humphrey were slipping almost every step but always managed to sink their feet into a point in which they'll stick. Garth fired his gun, but if Humphrey hadn't taken another step, the bullet would've penetrated his leg, making him collapse and fall to the bottom. Garth was beginning to get pissed, making his aim more off than ever. Garth then ran out of bullets, but, unfortunately, he had three more mags buried deep into his pockets. Humphrey and Kate were getting closer and closer to the top every second. Garth took his chance to take the hill behind the bridge, but that would kill time by way too many, but he took a chance. Never hurts to try.

Kate and Humphrey reached the top and began running for Kate's house to take shelter. Garth was right behind them, but never took any shots considering their on public roads, but that doesn't mean that anybody heard the shots he fired when they were at the bottom of the bridge. Somebody probably already called 911, but Garth was going to kill Kate and Humphrey, no matter the conditions. Garth then decided to run to the side to someone going on a nice stroll on his bike. He had the bystander at gunpoint, so the bystander really had no choice and just gave the bike to him. Garth then did a bunny hop to get up on the sidewalk on the other side of the road; then Garth was peddling as fast as he could towards Kate and Humphrey, with the gun in his hand.

Kate and Humphrey were just now entering the neighborhood, going behind houses to try and make Garth slow down, but he was smarter than they estimated. Kate and Humphrey were sprinting as fast as they could to the back deck of Kate's house. As soon as they reached it, they went up the ten-stair-staircase and entered the house. Garth... wasn't... far... behind...

Humphrey's P.O.V.

Kate and I entered the house simultaneously and immediately went upstairs to Eve and Winston's room to warn them. Unfortunately, they weren't in their room, but the sound of the dryer made us both heave a HUGE sigh of relief. We went three doors down (not downstairs) and entered the laundry room to find Winston and Eve with puzzled looks on their faces. Winston and Eve gave me a hug, but I quickly backed out of it.

"Humphrey? Kate? You both look frightened. What is it?" Eve asked putting down the basket of Kate's laundry.

"It's Garth! He's going to be here any second with a gun! He's going to kill Kate and I both if we don't take action quickly!" I warned them.

Winston and Eve quickly went over to Lilly's room and told her what was going to happen. Lilly immediately came to us, and we all decided to hide in the laundry room. Winston and Eve were sitting with their backs against the door, probably trying to protect us because our lives are more important. You know, the typical parenting, which there is nothing wrong with.

"Humphrey." I looked at him. "My gun is downstairs," Winston said with a worried look on his face.

"I'll go with you," I said getting up, dusting myself off afterward.

Winston had trouble accepting that, but he knew he was never going to stop me, so he decided to let me go. We exited the laundry room and swiftly made our way downstairs and grabbed Winston's gun. We went back upstairs and shut the laundry room door and went back to our original positions.

"Okay, everybody. When Garth gets here, I don't want to hear a single sound, including me. Is that clear?" Eve asked us whilst looking at us sternly.

We all nodded in response. Kate scooted over to me and gave me a hug thinking this might be our last. I accepted, thinking the same thing. Lilly joined in and soon did Winston and Eve. We all got back into our positions and waited for Garth. All of a sudden, the front door opened and there was then a loud thud, making all of us tense up a bit. The door was probably kicked down. There was then loud footsteps banging on the hardwood floor. Garth then called out Kate and mine's name, making us tense up to our highest point. Winston and Eve were holding each other, just like Kate, Lilly, and I. Footsteps were the only sounds that were traveling to us at the moment. Garth wasn't going to go anywhere without me, so I had to give myself to him. But I don't want to die just yet. Wait, that's selfish as hell. Kate, Lilly, Winston, and Eve's lives are more important to me. My life sucks.

I got up making as little sound as possible.

"Look, I'm going to go to him. He's not going to go anywhere without me." I whispered.

"No! Please, Humphrey!" They all whispered simultaneously.

"No, he's right." Kate said "Garth has to have him.

Although that was very selfish, I could tell Kate really didn't mean it. Winston bowed down and moved away from the door, giving me access. I gave each of them a kiss on the head, and exited the laundry room, scared for my life. The making little noise was the right decision. I reached the bottom of the staircase and yelled for Garth. Garth came running to me with a gun pointed at my head. Garth signaled for me to sit on the couch, which I gladly accepted. Garth yelled out saying he had me and to come out as soon as possible. My hands were high above my head. To be honest, I was very scared, but that wasn't going to stop me from saving Kate's, Lilly's, Winston's, and Eve's lives. All of a sudden, there was a sound of footsteps coming down the stairs, and fast! Turns out that it was Winston with his gun pointed at Garth. Looks like this isn't going to work out well. I looked at Winston with an 'NO! NO!' look on their face. He looked me with an 'I'm sorry, I just couldn't' look on his face.

Winston and Garth had their guns pointed at each other with their fingers on the triggers. Winston and he started to circle around me. This is an old cowboy draw, except with circles and the guns are in their hands. Kind of cool, but so sad. Winston was starting to tense up, which was NOT a good sign. I shook my head, but that didn't cure him. Winston pulled the trigger but there was no BANG. Oh no. . . he's out of ammo. Garth smiled and pulled the trigger, but this time with a loud BANG! I looked back at Winston and he had a bullet hole in his chest.

"No!" I yelled out.

Winston looked at me, and fell over on his side, with the blood oozing out of him like he just popped a pimple.

"YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" I yelled at Garth.

There was too much anger inside of me to control myself. I charged at him as fast as I could. Looks like this is going to be Round 3. What do you say, Garth? You ready to die? 'Cause I'm sure as hell ready for you to die. Garth aimed the gun at me, but it was too late. We were sent back with a loud BANG, with the bullet probably sent into a picture frame considering there was a sound of glass breaking behind me. Garth and I were sent through a window, landing on the deck as soon as we reached the bottom. Garth and I got up so quickly and we were at it again. I threw a right hand at him, but he dodged it and hit me with one. I was sent flying back, landing on the glass. Garth then ran towards me, but I rolled out of the way and charged at him, making his back run into the grill. He threw another punch, but I countered it and grabbed his head and started to bang his head against the metal cover of the grill. After banging his head a couple of times, I picked up a glass shard and stabbed it into his leg.

He howled out in pain and started to walk with the banister giving him support. That was unacceptable. I charged at him and everything went in slow motion. It was absolutely crazy. All of a sudden, everything was back to normal speed, and Garth and I were sent flying. It seemed as if he broke off a piece of wood that deck had. We landed on the concrete patio below, sending CRAZY pain over our bodies. Hell, we were even gasping for air considering it knocked the wind out of us, and we landed on our backs, which sucks. We rolled over on our stomachs simultaneously and noticed Garth's gun was lying right between us. We began crawling towards us, making our arms go as far as they could. I was going a little faster, GOOD. I extended my arm one last time and grabbed the handle of the revolver and pulled it towards me. I got up, pointed the gun at Garth, but never pulled the trigger. There was a sensational pain going through my body, and I had no air. I dropped the gun and collapsed onto the patio.

I was passing out, but there was one last sight before I blacked out. There were several men with black uniforms on hopping over the fence. One of the men reached me, but I blacked out, not knowing what happened next.

3 Days Later. . .

I now awake in a room full of pink. My vision came back and noticed that I was in Kate's room. No one was here. Strange. . . I exited the bedroom and began to look around the house. No one, not even an animal. Weird. . . After checking all of the rooms, it turns out nothing was here. I walked inside and saw that I was still in the same time period. Cars were still here. Cars were still driving around the neighborhood. Okay, that's a good sign. But, I couldn't take this town anymore, I had to leave. No more sadness. I got out a notebook and pencil and began to write the note telling every reason why I'm leaving.

Since Garth is in the hospital, hopefully, I began to walk towards Garth's house. Yes, I'm going to steal Garth's car, because he has done so much to me over the past years, and he just doesn't deserve it. I finally reached his house and got into his car. Wow, doesn't even lock his car, smart. I hotwired the car and drove off and out of the neighborhood. I saw Eve's car turn into the neighborhood, in which I ducked my head. Good, they didn't see me. I drove to the interstate of I-75 and drove off into the sunset, leaving everything, except for my phone, behind.

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