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I have been delaying this for to long, here it is chapter 3 since I can now use my phone for this it'll be much easier

Takeru had just finished magic history class, it was a great opportunity to know more about this world and how it worked as he walked down the hallway there was a crowd of people infront of a door. Curious takeru walked over to Ben.

"Ben-san, what's going on?" asked takeru.

"Oh, they finally finished the reck room, you know for the students to enjoy in between classes" said Ben.

"What's that on the door?" Asked takeru pointing to a peace of paper on the door.

" oh that's the sign up sheets for the president of the reck room, so that one student takes the best care of it" said Ben.

Then a girl in a pink outfit and brown hair showed up, it was Audrey daughter of Aurora aka sleeping beauty. "and there we go." She said signing up. With her as well was Jane "Jane I'm gonna be a shoe in for this role" Said Audrey "why do say that?" Asked Jane "well duh, who else would be a better fit to run the reck room" as Audrey said that mal over heard her. She stood up and walked towards her. "And what makes you think no one else can do it?" Asked mal. "Please I'm great at things like this." Said Audrey. "Oh yeah, maybe I'll sign up as well" Said mal. "Is that a challenge?" Asked Audrey in a direct tone. "It might be" Said mal. "Ha I'd like to see anyone vote for you" Said Audrey. They then stared each other down as it felt like lighting was shooting out of their eyes. They then walk away from each other. "Oh boy" said Ben as he was sighing at what he saw. " do they really have to be like this?" Asked takeru. "That's how they always are" said ben "between the two of them it's going to be a war zone". Then senin appears dressed as a member of the Secret service " the candidates have just left the building" said senin. "Jii-chan" Said takeru surprised. "Yes, uh huh, I'm getting a report that your next encounter will be a legendary Englishman how steals from the rich and gives to the poor" senin said 'specking' into his ear piece "Wait a minute" Said takeru getting his book. "That's Robin Hood" he said turning to Robin hoods page.

(History trivia: Robin Hood is a legendary heroic outlaw originally depicted in English folklore and subsequently featured in literature and film. According to legend, he was a highly skilled archer and swordsman. In some versions of the legend, he is depicted as being of noble birth, and in modern time he is sometimes depicted as having fought in the Crusades before returning to England to find his lands taken by the Sheriff. In the oldest known versions he is instead a member of the yeoman class. Traditionally depicted dressed in Lincoln green, he is said to have robbed from the rich and given to the poor.)"I wish you luck on your mission" senin said as he vanished. "Man that guy is weird" Said Ben.

Meanwhile on with onari and akari they found them selves in a forest completely lost. "Where even are we" Said akari. "I don't know, but I feel a strange aura in this place" Said onari. "Oh come on not more of this hocus pocus nonsense." Said akari. They then found a road and looked all over to see where to go. "Well this is a cement road, so this must lead to some form of civilization" said akari. They then saw a car approaching as the both of them waved it down it stopped.

Much to onari and akari's surpise it was more then just a car it was a limousine. The back window rolled down and they saw a blonde haired woman in a fancy dress. "You two look lost maybe I can help" Said the woman. "Oh thank you can you please take us to the nearest public area so we can ask for help?" Asked onari "well, auradon prep is not to far I can take you there" Said the woman. "Wait that's takeru dono's new school!" Exclaimed onari "that would be perfect" the woman then opened the door and let them in as the limo drove off.

Back at school

Mal was walking down the hall with Carlos and jay carrying a lot of things. "Don't you think is a bit much" said jay. " to be honest I don't think much will ever change with those to" Said Carlos. "I need to be the best I can be, and what better way then campaigning" Said mal.

Meanwhile I'm an unknown location

"Those people don't care about anyone else, I can help make the little guy happy while there busy fighting with one another" Said a shadowy figure

The other figure with him looked to be a student who just nodded. Back with everyone else chad was helping Audrey set up "hurry up, ok we've got work to do" Said Audrey As chad was putting up a banner "almost got it" then an axe came from the window almost hitting chad, he then panicked and fell. "What the-" Audrey was cut off as another ganma made its appearance. "I've got some chopping to do" Said the ganma. Takeru arrived seeing Audrey and chad panicking "leave this to me" he said as the to royals ran off. Takeru then pulled out the ore ghost eyecon and summoned his ghost driver.


Takeru took his stances and said "HENSHIN!" Activating his transformation ones more


Kamen Rider ghost ore damashii was ready for battle taking out his gangam saber and charging in to attack the two then clashed.

"So your that Kamen Rider I heard about, let's see what you got" Said the ono ganma pushing him back. He then jumped and tried to attack from above only for a red Barrier to black his attack "wait what?!" Ghost said surprised.

"There's nothing my barrier can't block" mal and the others showed up, the ono ganma then saw them and throw axes at them "look out!" Shouted ghost, mal then look up and out of reflex used a spell to turn the axes in to stuffed animals. "Huh, well that was lucky" said mal. As soon as ghost turned to face the ganma he was gone "he got away" he said changing back


"Are you guys ok?" Asked takeru. "Yeah where alive" Said mal as Ben ran in

"Guys what happened here" he asked "we had company" said jay. Ben understood and then help the others up "well while this was going on the museum was broken into" Said Ben. "What in Broad daylight" Said mal surprised "how come no one noticed" they then looked around the school to see axes everywhere and classrooms under lockdown "a ganma must have worked with the thief" said takeru. "Yeah while this area was on lockdown the thief used it to his or her advantage" said Ben " not only that but it looks like the ganma wanted to get rid of you mal" "yeah but why" mal asked. "And why didn't the alarm go off" they when to inspect the P.A system to see it had been unplugged "well this ain't suspicious at all" said jay sarcastically. "Question remains, who is the thief" Said Carlos a bit concerned.

Back in the limo with onari and akari. They started to talk with the person they caught a ride with. "Thanks for helping us" Said akari. "Yes, you see a friend of ours is at this school and we just wish to be if he's well" Said onari. "Then you must be headed to auradon prep as well, I'm going to visit my daughter" Said the woman. " what a coincidence, oh wait we almost forgot I'm akari and this is onari, and you would be..." Said akari. The woman looked at them confused "you don't know me?" She asked. "Huh?" Onari question "I'm Aurora, but most people know me as sleeping beauty" she said "EHHHHHHH?!" Said onari and akari shocked.

Later Back at the school, students caught a glimpse of the limo as it shopped. People wondering who it was where in aw to she sleeping beauty her self. "Mother, what are you doing here" Said Audrey as she ran to hug her "can't a mother see her own daughter once in a while, I had to go drop something or at the museum so I though I'd say hello" she said to her daughter. "So that's sleeping beauty" thought takeru. Then to his shook she saw onari and akari come out. "Takeru dono?" Said onari. "Onari, akari?!" Takeru said shocked "takeru, sure are we, this woman said she was sleeping beauty, there's no way this is real" Said akari. "Well where do I begin" Said takeru.

Takeru and his new friends went back to the dorms And told the two of them every thing including how takeru died "Wait there's no way this is real you can't be a ghost, and there is no such thing as magic l" Said akari. "Believe it of not this isn't your world anymore" Said mal. "Well I for one do believe you takeru dono" Said onari "by the way you Said this ganma creature was after your friends here." " yeah but we can't figure out its end goal" Said takeru. Evie then had a brain storm " Wait a minute isn't it a big coincidence that sleeping beauty needed to drop of something at the museum, right when this all happened and the fact that it targeted two people wanting to take charge of the reck room, maybe this ganma is taking advantage of someone who want to be in charge but isn't confident to do the task" said evie "how do you know" Said Ben. " we used to be rotten to the core, we know all the dirty villain tricks out there" Said mal. "Let's hurry" Said takeru.

At the museum Aurora was knocked unconscious by the ganma and the figure "yes, take the case" said the axe ganma "Wait!" Said takeru barging in. Evie used her mirror to make the ganma visible as everyone ran in to see the ganma and by his side was... Jane?! "Jane, but why" Said mal " you and Audrey only wanted to one up each other not think of the students, I wanted to run but i started getting super super nervous, and so one think let to another and this thing said if I help steal this case I'd be given courage" said Jane "you can't trusted that thing" said jay. " I have no choice" she said as the case and Jane started giving it a negative energy, "he He he" the ganma laughed "you don't need to do this, if it's courage you seek this isn't the answer, this is something you have to do for your self" takeru said running towards her. "Hey stop" the ganma tried to throw an axe but mal blasted his hand " ehh! How did she do that" Said akari. Takeru gave Jane a hug and Jane felt as if all her negative thoughts had disappeared 'this feeling...' she though as her body and the case glowed green. "No, why you" said the ganma. Takeru then ready'd his ghost driver and ore ghost eyecon.


"HENSHIN!" Said takeru aloud


The mirror made takeru's new form visible to onari and akari as they where freaking out "no way he transformed!" Said onari. "I'm seeing this but I'm not believing this" Said akari. The ganma and Kamen Rider ghost began to fight, ghost tossed him aside to open the case to reveal a bow and arrow he drew the ghost eye symbol and the Robin Hood parka ghost came out. It was green and gold with a mid-evil style it then went to his driver and became and eyecon it was green and had a picture of a bow and arrow with 03 on top and 'robin' on bottom on top of the eyecon.

"Give that to me" Said the ganma as he charged at him. There fighting had led them out side as ghost took out his gangam saber to attack, unfortunately the ganma picked now to use his Barrier. "Forgot about this" he said throwing n an axe making takeru drop his sword. "I've got no choice, let's go Robin Hood" he said hitting the button until the 03 appeared on the Robin Hood eyecon



In evie's bag the Rotary phone from before suddenly became a condor and flew towards the sword " what the- how'd that getting in there?" She said

(Arrow flying) HELLO! ARROW! MORI DE AOU! (Dramatic brass alongside arrow flying)

The parka ghost went over ghost, turning him into Kamen Rider ghost robin damashii, the condor denwar had also combined with the gangam saber allowing it to be a bow and arrow. Ghost then shot arrow after arrow and the Ganma throw axe after axe. Ghost still couldn't seem to hit him then evie noticed something about. When ever the ganma throw and axe the shield opened "takeru hit him then the axe his in the barrier" said evie. Takeru took a look and figured it out "of course" he then held the the bow over his belt to do the eye contact attack


"Wait for it" said ghost waiting to strike. "NOW!"


He hit him and the ganma went flying and screaming as he was destroyed leaving an axe and a ganma eyecon that blow up.

"Takeru dono that was amazing" Said onari. "Oh thanks" Said ghost

"this weapon is very powerful" Said akari "isn't it" Said ghost

Later Audrey and aurora where in the infirmary "I'm glad your ok mom" Said Audrey. " so am I, I hope I didn't worry you" Said Aurora. They then saw mal walk in "we need to talk" she said.

Later with the others. "I'm sorry of everything guys" said Jane. "It's not your fault, you where being manipulated that's all" Said takeru. " and if you ever need to talk about your feelings just come to us". Audrey and mal then when over to the group. The others looking curious "me and mal have been taking and..." "we decided to drop out of the election and let you be in charge of the reck room, you obviously care more about the students and the condition that room more then we do so it's only far" Said Audrey and mal. Jane then got hit and felt giddy as she hugged them "you are the nicest friends ever" they then all laughed. However in the distance a figure with similar armor to ghost was watching the large view, and he then left

Jay kai Kamen Rider ghost

Takeru: a Field trip to where

Jane: it's called arendelle

?: if I wish to be a strong queen like my mother I must do what it takes

?: this isn't what she would want

Ghost driver: (cartoonish fall and clonk) ringo ga rakka, hikiyose makka~!

Episode 4: the Apple doesn't fall!