This is from a few ideas I have been seeing on tumblr. I apologize because a few of the ideas are not originally mine but I will give credit if someone knows where to direct it. I just could not help but jump on the Lexark bandwagon. This may be a few chapters. I'm thinking 4-6 ish? I am not sure, depends on you. What say you?

A month and a half. They had been floating along in the middle of the ocean for the last month and a half. Eight people; one yacht. You would think that they would have plenty of space not to run into each other. Sure, they had space, but it was difficult when everyone was looking for you, trying to talk to you, or wanting to make sure you were ok. Which was fine, because they weren't concerned about Alicia. Chris just lost his mother via gunshot in the head by his father. Nick was still a fucking piece of trash, no matter how much she loved him. Although, he was more sensible lately partly because he was clean. It appeared as if the end of the world, and kicking major drugs were positive life changes for him.

Travis, had just killed his ex wife. Ofelia had been shot and both her and Daniel had just lost Griselda. And Victor, well he was a rich businessman, who was slightly shady in her book. However, he had provided the yacht for their epic escape from the shit that the world had turned into, so she had to give him credit.

All in all, no one was looking for Alicia. It was usually, Alicia make sure your brother is ok, or why don't you keep Chris company or help Ofelia walk around the deck. I mean how long did it take to heal from a through and through bullet wound anyway?

Being stuck on this yacht was the worst turn of events in the history of her life. Other than the world going to shit. No body ever asked how she was or if she was okay. It was as if they forgot that she had lost Matt, or that she was also suffering same as them. Part of her didn't blame them. She was alive and unharmed. Everyone around her was more screwed up than her. Hell, she trusted herself to be the grown up more than any of these people, including her mother who was busy helping Travis get through the guilt that plagued him after Liza's death.

So she cooked and cleaned. Alicia listened when needed and did what she was told. She felt bad for wanting the world to be normal again if only so she could have gone to college to escape her family. She was supposed to be starting her own life away from this mess, not living in an even bigger mess with the same routine of crazy. Although, crazy was relative these days.

One of these days they were going to need to seek harbor and stock up on supplies. Granted, they had done so twice, one, which had almost led to her mother getting killed. People were just as dangerous as the inflicted. The inflicted she could handle. They had nearly been robbed and killed too many times by ordinary people, even out at sea. They had to be smart with whom they traded and where they docked. They had to if they wanted to survive. The less people they met the better. At this point, Alicia expected people to be underhanded and selfish.

The weather was warm as they neared the equator some where in the Pacific Ocean. Geography wasn't her strongest point, but she knew enough to look at a compass and figure out the maps when she was looking over Victor's shoulder. He was pleasant for the most part, except when he was talking about how awesome he was. At least he treated her like a person and not a dumb teenager. No, at least he taught her about the maps and how to navigate the ship. Travis tried to help out, as did her mom and Ofelia's dad, but it was Victor's ship so he had the control. They didn't have a set destination in mind. They used the sails instead of the gas motor to preserve what they had. The sails looked odd on the yacht, but they worked well enough even though they were at the mercy of the winds.

When she wasn't being productive, Alicia stared out into the never-ending sea of blue. It was calming and more than a little disturbing. They simply drifted along in the ocean and they would continue to drift until the disease had killed everyone or everyone had killed each another. She had her bets on the latter. History was one of her best subjects and she knew the draw of death and destruction that humans took to. It was a wonder that the world hadn't exploded into nuclear war and the only humans left were living in space.

Either way, it would be nice to talk to someone again. She gazed down at her left arm and the faded scar that was never finished. She missed him. He was kind and comforting. Matt had always given her a means to escape from her family by simply listening. The wind whispered in her hair and she sighed leaning over the railing of Abigail. Alicia wondered why they hadn't run into more people, or if the world was slowly dying along with everyone in it and they were one of the very last people in the world.

An answer came to her one hot summer day in the form of Elyza Lex.

It was just one more day, but it was about to set her on a path that she would have never thought possible. Alicia leaned against the railing on the starboard side of the ship and sighed. She shook her head and enjoyed the way the wind rustled her hair. The smell of the ocean was clean and full of salt. A figure approached and bumped her shoulder. She opened her eyes and saw her brother staring out at the ocean in companionship.

"Don't you ever get bored just staring out in the middle of no where?" he asked after a moment and she closed her eyes again willing him to leave but also wanting the company.

"It's nice." She inhaled and filled her lungs.

"I think you've gotten a little emo since the end of the world."

She sighed and opened her eyes giving him an annoyed expression. She pushed off from the railing and ran a hand through her wind-tousled hair.

"But seriously, you used to be hard to shut up. What gives?" he pressed on bumping her shoulder again.

"Nothing," she shrugged. "The world ended and so did everything I worked so hard for." She shook her head. She wasn't trying to sound depressing but it was a fact. "I thought if I was perfect I could get away from the madness." She gestured with her hand to the world around her. "But it just keeps pulling me in like I'm not supposed to be here, but I'm getting pulled somewhere else. I dunno, it's hard to explain."

"I kinda like the end of the world." He shrugged in morbid humor and winked. She rolled her eyes and elbowed him. "Finally, the world and I are a level playing field."

She took a moment to really look at him. He was clean, his eyebrows were not creased in worry, and his face seemed lighter than he had in years. His body was healthy and relaxed. The end of the world really had agreed with him.

"Yea, just as long as the dead don't try and eat you, you're really beating the system." She grumbled, not trying to sound petulant but failing.

He raised an eyebrow at her. "If I had access to my stash I'd give you some Prozac for sure."

"Oh shut up Nick." She huffed and shoved him hard. He retaliated by pulling on her shirt and hair reminiscent of their youth. Her cheeks puffed in concentration as she tried to retaliate but he was much taller and used his hand to hold her head back.

"Hey, what's that?" he commented still holding her back but she was determined not to fall for his tricks.

"I'm not that stupid." She hissed still trying to free herself.

"I'm serious Alicia." He grabbed her chin and forced her eyes out to the sea. At first she was confused at what she was looking for and was about to berate him until her eyes spotted it in the distance. It was small, but the orange life raft was unmistakable as were the unmoving bodies inside.

"Holy shit," she breathed. She smacked her brother's hand away easily and narrowed her eyes trying to get a better view.

"Think they're alive?"

She honestly didn't know, but she was compelled to find out. "Let's go tell the others."

It took some convincing, but by this time the sheer routine and boredom lucked out. Alicia figured everyone on board wanted a little bit of hope and something to shake up their dull routine, even if there was some form of risk. The only one who was adamant about staying away was Ofelia's Dad, Daniel. All it took was one look at Ofelia's pleading eyes for him to fold. Alicia also reminded him that there might be supplies on the raft and he gave her the blandest look. She tried not to roll her eyes and instead pursed her lips and turned away. Looking back he was right to be wary, but it was only going to open them up to another world and another life beyond this miserable existence and self imposed exile.

They turned on the engine to maneuver the ship in the direction of the orange raft. Alicia stood on the side of the ship with a pair of binoculars around her neck eagerly trying to catch sight of whoever was in the raft. The others around her were background noise as they drew closer. For the first time in a long while she felt some combination of excitement and nervous anxiety.

They pulled up to the raft and she yelled at Victor, who was steering the ship, to be careful when a large wave from Abigail nearly over turned the raft. The occupants in the raft remained unmoving and Alicia feared the worst. They could be dead rr worse, maybe they were infected and waiting for the disease to take hold of them?

Alicia didn't think she could face that. At least it if they had to kill them it wouldn't be someone she knew.

Travis and Daniel lowered one of the spare lifeboats taking weapons with them as a precaution. She bit her lip in anxiety as they got closer to the boat. Chris stood on her left giving her dispassionate looks that she ignored for the most part. Just because he was numb and angry at the world didn't mean she had to be. She was tired of not feeling. Alicia wanted to live. She just wasn't sure exactly how she was supposed to go about living.

Travis and Daniel reached the orange raft.

"Is anyone alive?" Madison called.

Alicia held her breath.

"They're probably infected." Chris said from her side. She shot him a dirty look exasperated with his attitude. His drama certainly rivaled hers at times.

"Yes!" Travis shouted back. "Two kids. A few supplies. We're bringing them up. No bites, just exhausted by the looks of it."

Alicia exhaled not realizing she had been holding her breath. Daniel and Travis loaded two seemingly alive bodies into the lifeboat along with two duffle bags. She helped fill the lifeboat up onto the yacht and tried to squeeze past her brother and the others to catch a glimpse of the new fortunate or very unfortunate additions to Abigail.

Daniel held a boy with fair skin and sandy hair in his arms. Alicia eyed him with interest as Madison called for them to bring the two to the medical bay on the ship. He looked fairly young, maybe in his early teens. She tried not to think about how dead he appeared. However, her gaze locked onto the second newcomer in Travis' arms. It was a girl, or a woman really. She looked fairly young in her early twenties with fair skin and golden hair. Her skin was pink and slightly sun burned no doubt from being stranded out at sea for however long. Her ample chest rose in labored breaths and Alicia's throat constricted looking at her somehow feeling that she knew her.

Travis pushed his way past her and the spell broke. She shook her head and followed him retying the jacket hung about her waist as it slipped further down her hips. Her sneakers slid on the deck damp from the water carried in by the boats. She left her brother and Chris to help finish loading up the lifeboat along with Ofelia. Alicia dismissed the call to help in favor of following the golden haired woman to the med bay.

"What else did you find?" Madison asked as Travis took a seat in the medical bay after the woman and boy were placed on separate cots.

"Not much," Travis responded.

Daniel was trifling through their personal belongs and Alicia was suddenly annoyed with his lack of boundaries. It was rude to go through someone's things, especially when they weren't awake. Admittedly, she would have done the same thing, but she felt that he should have been the last person going through someone's things.

He pulled out a journal from one of the duffel bags and a few empty water bottles, and plastic wraps from candy bars and other junk food. It looked like they had been on the brink of starvation and dehydration. A small light reflected off of the girls left wrist and Alicia walked over quietly and sat next to her on the small cot. She lifted the wrist and found an old watch attached at her wrist. The watch didn't work and she frowned wondering why the girl was wearing it in the first place. It was more of a masculine artifact, not that she didn't pull it off nicely. The wrist in her hand twitched and Alicia frowned and put the hand down gently.

She eyed her mother setting up an IV bag with a frown. "Are you sure you should be doing that?" It wasn't a question of ability. They both knew how to handle the basics when it came to medicine courtesy of her brother, but she also knew that some people had allergies.

"It's just an IV bag to help with dehydration, Alicia," her mother responded. Alicia nodded and glanced back at the girl.

"She doesn't look too bad," Alicia whispered absently stroking an unruly strand of blond hair away from the girls face. Her nose wrinkled slightly and Alicia's mouth twitched upwards in amusement.

"Just dehydrated and exhausted. Both of them from the looks of it. Otherwise okay." The IV was set up and Alicia watched absently as the two newcomers were taken care of.

Daniel came over and hand cuffed the wrist of the woman she had just been holding to the beds sideboard. Alicia sat up outraged. He did the same for the boy without a word.

"What are you doing?" he ignored her and she turned to her mother. "He can't just do that!"

Travis laid a hand on her arm but she shrugged him off. "It's for safety Alicia," he said reassuringly. "We don't know them."

"Does she look dangerous to you?" she countered wanting to give into the impulse to stomp her foot.

"Everyone is dangerous." Daniel emphasized. "If you unlock these, you put all our lives at risk." Alicia crossed her arms glaring at him but refrained from acting out anymore. He was right, she just didn't like it.

"It's only temporary, until they wake up." Travis said leaving the room and Daniel followed.

Her mother did all that she could with her limited medical skills and left shortly after. Alicia stayed behind too memorized by the pair of strangers to leave. Ofelia, Nick and Chris stopped by at various times, but she didn't feel like conversing and mainly gave them one-word answers. So she waited for the blond and her companion to wake up and wondered what color her eyes would be.

She got her answer on the evening of the second day. Her eyes were as blue as the sky and ocean surrounding them and just as deep and memorizing. The blonde jumped into sudden awareness and Alicia closed the book she had been doodling in. Most of her doodles the last day had been an infinity symbol reminiscent of the tattoo below the blondes left clavicle. Her legs dropped from the counter they had been propped on and she was at the woman's side in an instant as she panicked and realized her hand was cuffed to the bed.

"Hey, it's okay, you're safe." She said touching the girls shoulder trying to calm her.

The action had the opposite effect as the girl shrugged away from Alicia with frightened eyes. "Who are you and where am I? Where's my brother?" The covers around her legs tangled as she kicked at them and Alicia backed up slightly giving her some needed space. It wouldn't due for her to freak out more than she already was.

"I'm Alicia," she began soothingly. Blue eyes met her hazel green listening to her every word with baited breath. She was good at caring for people when they were clearly out of it thanks to Nick. "We found you and the boy two days ago floating in a raft." The blonde blinked looking around her finding the sandy haired boy and her shoulders relaxed. The boy must be the brother she mentioned.

"He's okay?" she asked clearly concerned.

"Yea, he's fine, you both are." She paused for a second wondering why she was speaking so softly. For some reason, the urge to reassure and protect these two strangers was strong. "What's your name?"

"Elyza, Elyza Lex."

The blonde blinked and licked chapped lips. Her voice was slightly hoarse but the sound was beautiful nonetheless. Her Australian accent was unmistakable and Alicia had to contain her smile at the unfamiliar pronunciations and inflections with her speech. Her head turned to look behind her and Alicia followed her gaze.

"That's my brother, Cory." Her eyes returned to Alicia. "Where are we?" The blond began to sit up and Alicia put an arm around her shoulders to help even as the handcuffs restricted her. Elyza smiled briefly and accepted the assistance gratefully.

"We're on a yacht called Abigail in the Pacific Ocean." She explained. "We found you two days ago floating in an orange life raft passed out and brought you aboard."

For the most part Elyza seemed to comprehend as she nodded. "Do you remember much?" Alicia pressed wanting to hear her speak and keep the woman to herself a little longer until she was bombarded with more questions and hopefully questioned by someone other than Daniel. Alicia wouldn't let that happen knowing what had happened to the last man he had held hostage for information.

Elyza shook her head. "Not a whole lot to be honest." Blue eyes grew distant and her nose wrinkled trying to recall events. Alicia couldn't help but find her facial expressions endearing. "We were on a larger ship and we got over run by another boat." Elyza attempted to touch her face but was restricted with the handcuffs on her left wrist. "Do you hand cuff all of your guests, or just the ones you like?' Elyza's eyebrows raised and Alicia's mouth opened at a loss for words and she felt her cheeks warm.

"We had to be careful," she defended with a stern voice despite the redness in her cheeks.

Elyza smirked. "It's okay, I get it. It's hard to know who to trust these days. Either the dead are trying to kill you or someone else is." Alicia smiled sadly commiserating with her. "And I don't' mind too much if you're the one who handcuffed me." Alicia bit her lip trying to stay composed at the teasing blue eyes staring into her own. She couldn't believe this girl was actually flirting with her or that she was getting embarrassed.

"I need to get the other's," she excused herself standing up somewhat awkwardly.

"How many others? They won't hurt us will they?" she asked with a small tone of apprehension in her voice that Alicia was compelled to soothe.

"There's eight of us." She paused trying to be reassuring. "I'll be right back, stay here."

Elyza lifted an eyebrow and raised her shackled left wrist. "Don't' worry Commander, I'll stay right here."

Alicia swallowed and left to find her mother and Travis.