This is my first fanfic so don´t kill me pls. It´s been a while since Ezra has gave up on flirting Sabine. Meanwhile, Sabine feelings towards Ezra are growing. But, when someone of Ezra´s past comes in scene, how will Sabine deal with it? Well, read and find out! ;)

Chapter 1

After another succesfull mission against the Empire, the Ghost crew returns to their beloved ship to reunite with the rebel fleet and to get some rest.

''If I wasn´t there when that buckethead started to throw you all thermal imploders he had, you woudn´t be here Zeb!'' said Ezra, making the Lasat look angry ''and hey, how can a stormtrooper have so much granades, huh?''

''I don´t know, but I only know that if you weren´t there I would have defeated that imperial. I could beat him very easily!'' Answered Zeb, in a sarcastic tone.

''After he blowed you into pieces? i don´t think so... '' responded Ezra. Damn! That kid always had how to countersay Zeb.

''Oh you crappy Loth-rat!...'' shouted Zeb.

''Those two always fight each other after a mission.'' said Hera, as she walked into the cockpit.

''Well, at least they don´t kill each other like they would do when they first met'' speaked Kanan, following the Twi´lek '' and besides, they´re best buddies, they always do this in a way they´re just kidding one another.''

Hera managed the controls and then, in a click of a button, the Ghost was in hyperspace. At this time, Kanan had already got into his room to meditate, while Zeb was teaching Ezra how to play Sabaac. The lasat wasn´t surprised to see how fast the kid had learned to play the game; after all, he had the force. Chopper was trying to anoy Zeb, as always. And Sabine was on her room, doing the thing she most loved to do : art. She was painting a portrait of the crew, and she planned to put it in the cockpit´s blastdoor. The mandalorian was finishing, but took a moment to analize her amazing job. Hera was with her pistol in the middle, while Zeb was holding his bow-riffle with the feet on Chopper´s head. The droid was with his arms-like things out, looking like he was ready to fight. Sabine was with her helmet on, whillst holding one of her blasters and a thermal imploder. Then there was Kanan and Ezra, both holding their lightsabers ignited; Kanan was in the right corner, while Ezra was on the left one.

However, there was something wrong with the paint... Ezra´s eyes. They were white. 'Damn!' thought Sabine 'I haven´t found the right shade of blue for Ezra´s eyes yet!'

Sabine tried three days before to find the blue that matched the padawan´s eyes, but they were of a tone Sabine´s just couldn´t find.

Then, she started to think about Ezra. It was awkward for her, that Ezra had stopped trying to flirt her about three months from now. She thought it would felt good, not having someone on her feet, but it happened to be the contrary. She feel bad, like something was missing. Someone. She was having this feeling since Ezra stopped the flirtings. Maybe a little before that. While thinking, someone knocked the room door.

''Yes?'' asked Sabine.

''Hey, Sabine'' it was Ezra. ''May I come in?''

She didn´t wanted anyone to see the paint while it wasn´t finished. She then hid it and opened the door.

''What´s up?'' She asked

''Hera wants us to met in the comon area in 10 minutes. Just to keep you uptaded.'' said Ezra

''Sure, I´ll be there in 9'' she answered.

Ezra blinked and then got away. When the door closed, she felt something. Something strong, and it was for Ezra. She then came to the conclusion 'I like Ezra!'

Sabine was wrong when she said she would be in the comon area in 9 minutes. She was in 2. Hera already was there, preparing things for the meeting.

''Hey Hera, can we talk?'' asked Sabine.

''Sure, sit here'' answered Hera.

''Actually, I want to talk with a little more... well, privacy'' She said. Her cheeks were with some red.

''I knew this day day would come'' speaked Hera, with a little smile on her face. ''Follow me''.

The two went to the Ghost´s cockpit. Hera locked the blastdoor and then sat on the pilot´s chair. Sabine sat at the copilot´s

''So tell me, what happened?'' asked Hera. She seemed curious.

''It´s uh... how can I... I-I, uh..." gaged Sabine.

''Okay, let me guess : you like Ezra.'' said Hera, like she knew it was obvious.

''How do you know?'' Sabine was a little confused and surprised.

''I´ve been watching you for some time. Ever since some before he had stopped flirting you. Sabine, he´s still like you, too. But he´s giving up that thought'' said Hera.

''W-Why?'' The mandalorian asked.

''Simple, you´ve rejected him a lot of times.'' responded Hera.

''You´re right. And now I regret that. Hera, what do I do?'' Sabine seemed not to know what to do. Hera could see it.

''Okay, hear me : right now I´ll explain our new mission to everyone, then i will say you what to do, but wait untill just you and me stay in the room, right?''

''Right'' responded Sabine ''Thank you Hera. Really thanks''.

''You´re welcome'' the Twi´lek said. On her head, Hera could only think about one think : 'It´s time to make them a couple!'