So hey guys, I´m here today to show you all the references to other movies, TV series, games and other stuff here on 'Trouble'. Following this I will do the same with the sequel 'Search' and with the third and final part of the 'Trouble trilogy', when it´s published.

I wanted also to thank you for the support. I know it´s difficult to read my stories do to my misspelled writing and gramatical errors. So thank you for keep enjoying the stories. You are the best ;)

So, without further interruptions, let´s get to the fun facts (remember to review, as always :P ) :

Chapter 1 :

''Well, at least they don´t try to kill each other like they would do when they first met.''. That line from Kanan in the first chapter is to show the progress of Ezra´s and Zeb´s friendship. In the first season, you can see that they hate each other, but, in the second one, it is shown that they´ve become best buddies. Because those stories I plan to make them happening during Season Three, it is likely that they would still be friends, not "enemies" or something like that.

Chapter 2 :

''Alright, I get it your piece of intergalactic trash! You look like that Gungan senator everyone hates!'' This line, delivered by Zeb, is a reference to our favorite Star Wars character of all history, JAR JAR BINKS!

*cof, cof*

It´s okay, I´m just kidding. Everyone hates Jar Jar. I only respect him because he´s a Sith Lord in disguise, like Palpatine.


Alright. #weallhatejarjar

'Kanan froze a little. He didn´t like Kalee at all. Memories of the Clone Wars which he hated.' This is because, if you have read Kanan : The last Padawan, you know that his master, Depa Billaba, had a certain rivalry with General Grievous, the fierce Jedi Hunter, who by the way was a Kaleesh, a species that lived, of course, on Kalee. And clearly, I´m certain that all Jedi during the Clone Wars hated Grievous, do to his nature of a cold-blooded killer.

'Sector 34' Well, it´s just because 34 is my favorite number. You´ll see it very often in my stories ;)

Chapter 3 :

The information which Elith has. That is actually part of the knowledge that the Rebellion needs to know about the existence of the Death Star. Yes, yes, I know that the rebels do only steal the Death Star plans in Rogue One, but you can already see in the trailer that they somehow knew about the battle station. This information that Elith helds is only a part of which, when combined with the other intels the Alliance possesses, can show that the superweapon does exist.

Chapter 4 :

''My bow-riffle is not working perfectly after that buckethead almost blew me off.'' Reference to one of the first lines of chapter one, where Ezra and Zeb talk about the 'Allahu Akbar trooper''. Hehe. Sorry I couldn´t hold it... Moving on

Chapter 5 :

''Keep things fine, love.''

''Don´t worry, they will be.'' Just a little hint of Kanera that I´ve put on the story. I know that there are various Kanera shippers out there, just like there are from Sabezra shippers (which, by the way, I´m one :D), and I respect that.

Chapter 6 :

'Some even speculated that she had a lightsaber. If she didn´t, she certainly would find one.' This frase is to foresee what Maz will find in the future and keep in her castle, untill Rey, Finn, Han, Chewie and BB-8 arrive there : Luke´s first lightsaber, which once belonged to Anakin.

Chapter 7 :

The entire interrogation scene between the Inquisitor and Ezra. I inspired myself on the ones shown in The Force Awakens, between Kylo, Poe and Rey. I wanted this Inquisitor to have various elements from various bad guys, not only from Star Wars though.

''Say goodbye to your precious neck!'' I also wanted this to be kind of one of the typical lines from this Inquisitor. For well, you know, explore a bit more the character.

When Kanan feels Ezra´s pain from a far distance of him. It´s a ability that I´m pretty sure happened in the EU, but I can´t remember if it did in the Canon. Let me know in the Review section, please.

Chapter 8 :

''Well, acording to the provider, a smuggler and a Wookie already did that [...] It can disable a ship of that size.'' Now, who could this certain smuggler and this certain Wookie? I literally have no idea ;-;


Okay, just kidding again. In the Canon it is confirmed that, at some point, Han and Chewie were able to take over the control of a StarDestroyer. If you ask me, I would theorize that they did such acomplishment by disabling the ship. And in this case, they did so thanks to the Old Republican EMP Pulse Cannon. But hey, that´s just a theory! A Star Wars theory!


... *cof*

Alright, sorry MatPat. Continuing...

Hosnian Prime. I wanted this Ark of stories to have focus around the planets of The Force Awakens. You can see that when Hera goes on to meet Maz Kanata, and on which planet? Yes, Takonada, which was shown in Episode VII. Then Hosnian Prime, which was sadly destroyed by the First Order, thanks to Starkiller Base. And then, on 'Search', you can see that almost the entire drama happens on D´Qar, where the Resistence Base is located. Now I believe I won´t include Jakku, Ach-To or Starkiller Base´s planet on this trilogy, because I also want to expand on other places of the Star Wars galaxy.

''Afterall, they can´t disable an entire StarDestroyer.'' Konstantine, as almost all imperials, is just a fool xD

Chapter 9 :

'Cell 2187' Yep, that´s right. It´s a reference to the cell which Princess Leia was being held on the Death Star during A New Hope, and also to Finn´s stormtrooper number, FN-2187.

Caleb Dume. If you somehow don´t know, that is actually Kanan´s real name. But I believe everyone knows that, so... Okay.

''Another happy landing.'' Ezra´s line is a direct reference to Obi-Wan´s line in Revenge of the Sith, where, after crash-landing the Invisible Hand on one of Coruscant´s landing fields at full speed, he delivers this line in a attempt to be fun. I guess I was the only one who laughed a bit during the prequels ;-;

Chapter 10 :

Has a bit more explanations on why Kanan hated General Grievous.

Ezra falls unconscious in the end of the chapter. That´s because of a chip implanted on his back, and actually, those chips are canon, thanks to Aftermath : Life Debt, which shows that slaves and some imperial prisioners had those chips, but not in their back, but in the head. And of course, those were fatal.

Chapter 11 :

''I said that if you challanged me once more, you would say goodbye to your precious neck.'' Again, the Inquisitor´s tradicional line.

Explains a bit more about the chip implanted on Ezra´s back.

Chapter 12 :

The Geonosian toxin. Why was it so common during the Clone Wars, but rare during the time of the Empire? Simple : because almost all the traits from the Geonosians are extinct during that time. I believe the Tarkin novel and the Vader comic explains why. So it is likely that, because almost the entire species is gone, almost all their culture, armament, science, philosophy and art are also gone.

How does Sabine knows about the culture? Well, despite rare, that toxin could still be used by any insurgents against the Empire. So it is likely that the imperial cadets would know how to manifacture simple cures to some poisons and toxins. And in this case, Sabine´s knowledge saved Ezra´s life.

Chapter 13 :

Originally, I was planning this to be the chapter were Ezra and Sabine were finally going to enter a relationship, but, when I had the idea of the sequel, I believed that I still could develop this romance better if they weren´t together yet. So I waited untill the end of Search to make the reveal, as you know.

Chapter 14 :

The first dialog between zeb and Ezra is supposed to kind of mirror the one between the same characters in the first chapter. Did you notice it?

The prelude to 'Search' , where Sato explains that the Imperial Base on the Illenium system would serve as a perfect base for the Rebellion. Well, little do they know that actually, that base would be used by the Resistence about 40 years lated during the conflict against the First Order. Yes, I like to connect my stories to events which will happen in the future.

So folks, these were the references, facts and other things about 'Trouble' (Damn, I´ve just realized how illiterate I am. Sorry for making you guys reading this. The story is awesome, the problem is who writes it, hehe :/ )

Let me know in the Review section what you think about these informations, and as always...

May the Force be with you.