Chapter 5

"We have to find that witch." Maka said as she and Spirit ran as fast as they could towards the witch before stopping in front of a dark cave. "She's in there." Maka balled her fists.

"Maka." Spirit stopped her making her look at him. "Don't go in angry. It'll cloud your judgment. She is going to do everything she can to get you riled up and making mistakes. If you make a mistake and she wins you know what will happen to Soul. Do you really want that?" She shook her head as her fists unclenched, dropping her eyes to the ground.

"No… you're right. I have to beat her and save Soul." She looked back up with hard eyes, set on a goal. Spirit nodded as he let go and she turned to face the cave. Taking a deep breath, she walked into the cave.

Soul groaned making his mother look at him worried. "Soul?" She asked making him open his eyes and look at her. "Are you alright."

"I'll be fine." He closed his eyes and held his head. "Just getting a splitting headache from the war in there." He sighed.

Mary reached over and gently touched his head like she used to when he as a child. "I'm sorry we made you run away, if we had just listened to you, you would have stayed and none of this would have happened."

"Yeah, but I wouldn't have met Maka. I'm glad everything happened this way. Everything was worth it, just to meet her." He smirked.

"You love her a lot." Mary commented and watched Soul's smile grow bigger as he smiled. "From when we talked she seems like a wonderful young woman."

"She's amazing. She's brilliant, beautiful and the coolest partner anyone could ask for." Soul sighed as he settled into his pillow. "She's strong…"

"You're worried." Mary stated more than asked.

Soul nodded. "I always worry about her, even if I'm with her. I can't lose her. I know she's strong, I know she can do this and I know her father won't let anything happen to her but I still worry. Anything can happen to change the battle." He mused as he looked at the ceiling and tried to feel Maka through their connection, try to figure out what was going on.

Maka slid to a stop holding her father. She was beaten up and breathing hard. This battle was not going the way she had wanted at all. She felt fear hit her as she thought about how this could end. Suddenly warmth flowed through her and she gave a small smile.

"What is it Maka?" Spirit asked.

Maka smiled. "It's Soul."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." She shook her head but still held the little smile. "He's just encouraging me. He knows I can do this." She leveled her hard green eyes on her opponent as she pulled her father up into a fighting stance. "I won't let you beat me." She told the witch before charging back in. Spirit felt something new radiating from his daughter as she danced and twisted around the cave to avoid being hit as the attacked back. "I will kill you and take your soul. I will finish this and save Soul." Maka twisted and turned before twirling Spirit up and around to give the final blow. The witch howled as her body disintegrated and left only a red soul floating in the air.

Spirit transformed back and looked at his daughter who again put her hand to her heart and smiled. "I'll take this back to lord death and check on Black Star and Tsubaki to see how they're doing with rescuing the children. Go back to Soul. Rest and when you're both healed come back to debrief." Maka looked at him. "He loves you; even I could feel it when he sent his soul to you. Go." He said softly trying to act cool.

Maka wrapped her arms around him. "Thank you, Papa. I love you." She said before taking off back to Soul while Spirit burst into sobs.

As Maka came up to the door it swung open and Soul walked out holding his side. She smiled at him before running and wrapping her arms around him, connecting their lips in a loving kiss before he winced. "Sliced open my side, remember." He said making her pull back.

"Sorry." She said softly as she gently laid her hand on his bandages. "Are you feeling better?"

"More important, you need to get your wounds checked." Maka rolled her eyes. "Don't start, come on." He said pushing her in front of him as they made their way into the house.

After a few days of healing Maka and Soul were nearly back to fully healthy. It was time for them to return to death city. Maka smiled as she watched Mary pull Soul into a tight hug. "Please don't be a stranger." He said softly as tears came to her eyes.

"I'll make sure he won't be." Maka smiled at the woman who gave her a sweet smile and pulled her into a hug.

"Thank you." She told Maka softly. "Be careful."

Wes held his hand out to Soul who took it and shook. "Be safe, little brother." He glanced at Maka still talking with their mother. "Let us know when the wedding is. And make sure there's nothing that, pops up, in the mean time to delay it." He smirked making Soul roll his eyes. "But in case something like that happens, we're here."

Soul gave a quick nod. His brother was the only one besides their grandmother who seemed to care at all for him; they were the only ones to help him when he was younger. Soul knew his brother missed those talks but knew that after this vacation things were going to change. Especially since Maka had somehow become close to his family, meaning they would be in constant contact. "Thanks. For everything, Wes."

"She's a special woman." Wes said as he and Soul looked over at Maka smiling and talking to not only their mother but also now their grandmother. Soul smirked. "I really couldn't have been happier or a prouder big brother."

"I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without her. She's more special than you know." Soul said softly before walking over to his meisters side. "We should get going before your father comes looking." Maka sighed. "I really don't feel like dealing with that mess." She rolled her eyes and gave him a little smile as he gently laid his hand on her lower back.

"I'll make sure he doesn't ignore your letters." Maka told Mary who smiled. "We don't have much room in our apartment, just one room, but you're all welcome to come visit any time."

"Maka-." He was cut off with a quick look.

She turned back and smiled at the two women. "I just have to get my bag, and we can go." She said softly. "Soul, behave." She told him as she walked off.

He looked at the two women and saw a grin across his grandmother's face as the other looked a little confused. "Why would she have to warn you to behave?" Mary asked.

Soul rubbed the back of his head with a sigh and shrug before they heard a holler making everyone look around before finding Black Star landing a few feet away as Tsubaki transformed into a human again. "Yo." Soul said as Black Star and he hit the end of their fists together.

"You guys ready yet? Death scythe is really pissing Kid off." Black Star asked his friend.

"What are you guys doing here?" Maka asked confused as she walked over with her bag.

"Liz wanted us to go back with you guys, she said to try to rush you since your father seems to be upsetting Kid." Tsubaki explained.

Maka rolled her eyes. "We were just saying good bye to Soul's family."

"Whoa, you're Soul's family?" Black Star gapped at them.

"Dude." Soul said shaking his head. "So not cool."

"Come on, we're ready." She said but Black Star took to glaring at the family members. "Black Star." He ignored her and before anyone could say or do anything Maka slammed her book down on his head. "Let's go."

"Have a safe trip." Granny smiled and hugged Soul who just nodded and walked with Maka over to his Bike where he tied her bag down and the two were off with Tsubaki transforming and Black Star using his shadow to follow.

It had been four years since Soul Proposed to her, and it also just happened to be their daughter's birthday. "Gramy!" She heard her daughter cheer

Followed by Soul's voice, "Myra!" She turned to see Soul pull Myra up into his arms as his family walked over to them. "You don't go running off." He told the little girl who looked up with emerald green eyes making him sigh.

"You know you can't yell at her." Maka teased as she walked over.

"Oh my! Maka!" Mary looked at the slightly rounded belly in shock. "Are you…?"

Maka nodded with a bright smile. "We thought we'd wait to tell you when you came." She gently laid her hand on her belly. "It's a boy this time." She smiled happily.

"Oh, I'm so happy for you." Mary smiled brightly before hugging Soul and touching Maka's belly. She looked at her granddaughter in Soul's arms. "Are you ready to be a big sister?"

"Yeah!" She cheered making the others smile.

Paul shook Soul's hand to congratulate him on their new child before Soul put Myra on her own feet. "Go play with Angela and Katsu." The girl nodded and ran off.

"She's as hyper as ever." Wes smiled at his niece.

"She takes after her mother." Soul grumbled only to get a nudge from his wife at his side. "She's a trouble maker just like you."

"Hm, and I wonder how I ever became that since I was the one dragging you to classes and all." She raised a brow. Soul smirked before he kissed her forehead and moved off to be with the other friends letting Maka be the gracious host she loved to be as the party for their three year old started. Maka smiled as she watched Soul talking with his father, brother, and Spirit while Mary played with the children. If it hadn't been for her finding that letter from Soul's mother they still wouldn't know anything about their son and they wouldn't have been a part of Myra and their new child's life.