Chapter 1





Sol System, Earth: 1984. Galactic Date: 3656 BBY

A small world, population just starting to rise into the billions, located in the Sol System just outside of the Outer Rim in the Unknown region. The Sol System was completely unknown to the rest of the Galaxy and for all intents was nonexistent. The primary species was Humanity, space travel was limited to the system and Earth's moon, and weapons were for the most part projectile bullets with no trace of energy weapons. In a word the system was primitive. The most contact this planet had with any extraterrestrial life was on movie screens and in books. Several hoaxes did exist but none were true. The world was content to believe themselves to be alone in the universe but still held onto the hope of finding life outside of their own system.

In the island nation England, located in the planets northern hemisphere as a part of the continent Europe the people were…odd. Different. Backward. Living in a secret society apart from the rest of the population was a group of people who could perform great feats by channeling a mysterious energy that was within their bodies. These individuals were called magicals, wizards for men and witches for women. Magical people lived in secret, hiding away from their non-magical counterpart in fear of retribution. In Britain wizards believe themselves to be superior. This notion exists in France, Bulgaria, and Russia. The rest of the world has managed to connect their worlds without causing any major damage. America, Japan, Italy and Spain leading the way with their integration with the non-magical or Muggle governments. Most of the wizard's governments had become a subdivision of the country they resided in. A majority of Europe was divided however, Britain leading the way, by 'Pureblood ideals' spread by Dark Wizards such as Voldemort and Gellert Gwindelwald during their reigns of terror in the 20th century. A meeting was held on the night of October 31st, 1981 to determine what the world will do about Voldemort. The International Confederation of Wizards (ICW) met in Switzerland to decide what their plan of attack should be. The majority ruling was to gather their own magical forces to hunt down any of his followers and eliminate them but this was stopped by the Supreme Mugwump Albus Dumbledore of Great Britain. Dumbledore held a lot of political power in the world for his defeat of Gellert Gwindelwald and his amazing power. He was held in high regard by many magicals across the planet but the ICW was starting to grow wary of him. His sense of control, his endless preaching of the 'Greater Good' put many on edge. Over the years since Voldemort's rise to power many of his supporters started to leave his side and were swayed to go against him. The fact that he claimed to have a prophecy that foretold the Dark Lords end only proved that he was crazier than they thought.

Prophecies were a tricky thing. Unless given by a true oracle they were rarely ever given or true. In the case of a seer a prophecy could only be true if acted upon, meaning that the parties involved had to make it happen. Dumbledore stopped the ICW from invading Great Britain by declaring Voldemort's demise at the hands of a toddler by the name of Harry Potter. The representatives from outside of Europe weren't blinded by the boy's name or his wealth, they knew the Potter's were an old line in their society and held great power. They knew that Dumbledore was doing all of his grandstanding intentionally. When asked where the boy was he simply waved off the question and said his safety was of the upmost priority. Europe was all for it. The rest of the world saw the other meaning: Voldemort would be back.

Three years have passed since that fateful night. The wizarding world still celebrated young Harry's defeat of the Dark Lord. Books were written, holidays made, fan mail sent, and marriage contracts were written up all in anticipation of when the young boy became a Lord in their society. All of the magicals were praising and thinking about how powerful young Harry would be. All except for young Harry. Harry Potter knew no fame o fortune. He didn't know what joy or being happy were like. He only knew pain, fear and anger. Three emotions that his mother's side of the family had bestowed upon him. His Uncle Vernon had gotten home this Halloween night in a foul mood. He was being given a hard time by his boss because the board of directors for Grunnings were upset with him. In the logic of society on Earth, if the boss' boss isn't happy, you aren't happy. Vernon was in a right foul mood. His family was out trick-or-treating so he was alone for the night to drink, and let his own rage burn out. A creak echoed through the house. Vernon's ears perked as he heard a slight gasp from the hallway. He smiled cruelly as he found a new way to let out his frustrations.

Harry Potter was no ordinary child. Firstly he had more raw power than a magical in their fifties. Secondly, he was smarter than most four year old children. He knew basic principles taught in elementary school, some as he put it 'big' words and he also knew that his night was going to be a long one. The floorboard creaked underfoot as he tried to sneak into the kitchen. He prayed that his Uncle was asleep but the sound of his heavy footfalls told him it wasn't to be.

"Now what do we have here?" Harry gulped as he looked up at the rotund body of his Uncle "What does the little freak think he's doing out of bed?" Vernon picked Harry up by the scruff of his neck.

Harry refused to tremble. Something inside of him told him to stare down his attacker. Vernon was amused seeing the defiance in the child's eyes. For a little tyke he had a fire in those emerald green eyes of his.

"I've waited long enough to do this boy!" he growled "And after the day I've had, I intend to enjoy this." Vernon threw Harry down the hall towards the kitchen. The boy's body hit the floor hard but due to his magic lashing out he would only suffer minor bruising. Vernon didn't notice the subtle change to his nephew's demeanor. He was too focused on the joy that his last action brought him. As he approached his nephew he failed to notice the dark edge in his eyes. Harry clenched his tiny fists as his Uncle approached him. He could feel something flowing around him as his Uncle stopped before him. He could sense the meaty hand reaching for his shirt collar as he thrust both hands forward. He didn't register the screams, all he knew was the sweet embrace of sleep.


Horuset System, Korriban

Korriban. Ancient home world of the Sith and location of the Sith Academy. On a good day you'd see young acolytes running about the tombs fighting the native and immigrated species. On a bad day you could see the occasional Sith Lord kill a subordinate for a tiny mistake. Today was different. Since reclaiming Korriban from the Republic the Sith had been restless. They were in a cold war of sorts. The Emperor had grown quiet, the Council was on edge and the Sith on Korriban in general could sense something was coming. Little did anyone realize that the day they had been sensing for so long had arrived.

Overseer Tremel was not in a good mood. It all started when he went out to greet the new acolytes to the academy. A small group of Troopers had stopped him and asked for his help with a delicate situation. Tremel could sense the change in the Troopers, they seemed to be losing their connection to the Dark Side of the Force. Living on Korriban it was common for one to have a connection to the Dark Side, to lose it was unheard of, yet these Troopers had lost some of that corruption. He was prepared to give swift retribution for the distraction, he was now behind schedule and he hated being behind schedule, but this distraction was…interesting. He was led to a small medical station at the entrance to one of the tombs that littered the valley of the Sith Lords. Six Troopers, with a feeling of Light surrounding them, stood around an examination table. Tremel felt the urge to draw his saber and cut them down for the delay but something was calling out to him.

"Overseer," his escort pulled him from his musings "We didn't know what to do about him when he arrived. We assumed he was a slave but for some reason we couldn't bring ourselves to bring him in for punishment."

"Him?" Tremel asked curiously. The Trooper gestured to the table as the Troopers began to part to reveal a small child no older than four or three given his size. The boy's body was small compared to most, but his eyes, his eyes held something inside them that he had never seen. They were an intriguing shade of green but the intelligence and purity in them was something he had never seen any Jedi or wizened Master before. For a small child to hold those kind of traits in a glance was unheard of to him.

The Trooper nods his head slowly as the child stands up "Yes. Overseer, I don't know how to explain it but, he seems to counter the madness that Korriban creates. Could he possibly be the-"

"Silence!" Tremel hissed "If the Council hears of this the boy will be killed!" he looked each Trooper in the eyes "Not a word of his existence is to leave this group. If he is as you claim, then I will train him in secret and when he is ready, I will bring him before the Council to receive whatever test they deem fit and watch him succeed or fall as the Force decrees. Am I understood?"

The Troopers saluted the Overseer "Yes sir!" they chorused.

"Good. You are dismissed."

Harry didn't tremble as the tall dark skinned man approached him. The soldiers were nice enough to give him something to eat even though he had scared them. He knew he wasn't anywhere in Surrey, or England if he thought about it. He felt that same presence in his head like when he was standing up to his uncle. He felt calm.

"The Troopers tell me that you appeared here with no assistance by any type of vehicle or jetpack. Do you know how this happened?"

Harry fumbled with the hem of his shirt "I don't know sir. I just wanted to escape."

"Escape?" Tremel asked. It wasn't unheard of for strange things to occur to Force-sensitives when enough will or emotion was fueling them.

"My Uncle," Harry spat out the word with more venom than a child his age should be able to muster "He tried to kill me, I didn't take kindly to that."

Tremel was growing more and more curious with each passing second. A boy no older than four years managed to not only use the force to repel a grown man but also transport himself, who knows how far across the galaxy, to Korriban. It was almost too good to be true. He had been meditating for several years in the hope that someone would come along that could fix the Academy and the Order. A cleanser of the impure Sith was what he wanted. The boy before him was certainly gifted if his story was true but Tremel needed more before he could be certain.

He didn't know what was possessing him to be kind but the Overseer got to the boys eye level and asked "Why not come along with me? I could take care of you and teach you how to harness your abilities."

Tremel knew if he was being watched by any other Sith, acolyte or lord, he would be killed on the spot. Nice wasn't a word to describe the Sith. This was a risky gamble to be playing, especially on Korriban, but it was something that Tremel felt would pay off for him eventually.

[14 years later]

Tremel stood in the viewing chamber overlooking his adopted son's final trial. He was in the presence of the Dark Council as well as several influential Dark Lords. Over the past fourteen years he had kept Harry a secret from everyone. Slowly the corruption the dark side had caused was cleansed by his mere presence. While that would be a cause for concern it was such a subtle change that few felt the effects until it was too late. He didn't doubt that there was still darkness in the hearts of every Sith in the empire but he also didn't doubt that Harry was gifted with his ability to cleanse. Overtime he was able to create a balance within those he interacted with. Few Sith on Korriban weren't affected by him. Currently he was performing his own cleansing of the order. Harry took it upon himself to fulfill the prophecy the Jedi had foretold. He was trained in various forms of saber combat, Shii-cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, Shien, Niman and Juyo. With each form he grew more powerful, more adaptable, in the ways of the force. Eventually he took up the name of Revan as a means keeping his past a secret and striking fear into his enemies be they Jedi or Sith. Revan read the history files they had about his predecessor and went over the information with a fine comb. The boy grew to the point of only testing himself against trained opponents such as the few Sith Lords who knew about him and professional bounty hunters. Naturally Tremel grew concerned and was rewarded with a summons.

Revan didn't show any fear that day as he stood before Darth Malgus. The Sith Juggernaut who took Korriban back from the Republic, fought against Orgus Din on Alderaan and led the Sith in the sacking of Coruscant. The Sith Lord could sense the boy's power, his senses were putting him on edge, and he knew that he could simply end his life then and there. But he didn't. Malgus activated his lightsaber and held the crimson blade up to the child's neck but he would not flinch. Revan learned that he wasn't invincible that day but that he did have the backing of one of the Empire's greatest heroes.

In his final test Revan had to defeat his fellow acolytes in combat. He had been in worse situations before but he wasn't about to let the Sith Lords watching his trial know that piece of information. He counted only ten acolytes, Teeno, Dolgis, Klemral, Phyne, five acolytes that looked to have been trained in secret like himself and the last acolyte was his rival Vemrin.

Vemrin never liked Revan. Why should he? Revan received special treatment from Overseer Tremel. Treatment that in Vemrin's eyes wouldn't change anything. He had slaved away to make it to the top of his class. To become the apprentice to one of the Sith Lords in the growing crowd was his dream but now all anyone was talking about was how powerful Revan was. When the test began Vemrin stayed back as Dolgis and Teeno rushed forward in true Juggernaut fashion. The large boys had Revan on the defensive with their ruthless assault. He watched as the other acolytes began to surround the three in anticipation of an ambush. Vemrin knew it wouldn't work. If half the stories were true then Revan would find some way to dispatch each and every one of them with ease. And he was right. Revan was holding back, he knocked Teeno out with a swift strike to the head and then force pushed Dolgis into one of the other acolytes, he took Teeno's training saber and switched into the Ataru form. Vemrin felt his blood boil. 'More special treatment!' he raged internally.

Revan watched with narrowed eyes as his remaining opponents began to formulate their own plans. He knew that by staying in the Shii-cho form they would agree on one way of dealing with him but if he switched to something more advanced they would be lost. Ataru was a two saber form that focused on agility. Shii-cho was balanced with no advantages or disadvantages. Revan knew that none of the others were as skilled as he was in other forms but he was still cautious of Vemrin. Speaking of which, his rival was slowly losing his temper if he was sensing the emotions properly. Revan parries a strike aimed for his back from Klemral.

"You guys just don't get it, you can't beat me." He says smugly as he pushes Klemral back and strikes down an acolyte.

"You forget Revan," Vemrin says as he makes his way to his rival "You have never beaten me in a duel before."

Revan rolled his eyes "All I'm hearing are excuses Vemrin. You sure you aren't a smuggler?"

Vemrin snarled. Drawing his saber he set his sights on Revan. He gave a silent message for the others to back away from his rival, one acolyte disobeyed and was thrown into the wall twenty feet behind Vemrin. Revan smirked underneath his mask as Vemrin rushed forward. He didn't bother with any fancy tricks or advanced techniques. All he needed was a simple block and then a nice solid counter to knock Vemrin out. Now if only it was as easy as it sounds.

Revan blocked Vemrin's strikes. He couldn't find a single opening that would guarantee a clean win. He did notice how Vemrin left himself vulnerable after each swing. It was only for a second but it was enough time for him to cause some damage to his rival. Revan sighed, he wasn't a Sith for nothing, and swung the saber in his left hand down on Vemrin's right wrist. Vemrin cried out in pain as he felt the bones in his wrist break. He faltered back as the other acolytes stared in awe at the scene before them. Never in the six years that the two had been rivals had Revan ever injured Vemrin, or had either managed to land a blow on the other, it was unheard of.

"You put this on yourself Vemrin," Revan scolds his rival as he clutches his wrist in pain "Stay down if you want to keep your other hand."

Vemrin snarled murderously at Revan "I'll kill you Revan! One day I'll pay you back for this!"

Revan ignored him as he turned to his remaining opponents "Would anyone else like to try their luck?"

Phyne and Klemral backed down first. The three remaining acolytes hesitated, Revan rolled his eyes and 'gently' used the force to push the three back.

"I won't ask again." He growled "Surrender!"

Tremel watched as the three acolytes dropped their sabers. He was impressed that Revan managed to defeat his opponents without injuring most of them like the usual acolyte but he was concerned that his mercy would sway the Council to bar him his rightful title. He could hear the Council discussing the fight. He was nervous, who wouldn't be? It didn't help that he was standing between Lords Malgus and Baras.


Revan was waiting for the verdict in his father's office. He was tossing a few credits in the air as he slowly grew more and more impatient. If he had to wait another hour he was going to lose his mind. His test taking place today of all days was the work of those in the Dark Council who didn't want the treaty to go forward. The Treaty. That was one of the craziest ideas that Revan had come up with to-date. The idea behind it was to strengthen the order both Sith and Jedi at the cost of the Empire as a whole. Revan was no fool. He knew about the Eternal Empire that the Emperor had created several years ago. Revan wasn't saying that he was spying on the Emperor or listening in on certain Councilors conversations but he was very curious. The Treaty was a fragile document stating that the force users of both sides would work together and be referred to as Jedi when in the Republic territory or around anyone who wasn't privy to the treaty in depth. Revan knew that this would cause some problems for them so he allowed for the Sith to choose if they were Jedi or Sith in teaching and title when around other force sensitives. The home worlds of their orders, Korriban and Tython, would be wiped from any star chart in both factions.

When Tremel stepped into the room Revan stood at attention, not like a soldier to his superior but a son to his father. Tremel gave a nod of his head and Revan relaxed.

"I hope I haven't kept you waiting for too long" he said sensing the tension in his adopted son.

"I'm sorry Father but I have just been on edge with the Treaty and the test," Revan sighed "I can't wait for this to all be over."

Tremel placed a calming hand on his shoulder "Be patient Revan. The Force works in mysterious ways, your destiny will be fulfilled soon, and this treaty is the key to it. I don't have to tell you that it is a great risk that we are taking with this."

Revan sighed "You are right. It's just…this is a trying time for us isn't it? If the Treaty works then we are changing galactic history with this."

"You are nervous, and that is understandable, but you must carry yourself with dignity." Tremel smiled as Revan straightened at his words "The Council has reached a decision. After careful consideration and keeping your past in mind they have decided to promote you. Congratulations, you are now recognized by the Sith Order and by extension the Empire as being a Lord of the Sith."

"So I am now Darth Revan II then?"

Tremel laughed at Revan's displeasure of being a 'sequel' "Hardly. Since the original isn't recognized, even with your own feats, you are the one and only now. Your first assignment is of course to see this treaty through. I don't need to remind you to take care with how you proceed, while the Republic wouldn't attack one of us, especially you, they will not be so trusting of you."

Revan scoffed "If I know the Jedi they won't trust me. They will, however, send in someone who either isn't intimidated by me or is a skilled diplomat. I would bet on them having a skilled assault ship as the meeting place with their best Jedi on board. Am I wrong?"

Tremel shook his head "The Brentaal Star is the ship, her crew are skilled, and the Jedi Knight I believe you are familiar with."

Revan had begun walking out when the ship was identified. He stopped mid-step when he learned who the Jedi representative might be. "No no no no! No way!" Revan cried "There is no way that they would send her of all people!"

Tremel arched a brow "Oh? Scared of a little Jedi now are we? What would the Council think?"

Revan gave his father a glare "Not funny." He said with finality "If they are sending her then I can kiss my new title and my life goodbye."

Tremel rolled his eyes as he ushered Revan out "You worry too much. Now go, your ship is ready and waiting, the meeting will be happening soon."


Revan was tense. Correction, he felt like he was about to fight a Rancor without his lightsabers, a blaster, explosives, or the force to help him. He just hoped that she didn't kill him. 2V-R8, his protocol droid, was taking care of his flight plan. They had entered hyperspace twenty minutes earlier and were expected to exit in ten. The location for the treaty was to be in neutral space between both sides fleets but Revan instead decided that a third party should be chosen, one with no connection to either side, and they would pick the location. Apparently that location was the middle of nowhere just south of the Rishi Maze. Revan silently hoped this would end quickly.

As the Fury-class Interceptor exited hyperspace Revan could feel the tension of the crew of the Thranta-class Corvette before him. He was going to enjoy this.

"Arrate, let them know we're here, I don't want this to take longer than it has to." He ordered his droid as he felt a presence in the back of his mind.

"As you wish master." The droid responds joyfully.

Revan shook his head as he went to his quarters. One of the few projects he was working on was a relic of a long lost age. An assassin droid that belonged to his predecessor Darth Revan, the original. Revan had managed to make the droid, HK-47, into a one droid killing machine/army. Now he was going to update and enhance the lethal machine. Assuming he could get it to stop stating what each sentence was. He had his work cut out for him.

2V-R8 escorted his master off his ship and into the Republic delegation. Consisting of eight Republic Troopers, one adult man with blue hair and a Jedi Knight around Revan's age the delegation was ready and waiting for the young Sith Lord to arrive. The stern look in the blue-gray eyes of the Jedi sent a chill up his spine. Yup, Satele wasn't going to let him off easy for this.

"I take it that I am late then?" Revan asked as the assembled Troopers shuffled nervously in place. Satele turned about and began walking to the bridge. "I will take that as a yes then."

The blue haired man chuckled to himself drawing Revan's attention. Now that he got a good look at him he didn't look like he was from any part of the Republic, or the Empire for that matter, he looked like he came from some kind of backwater world with only slug throwers for 'advanced' technology.

The man waved the Troopers off as he stepped up to Revan "Forgive the Jedi, she is just figuring out how to say what she feels properly."

"Say what she feels? Satele? Struggling?" Revan was almost scandalized. The mere notion, the idea, that Satele Shan didn't know how to say how much she wanted to run him through or launch him out an airlock was absurd.

"Yes, she seems to be considering something, a possibility perhaps? Doesn't matter, we have a treaty to finalize." He said as he began to follow after the Troopers.

"Finalize?" Revan asked as he ran to catch up with the man "I was under the impression that the treaty would require my presence to even begin the delegations."

"On the contrary. Since the Treaty was written up by you in advance and I have gone over it with a fine comb to ensure the Jedi that it isn't to the complete or sole benefit of the Sith. Now we just have to get it signed, and have you of course check that we haven't changed anything. I trust that you won't try and manipulate the situation?"

Revan was in a word: stunned. He almost felt like he was a useless protocol droid. They didn't need him to defend his position or the treaty or even the Empire. They just accepted it? This was almost too easy. Almost being the operable word. When he reached the bridge he was escorted by a Trooper to the holo-terminal with the images of Darth Baras and Jedi Master Orgus Din presiding over the signing as the representatives for their own factions.

"Seeing as how I am not needed, not really, I am starting to wonder why we didn't send you in Uncle."

"The apprentice makes jokes. Now that he is a Lord he thinks himself my equal?"

Revan rolled his eyes. He had a strange relationship with a select few of the Sith Lords he knew. Okay, strange was putting it mildly but he blamed it on his presence altering a few key emotions of theirs. "As if I would ever want to be in your position dear Uncle. Sitting behind a desk and letting my senses dull, I'd rather fight Vemrin again for eternity."

Baras laughed coldly. The bridge crew felt a chill run down their spines as the Sith Lord's laughter reached their ears. "Be careful with what you say Revan. The Force has ways of granting even sarcastic wishes."

Revan sighed "Yes Uncle."

"Now that we have that out of the way," Orgus Din spoke up for the first time "when can we expect to see you on Tython?"

Revan was confused. Tython? The treaty wouldn't require him to go to Tython. It would only need this little meeting in neutral space and the finalizing to make it official. Nothing more. "I am sorry Master Jedi but I was unaware that you wanted me to go to Tython."

Orgus brushed the new Sith Lords concerns aside "Originally we wouldn't but our new friend Alviss here suggested a tour for both parties."

"I merely said that we should get to know each other." Alviss clarifies "Personally I believe that we are at the end for these 'talks'. Revan is here, the treaty has been signed, and now we just have to have young Revan verify it officially."

Revan hesitated briefly. A tugging in his head drawing his attention for a moment. "I'll sign it," he said as he accepted the datapad from Alviss "The contents are as I had originally intended. No sign of tampering with the articles."

The holo-images of Darth Baras and Master Orgus flickered before dying. The ship rocked as if it were struck by something. Revan dropped the datapad as he felt a stronger pressure in his head. All he could hear were the shouts of the crew, the alarms blaring and the sound of Satele screaming in pain.

Kamino System, Kamino space. Galactic Date: 32 BBY

Revan groaned as he came to. His vision was blurred, mostly black with a few splotches of color, he shook his head lightly as he was helped up to his feet.

"Take it easy there kid, you took the brunt of that shockwave earlier." It was Alviss. The neutral diplomat placed his hand on Revan's head and he felt his vision began to clear. "Don't stress your body out for a while, Force Shockwave like that one is dangerous."

"Shockwave?" Revan asked as he saw a few of the crew attempting to restart the ships power systems.

"I don't know if it has a name but it was a shockwave and it was the Force so that's what I'm calling it." Alviss helped Satele to stand "I don't know what caused it but we have been out of contact for a while, probably an hour or two. We need to get this ship back to full power or at least get the comm's back."

Revan went to work checking the holo-terminal for any damage to the circuits. Nothing. The system was fine, no electrical shorts or damage. "Holo is fine, don't know why we can't get a signal though."

Alviss sighed "I told you, the ship is dead. We lost power and until it's fixed we can't get a message out."

"Have you tried using the auxiliary generators?"

The crew turned to look at Revan as one with deadpan expressions


"We tried that, back-up generators are out too. All we can do is try and bypass the security protocols and hope the generator kicks in." Alviss explains.

"What about my ship?" Revan asks "I could get it up and running in no time and get a message out that way."

Alviss hummed in thought "It is smaller so it could gain power more quickly, but that leaves the Republic forces here defenseless, go you have any support?"

"Just my protocol droid and my own experience."

Alviss nods his head as he mentally analyzes the situation. If he allowed Revan to fix his own ship the Republic would think he would attack them with it, but, if he doesn't allow Revan to fix possibly the fastest chance they have to contact the Republic and Empire then they were stuck drifting in space for who knows how long.

"Do it" Alviss concedes.


"Power it up Arrate" Revan calls to his droid after making an adjustment to the generator. Hearing the power return to the ship and the humming of the engines Revan released a breath he didn't realize he was holding. "That's one miracle done for the day."

Revan made his way to the holo-terminal. If he could just get a message out to Korriban he could prevent a possible war from breaking out. The terminal seemed to flicker to life. He waited for an image of a Sith or a Trooper to blur to life but nothing came. He waited patiently for a few minutes before trying again. No signal. None of his calls went through. He slammed his hands down on the terminal in frustration.

"Why won't this work!" he raged.

2V-R8 was startled by his master's rage. The droid had helped his master repair the damage done to the ship and had repeatedly gone over the systems to make certain that they were in working order. He felt that his master's rage was because of his own failure.

"Master," the droid called gaining his master's attention "Miss Shan sent a message for you. She says that the power is coming back online and that the ship will require additional repairs."

Revan sighed as he calmed down "Good, tell her that if she requires it I can take a team to the nearest planet to look for parts."

The droid shook its head "But Master, surely you realize that we can't leave the ship for too long. It could drift away from the system before we returned."

"That's true. Fine then, tell her to look for a planet that is close, one of us will stay behind to act as a beacon for the repair team." Revan amended his plan.

20 minutes and a few small fires later saw Revan and Satele plotting out their expedition. Revan stood looking at his holo-map as Satele lists each planet and system they could reach that would have the parts they would need.

"You sure we can't just go to that planet we are orbiting?" Revan asked as he went over the details of Tatooine.

"In case you have forgotten Revan, Kamino is a water world that is barely advanced enough to fix a starship like this, what's wrong with going to Tatooine?"

Revan hesitated. First thought he had was back to the incident on Nal Hutta. Then it was followed by Satele slapping him several times. He shook his head "Nothing is wrong. I just don't think we should travel too far from the ship."

"We'll be fine" Satele assures him. Revan turned his gaze to the view of space. He could see Kamino off to the right, the Brentaal Star was behind them, and a small fighter was leaving the planet's surface. Wait, what?

"Something wrong?"

Revan narrowed his eyes at the small silhouette "Check the sensors for me, look for any contacts roughly the size of a fighter."

Satele did as he asked. Her eyes widened when she found that a Starfighter was indeed nearby and by its trajectory leaving the planet that she had said wasn't 'advanced'. "That can't be possible can it? Our records said that Kamino was out of the way, it rarely ever had contact with spacefaring people. The Kaminoans are practically a dying race!"

Revan leaned back in his seat as he watched the Starfighter link up with a ring of some kind and then go into hyperspace.

"Whoever or whatever they were, they had to have gone to the surface for something." He looked over his shoulder to see the inquisitive look Satele had "That fighter needed some type of support unit to go into hyperspace. Seeing as how it wasn't a shuttle built for more than one I'm guessing he left the planet after finishing his business."

"What are you planning in that Sith head of yours?"
"I'm thinking the locals might be of more use to us than you expected Miss Shan." Revan grinned as she glared at him. Being right was one thing, being right and proving Satele wrong was a rare gift of the Force that Revan would enjoy for life.

Kamino, Tipoca City

As Revan eased his ship's descent Satele was making her own observations of the water world. It was more advanced than the records led her to believe. Revan was taking them to a city of some kind that was for the most part above the surface of the endless sea. Satele could feel something off about the world but she couldn't place what it was.

"You sure this is going to work?"

Revan snorted at the question "Of course it will. We just get help with the repairs then contact our respective councils and everything is fine."

Satele could sense his unease "Your tense Rev. What do you know?"

"I know as much as you do Satele."

She knew he wouldn't give out anything vital until he was certain of something. Now she just had to figure out what it was. As Revan brought the ship in for a landing Satele ducked out of the bridge to try and use her holo-communicator again. She didn't want to tell anyone that she had tried to contact the council, or that she boosted the signal the second time she tried, but she wanted to be absolutely sure that she couldn't get through. She felt the ship shake lightly as it touched down on the metal platform. There was no turning back now.

"I don't have to tell you that we have to be quick about this do I?" Revan asked with a grin as Satele hid her communicator "I wasn't interrupting anything was I?"

"Let's just get this over with." She sighed.

As the pair walked down the ramp they were met by a tall pale alien with glassy looking eyes and a face reminiscent of aquatic life. This was a Kaminoan. The race that was nearly wiped out by the floods that overtook their home world. The Kaminoan bowed lightly in respect to the two Force users.

"Greetings, my name is Taun We, we have been expecting you."

"I'm sorry, we were expected?" Revan asked. His senses were screaming at him, warning him of trouble.

"We were alerted when your ship entered our system. Naturally we assumed you required help but unfortunately we did not have the means to assist you, we were surprised to see that you had one ship capable of flight." Taun We informs them.

Revan and Satele shared a look. A silent debate between the two was followed by Revan's resigned sigh of defeat. "How long have we been expected?"

"Merely a few days Master Jedi," she ushered the two inside from the rain "After your representative left without asking about your ship we assumed that you were lost travelers."

This time Satele asked the question "Representative?"

Taun We nods her head "The Prime Minister will be able to explain it in detail. Please, if you will follow me."

"I got a bad feeling about this." Revan mutters under his breath.


Meeting Lama Su was….enlightening to say the least. Satele managed to get help from the Kaminoans as well as contact the Brentaal Star and get them to land. Revan was more interested with this order that was placed. He discovered that it was for a Clone Army for the Galactic Republic and that it was placed by a Jedi Master by the name of Sifo-Dyas. When he asked Satele for information on him she said he didn't exist in the order. And Revan didn't know of any Sith by that name. Things only got worse when Revan, with Lama Su's permission and oversight, went through the conditions for the army. Within it he discovered something disturbing. A list of orders for the clones to follow that varied by situation. Specifically an Order 66 that called for the deaths of dark Jedi and Sith. That didn't sit well with him. It only got worse when he noticed a discrepancy within the data files. Someone had altered the data, he could restore it but that would risk alerting whoever altered it.

"Minister, is there any chance that we could keep our presence here on a need to know basis?"

Lama Su arched a brow "Of course but is there any reason why Master Jedi?"

Revan sighed. All he had gotten from these people was 'Master Jedi this' and 'Master Jedi that' it was infuriating. "I would like to oversee the progress of the army as well as assess the primary donor when he is chosen by the Order. The men aboard our ship are tired, Minister, we just wish for their stay and involvement with the clones to remain a secret."

"I understand Master Jedi," Revan was glad Satele didn't see him persuade the Minister to be more agreeable to his terms "Shall we inform your associate of this?"

"Yes, we shall."

Revan and Satele stood with Lama Su as the Brentaal Star landed. The Republic vessel that had seen some action in her time and was advanced for her class was…dated, if the records they had seen were to be believed. The crew would be relieved to get some time to relax, and that the ship would be repaired, but the news would have to come out eventually.

"We need to tell them" Revan whispered to Satele as the ships engineers got started assessing the exterior damage.

"We will after the ship has been repaired."

"That could take too long" Revan hissed.

"Not if you stop worrying about it."

Revan rolled his eyes as Alviss approached the trio. The diplomat or whatever he actually was seemed to be happy being in the rain. Revan could feel the Force as it moved through all that was around them but when Alviss was around he couldn't feel it in him. It was as if he didn't exist.

"Glad to see you two came through for us in the end." He grinned as he seemed to soak up the water "We should be good to go in a few days' time, if I help it'll be less."

"Then help them" Revan said simply

Alviss waved him off "I would but then that would be cheating."

Satele pinched the bridge of her nose as the two started to clash. She could feel the impending headache Revan would cause her begin to set in. "Have you been able to get a message through to the Council?" she asked.

Alviss shook his head "Not since the shockwave. The technicians managed to locate a signal and accessed the holo-net. Turns out there is something interesting happening in the galaxy."

"Interesting how?" Revan asked curiously.

"Recently an organization called the Trade Federation invaded the planet of Naboo." Alviss informed the pair "Two Jedi were sent to negotiate peace and since then Naboo has been liberated after a brief conflict between a droid army and a coalition made up of the Royal Guard and Gungan Army."

Revan turned to Satele "Not going to say the Gungan's are primitive?"

"Shut up."

Alviss shot the two a knowing look. "I believe it would be best if the two of you went to the Coruscant and 'introduced' yourselves to the Council."

Revan blinked. Coruscant? Why would the Council be on Coruscant? Revan hadn't checked the records for a current place of residence for an entire order of people. The records the Kaminoans had didn't include the locations of Tython or Korriban. That meant that the Treaty had to be in effect but then why would a Jedi put in a clause that would wipe out rogue Jedi and Sith?

"Minister," Revan asked "what do you know of Coruscant?"

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