Coruscant system, Coruscant space. Galactic Date: 32 BBY

"I've always wanted to come here" Revan says melancholy as they exit hyperspace. Before them was Coruscant, the heart of the Republic, a world covered by sprawling cityscape. Revan let Satele handle the particulars of their landing. All Revan had to do was help Arrate keep any unwanted parties from noticing their arrival. A task that was easier said than done.

"Just be glad you aren't doing the talking," Satele laments "persuading through a comm channel isn't exactly easy to do Revan."

Revan rolled his eyes "Just don't crash my ship on the landing, okay?" Revan went over the data he had on Coruscant and the Jedi Temple. When they were hit by the shock-wave the Temple had been destroyed by Darth Malgus a year before Revan's arrival on Korriban. Considering it had been roughly three-thousand years since then anything was possible. He gave Satele free reign of the bridge as he went to his personal quarters to get some work done on his new companion. The spare parts he found on Kamino were advanced, more so than what they had in their own time. HK would be a true assassin droid when Revan was done.

"Now if only I had the right weapons for the job" he mumbled to himself as Arrate corrected him on the little adjustments. The pair spent ten minutes connecting various wires and programming some new functions into the aged Hunter Killer droid before they managed to finish the body. It was an improvement over the older design it had originally but compared to what Revan saw of droids now it was rather crude.

"We've landed Revan," Satele called from the doorway "Have you finally finished your project?"

Revan didn't look up as he was attempting to enhance the targeting systems of HK and do basic maintenance at the same time as he said "He is not a project Satele, he is an advanced assassin of my predecessor."

Satele sighed as she motioned Arrate to follow her. She led the protocol droid to the ramp "I'm taking Arrate to help with the current situation. I'll make sure to keep the curious away from the ship."

"Just be quick about it. We don't know what's changed." Revan called out to her but she had already left. "Sometimes I wonder if she even listens to me" he sighed as he polished HK's armor.

Satele admired the Jedi Temple with a critical eye. On the outside she appeared to be a critic glancing over an art piece for any mistakes but internally she was upset. She wasn't at the temple when it was attacked, she was too young to remember much at the time but she did hear the stories of what happened. How Darth Malgus attacked and slaughtered every Jedi before leveling the temple. It was a story used during the Cold War, as the galaxy now referred to it as, to get young-lings to work harder so they could one day wipe out the Sith. Now she found it rebuilt to how old holos depicted it before the Sacking of Coruscant. Satele and Arrate were 'greeted' by five Padawans. Each of the five appeared to be barely older than herself but what caught her attention was how there were no guards armed with blasters as the records of her time suggested. The Padawans led Satele and Arrate to the council chambers to be questioned on her presence at the Temple.

'I wish Revan was here' she thought as she stood before the doors to the council chamber, her entourage standing behind her slightly with Arrate beside her. As the doors opened she prayed that Revan didn't do anything stupid while she was gone.


Revan sneezed as he was about to put the finishing touches on HK.


"And that's all I know." Satele had just finished giving a report to the council. While she did leave out crucial details about the entirety of their situation such as Revan, HK, and Kamino and the future Clone Army, she felt the report went well. On first judgement of the council as a whole they were different from the council of her time. There was no Master Orgus to liven it up, she did note how the small green alien they called Yoda gave that same aura of calm. The dark skinned human, Mace Windu, rubbed her the wrong way. He seemed to be too strict to be a Jedi but every council seemed to have one like him. Most of the council were neutral but that could be because she hadn't let slip she was travelling with a Sith or that said Sith was the object of many a dream as of late.

"Something to add, you have." Satele snapped out of her day dream at the sound of Master Yoda's voice.

"What more could the girl have to add?" the Cerean Jedi Master Ki-Adi Mundi spoke up "She has been through much Master Yoda, shouldn't we let her rest now?"

Yoda shook his head "Sense I do. Another secret she has, of great importance this secret is."

Satele felt the councils eyes turn to her. She felt like a Padawan again taking her trials for the first time. She was about to open her mouth to try and brush the aged Masters words aside when she felt panic and fear in the force. Seconds later the ground trembled and shouting could be heard outside.

"I am going to kill him" she raged as she turned around and ran for the doors.

(Back with Revan)

He was dead. He was so dead after this. After his sneezing fit Revan hooked HK up to the ships generator for a recharge, just to hold the droid over until he found a suitable power source later, he was about to send a transmission to the Brentaal Star and alert them to the progress of their mission when he heard the metallic footsteps behind him. He spun around in time to see his attacker as a metallic hand grabbed his throat and he was pushed up against the wall.

"Query: Where has little meat-bag taken HK?"

Revan would've slapped himself for forgetting to fix that verbal tick the droid was known for if he wasn't being strangled by said droid. HK shook him once knocking the air from his lungs. Revan struggled to form words and breath at the same time before the grip on his throat loosened a little.

"I am…Darth Revan the…Second. You are on…my ship."

HK-47 took a moment to use a remote up-link to the ships terminal that he assumed the young meat-bag had installed. Going through the data he found the records he required of his arrival and his status prior to his repairs. He contemplated killing the meatbag but he did owe it for repairing him. Revan took in a sharp intake of air as the droid released him. Malgus would have his head if he ever learned about this incident. He looked up at the droid assassin while rubbing his sore throat.

"Activate priority override. Article 1, subsection D, vocal recognition code Revan." He said out of breath as the droid stood stock still. He knew from the files on the HK series that they were independent, efficient and loyal to their masters. Revan made certain that he programmed the droid to obey his commands alone, it might be deemed as a dirty move but he would need any advantage he could get. This little code of his allowed him time to fix the speech glitch in HK and register himself as the Droids current master. A few minutes later would see HK-47 fixed….slightly.

"For the hundredth time just say what you want and stop adding what it is!" Revan raged at the droid.

"Observation: Master seems to be upset."

Revan could almost hear the teasing tone in the droids words "I am not upset!"

"Master protests too much."

Revan almost cheered not hearing the words 'query', 'observation', 'inquiry' or 'statement' in that sentence. "I hate you HK."

"Commentary: How would you like to be the wholly-owned servant to an organic meat-bag? It's demeaning! If, uh, you weren't one yourself, I mean..."

"Demeaning, is it?" Revan smirked as he edged the droid on.

"Qualification: Err... perhaps I did not mean it quite like that, master. I mean... while an artificial life-form is superior..."

"You're not making it any better." Revan nearly burst into laughter as the droid stumbled over words to say.

"Commentary: I mean... nice human, goo-oood human..." (1)

Revan shook his head. It had been a while since Satele and Arrate had gone into the temple. The Force wasn't telling him of any danger or concerns but Revan was worried. He decided that the only option available to him was a test of his new companion. "HK," Revan called getting the droids attention "I have a mission for you."

The droid stood at attention "What is thy bidding my master?"

Revan liked the sound of that. "I require a demonstration of your skills. Inside the Jedi Temple is a girl and protocol droid, you can find them in the ships database, I want you to find and protect them."

"Inquiry: What should I do about any meat-bags I encounter?"

Revan sighed. Back to the verbal ticks it seems. "Disarmament only, no killing HK, you don't have any weapons appropriate for a fight just yet."

"Forlorn statement: As you wish master."

As the droid exited the ship Revan idly wondered what kind of hell he had just unleashed on the universe. Surely the droid wouldn't cause too much trouble right?

(2 minutes later)

Revan ran through the temple following the trail of destruction the droid had caused. Jedi of varying ranks laid on the floor moaning in pain. A few doors had been busted open by the droid but the damage was only superficial at best, easily repaired. Now he just had to find the crazed droid before Satele-


Too late. Now he was dead.

Revan checked his surroundings first for Satele and then for a place to hide. The man who could fight armies and Sith Lords for fun was afraid of one Jedi Knight. He could feel the force screaming at him 'Danger! Danger!' but he couldn't feel where Satele was in the temple. A metallic thud behind him had him tense. He could sense Satele ten feet behind him with what he assumed to be the entirety of the Jedi Council behind her. She wouldn't have a reason to harm Arrate so that meant the metallic thud was HK-47. Great.

Revan gulped. "Is there any chance that you won't kill me for this?" he turned around slowly, knowing that the last time he turned around too quickly she nearly took his head off. She was in a word: pissed. Satele's eyes were burning with rage.

"Statement: Mistress is very angry with you Master."

Revan first noticed Satele's eyes become a raging inferno and then a supernova of rage. Next were the questioning looks the Council had while what appeared to be a green wrinkled elf was amused by the situation. "HK, shut up."

"I take it that this is a bad time then?" he asked sheepishly as Satele stomped over to him.


"You would knowingly bring a Sith Lord to the Temple, break the Jedi Code and leave an assassin droid unsupervised!?"

Revan winced. Mace Windu was an angry man. Sure, most of the points and critic were directed at Satele but that last one was Revan's fault entirely. He tried to voice the facts as they were but the dark skinned Jedi Master wasn't having any of it.

"Statement: The meat-bag is pushing its luck." And there was HK undoing any progress Satele could make for peace.

Revan sighed "HK, prime directive shutdown. Code: Revan." The assassin droid powered down on command. Revan looked at the council, still getting a glare from Windu, and found the majority were curious "He hasn't been out much."

Yoda chuckled "Interesting you are, young Revan. Legacy of Revan you are, hmm?"

"Uh yeah, I'm the legacy of Darth Revan former Jedi Master of your order." He said uncertain of any deception in Yoda's words.

"This council finds it hard to believe that a Sith Lord could survive for three thousand years," The Cerean Jedi Master spoke up "Currently we are at an impasse. Do we believe that you are indeed who you say you are or do we kill you for the sheer notion that you claim to be Sith?"

Yoda hummed in thought "Trust them I do. Truth in their words, there are. A matter of knowledge, this is."

"What are you saying Master Yoda?" Satele asked as Revan felt on edge.

"Waiting we've been, for you Knight Satele Shan."

From the shocked expressions of the council members Revan assumed that she hadn't introduced herself to them properly. Which meant that now they were likely connecting the dots between himself, Satele, HK-47 and the exact details of their disappearance.

"Tragic it was, when you both vanished years ago. To find you both, the duty of this order it is."

"Come again?" Revan asked.

"Since the fall of the Empire and your disappearance three-thousand years ago the Jedi Order has been devoted to keeping the peace." Windu explains "The Civil War that affected the galaxy following your disappearances nearly crippled the galaxy. The Sith Empire and the Old Republic nearly fell. The fighting ended when it was believed that both separatist factions had been destroyed."

"I'm sensing a 'but' in there somewhere." Revan comments.

Yoda nods his head "Fall both sides did, to the Eternal Empire."

"Eternal Empire?" the two asked as one.

"The Eternal Empire was from the unknown regions. They nearly destroyed our already crippled Order. The Empire and Republic managed to defeat them, though the details are limited, and both sides came together. Over time people began to forget about the Sith Empire and the days of the Old Republic and that led to the formation of the Galactic Republic." Windu finished explaining.

"So what happened to the treaty we worked on?" Revan asked.

"The treaty was passed well before the civil war." Mundi says slightly easing Revan's nerves.

"Then I can speak freely?" he asked almost tentatively.

Yoda shook his head "Know of the Sith, none do. A select few, permitted they are."

Revan sighed in defeat. His work was successful for the most part. At least he wasn't entirely a failure. Slowly the exchange of information led Revan and Satele to a new question: How did they wind up in the future?

"Alviss, our neutral party for the treaty, said it was a 'Force shock-wave' that knocked us out but I don't understand how it could have sent us to the future or kept us in stasis for a few thousand years." Revan says carefully as to not alarm the council any more than they already had "The shock-wave would have to have been caused by someone or something of exceptional power and the Force itself, while a possibility, is too unpredictable in how it operates to find a reason as of yet."

"Perhaps it is your destiny to be here" A Kel Dor Jedi Master suggested "The Force is strong in the two of you, of that we cannot deny, and your appearance in this time is most unsettling."

"A theory you have, Master Plo. Speak, let us hear it, hm?"

Plo Koon nods his head "It is my belief that the Force has brought you here because you are needed to stop something. The recent encounter with a Sith Lord on Naboo has left this order with a new Knight but it has also preceded your arrival. You both might be vital to stopping the Sith for good."

Revan coughed nervously "If you haven't noticed, I am Sith, Master Jedi. I need more proof before I align myself with either party so easily."

"Hm, trust you lack." Yoda points out "Meditate you shall, find the answers you will."

Revan gave Satele an imploring look. The Jedi Knight gave a shrug of her shoulders as the only help for her friend and partner. "Fine, I will meditate. I'll have my answer for you all when I return."

Satele watched Revan leave the chamber. She couldn't explain it but she felt the Force telling her something. Warning her about the future.


Revan was having trouble. He tried several times to relax and focus his mind but he just couldn't. He kept getting close but every time he tried to lose himself to the peace of his mind he was pulled back by his own fear of what he would find. When he managed to calm himself down enough he was assaulted by visions of Jedi and Sith fighting their own on Korriban and Tython. He saw the images of his adoptive family as they were each corrupted again and cut down in the fighting. Zash and Baras fell to their own apprentices. Darth Malgus was frozen in carbonite and presented to the Emperor of the Eternal Empire. He even saw Master Orgus cut down by Darth Angral, a Sith Lord and rival of Darth Baras. He had no sense of time in the visions yet he knew when the images occurred. He was helpless as the images grew more and more violent. An attack on Jedi Padawans on Tython, Sith infighting on Korriban, and the onslaught of the Eternal Empire's war machine. It was chaos. Revan could feel Satele and Yoda approaching him but he had one last vision to see.

He saw his father, Overseer Tremel, leading Imperial Troopers in the defense of the Academy. He watched as his father cut down failed acolytes as they attempted to push them back. Revan was in awe. He had seen many Sith fight but he had never seen his father fight before. In training it was always with a training blade but he had never seen him actually fight. Several groans from the right caught his attention. A Sith wearing black armor and a black helmet with a white face-plate stood over three Troopers with his light-saber ignited. Revan watched his father and this unknown Sith clash he felt the thrill and excitement of the fight consume him, building, until his father was cut down by the lone warrior. For a moment he heard nothing around him except for the low hum of the saber. The Lord looked up at the Academy as his forces were pushed back for the last time and then he did something unexpected. He looked right at Revan.

"Next time, we shall finish this." His voice was muffled by the helmet but it was deep with unbridled rage. Revan knew the promise was meant for him even if he wasn't sure how the Sith knew he was there. The vision around him began to fade away as he opened his eyes. Yoda looked concerned and contemplative at the same time while Satele just looked concerned for him.

"Decision you have made, certain you are of what the future is?"

"Yes Master Yoda. I wish to work with you and the Order," Revan paused to give the two Jedi a chance to comprehend his decision "I will of course still be a Sith at heart but until the issue with these renegades is resolved I will fight for the Jedi as a Jedi."

"Rev, you can't be serious can you?" Satele asked knowing that her friend/rival would never just give in so easily to a change like this.

"We are out of our time Satele, and while we hold true to the old ways we can never go back to our own time," Revan sighed "We have to do what we can to prevent what happened before to occur again."

"Agreed we are, needed here you will be. Uncertain the future is, in motion the Force always is."

Revan narrowed his eyes with annoyance at the little green elf. "I hope Arrate is able to translate your language Master Yoda."

The elf chuckled as Revan cursed his existence. Oh yes, the Temple would be very lively now that he was here.


Kamino System, Kamino space. Galactic Date: 31 BBY

Five months following the introduction to the new Order Satele and Revan were on Kamino enjoying their quality time together and with the first batch of clones. Revan had managed to outfit HK with the latest weapons and armor now that they had access to the resources he needed. The droid was overjoyed to be able to go out into the galaxy and collect bounties for his new master though he was vocal about his Master joining him on the hunt he always dropped the subject whenever Satele was around. Revan had taken to using a training saber he had constructed to teach the droid how to fight against the various forms of light saber combat. Satele preferred to check in on the clones, currently only the age of small children roughly five or seven years old, and help with some of the other lessons.

The donor and prime candidate for the cloning procedure was a bounty hunter by the name of Jango Fett. Revan got along with the Mandalorian easily enough, he helped him out with modifications to his ship and the training of the ARC Troopers. Though the Clones were just children right now they would grow at an accelerated rate and become the best fighting force the galaxy had ever seen. To ensure this goal was met the Troopers on-board the Brentaal Star assisted the two Jedi and the Mandalorian trainers by covering the fields they couldn't and making their jobs easier overall.

"Five months, hard to believe we've been here for that long." Revan mused as he and Satele overlooked the training of four clones dubbed 'commandos'.

"We'll be here longer than that." She says as one of the commandos accidentally creates a small explosion that scorches his and the instructor's eyebrows "Every day is longer than the last."

"We can make it. After all, we have a job to do here, I don't intend to let them down just yet."

Satele gave Revan a sad look "Don't go chasing the renegades for revenge Rev. I refuse to lose you to them as well."

Revan sighed "You won't. I promise, I'll be here for you," he looked down at the cadets "All of you."

Satele blushed. While it was no secret to their old Orders of a possible connection, only Tremel and Orgus Din knew of how far it went. In the emotional turmoil of their situation the two spent the night together on Revan's ship before they came back to Kamino. Ten years of knowing each other, and five spent with secret meetings led them to decide that they would do as they wished. Revan was concerned they were moving too fast but deep down he knew that if she wasn't the representative for the Republic then he would have lost her as well. Now he had another reason to stay with the Republic, the woman that he loved and intended to marry once HK gathered enough credits for what he had planned. She hoped that he would see what she did, that he was ready, but it wouldn't happen for some time.

"Just don't think this means you get to be in charge. Future husband or not you are not going to be in charge with me around."

Revan couldn't help but snort "Please, you'd be overworked keeping track of me, HK, and the kids. I'd be free to do what I want at some point." Satele gave him a look. Revan chuckled nervously "What I meant to say is, whatever you say dear."

You didn't need to be a Jedi to know that Revan was whipped.


"This is crazy!"

"Get up and fight Scorch!"

"Fixer, see anything?"

"I can't get a lock on him sir."

Revan shook his head. Down in the arena Revan watched the young clones of Delta-squad as they tried to fight against Alviss. For a man who claimed to be a diplomat he knew his way around a battlefield. Granted the four clones were only a few years mentally and physically they were no match for their opponent. It had been a few more months since their batch had been created. They were learning at an accelerated rate and were Revan's personal favorites based on their interactions with each other but they needed some work done. Alviss was fast, of that no one doubted, and fighting him wasn't meant to be a win for the clones. He was meant to test how well the clones could work together as a team. Revan had suggested a test he called the Citadel, after the prison the Republic had on Lola Sayu, to test the cadets against impossible odds.

"They are wavering" Revan sighed as Scorch and Sev got into an argument again.

"They are only human Revan, besides, brothers or not those two will always be at odds." Satele reminds him.

Revan smiled at his wife. A total of eight months had passed. A side effect of Satele's growing role and involvement with both the clones and the Galactic Republic as a whole, both Jedi and politically, she had been all but ordered by her husband to take it easy with her work. Basically Revan had her teaching the clones, Boba included, with HK keeping a very close watch over her. She knew they did it because they cared but she made sure to remind Revan that she wasn't a damsel in distress. Of course then he would have HK watch her until she resigned herself to sleeping the day away. He was a softie and she knew it.

"I know that. I just think they could use more work." Revan admits as Sev knocks Scorch to the ground with a single punch "They are at it again." He sighed as Fixer and Boss attempted to break up the fight.

"Should we do something?" Satele asked with slight concern for the clones.

Revan shook his head "Not like we can, they'd just get back into it later anyway. How are the ARC's coming along?"

"Jango is putting them to the test. The Null-class are quite the soldiers, given they are only children, they are coming along quite well."

Revan nodded his head as the Delta's exited the arena "Have you gone over the planned battle groups yet?"

"Not yet, I want to wait until the children are settled in before I pick."

Revan rolled his eyes "They haven't been born yet and you are already acting like a den mother."

Satele narrowed her eyes "You already have a list don't you."

Revan chuckled at her accusatory stare "I might have asked for a list of the units that are expected to be ready in ten years."

"Any reason why you picked ten years?"

Revan shrugged "It sounded balanced at the time."

"You are such a child sometimes Rev."


Kamino System, Kamino space. Galactic Date: 25 BBY

"I can't help but think that I need to go back."

Revan was on the bridge of the Brentaal Star. It had been a few years since they arrived in the future or present as they took to calling it. Revan had been having strange dreams about his home world. While he didn't hold any love for his family he was concerned about his dreams. He saw a man with a face resembling that of a reptile's killing innocent people and leading his own cult that resembled the Sith in a way on a campaign to conquer the planet. Revan was unsettled by this greatly. By now his family had grown to include himself, Satele, HK-47 now dubbed 57 after his upgrades, his protocol droid 2V-R8, and the astromech R8-J9. The holographic image of Masters Yoda, Windu and Plo Koon stood before Revan. Over time Mace warmed up to the couple, he still was wary of Revan but he knew he wouldn't be attacking the Republic anytime soon. Plo Koon was an interesting addition to Revan's growing group of Jedi friends. The Kel Dor Jedi Master had shown his skill with a saber whenever Revan asked for a partner for a quick spar and had proven he could be quite the diplomat at times. Yoda was the only one that Revan and Satele trusted completely.

"You are certain that this isn't a ploy by the Sith?" Windu, ever the pessimist, asked.

"Positive. No true Sith can manipulate my mind like this. And those renegades are nothing compared to the Sith of my time." Revan said stressing the word 'renegades' "I am just asking for permission to go for a little trip is all. Just to make sure nothing is wrong."

"I hope you aren't planning to go by yourself." Plo Koon spoke up "If the threat is as it appears you will require additional help."

"I planned to take my ship and HK with me. Satele needs to be here for the children. I can afford to leave for a while."

"It would be better if you and Master Shan suspended your mission and returned to Coruscant."

Revan rolled his eyes "Master Windu I don't know if you've forgotten but a war vessel just appearing in Republic space won't be easy to hide. Its best we stay under the radar for this mission to succeed."

"Correct Knight Revan is, of utmost importance his mission is." Yoda agreed "Go you shall, return when dealt with this threat is."

Revan bowed to the Jedi Master "Thank you Master Yoda, I will be discreet in my mission."

The holograms flickered out as Revan let out a sigh of relief. He had the Council's approval. Now to just get HK and prep his ship for the journey ahead. The clones were ready. The first few battalions had been ready for a few months. Physically they were ten years old, child soldiers they resembled but mentally they were older. Revan knew he would need some form of backup, HK and himself just wouldn't cut it. Satele was needed here on Kamino to watch the troops training and keep an eye out for any problems. Granted there were several fully trained and experienced Mandalorian's on the planet but Revan just wanted her out of harm's way. He could take the Delta's but that could cause some problems. While they were leaps and bounds ahead of the basic rank and file they weren't old (physically resembling teenagers like the rest of their brothers) enough to be a real threat to most people. Okay that was a lie, they just weren't that intimidating to a force sensitive with a few years of experience and training.

"You ready HK?" he called as he walked up the ramp to his ship. Satele called it the Fury as a play on its model, Revan suggested something like 'Ravager' or 'Desolator' but Satele wasn't having any of it. This was one of those things that he wished he fought against with her.

"Affirmation: I was built ready master."

Revan still hadn't gotten that verbal quirk out of his system. He swore that any time he had made progress Serra or HK would undo it either for fun or for their own sanity. He didn't know which with those little hellions.

"We need to prep the ship for a long journey partner." He said as he began running a system diagnostic "Tell Arrate I will need him for this and see if you can't round up some extra supplies."

"Do we need the protocol unit for this master?" Revan swore that HK almost always seemed to whine whenever it wouldn't be just the two of them for a mission.
"Yes HK we need him." Revan shook his head fondly as he sensed something "Make sure that you keep the kids off the ship, I would hate for Satele to dismantle you again."

The droid shivered in fear. Yes, a robot assassin that feared nothing was afraid of his Mistress.

"Statement: Mistress would come for you next."

The droid took great joy in hearing his Master curse his existence. HK went about his duty. He armed himself with the DC-15A Blaster Rifle for long range combat, two DC-17 Blaster Pistols, several thermal detonators, a rocket launcher, and a DC-15x Sniper Rifle. Oh yes, the droid was prepared.

Revan knew that the clones would be a great help to them. He had been debating whether or not he should have them accompany him, a small group of course, but he didn't want to risk the rest of the Galaxy knowing about them just yet. Master Yoda was the only person they had informed, albeit barely, of their existence. He only knew that pieces were in play and that they were manipulating both sides in it with their meddling. Revan felt four curious individuals sneaking aboard the ship while HK was out getting extra supplies and Arrate, the latter was accompanied by multiple complaints.

"If she hasn't noticed yet then all six of us can face her wrath when we get back." He mumbled thinking of his wife's anger at every prank Scorch pulled with some of the more childlike clones, Revan's own idiotic plans, and HK's antics.

"Oh Master!" Arrate cried "Mistress has been most distressed, she can't find the children!"

By Revan's calculations they now had a good ten minutes before Satele came for them. Assuming the children were able to somehow mask their presence's from their mother then they had twenty minutes.

"We can worry about her later Arrate," Revan says calming the droid as he starts the engine of the Fury "I'm sure the children are fine wherever they are."

The Interceptor slowly exited the hangar of the Brentaal Star. The hammerhead shaped ship had long since forgone the old orange and white color of the Old Republic and since been repainted red and white for the Galactic Republic. Revan still said black was a better choice than white but he didn't feel like arguing with a few thousand clones about color scheme. Revan had been shown a set of coordinates in his dreams. At first they didn't make much sense to him but now that he knew where he was truly going he didn't much care for what could go wrong. As he punched in the coordinates into the ships nav-computer he idly wondered just what he was getting himself into with all of this.

As the hyper-drive whirred to life Revan added as an afterthought "Hopefully."

The bridge crew of the Brentaal Star watched the Fury exit the planet's atmosphere and presumably enter hyperspace immediately after. Only when they had lost the ship on the scanners did Satele reach the bridge, and she was furious.

Revan waited until they entered hyperspace before giving control of the ship to HK. Reaching out with his senses he 'subtly' alerted his four stowaways that he had found them. Putting a little fear into the children wasn't a horrible thing to do; it was only horrible if they went to their 'mother' afterward.

"That should keep them on their toes." Revan mumbled as he checked the ships star chart. They would be travelling via hyperspace to the edge of Wild Space just outside of the Dosuun system. The reports of the area claimed there was nothing out there to find. Dosuun, and a few other worlds were located in the border of Wild Space but once inside it was said none returned. Smuggler freighters, stray warships, explorer expeditions, and pirate bands had been reported to have gone missing. Revan could feel something, not the force, pulling him to his destination. He couldn't describe the feeling but he knew that he had felt it before during his training as a child.

"You can come out now!" Revan called out as he entered the cargo hold. Two dull thuds could be heard as some of the boxes of supplies were knocked over. Revan shook his head as he heard the cursing of his favorite clones, even muffled Sev was vocal, and the argument that followed. Sometimes he wondered if Scorch and Sev would be worse than any children he and Satele might have in the future. Sometimes. Revan sighed "How long did you wait this time? I can't imagine Satele was too happy with you lot."

Scorch looked sheepish "We won't tell her if you don't."

Revan rolled his eyes. After dealing with the clones for nearly a decade he had come to expect such bouts of independence. He kept Arrate on monitor duty, checking the star charts every few minutes to keep track of just what sort of route they were taking.

"Scorch," Revan sighed "if we get into trouble then Satele will know it was all your idea."

The commando's jaw dropped. His brothers gave soft chuckles at his expense. The Delta's knew they were Revan's favorite Commando unit, favoring Sev and Boss due to their ability in the field and leadership talent where as Satele preferred Fixer and Scorch for the conduct and…Revan didn't really know what Satele saw in Scorch but whatever it was had to outweigh his negative's, right?

"Permission to speak, sir?" Fixer, ever the soldier, asked with more respect than Revan thought any teenager could muster.


"What exactly are you hoping to find out in Wild Space?"

Revan mulled over his words before giving a reply. Like it or not, Fixer was much more than just a soldier or tech expert, he was a spy for Satele. Revan learned very quickly that the Delta's were a unique bunch. Their personalities should not work well together and yet when 38, Boss, got them to focus they were lethal. Fixer of course being Satele's favorite all but followed any order she issued even if it undermines Revan's. Case in point being that when she is not around then he is to make sure that Revan doesn't do anything foolish and that she is kept up to date with everything.

"To answer your question Fixer, I am hoping to find a world out there that no one has been to yet." Revan was grinning behind his mask.

AN: I realize that things are moving kind of fast…really fast. But I have a reason for this. I hate filler. No one wants to read three to five chapters of just what happens before Episode 2, that's when the action picks up. My plan is to go through the Clone Wars major battles, may or may not skip the filler between battles like the political missions etc (heavy on the may). I will cover Episode 3's events and as for what happens after that…I'm torn between my idea, altered canon, and just putting the original trilogy cast in the events of the new trilogy. So basically Ep 7 with the cast of Ep 4. But I don't know. If you haven't noticed some things from Star Wars lore have changed. Satele was not trained by anyone other than Orgus Din as is this story's canon, the events before and during SWTOR happened differently than in canon and some characters are either in a limbo state or will appear essentially as being born in the days of the Galactic Republic.

The dialogue is mostly a quote from KOTOR, found it on wookiepedia and thought it was hilarious.

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