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Lara walks into a bar. 'hmm' she thinks this is so rugged. She walks up and take a seat. "hey can I get a drink?" she asks the bartender. "what will you have?" he asks. "surprise me" she returns. He mixes her drink. "Here a White Russian." "Thanks, this is good." she says after sipping it.

He walks into the bar. He has had a bad few days and want to ease some tension. So Hes here for a partner for the night. He scans the bar looking for a pretty face. His eyes land on her, He walks over. "Hey, names Sparda, can I buy you a drink?" He growls in a smokey voice.

She turns to look at Sparda. "Why yes, yes you can" she purrs gazing up and down his form.

Many drinks and meaningless conversation later. "Wanna go back to my place?" says Sparda. "Yes!" Replied Lara. They leave the bar.


Nine months later

"OH THAT SUNOVA AHHHH! If I ever find Him I'll kill Him!" she yells.

"Deep breaths deary" says the nurse "now push, you can do it."

Line line its a line

So this is a challenge I guess.

I was reading some DMC fanfiction and thought this would be and interesting thing to read. So if anyone think to expand give me a link so I can read it. laters