This is a Naruto Fanfiction in which the writer-reader is reborn as an original character eight years before the Kyuubi attack, as a newly orphaned shinobi child, with all their memories of our world more or less intact. Itachi Uchiha is older here then in cannon, as to fit with the story, and a few miner points may be altered, but it was written for fun so to bad. And of corse the writer does not, in any manner, own Naruto as a fiction. ALSO: YES THERE WILL BE SPOILERS NEAR THE END!

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Hello, my name is Raven, it hasn't always been Raven, but for the purposes of the story, that name will suffice. This story ends, or does it begin, on a day like any other, in the primary hospital of the city of Kanoha, The Land of Fire. Today, in a nondescript room of otherwise unimportance, a child is coming into this world. Today, a young boy is born. Though sadly his mother is not going to live to see him. Mere moments after his birth she falls into a coma, and by the end of the day she passes on.

The father couldn't make it here today, unfortunately forced into a mission of great importance, gathering intelligence from a nearby source, describing a possible conflict with a fellow superpower, The Land of Wind. Also saddening, is that himself and his team will not be returning to Kanoha, their mission doomed to fail, and in failing so begins The Third Shinobi World War.

And so starts off the story of a young boy, orphaned within a week of his birth, and plunged into a war-time Shinobi world. But this child isn't as normal as the story suggests, no, this child has a memory of something else, a world much like this one, but different all the same, a dream. So starts the story of Karasu, the story of Raven.

Raven has always been different. A man in the body of a boy, some would say. He carries an understanding in his eyes, not seen in that of your average five year old. He started out life like any young child, though he learnt faster then most, a protégé of life, his tutor would call him. A protégé in every sense of the world.

Today Raven is waiting with children twice his age, in a room much to formal for such a young boy. Today Raven, at age five, is becoming the youngest ever Genin of The Hidden Leaf Village. The teams are selected, but Raven isn't on the list, some wonder why not, when suddenly the room fills with smoke. A large figure strikes from the shadows, grabbing the boy and holding him tight, a knife, a Kunai to the neck.

Raven struggles as the smoke is pulled away to reveal four black ops, ANBU, standing in front of the trader who is still holding him firm, unable to interfere without risking the boy. The man, now recognized as a former tutor, is sending threats to the ANBU, saying how he intends to kill the boy, sighting how his family will be payed handsomely for his sacrifice, how he spent years getting close so he could do this, here, now. Within view of the whole class.

A sharp pain in my left shoulder interrupts my reality, and something in my mind snaps. Suddenly everything becomes clear, like a vail has been lifted, and my memories start running back. Images flash before my eyes of my dreams, of a world different but the same, and suddenly I know it was real. I remember, and then, I act.

One moment I'm standing, facing the ANBU with my hands at my sides, but then, faster then I can see or feel, I'm turning around. I pull my self from Mara Sensei's grasp, and use my left hand to pull the Kunai from his outstretched hand, and I drive my right four fingered hand into his stomach, where I can see a swirling blue.

There is a flash of blue and white light, and a shard cling sound, and the nest thing I knew my right hand was through his gut, and his blade was in pieces in the air. That's when I noticed, everything was frozen, a faded grey. Then it happened, everything changed, as if on some Devine order, the color returned in a flash, and everything moved. Mara fell from my hand and dropped to the floor, screaming in pain. His blades shards were blown away, imbedding in the wall of the room. And the ANBU were on top of me as the world spun again.

I felt myself falling and caught sight of an ANBU op as my world faded to black, and I knew no more.

"What the actual fuck?" Says an old man in black clothing, a lost look on his face.

"That is exactly the reaction I had." Two men are currently sitting in a white room with a young, and still asleep boy.

"But, how can that be?" Something is familiar about that boy, what was it again?

"We still don't know. All we know is that he didn't have it before." And this younger man, something about him, it's like a crow.

"But how did he get it? People aren't just born with this!" The elder man is sounding upset about something. I don't get it, wait.

"We think he got it in the incident, it was close." What's going on, who am I, how am I here?

"Yes, that has to be it. Near death experiences do help with that." Near death? What's going on?

A sound gets the attention of both men as they turn their eyes to the boy, who is finally starting to stir.

The elder man speaks softly, "Raven." Raven. I'm Raven. That's me. Right?

And I open my eyes. White blinds me for a second, and then I see the men again, one doesn't look much older then me, while the other looks to be ready to die. He's old, really old.

"Raven, can you here me? You've been asleep for two days, Raven." Says the elder man, in a soft voice.

"W-what?" I ask, "Where am I?"

"Your in a recovery room, Raven. What you did was a real shock to your system. Tell me, do you remember anything?"

I shake my head slowly. "Not much, I remember pain, then clarity, then everything stopped and started again… after that I'm here, in this room and people come and go, I don't know anything or anyone… And then… Well, now. No, there was a man, he was like a crow." And the younger man flinches lightly and the name.

The elder nods his head, and speaks, "would you pull on your chakra real quick, pull it to your eyes?" He asks and I feel it as more of an order.

I nod, and close my eyes. I pull my chakra into them and open them again, and the world turns gray. Color leaves and I find it strange. I look up, and the men are frozen, it frightens me for a second, and I stand up. They don't move, so I walk up to them, I walk around them and look out the window. The sight shocks me to my core. Everything is frozen, the leafs of the Fall, frozen in the air. A bird, mid flight, and the people down below in the street. Everything has stopped.

It shocks me so much, in fact, that I lose hold of my chakra, and color rushes back in a flash. The men are up in an instant, turning around, they look at me, eyes wide and mouths gaped. It's rather funny so I laugh.

The elder speaks, after they compose themselves. "How did you do that! One moment you were in your bed, and the next your there! I lived life as a trained shinobi and never once have I seen anything like that!"

That startles me out of my laugh and I start blankly, "I walked. The world went grey again and you didn't move so I got up, and I looked out the window and everything was stopped. Nothing moved." It was rather frightening.

The younger man speaks next, "Well, atleast we know what it does now. It stops time." He looks bemused.

"What what does?" I ask him, I don't know what he's talking about but it sounds important to me. I want to know.

"Well, how to put this? Well, you have the sharingan, and that makes you an Uchiha. If you want, you can come to live with us."

I think for a minute, live with them. I've been an orphan as long as I can remember, other then that old life, those dreams, whatever they mean. No, I want this. I will be an Uchiha. Karasu Uzu Uchiha, Raven Uchiha. "Okay."

So, here I am, it's been a few weeks since the incident, and I've finally gotten back enough of my memories that I know what's going on. I've been reborn, and not just that but I got reborn into a fictional world. I'm in Kanoha, of the Naruto-verse, but before the Kyuubi attack. I'm an orphan but also an Uchiha. How do I know? Well, I have the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

My Mangekyou, it turns out, gives me the ability to warp Time in my right eye, and Space in my left, Space-Time and reality with both. I don't so much pause time as I exist outside of it, or deeper within it. As far as the universe is concerned, Time is moving normally, but I can create a bubble of sorts, in which the whole of Time, from the Big Bang to the heat death of the universe exists within what is just a plank length outside the bubble.

An infinity in an instant, I can live my whole life, and no one will ever even know. Also, I get to chose what Time applies in my bubble, and what doesn't. so I can still breath and eat and drink, but the food will never go bad until it's already inside my body.

I can warp Space, Time and Space-Time as I see fit, change the vary borders of reality, using my frozen chakra as a Guideline. Because as soon as my chakra leaves my influence, unless I say otherwise it is in normal Time, and so it will not move without me.

Perhaps best of all though, is that security doesn't exist, to me. I can teleport trough space while outside of time. How is someone supposed to defend against that. Any security created must be activated within Time, and anything that's already online exists within Space. Nothing is save from me.

It is a late autumn day, and the air is brisk and the village is quiet. It's early morning, December tenth, of an indiscriminate year. I'm currently standing in the Hokages office, as an off duty Chunin, and the old Third Hokage is speaking to the young Fourth about something classified. Saratobi gave up some years ago trying to keep restricted information from me. No matter what he did, or had ordered done, I just kept finding the secrets. Nothing he tried worked and, after a few infiltration ops, it became apparent that the other hidden villages were just as bad, so he eventually stopped trying. He gave me standing SS-Rank access and the rank of Chunin and washed his hands of the difficulty.

Today is important though, so here I am, waiting. After some time a knock is heard from the door, and the secretary enters and tells Minato urgent news, the baby is coming, and then he's gone in a flash of yellow, and I'm alone with Saratobi again.

I breath out a sigh as I fade back into view, having been warping Space to bend light around me, as well as keeping myself slightly out of faze, rendering me invisible and invulnerable until now. Saratobi, and all the ANBU in the ceiling jump at the sound. "You might want to begin preparations. There's something big about to happen." I say, and I shadow step away. I freeze time and then teleport though the still frozen space. To those outside it just looks like I'm gone, I was there and now I'm not.

I use Time dilation to jump ahead a few hours. I don't want to interfere to much, and I don't want to see it so I skip it all, until the end. I reappear in a scorched field, with a towering Nine Tailed fox being restrained by Kushina's Chakra Chains and a Fourth Hokage, bloody and bruised and frozen mid hand seal. A young baby at their feet and a claw not a meter from there position.

"Ha!" I look onto the still frozen scene with mirth, this is where it all begins. I warp away for a moment and find a still Injured Obito Uchiha, trying to hind outside normal faze. I tap him and he disappears, converted into pure energy, with a still frozen soul. I bottle up the energy into a ball the size of a marble, and take it and the soul back to Kurama with me.

Next, I smug off the ink on Naruto's gut and bend the energy from Obito into another form, I use his soul as a binding as well and some of my chakra to tie it all together. Moment of truth. "Ten Point under Six Point, Space-Time Art Seal"

The world violently jerks as reality try's and fails to fix what I've done, you can't just delete a soul that's inside Time while outside Time yourself, that's why when you summon the Shinigami he can't just do the sealing from his plain, he is a god you know. But that's impossible, and yet I just did that. Or rather I made reality brake its own laws for me.

As Time is currently stopped from my prospective, I have plenty of it to now reset reality, I bend the laws of the universe to accept that the power that used to be Obito Uchiha is now a self replenishing binding of chakra, holding the soul of Kurama to that of Naruto. It will last as long as Naruto's life, not his will. And will only weaken with my own assistance at a later date.

My Ten-Six Seal will also function as a free chakra filter even when inactive, and will pool a chakra of its own, in case Kurama is ever removed, so Naruto won't just die.

Then, with everything said and done, I return to reality. Appearing in front of the Fourth, I place my hand on his to stop his jutsu, and I watch as the Nine Tailed Fox disappears in a flash of blue-white light. "I got him." I say with a slime as Kushina and Minato stare.

"What did you do!" Minato practically yells at me. Him, Saratobi and I are in the council chamber, waiting for the shinobi side to arrive. Kushina is in the hospital for severe chakra exhaustion and will probably never use chakra again, but she's alive. Naruto is with Kakashi in the Namikaze Mansion basement, with multiple security seals on every wall, the floor, ceiling and door.

"I solved the problem by making the universe solve it for me. And I saved your like in the process." I shrug, what, you think I'm going to tell them about Obito? No!

"But how did you do it! What did you even do?! Sealing doesn't just do stuff! There's always a cost!" After he got over his shock he hasn't shut up.

"What do you thing I want doing durning the attack? Sitting around, waiting? No! I was outside Time, figuring something out! I made advancements in five dimensions! It's complicated, just except that it worked!" Technically all that is true, I just didn't do it all at once.

Saratobi clears his throat as the councilors file into the room and the explanation begins. I mention a few things here and there, but in the end it is agreed that the civilians won't be told of Naruto's position as container and Minito and I are going to get credit for sealing the Kyuubi outside Time. Let the idiots in other nations figure that one out.

"Your kidding me. Right? This is a month early April fouls." I'm standing in the Naka Shrine, under the Uchiha compound, now a Special-Jonin and six years after the Kyuubi attack. The head of the clan and most of the elders are in the room with me and they look mad.

"No, this isn't a joke. We are going to take the village and kill Minito's brat of a son, and then the Uchiha clan is going to rise and reclaim its birth right!" I sigh, wow, the idiots are trying to make me side with them.

"No, your going to start a civil war which would cripple Kanoha's economy and probably also start a forth shinobi world war." I dead pain.

"Don't speak such nonsense! If you won't support us then we'll kill you to!" And he charges at me.

And I freeze Time, and I use a bit of lightning release to fry all their brain stems, and I unfreeze Time, and they hit the ground, well and over cooked, dead.

I sigh, "Idiots…"

The village got over it eventually, the civilian counselors were will and truly pissed for a few weeks, but I only killed twelve Uchiha, and they were planing a civil war, so after a while all was well again.

Itachi killed Shishu though, and got the Mangekyou and didn't kill anyone else, Obito was already pretend dead from what I did, so he didn't kill anyone ether, and Danzo had no reason to interfere, he only ever wanted what was best for the village and he got one of Shishu's eyes. He didn't get that Izanagi arm though. And when Orochimaru approached him I sealed him in a three foot cube outside Space-Time. An instant later in normal Time and all the matter that used to be Orochimaru had long since half-lifed away, heat death of the universe in an instant and all that.

Because of this, the Uchiha clan continued as a normal clan, Sasuke didn't go mad with revenge, and Danzo got to hypnotize prisoners and spy's for information, though I don't know why he would need to with all the info I give him whenever I see him.


Also ROOT got reinstated because I put in a good word, and Wave Nation was incorporated into The Land of Fire along with Snow and what used the be Whirling Tides. I hunted down the Akatsuki one day, and I took Madara's renningan from Nagato and destroyed it to. I moved the Getomezo back to the moon and killed off the Hyuga branch up there. And just to be safe I put the statue in a reverse time lock, so not even an instant will pass for it, in the rest of all of normal Time. I did of corse bind it to its own chakra, and because it will never die, because Kaguya is immortal, it will not even register a nanosecond in a Grayham universes. I then killed Black Zetsu the same way, though I left his bubble in a separate Space-Time all together.

I spent a few years of boredom helping the smaller nations, killing the zero tails, fixing the lay lines, contemplated changing demotions and fixing problems with my own past, and then I settled down as a Jonin, and watched as Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze grew. Then one day, I was sitting in a specific ramen stand and a young boy came up to me, he knew me of corse, and I knew him, and he spoke as if for the thousandth time.

"Hay, Uncle Raven, can you tell the that story again? The one of the boy, who grew into a hokage world renowned, from nothing to everything with nothing but his endurance and friendships?"

"Sure, Naruto, after all, he was another you…"