AN: This will be Raven's adventure into the multi-verse of How To Train Your Dragon. If you haven't cought on already, every cheaper is a different universe in a plain I like to call the Multi-verse. You don't nessasaraly need to read every chapter, but seeing as how I use stuff I get earlier, later on, you may become lost if you don't. I recommend any Multi-verse I've written about, and This Will Have Spoilers! Really, you should know that, but I'm warning you anyways. I enjoy sercomventing main stories, so, SPOILERS FOR BOTH MOVIES! Also, I DON'T OWN THIS, OR ANYTHING ELSE I WRIGHT ABOUT! I do own Raven, though. He's me, or you.

"Speaking" 'thinking' (dragon language) normal discriptive text.


I was always different, strange things would always happen around me. My father thought I was blessed by Thor. My village thought I was cursed by Oden. I was born different, born small, and weak. So, as tradition states, I was named Hiccup.

Of corse I wasn't always Hiccup, I used to be someone else. I've lived several lives already, though I haven't told anyone here that. No, to everyone else I was just Hiccup. But, like I said, strange things always happen around me, it would storm when I was upset, though it normally stormed anyways.

Only my father could tell, only he ever saw the truth. It was like the wether was dependent on me, atleast when I was younger. Eventually I managed to control myself better, though. That, and lightning liked me, I'd been struck twice by the time I was five, and it never seemed to hurt me all that much.

But I'm getting sidetracked, my early years weren't that eventful, I lived on Berk, it snowed nine mounts of the year, and rained the other three, I was born a Viking, but after a few years it became clear I was anything but. I was, however, my fathers heir.

I was treated well enough, and I was always building something new. You see, Berk was an old village, but all the houses were new. That happens when dealing with dragons. Yes, Berk has a dragon problem, and I'm out to fix that. The villagers and the dragons have been fighting for nigh on three hundred years, and the war is going nowhere. So, I desided to stop it, to make peace.

I'd raised a Tarable Tarror once. It wasn't that hard and the village was oblivious, I think my dad and Gobber were suspicious though. I was never around on the week ends, always out in the forest, and I stopped wanting to kill dragons, too. I was almost killed once, by a Monsterus Nightmare, it ended up crushing my left foot, I lost it soon after. My dad was furious, but he got over it, he knew, I just wasn't a dragon killing Viking.


My life was pretty good up until I was fifteen. Then, during one of the dragon raids, I was testing a new trap, a Bola Launcher. I always said I wouldn't kill a dragon, I didn't much mind trapping them though.

I was finishing the setup, and then I heard it, like a whistle in the sky, rising in pitch. I heard those around me yell and drop to the ground and I saw it, a streak. I shot, and it went down.

"Night Fury! Get down!" I heard again as I was thrown to the ground by my cossin.

"I did it." I whispered to myself as my world spun around me.


Two days later, I found the night fury in the woods east of Raven point. I saw him tied up, and I felt bad for taking him down, as I walked up to him however, I herd him speak. Of corse he didn't know I could understand him, but I gave myself that, atleast, as well as some miner lightning release chakra, and magic, when I influenced this body, way back when.

(Just do it, kill me, I can't get away.) As I looked in to his eyes I saw fear, distain, and exeptence. I didn't like it.

(You don't need to worry. I'm not here to kill you, but some things just have to happen, and I had to shoot you down to brake you away from the queen.) At my use of Dragonese the Night Fury looks up sharply, and at my casual mention of the red death his body twitches violently.

His eyes narrow to slits and he yells at me, (How do you know about that!)

I smile at him and walk closer, I crouch in front of him as he stairs at me with his slited eyes. I cut his ropes.

In an instant I'm on the ground, held there by an angry Night Fury. (Who are you? What do you want from me!) he yells, growling at me.

(I want to understand you, and I want to kill the queen.) I answer simply, not frightened at all.


After that encounter, the Night Fury moved into a cove for shelter, and kicked me out for the night. I went home late, and found my father waiting for me in my room. He told me he knew I didn't like killing dragons, but he wanted me to help Gobber run the dragon training, as an assistant teacher, of sorts.


I now find myself in a large arena. Gobber is standing next to me and we are looking at the other teens from my generation. Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and the twins; Ruffnut and Tuffnut. Today is the first day of dragon training, so I don't have to do much. The teens work on defense and I help Gobber give a report at the end.


(What do you want?) The Night Fury asks while glaring at me from across the cove.

I look up from my notebook, seeing that he noticed me, after ten minutes, I put the journal away and walk closer with a basket of fish on my back. (I though you might want something to eat.) I say as I reach out with a fish in my hand.

He glares at me for a second more, before shaking his head and reaching for the fish, mouth open.

"Huh. Toothless, I could have sworn you had…" He unsheaths his teach and grabs the fish from my hand as I fall back words, startled.

(Don't call me that, I hate you!) he growls at me after finnishing the fish.

(I don't see why you don't just fly away, if you don't like me.)

His glare darkens. (I can't fly away! When you shot me down you took off my left tailfin.) He says with a hiss.

I look startled. (What? Won't it grow back?) I ask as I squint in confusion.

(No! It won't! Atleast not for a long time. And by then I'll be long dead anyways, a downed dragon is a dead dragon. And I'll never fly again, thanks to you!)

That gets me thinking about the Elder-verse, my home verse. (Atleast not without help.) I say, mostly to myself.

Toothless hears me anyways.


One month go's by, and in that time Toothless and I rediscover flying. With his left tailfin missing, he can't fly on his own. But with me on his back, to control a prosthetic fin I made, we can.

Back in Berk I've become something of a celebrity, I'm able to bring down any dragon, in the arena, without truly harming it, with knowledge I got from Toothless. My father, and a few dozen other Vikings are away, on a search for the dragons nest, they should be returning soon.

I've managed to keep Toothless a secret for now, but there's no way to know how long that will last. Today is special though, today is our final flight test.

We're flying on the northern end of the island, just above the water, and under some rocks, and it's going well so far. Now for some light maneuvers.

The first quick turn we make to avoid a rock pillar fails, and we run into the wall, before leveling. The second turn fails as well, and Toothless slaps me with his earfin, to get me into gear.

We pull into a steep climb, and speed toward the clouds. (That's is Toothless, that's it. The wind in my… CHEAT SHEET! Stop!) I scream as the paper I was using to understand the fake tailfin falls from its clip, on the saddle, with all the wind.

(What?) Toothless asks as he stops ascending quickly. But my momentum carries me onwards, and my safety strap unhooks from the saddle. I lift off of Toothless, and my foot leaves the control for the tailfin, and we both fall.

(Ahh! Toothless, here, you kind of have to angle yourse… Owww!) I say, as one of his wings slaps me, it takes us nearly twenty seconds to correct ourselves, and try to pull up, but by that time it's to late. We're falling fast, and when Tothless spreads his wings we are fast aproching the rock pillars below.

(Hiccup! Do something, I can't pull up!) Toothless yells at me, and, with no time to act, I drop my useless cheat sheet as move. We fly, almost on instinct and perfectly in sink, and we dodge every pillar and barrel roll out the end.

"Yes!" I say, resorting back to Norse.

Toothless, showing his enthusiasm that we didn't just die, fires off a plasma bolt, Straight into our path. "Oh, come on."

(Serves you right, for taking my tailfin.) Toothless replies, half heartedly, as he passes throught the fire, and singes me a bit.


We spent the rest of that day, and the night, on an island, away from Berk. I'd stayed away from the village for a night before, no one would mind, hopefully.

I met a few Tarrors too, and Toothless got stingy with his fish at dinner, he aparentlly doesn't like to share, except with me. We got to talking about fighting with dragons or humans, and we agreed on something. Killing should always be a last resort, but Toothless said he wouldn't care if I killed a dragon, so long as I wouldn't care if he killed a human, and as long as there was no other choise.

That, and I was now showing off some magic, I'd probebly need to use it in the future, and if so, Toothless needed to know I could.

(What?) He asks me, as he looks at the small sphere of wight light in my right palm. What I'd assume is incomprehension on his face.

(It's called Lumos. It creates light.) I say kindly.

(I can see that, but how can you do that? I'm sure most humans can't.) he asks, slightly incoherent. World view shattered.

(I'm not most humans, no one but me can do this. But this isn't all I can do, look.) I say as I snuff out the light, and use a different spell. "Fiendfyre." And my hand is alight with cursed fire. Easily under control.

Toothless nearly falls over with fright.(Ahhh! What is that! Humans can not control fire! I would know if they could.)

I snicker to myself and flick my hand at a tree. The fire lunches off and burns it to nothing in an instant, before taking the form of a Tarrable Tarror and walking back to me.

As it climbs to my shoulder, Toothless stares, comprehension in the eyes, and his jaw on the ground. (Cursed Fire. My rider has cursed fire?) he asks no one in spasific, with a clearly mirthful voice.

(Yep. That and more. Though I think I'll stick with fire and lightning, this time around. The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. You know.) I say as I snuff out the fire. Then, for the most part, we go to sleep.


The Village has gotten along fine without me for a day, my dad got back though, and he freaked out that I was gone. When I returned in the morning, He was preparing to go look for me himself. Nothing to important happened, otherwise, but he failed to get to the nest.


"Dad, I need to talk to you. It's important."

My dad looks down at me from his place at the table, at home, some understanding in his eyes. "Sure, what can I help with."

I take a deep breath. "I've been keeping a secret from you, and the village. It's vary important to me, but I've decided it's time you learned about it."

His eyes flash through several emotions, and he speaks again. "I think I have an understanding of where this is going, what would you have me do?" He asks, thinking of my Tarror, no doubt.

I smile. "Three things, one, sware you won't harm my friend, unless he try's to harm you. Two, sware you won't tell the village about him, without my consent, or try to take him away, and three, sware you won't disown me for doing this." He won't disown me. I already know that, I know him and Gobber know about Twitch, my Tarror. They don't know I know, of corse.

The hurt look he gets shows I was right, and he swares the three oaths on the gods. Then I speak again. "Okay, let's go get Gobber then, I want you both to meet Toothless."

And we get Gobber, and he takes the same oaths, and he makes a comment about my choice in name for a Tarror. I smile slyly as we enter the forest, twords Raven point.


As we enter the cove a walk out into the open, and speak. "I'm going to have to ask you guys to leave your axes and swords by the enterence. Toothless isn't the most trusting friend." As they put down all their weapons save a dagger each, I talk again, not that they understand. (Toothless, come on out now, bud.)

My use of Dragonese startles my followers, and they look up sharply. Only to look into the eyes of a Night Fury, that is standing on a rock next to me.

The color leaves the faces of those present, and my father falls to his knees. "Hiccup…" He try's to say, at a loss for words.

Gobber helps him alone, slightly less scared. "That is one hell of a dragon, you got there, boy. I don't recognize him, what is he?"

I smile in return. "Oh, thank you. Toothless here is a Night Fury." I say all to casually.

The looks on their faces are priceless. (I think you broke them, hiccup.) Toothless adds as he gives me a gummy smile of his own.


"Well, that went well." I say, smiling, as I look over the village from my window, Toothless setting next to me.

The last three weeks were existing. It turns out that most of the village thought I had a dragon. They were betting on what it would be, and when I'd reveal it. Milldew won a lot of money, by betting I'd have a Night Fury. I may have tipped him off, but it doesn't matter, he's a major supporter of me now, anyways.

(Vary well, and no one died.) Toothless replies with his own toothless grin.


After the village saw that dragons could be tamed, most people wanted one of their own, even if just a Tarror to help quell the long cold winters. Coincidentally, the dragon raids just stopped, people thought it was a gift from the gods, and that Toothless and I were what caused it.

The teens adapted quickly, and started riding dragons too. Astrid got a Natter named Storm fly, Fishlegs got a Gronkle named Meatlug, Snotlout got a Nightmare named Hookfang, and the twins got a Zippleback, one head was Barf, and the other Belch. Eventually, everyone had dragons, and one day, I even found a rider that turned out to be my technically biological mother.

One day, I was around forty at the time, I even told Toothless the truth, the whole truth, and he agreed to come with me, when I moved on. He would become the spirit of my cursed fire, rather then having to live without me. Dragons live a lot longer then humans, you know.

But then again I'm not really human, I'm a chaos elemental. An entity with a body made entirely from energy. It is kind of like chakra, or magic. But it's different all the same, I am that power, and not the body I control, but that's off topic, maybe one day I might learn why I'm here, maybe not, who knows.

Until then though I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens next. Life is the journey, after all. Not the destination.


AN: if you want to know how the queen died then read the Harry Potter books and watch the Naruto anime. I couldn't decide how to kill her, so you can decide for me, I AK'd her or used one of the Bijuu or I burned her with Amataratsu or Fiendfyre, or maybe I sealed her outside time. It's up to you, any of them would probably work, but, well, happy ending, and I don't own any of this. I do own Raven as a fictional character though.