Dragon Soul & Dragon Born (Chapter Three): Through the Years

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2 Years Old…

Cloudjumper was panicking. Yes, panicking.

Toothless and Hiccup were now two years old. With that age comes walking and more scarily, flying. Walking was the easy part, he was able to teach that boys how to walk in just a few short months. Both boys are now able to walk like proper dragons on all four feet. When they started taking their first steps, Cloudjumper was filled with pride knowing that his boys were taking their first steps.

They easily caught on.

Hiccup was a little harder to teach though, not only would he have to learn how to walk like a dragon but he would need to eventually be taught how to walk like a human.

Flying was a different story.

"Hiccup, Toothless, watch what I do," Cloudjumper said. Cloudjumper flurried out his wings and let the wind sweep him gently off the hill. He began to move and turn his wings to show the boys what direction he wanted to fly. For now, he just wanted them to learn how to glide in the direction the wind was taking them. He gently glided back down to the boys and tucked his wings in. "Now you two try!"

Hiccup and Toothless looked at each other excitedly as Hiccup transformed into his Nightfury form. They looked ahead and flared out their wings. Hiccup took off before Toothless but Toothless quickly caught up. As Hiccup was trying to mimic his dad, he wings got caught together and he began to fall towards the ground at an alarming rate. Toothless noticed and began to roar and panic. He tried to follow him but he was still new and wasn't able to figure out how to not just glide.

Cloudjumper, who was closing following the boys in case something bad happened, easily caught up to Hiccup and grabbed him by the neck and laid him down on the ground. Hiccup was panting and curled in on himself. "Hiccup. Shhh, it's okay son. It happens to everyone on their first try." Cloudjumper cooed at Hiccup and wrapped his wings around Hiccup, trying his best to comfort his son. Suddenly, Hiccup jumped into the air and began cheering, "Woo Hoo! That was awesome. Can I do it again?" Cloudjumper and Toothless looked at Hiccup and started laughing. Cloudjumper reached out with his wings and ruffled Hiccups hair, "How about we try not falling?" he said still laughing.

These boys are truly going to be the death of him.

6 Years Old…

"Dad please! Me and Hiccup want to go with you!" Toothless begged their father. Cloudjumper was about to head out on a scouting mission of the surrounding islands. Usually, he leaves the boys at the sanctuary with the King without telling the boys what he was doing. Somehow, no doubt by the boys bugging a fellow dragon to death, discovered what it was that he does while he is gone.

"Yeah, we've never even seen the outside of the sanctuary!" Hiccup looked up at his dad, while trying to calmly control his excitement! His dad never let him leave the sanctuary due to his situation. Hiccup only really understood a little of what of what he was. He only knew that he was the last remaining human who was able to transform some parts of himself into the dragon that his soul most connects with, he couldn't be happier that it was the same species as his brother.

Cloudjumper was at a loss of what to do. He knew how much his boys wanted to leave the sanctuary but he was scared that they ran into a human. What if someone tried to capture them? Or worse, what if someone was to find out about Hiccup? "I will let you guys go," Cloudjumper stated as the boys screamed with joy, "but only on a few conditions." Hiccup and Toothless looked at their dad with seriousness. "Hiccup, you must not transform, I do not want the humans to discover what you are. That being said, you will ride on Toothless whenever you guys leave this sanctuary and you will only transform if necessary. You will also try to hide your dragon eyes and the scales on your arms and neck if you are seen, considering those never change." Cloudjumper began to explain the rules to the boys, that they would have to stay with him at all times and if they were to even spot one human, they were to flee and return straight to the sanctuary, "Oh and Toothless?" Toothless looked up at Cloudjumper, "Yeah dad?" Cloudjumper paused before continuing, "No matter what, keep your brother safe." Toothless smiled at his dad, "I will always protect Hiccup." Once Toothless turned away he frowned.

Cloudjumper stared at Hiccup at he climbed on top of Toothless and hoped that everything would be okay.

7 Years Old…

Hiccup and Toothless were out flying around on their own. After a year, their dad finally allowed them to venture out on their own with the condition that they be home by sundown.

As they were flying, they saw some smoke coming from an island below them. "Hey bud, let's go check that out. Maybe there's a dragon in trouble?" Hiccup suggested. Toothless grunted but started heading towards the island. Their dad also told them that they weren't allowed to land on any islands but he knew that there would be no changing Hiccups mind.

Toothless landed behind a bush and Hiccup slid off of Toothless, crouching as low as possible to the ground while looking ahead. There was a campfire that was no longer lit but there were some weird things scattered on the ground. Hiccup starts heading towards one of the items closest to him and picks it up, much to the complaint of Toothless.

"You are making it very hard to protect you Hiccup." Toothless stated as he rolled his eyes.

Hiccup laughed, "Oh I know you enjoy this just as much as I do. Get out here."

Toothless hobbled out and sniffed the item that Hiccup picked up, "That smells extremely weird."

"I know. It's weird." Hiccup begins to put on the weird piece of cloth. He sticks his arms through the sleeves and pulls a hat like thing over his head, "Hey! This is perfect for hiding my scales and eyes. Now we don't have to be so secretive." Toothless sniffs Hiccup and backs up, "Now you smell weird." Hiccup and Toothless begin laughing before they heard a roar behind them and turned around.

On the other side of the campsite, there was a dragon locked inside a weird metallic cube. Hiccup gasped and ran towards the cage, "Hey! Are you okay? How did you get in there?"

The rumblehorn looked up at Hiccup and roared, "A human! How are you speaking the dragons tongue?" The rumblehorn sucked in a breath, getting ready to fire a blast at hiccup. Hiccup threw down the hood of his cloak and quickly transformed.

"Wait! I am a dragon as well. My name is Hiccup, I'm half dragon! Please, I can get you out of here if you let me help you?" Hiccup frantically threw up his hands in defense hoping the dragon will settle down.

"A half dragon…" the rumblehorn settled down and started at Hiccup in awe. "How is this possible?"

"I am not really sure myself, my dad hasn't really told me anything. What's your name?" Hiccup asked the rumblehorn.

"My name is Birroth." The rumblehorn stated.

"Okay Birroth, me and my brother Toothless are going to get you out. Stand back!" Hiccup gestured Toothless over. "Toothless, can you blast the cage?" Toothless nodded and blasted at the cage, after the smoke cleared, Hiccup ran over to the door and pulled it open allowing Birroth to leave the weird cube.

"Thank you so much!" Birroth roared with joy, he was finally free, "I have been trapped in that cage for weeks."

"A cage?" Hiccup asked.

"Yes, a cage is something that the humans make in order to trap dragon." Birroth explained to the brothers. Hiccup gasped and Toothless hissed at the cage.

"Why would the humans do that?" Hiccup asked silently while staring at the cage.

"You guys don't know much about humans do you?" Hiccup both shook their heads. Birroth sighed and began to explain, "A lot of humans are terrible creatures, if they are not trying to kill us then they will try to trap us and use us as slaves. That is what they were planning on doing with me."

Hiccup suddenly got really angry and his eyes turned to slits, "That's terrible! How could the humans do such a thing?"

"To the humans, we are nothing more than animals for them to do with what they please." Birroth stated. He looked over at the two brothers both of which were randomly yelling at the cage, "You two are strange but thank you for freeing me from that cage. Stay safe and I hope that we one day meet again." At that, Birroth took off.

Hiccup walked back over to Toothless and began to climb back on top of him, "We have to do something about this. I can't just stand by and let helpless dragons be captured like this."

Toothless looked up at his brother and nodded his head, "I agree, but how are we going to convince father to let us do this?"

Hiccup sighed, knowing that they would never be able to tell their dad of their secret mission, "We don't tell him. He would never let us go through with it. Every time we are out searching islands, we will rescue whatever dragon is in trouble. You with me bud?" Hiccup looked down at his brother.

Toothless looked forward, "Always."

The flight home was a silent one.

10 Years old…

Hiccup and Toothless were currently standing in front of the king, heads down, as they were being scolded by their dad. Cloudjumper had figured out that for three years, his boys had been flying from one island to the other rescuing trapped dragons from humans. Once Hiccup came home with an arrow wound on his arm, their secret was out.

"How could you be so reckless! Hiccup, what if someone saw you? Toothless, what if someone captured you?" Cloudjumper continued to scream at the boys while the king looked on in thought.

"But dad! No one ever sees me, I always make sure to wear the cloak. Besides, I've learned so much from the humans. I've learned what clothe are and the different items used by humans. I've even learned the types of weapons used by humans and how to avoid them!" Hiccup defended himself.

"Yeah, plus I am always looking out for him. I'm strong and can fly really fast, I won't get caught." Toothless added in.

"It doesn't matter how fast you are, the humans have weapons for this kind of thing, how do you think they keep capturing those dragons you two keep rescuing?" Cloudjumper continued to yell at them. He really was proud of his boys for rescuing all those dragons, but that doesn't mean they should be risking their lives doing it. Especially considering they never told him what they were up to.

The king rose from the water and blew frost over at the boys and Cloudjumper, instantly silencing him as they looked over at their king, "Now Cloudjumper. This might actually be a good idea."

Cloudjumper looked at the king like he had grown a second head while the boys jumped up with joy at their king's declaration. "If Hiccup is to one day become the mediator between Humans and Dragons, he must venture out and help these dragons."

Hiccup's attention was suddenly on the King, about a year ago, his dad finally told him everything he knew about what Hiccup really was. He explained to Hiccup that he was a species known as a Dragformix, meaning he could do everything a dragon could but with the body of a human. His destiny was to somehow become the person who connects the dragons and the humans so they can one day work together as one. At this point, Hiccup wasn't really sure if that was at all possible.

He hated the humans just as much as the humans apparently hated them.

His dad also told him about that night that he took him from the humans.

Hiccup often wondering what it would be like to meet his human parents but he had no desire to find them, his home was with Cloudjumper and Toothless and his people were the dragons.

"But why must this be the way he does it? There is so much that could go wrong!" Cloudjumper argued with the king.

The King looked on at Cloudjumper before staring at Hiccup, Hiccup looked back up at the King and after a few minutes nodded and allowed the King to explain, "This is Hiccup's way of helping, at least for now. He is still very young and does not know what his destiny truly is yet. Until he finds it, he wants to help the dragons in any way he can."

Cloudjumper looked over at Hiccup, "Is this really what you want to do?"

Hiccup nodded.

Cloudjumper sighed, "Toothless, what do you want?" Cloudjumper looked over at his other son, who was surprisingly quit through all this.

"Hiccup may be a dragon, but his body is human. I will not allow any harm to come to Hiccup. I want to help Hiccup no matter what he chooses to do. If he wants to free the dragons, then I will be there to support him." Toothless looked over at his dad with determination.

Cloudjumper looked between the two boys before finally speaking up, "Okay. Then I guess I have no choice but to allow it." Hiccup and Toothless charged at their dad and tackled him, nudging themselves underneath his wings.

"Thank you, thank you, Thank you." The said in unison.

The king smiled on knowing that this was only the beginning. Cloudjumper looked up at the king with worry but respected the Kings decision to allow Hiccup and Toothless to continue rescuing the dragons.

Hiccup and Toothless got off their dad and headed for the cave's opening, Hiccup hoping on top of Toothless as they both looked over at their dad, "Don't worry, we will be okay, we promise." Toothless took off into the air and heading east to continue exploring more islands.

Cloudjumper saw them take off and turned towards the king, "Was this really okay?" Cloudjumper asked.

The king smiled down at Cloudjumper, trying to calm the nervous father, "Do not worry Cloudjumper, you have raised them well. They will be okay, besides, it was only a matter of time."

Cloudjumper continued to look at the king before turning back to the cave entrance, knowing that the king was right but unable to calm his nerves that something didn't feel right.

Hiccup and Toothless had been flying for an hour before finally spotting an island. They nodded to each other and decided to lad on the far side of the island where it was mostly covered by trees.

They began to walk around the island but didn't spot a single creature, there were no dragons or humans in sight. "Well Toothless, there doesn't appear to be any life on this island." Hiccup told his brother as the continue to venture into the forest.

"Come on Hiccup, let's head to the next…" Toothless stated until he caught the scent of an unknown human, Hiccup must have smelt it as well because his body went into the defense.

Hiccup ran towards Toothless, "Hide! Hurry!" Toothless nodded and hid behind some bushes while Hiccup ran to catch up to him.

The human yelled something out causing Hiccup to freeze upon hearing the voice behind him.

Out of fear of being caught, Hiccup froze on the op but didn't turn around. He could not understand the language of humans, he had no idea what it was he was going to do. He looked over at the bush that Toothless was hiding at and noticed that Toothless was about to pounce on the human.

Hiccup shook his head, not wanting the human to discover Toothless.

In his distraction of what to do, he didn't notice the human approach him before it laid its hand on his shoulder and spun him around. Thankfully his eyes were shielded by the cloak but he was still able to look at the human. It appeared to be a female, with golden hair tied in a braid to the side. Based on her attire, Hiccup suspected she was a Viking. He learned over the years the Viking and Dragon Hunters wore a different style of clothing.

The human continued to speak to him but he was unable to understand what she was saying. He wasn't sure of what to do, sure he could easily fight her off but he promised his dad that he wouldn't show his true form and him and toothless weren't in the air fighting off the humans like normal. He turned around and quickly ran towards Toothless. Before he could reach him, the human grabbed at his cloak and tore off the hood.

He spun around to look at her and she gasped in shock.

Toothless continued to look on until the human reached for his brother. He would never allow a human to take him away from him. Toothless sprung out from the bushes and jumped in between his brother and the female human and roared.

She looked over at Toothless with fear before she started to reach for her weapon.

"NO!" Hiccup shouted in a language that he didn't recognize.

Thankfully that distracted the human enough for Hiccup to jump on Toothless back and they sprung into the air, headed towards the dragon sanctuary.

"Hiccup? What was that?" Toothless asked, still trying to settle down. He was happy to have Hiccup by his side again. They had a strange connection, they were almost never apart and could always sense when each other were in danger.

Toothless had never been more scared when that human pulled down Hiccup's hood.

"I…I don't know. I think…" Hiccup whispered, still terrified from his encounter with the human. "I think I spoke the language the humans speak."

"I didn't know that you could speak their language?" Toothless questioned.

"Neither did I bud, I didn't think I could…" Hiccup stated, staying silent for the rest of the flight.

The female stared at the retreating dragon with fascination but also with regret. As she continued to stare at the place where the dragon was, her friends ran up to her.

"What happened?" A rather large boy asked.

"Yeah, we heard yelling?" Asked another boy, this one smaller in size but with large muscles.

"There was a Nightfury." Astrid stated, should she tell them about the boy? She doesn't even believe it herself. There's no way she saw what she saw.

"A Nightfury! No one's ever seen one up close before, are you sure it was a Nightfury?" One of the boys asked. They had a hard time believing that she survived a Nightfury appearance.

Astrid just continued to stare at the sky where the dragon was long gone.

It wasn't the dragon that bothered her, it was the boy.

"That's not what bothers me." She stated. They looked at her like she was crazy.

"Wait, so there was a Nightfury in front of you and that's not what worries you?" A female voice cut in.

The girl looked over at her friends, "There was a boy flying on the Nightfury." Her friends started at her in shock. Before they had a chance to call her crazy she spoke up, "You guys…he had dragon eyes and scales".

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