City lights winked down at the Mercedes and its inhabitants as if they were welcoming them to their new home. The crisp, night air was a refreshing change as it gently swayed the golden sea that whipped the already pink cheeks. A breath was given, inhaling the sweet, intoxicating winds of change.

Four hours.

That's how long it had taken to get here; to step foot into the current that Emma Swan had so long desired. Patience was not something pumping within her veins, but the new anxiety that beat her heart an unsteady beat, taking her in its grip as they pulled into the smoothly paved lot of their new home.

The building was like most others within the city: posh with a generous number of windows and a certain modern charm. It was far from the rundown apartment that Graham had, and judging by the few pictures that Emma had glanced at prior, it certainly showed the money that went into it. The complex was one of many in a small community on the outskirts of downtown.

"Are you ready to take a tour of our new home, dear?" Regina sounded beside her, the Benz pulling into an empty spot close to the entrance.

The blonde glanced over to her lover for but a moment, her stomach's butterflies reviving as they fluttered around anxiously. "Yeah."

"Let's go, then." The brunette looked just as excited as she hopped out of the car, moving quickly to the backseat of the vehicle to retrieve her overnight bag. Emma followed suit just as her friends pulled up beside them.

The blonde bounced over to greet the newcomers, a grin on her face. Belle was first to exit the car, staring in awe at the tall building that stood in front of her.

"Holy crap, Em." Ruby's voice sounded as she, too, exited her maroon hunk of metal, grinning at the blonde. "From a frickin' mansion to a fancy ass apartment. I'm afraid to look inside and find a chandelier again."

"Oh, hush." Emma wrinkled her nose at her friend's comment. "It doesn't. I saw some pictures."

"Uh-huh." The waitress gave her a wry look as the former teacher moved around the Benz, a bag slung over her shoulder.

Regina slipped an arm around her younger lover's waist, a grin splitting her face. "Are you ready to go inside, my love?"

Emma felt a purr bubble in her throat at the sudden contact, the warmth seeping into her left side. "I was waiting for David to park the moving truck." She rumbled, watching as said man had carefully backed the truck up to the nearest door, regardless of the striped lines that protested.

"And we're good." The blonde nodded toward her father before taking her girlfriend's hand, moving toward the truck.

David hopped out with a duffle bag and a grin, nodding to the group that greeted him. "I didn't think I'd find a place to park this thing."

"And by the looks of it, you didn't." Regina pointed to the white, diagonal lines with a soft chuckle. "I'm sure they won't mind. It will only be until tomorrow morning."

"Hopefully. I'd hate to see your things hauled away." David chuckled and followed the group of women to the door, politely waiting as each one filtered through.

"I hope not. We've got some pretty important shit in there." Emma gave her father a glare. "And some... things we can't really live without." Her eyes flashed momentarily to Regina, a smirk soon appearing on her features that quickly had the brunette woman blushing.

"Emma, can we, please, not start this?" But there was a sparkle of humor in her eyes despite the mortification on her features. "I am quite sure that your friends, and most of all your father, would not like to hear of our... private items."

The group stopped in the middle of the hallway with their eyes glued to the couple. Regina shrunk under the gaze before quickly finding her ability to walk once again in which she had gratefully used to pace down the hall.

"I never said what those items were, Gina. You just embarrassed yourself." The blonde couldn't help but to laugh as she followed her lover to their apartment.

"Dude! She means dildos, doesn't she?" Ruby finally caught up with the duo, a shit-eating grin on her face. "Now I need to know what box those are in. I wanna see!"

"Ruby!" Belle smacked the brunette waitress' arm. "Leave them be."

"Oh, hell, no." The lankier of the two continued to beam as she followed them up the stairs to the next level. "What do you have?"

"Ruby, for the love of all things sane, don't make me bitch slap you." Emma suddenly stopped, pumped with both embarrassment and anger as she halted her annoying friend, causing the taller of the two to slam into her.

The waitress immediately raised her hands, brown eyes wide at the sight of her fuming friend. "It's all in good humor, Emma. Pipe down."

But her words went unheard at the sight of David, who stood behind the two girls, next to Belle, with a look that had Emma laughing. Her knees grew weak at the intensity that had seemed to seize her body in place because that man looked as if he would either vomit or jump off a bridge. Emma couldn't decide which, and by the looks of it, he couldn't either.

"She's losing it again." Ruby muttered, her lips lilting in humor.

David flushed as he realized just what his daughter was laughing at and turned away with a cough, avoiding eye contact with Regina as she looked their way with furrowed brows.

"What the hell is going on over there?" Said brunette marched towards the four who clogged the hallway with giggles and mutters of "I wish I could bleach my brain."

Though, the clipped tone of her girlfriend had sobered the blonde quickly, for she stood stark upright in her spot, whirling around with flushed cheeks and an all-too-big grin slathered on her face. "Nothing. Shall we proceed?"

"'Shall we proceed...'" Regina muttered with a playful roll of her eyes before turning around to do just that, herding the group behind her. "Our apartment is number 1022. It's not too far from here."

"It's going to be a bitch to move things up here." Ruby muttered.

"For once, I agree." Belle added, eyeing the stairs that were behind them.

It was Regina who chuckled as she stopped at the door that marked their apartment, pushing a small, golden key into the lock. "There is an elevator. I just thought that we could explore the building."

"More like the stairwell..." Emma grumbled, getting an elbow to the ribs. "But, baby-"

"No 'but, baby' me, Emma. We needed a little exercise after that trip." Regina eyed her for but a moment, sending chills down the blonde's spine, and not the good ones.

Emma narrowed her eyes in return, but the brunette merely ignored it for she turned back to the door and pushed it open. It was then that the blonde had noticed her hand was already on the knob, anxiously awaiting the reveal.

And, boy, what a reveal it was. Once the lights were on, Emma couldn't help but to gasp at the open space in front of them. And all the white.

It certainly lived up to the images that she had seen on the website months ago, and to the modern exterior that wait outside. It was white, though anything but plain. The room that they had entered was an open plan, reminding Emma of the Nolan's apartment, for the kitchen/dining area had mingled with the living area, as well. The floors were a dark walnut that expanded throughout the entire area.

The windows on the opposite side of the door were nothing close to being the small, average windows that she had grown used to. Instead, they were quite large, nearly taking up the entirety of the exterior wall.

The windows soon drew Emma's attention to the sleek kitchen that barely separated itself from the living area with black and white counters facing opposite the island that extended from the northern wall. The smooth, white marble was cool underneath her palm as she drank in the stainless-steel appliances and imagined herself cooking with Regina in here… or perhaps doing something else.

Smirking at her own thoughts, she drew herself away from the kitchen to greet her girlfriend who had been behind her with a large smile.

"Do you like what you see so far, my love?" She murmured, reaching forward to take her lover's hand.

"I'm glad we're on the tenth floor, or else I'd be afraid someone could see in those windows." The blonde moved across the living area, dragging the brunette behind her as she kept a tight grip on the hand laced with hers.

"But it is a beautiful view of the city, is it not?" Regina's grin was wide and excited, which brought a smile to her own face.

"It is. I can't wait to sit on the couch and watch the view with you." Emma found herself saying, her hand unlacing from Regina's to wrap around the older woman's waist. It was true, now that she thought of it. She could see the two of them sitting on their couch in front of that abnormally large window as they watched the sun set over the skyline.

"With cinnamon cocoa and popcorn," the former teacher purred, leaning into Emma with a content sigh, eyes viewing the dazzling city lights.

Emma could have stayed there forever with Regina just then, that was, until there was a cough from behind them.

She sighed softly before releasing her girlfriend and turned her head to see the culprit, a wolfish grin on her face.

"Are we gonna see the rest of your fancy apartment?" Ruby poked the blonde in the ribs. "Or are you just gonna stand there and make us feel awkward?"

"She's right. Shall we see our bedroom, Emma?" The blonde nodded at Regina's words and, before she knew it, the group was off once again to locate the master bedroom.

And did it ever live up to its name. She could have gasped. It may not have been as large as the one at the mansion, but was it ever glorious. It had the same design and dark wood floors as the initial room, as well as the windows on the outside wall. It was empty, so far, but she could see the potential.

They soon exited the bedroom to head to the only bathroom in the apartment. It had smoky stone tiled floors with walls just the same. The furnishings were white, though were far from plain. It had a single, square tub along one wall, glassed in with a steel shower-head. The flooring appeared to follow the outside of the tub and mold the immaculate white innards.

"Fancy shitter." Ruby commented, running her fingers along the outside of the prominent square shape of the sink, jutting out of the wall with only a few shelves underneath.

"I know." Emma couldn't help but to stare in awe at the sight of it, taking her back to the fancy bathroom at the hotel that she and Regina had stayed at last year.

"Come on, you three, it's a bathroom." David chuckled, backing out of the small lavatory, but the look on his face told Emma he was probably thinking the same.

The three of them had obliged, though, and visited the final room across the hall. It looked like the master bedroom, though smaller in size which had Ruby murmuring something to Belle that the blonde hadn't quite caught.

Before she could turn to ask, the group had left the room and returned to the sitting room as per Regina's request. Emma let out a content sigh as she looked around the open space once again, a smile ravaging her features.

"Do you like it, Emma?" Regina wrapped an arm around her young lover's waist.

Emma nodded, leaning into the brunette's arms. "Of course! It's better than the pictures. And the view..." She shook her head, forest orbs falling to the city lights winking in the night.

"You two are so lucky." Ruby commented with a pin to Emma's balloon.

"It is beautiful. The view, I mean." David interjected before Emma could bite her friend's head off. He grinned over to his daughter, his teeth peeking through his pink lips.

"And you're welcome to come over any time you want." The blonde glanced to her girlfriend for a moment before letting her eyes settle on the man before her. His grin merely widened.

"I would love that."

"Perhaps we can have you and Mary Margaret over for dinner in the future? Of course, that is, once we get settled." Regina added, pulling away from Emma before walking toward the group of bags in the middle of the floor. She quickly picked up her own black duffle along with Emma's.

"Of course, the guest room will be open, as well, if you wish to stay the night." She continued as Emma quickly moved to grab her bag from the brunette's arm. The blonde gave her a look, but Regina continued to talk. "As for tonight, you are welcome to sleep in there, as promised. Though, I do apologize for the lack of bed."

"Right." David chuckled before waving to the open area around them. "I'll probably help myself to the living room, if that's alright."

"You can sleep in the bedroom with us if you want." Belle spoke up, which had Emma's eyes on her friend.

"Oh, no, that's alright, Belle. I want to give you girls your privacy." He chuckled softly. "I'll still get a view out here."

Emma chuckled softly at the three of them, shaking her head as they continued to discuss sleeping arrangements to where Belle and Ruby had finally decided to take the sitting room instead, giving David the bedroom. As he collected his own items from the floor, Regina had grabbed the bag that Emma had taken from her earlier.


"I'm bringing these to the bedroom." Regina gave her a look before slinging the other bag onto her shoulder. "Meanwhile, discuss what kind of pizza you would like. We still need to head to the store for some items for us to sleep with."

With a quick peck to the lips, Regina was off to put the bags into their room, leaving Emma with rosy cheeks as she looked to her friends.

"I'm never going to get used to that." Belle muttered, quickly turning her gaze from Emma's to an interesting piece of flooring.

"It's cute." Ruby cut in, wrapping an arm around her blonde friend. "Now, what was she sayin' about pizza? 'Cause I'm hungry after all that."

"What kind of pizza do you want?" Emma repeated. "We're probably going to pick up a few pizzas after we go to the store."

"Why?" The lanky waitress gave her a pout.

"We packed our blankets. Gina thought we were going to unpack today, but it took a little longer than we thought." Emma shrugged and moved to the kitchen counter, leaning against the surface. "And we're not sleeping on the floor."

"We're sleeping on the floor!" Ruby followed her with a dirty look. "We're just common peasants to you, aren't we?"

"Wha- No! We're not buying a bed or anything. Just a few blankets and pillows."

"When are you buying a few blankets and pillows?" David's voice sounded as he came down the hallway to where the trio of friends were.

"In a little bit." Emma answered just as Regina had joined them.

"Before we pick up food. The trip won't be too terribly long." The eldest brunette explained, sidling up to the blonde. "Of course, you are welcome to join us, if you wish. But I had thought we'd just pick up a few pizzas to bring home."

"I'm fine with staying here." Belle grinned. "I don't really feel like walking around a store, much less to the car at this moment."

"Same here!" Ruby chimed. "And then I can break a few windows while you're gone."

"Please, refrain from doing so." Regina eyed the younger brunette for a moment. "We haven't even been here for long, I'd really rather not be evicted on my first day."

"I'll buy a paddle and beat your ass with it." Emma narrowed her eyes at her friend who merely gave her a giggle.

"Save that for Regina."

"Anyways," Regina quickly interrupted, her cheeks dusting with a soft pink as she moved away from the group to pick her purse up from the counter. "Have you decided what kind of pizza you would like?"

"I don't care as long as it's food."

"That's because you're a human vacuum, Ruby." Belle muttered, rolling her eyes. "Like that piece of cake you inhaled in five seconds at that dance."

"Excuse me, it was two seconds, thank you very much."

Emma narrowed her eyes.

"I don't mind," David finally added his opinion into the mix. "Pepperoni or cheese is fine with me."

"Pepperoni and cheese it is. Alright. Let's go before I slap somebody." Emma gave her friends a glare as they continued to bicker before moving toward the door, though she was stopped by a hand. She turned, only to find herself in David's arms, in which she returned with a soft grunt as he squeezed her.

"I love you. Drive safe." He pulled away, kissing the top of her head. "Alright?"

"Alright." Emma nodded, muttering a quick "love you" back at him before quickly heading out of the apartment with a giggling Regina following behind her.

"Sometimes you're too adorable, my dear." The brunette commented as she closed the door behind her.

"He's just..."

"I can tell that he loves you a lot, Emma." Regina caught up with the blonde as they made their way down the hall to the elevators. "It's sweet."

"I guess." Emma flashed her a quick smile. "It's weird sometimes."

"It is," the former teacher concurred, pressing the button to summon the lift.

They reached the big, box store just twenty minutes later, the two bailing from the car as Emma spoke with a giggle.

"You know, this is our first time going to the store together."

Regina quirked a brow at the blonde as the two of them walked to the doors. "We've been to the store together before."

"Not really." The younger woman pulled a cart from the bay and pushed it out of the entrance, Regina attempting to keep up with her to throw her purse into the seat. "It was either you or me going in. Or we just pretended we weren't there together."

"It doesn't make much of a difference." Regina merely shrugged at the complaint, guiding Emma towards the grocery section.

"Yeah it does. We didn't get to walk with each other." She gave her lover a cheeky smile. The brunette merely pressed her lips together, dropping a bag of Red Delicious apples into the basket.

"Well, now we are, and you get to help me decide what groceries to get." Regina smirked, taking the cart from Emma's control. The blonde wrinkled her nose before following her, a hand falling to her girlfriend's lower back.

"We're grocery shopping?"

"Well, no. Just a few things for breakfast and lunch tomorrow until we actually go grocery shopping." The brunette tossed a banana bunch into the cart.

"Oh, breakfast. We need doughnuts." This had earned a disapproving look from Regina, but she didn't protest, even as Emma brought over a large box of doughnuts. "They'll be gone before you can even pick a crumb out of the box."

"I'm sure they'll be gone before we even get home, dear." Emma pouted as Regina laughed, guiding the cart away from the produce. "What should we get for lunch?"

"I don't know." The immediate response had Regina grunting.

"Emma, 'I don't know' is not an answer."

"Bread. Meat. Sandwiches? It's food." Emma shrugged as they entered the aisle that had held the bread products. The brunette dropped a couple of loaves into the basket. "They're not picky and neither am I."

"Oh, that's bullshit and you know it." Regina gave her young lover a look. "There's a lot of things that you don't like."

"Well..." Emma gave her a petulant pout. "Shuttup!"

Regina smirked and stopped at the end of the aisle where the coffee display was. Emma paused her movements as well and stared as the strong scent of ground beans hit her like a slap to the face. They definitely needed coffee for tomorrow before they even thought about doing anything, or at least, she did.

"We need coffee."

"Oh, I know." Regina murmured softly, grabbing a small bag from the shelf. "Unfortunately, we cannot make any. Our coffee pot is packed."

"For shame!" Emma gasped as the brunette continued to wheel the cart to their next destination. "How is... How can... I can't survive! I will die."

"You will certainly not die, my dear. I forbid you."

"But there won't be any coffee? Aren't you devastated?"

"Of course I am." Regina muttered, tossing a few packages of meat into the cart. "But once we unpack the coffee pot, I am going to make coffee. We will take a break."

"Yes," Emma readily agreed, smirking at the idea. "Italian roast?"

"That's what I picked up." The brunette chuckled softly. "Should we pick up any beverages?"

"Orange juice?" The blonde shrugged as they happened upon the refrigerated beverages.

"Orange juice. Milk?" Regina contemplated as she held open the door, a gallon of the orange liquid in hand.

"I don't drink it."

"Does anyone else?"

Emma picked up a half gallon, holding it up. "I guess?"

"Sure." The brunette set the items in the cart before strolling off once again. "Do we need anything else before we get the blankets?"

"Uh, do we have toilet paper?"

"Yes, actually. I remembered to bring some from the house." The brunette stood at the end of the aisle for a moment, looking up at the signs dangling from the ceiling. "I believe that's it."

"If we forgot anything, oops?" Regina nodded as the two of them proceeded to the other side of the store.

Jade eyes on the swaths of blankets and sheets, Emma was overwhelmed by the bright colors.

"Are you going to stare at the blankets all day, darling, or are you going to pick something out?" Regina, whose voice had pulled her away from the rainbow hell, held a large package stuffed full of decorative pillows and a duvet colored in deep reds and blacks.

"Uh…" Blinking slightly, she shrugged and examined what her girlfriend held before her. "That's good."

"Well, we'll need more than one, sweetheart." Husky laughter filled the air before that bag made its way into the cart.

"Well, shit, I don't know." Emma shrugged and turned back to the options displayed before her. It felt as if every color of the rainbow existed, plus every shade in between. She settled on a plain black comforter, smiling lopsidedly as she held it up. "How about this?"

Regina, having guided her attention to a nearby pillow display, turned to inspect what her girlfriend held. "That works fine, love," she hummed and relieved Emma of the blanket. "Now, how about some pillows?"

Pillows. Pillows.

"Oh my Gods, pillows." Emma's words were an exasperated sigh when she turned to what the brunette was beholding; another large display that made her already tired brain dizzy, yet this time she wanted to dive into the soft-looking sea. "Can we take them all?"

"Certainly not." The brunette chided, olive fingers moving along the fuzzy surface of a particular pillow. "Perhaps we should look at the basic pillows. After all, we already have our designated ones."

But, as she was paying attention to her ungodly pink fuzzy thing, Emma had gathered up a pillow in the shape of a pair of lips and by the time Regina turned toward the blonde, the red pillow departed from the younger woman's hand and hit the older one square in the face.

Oh, Gods, the look Emma received would have fried her in the spot if it could. But, for some reason, the blonde couldn't help but to smirk, her cheeks turning pink as she attempted to keep her laughter at bay.

"I heard of blowing kisses, but Gods, Emma, this is ridiculous."

The comment had that very laughter breaking through the dam as she broke and scooped the fallen pillow back up before replacing it back onto the shelf. "I do love you, Gina. I got to show you somehow."

"I see, obviously." Shaking her head, the brunette gestured toward the abundance of basic, cheap pillows. "Now, on a more serious note, we should get going. So, if you could grab a couple of those, we should be on our way."

Nodding, Emma decided against protesting and turned to snatch out two of the plastic-wrapped pillows. As she turned back toward the cart, she was hit by something in the face that nearly had her stumbling backward if she hadn't latched onto the car.

"Oh, Lord, I'm hit! I'm hit!" She dramatized, this time purposefully falling to the ground to be met with the offending pillow. Smirking, she lifted her gaze to meet with shining chestnut.

"Quit being dramatic, Emma. You're fine." The brunette picked the pillow up and as Emma stood, she saw the image plastered on the middle of it; a panda bear.

"You and the panda." The blonde hummed and shook her head.

With a pleased smirk, Regina replaced the panda pillow and took hold of the cart. "Shall we?" Once Emma had nodded and gestured toward the main aisle, the two were gone.

It was almost midnight by the time the two of them had returned home with their shopping and pizza. The group had quickly consumed the meal in hopes to retire early for the long day ahead of them and soon parted ways, Ruby and Belle staying in the living room as David filtered off into the smaller bedroom. Emma and Regina found themselves in the master bedroom not too long after.

"What time are we getting up tomorrow?" Emma pulled her jeans off to replace them with the shorts she had snatched up from her bag. "Because I don't wanna get up early."

"But we have to, Emma."

The brunette was already dressed in her pajamas as she spread out one of the blankets they had purchased.

"Alright..." Emma mock pouted as she helped Regina with the faux bed and quickly settled down before the brunette could tell her to do anything else. "Are we speaking seven? Eight? ...Five?"

"Definitely not five." Regina chuckled, bending down to pick her phone up off the floor. "It's almost twelve-thirty. I'll say around eight, if anything." The brunette headed towards the door and closed it, flicking the light switch off before she slowly moved through the darkness to join her lover.

Emma grunted her disapproval at the time but decided against voicing her opinion. She really didn't want to get up early, not at all. It had been a long day today and she wasn't exactly prepared to do the same thing tomorrow. But, at least, that was it. After that, they could all rest.

She greeted that thought kindly and waited for Regina's warmth to end the day.

But, alas, she was greeted with a sharp pain instead.

"That's my leg!" The blonde complained as the brunette had found herself tripping over Emma.

Regina fell to the floor with a short "ah!" and a loud thump that had David shouting through the wall while Emma guffawed.

"Are you guys alright in there?"

"Yeah! Regina just wanted to feel the floor with her face." Emma couldn't help the giggles that still bubbled in her throat.

"Oh, be quiet, Emma." Regina shifted off the blonde to curl up next to her. "My face hurts now, thank you very much."

"Hey, I'm not the one that decided to trip on my legs." Emma couldn't help but to smirk, but it was soon wiped off her face when she saw the displeased look on her lover's own in the city light's soft glow.

Her comment had only earned her a throaty growl.

"Easy, tiger." The blonde's eyes widened, but for an entirely different reason as Regina wrapped her arms tightly around Emma's small frame. She let out a soft squeak, her arms completely trapped under the brunette's.

"I suppose you'll just have to make it up to me."

"Make what up to you?" Emma shot her a quizzical look, taking a breath as she was released from the vise grip. "Bruising my leg?"

"Laughing at me."

"Really? You're going to play that game?"

Regina chuckled softly. "Well, you did say we could make love tonight. Quietly, of course."

Emma's breath hitched. She nearly forgot about that. She could honestly say sex wasn't on her mind throughout the day for it had been so long and exhausting already. But those words had brought back that moment in the car when she did, in fact, say something of the ilk.

It was the long drive and the beautiful apartment that had the thought completely wiped from her mind.

Until now. She could already feel excitement from the thought pooling in her belly.

"Shh..." She quickly pulled the covers over their heads. "Don't let them hear you."

"Wha-" Regina blinked at the sudden movement, eyes narrowing at the blonde as if she could see. "The blanket won't mask anything."

"Yes, it will. Our voices will be trapped within the realm of dark blanketness and lack of oxygen."

"I doubt the verisimilitude of your logic." Regina pulled the blanket down. "And don't you dare think about trying to dutch-oven me, or so help me, Emma, I won't spare your other leg."

"I am so glad I'm not a man right now." Emma winced at her words, shrinking into the blankets. "Or else my balls would be crawling up inside."

"I... have no words right now."

"You could tell me to fuck you and I would?" The blonde gave her a cheesy smile.

Regina paused for a second at the question and Emma swore she would be getting hit, but instead, the brunette purred. "I have a better use for that mouth of yours."

Then the former teacher leaned forward to take the blonde's lips into a simple kiss, her hand sliding up Emma's side before the latter could even grasp what had happened. And when she finally did collect the straws, she pressed herself against Regina and deepened the kiss.

Regina broke away soon after, trailing her lips along the blonde's soft, ivory jaw, murmuring, "I've waited all day for this."

"Really?" Emma's words were breathless as those sweet lips pressed against the column of her throat, olive fingers dancing along the side as she contemplated her next move.

"Kind of," she admitted with a husky whisper and shifted herself on top of the blonde, her thighs straddling the younger woman's hips. "I wanted to end the day in your arms."

"Me too..." Emma murmured, arching slightly as their lips connected once again, and then again, until they slid together for the last time in a fiery affair. The blonde's body hummed as the excitement coursed through her body. Her hands were roaming over the older woman's body, the silky fabric now hot against Regina's flush skin.

The brunette's tongue soon invaded the blonde's mouth, Emma's hips bucked up against her lover's, desperate for the attention that didn't seem to come. Regina ground against her, gasping softly into the other woman's mouth, but had done nothing more. She broke their kiss and gazed down at Emma's flushed face with a smirk.

"You're always so beautiful, my swan." Her voice sounded as if it were a cat's purr, but it had done something else to the blonde's body.

"You always say that, baby." Emma mewled, taking advantage of the brunette's exposed neck as she leaned up, swollen lips trailing along the hot skin.

Regina moaned softly, head tilting ever so slightly as Emma pushed away raven locks, finding the former teacher's vulnerable spot. She paused there, milking out the cute moans and mewls that her lover produced, teeth sinking into the tender flesh.

"Emma..." The brunette whimpered, but Emma didn't relent. Regina's fingers wasted no time exploring the blonde's body; she could feel the cool, slender fingers slide underneath the fabric of her white tank and travel across her flushed abdomen.

Emma murmured soft encouragements, her back arching when those very fingers hiked up the swell of her breast to play with the pert bud. She pulled away from Regina's neck and cried softly, her legs squeezing together, attempting to ease the overwhelming desire that had suddenly gripped her.

"Mm, do you like that?" Regina purred, leaning down to claim the blonde's mouth, her fingers teasing and tweaking her hardening nipple.

"Oh, please..." Emma couldn't help the plea, her hands finding purchase on the brunette's posterior, fingers digging painfully into the thick flesh.

"You're always so impatient." The older woman chuckled softly, yanking the blonde's shirt up to expose her. The cool air sent a shiver down Emma's spine, but the hot mouth that soon covered her previously abandoned breast had her arching. Teeth teased and tugged as fingers explored once again, trailing further down her abdomen until they stopped just before Regina's hips.

The brunette pulled away, a string of saliva trailing from her lips. "My face feels much better."

"Oh, yeah?" Emma's breathed, her cheeks florid.

"Yeah." Regina chuckled softly, trailing a few kisses down her breast, soon taking the path her fingers were not moments ago. Her body slid down this time as she proceeded, those very olive fingers latching onto her shorts.

"Fuck..." Emma couldn't help but to mutter as she watched Regina smirk up at her while she tugged down both her shorts and panties before tossing them off to the side. The blonde's cheeks flushed once again as that smirk disappeared, trailing feather light kisses, each one filtering more desire into her system and a delicious thrum between her thighs.

"I haven't tasted you in a while, now, have I?" Regina murmured softly as she grabbed her lover's milky thighs, spreading them roughly apart. Her eyes fell to the glistening folds between them as Emma's own fell on the brunette.

The blonde groaned softly at the thought, her hips bucking in need as she imagined her lover doing just that. Regina smirked at this before it disappeared once again, this time falling to the place Emma needed those lips the most as she urged her lover's legs onto her shoulders, her arms wrapped around the pale thighs.

She could have wept as those succulent lips teased her nether ones, each peppered kiss was electricity in her veins. Emma's hips slid forward, grinding impatiently against Regina's face as the older woman continued to provoke her; the dainty tongue that slid between her tender folds had the blonde nearly blanking.

She groaned softly, trying to keep her voice at a minimal and grabbed onto Regina's hair for any sort of ground. But she was finding it hard as that mouth teased her; tongue sliding in and out of her delicate heat and teeth nipping here and there. It almost had her over the edge.

The brunette merely mewled in response as she continued, her tongue swirling now around the bundle of nerves, earning a sharp cry from the blonde.

"Emma," the older woman warned, but Emma didn't seem to care. She urged the brunette to continue.

The younger woman could feel her body slide toward Regina in abidance to her request, pulling her closer as she continued. The blonde squirmed, trying to refrain from making any more noises, but it deemed rather difficult as Regina's tongue continued its assault.

The next words were incoherent groans of encouragement as she attempted to keep them quiet, but the rule that she had set for the two of them was broken as two of Regina's fingers penetrated her, causing her to tip completely over the edge.

"Fuck, Gina!" The words echoed in the otherwise barren room as she hit her peak and it was glorious. She couldn't care less if she woke up the entire apartment complex because she was on a cloud. Her body convulsed in wave after wave of pleasure as her lover's slender digits moved within her, that taunting tongue working hard in its endeavors.

But it was over as the blonde tumbled back down from the high. She felt Regina remove her fingers as she gazed up at her in an almost heavenly mist. Emma purred softly, letting her legs hit the ground like dead weight. She didn't want to move. Her muscles protested the very thought.

"I'm going to have a bruise tomorrow." Regina murmured as she crawled beside her lover, her face glistening proudly with the blonde's juices.

"Why?" Emma inquired, ready to loll off into a sweet dream.

"Your heels." The brunette chuckled before leaning forward to give her young lover a kiss. The blonde moaned softly as she tasted herself on Regina's tongue and savored it for a moment as they lay there; Emma's arm was wrapped around the brunette's waist as the teacher's was delicately placed on her hip.

"Mm... Your turn." Emma purred, going back to her lover's lips like an addict as she forced the older woman onto her back. Regina didn't protest for she readily accepted this new position, her hips grinding up against the blonde, ready for the release that she needed.

The blonde wouldn't deny her this. Her hands roamed at first, teasing and tweaking, pinching and tickling as she readied her lover through the silky material of her pajamas. Then she made haste to discard those very pajamas, leaving her lover completely exposed to the world. Moaning, the brunette pleaded for release, tugging on her lover's arms and urging her with messy, crimson lips.

Emma groaned softly at the feeling of them, her hands once again exploring over the now nude body of her former teacher. One found itself squeezing a soft globe and teasing the hard peak while her other traveled down between their bodies.

"Emma, please..." Regina groaned softly, her breath was hot against Emma's ear. The blonde purred at the request, her hand disappeared between her lover's thighs. She smirked when she found the older woman pleasantly wet and easily slid a finger into her. The brunette arched slightly, her hips grinding against Emma's hand as her finger lazily pumped.

"Shh..." Emma smirked to the squirming brunette, her face aflame and her hair mussed as she reached for the blonde's free hand, lacing their fingers together.

"You were... nng... hardly quiet, Emma." Regina groaned, her fingers digging into the blonde's shoulders and her hand squeezing the one it held as she quickened her thrusts, sliding in a second digit.

"I know." Emma grinned salaciously before pressing a kiss to her lover's parted lips. Then she pulled away as soon as she had started it, sliding down Regina's body before the brunette could protest. She sloppily continued her ministrations, her tongue tasting the darker woman's salty skin as she did.

"E-Emma?" The brunette groaned softly, shivering as the blonde's curls tickled her already sensitive flesh.

But the blonde hadn't answered as she soon took place between the brunette's thighs, replacing her fingers with her mouth as she tasted the older woman. She groaned with the brunette as she explored, lapping greedily at the heavenly fruit, the cries of pleasure urging her to bring her beautiful partner to an equally blissful release as she had for the blonde herself.

She plunged two fingers carefully into her lover once again, her tongue teasing the small bundle of nerves, urging her over the mountain that she had toppled over not long before. And so, she did, screaming her release into the love filled air.


The blonde purred as Regina's inner walls squeezed and rippled around her fingers, even as she helped her ride the waves of pleasure until they faded away completely. Emma crawled up to lay against Regina, their hands finally releasing, and held the worn woman in her arms as the older of the two curled up.

"We weren't quiet." The brunette mumbled against Emma's sweaty bosom.

"We'll get hell in the morning." Emma chuckled softly, not at all caring about the problem. She was sated, her mind full of bliss. That was a worry for tomorrow.

"I'd rather just stay asleep." Regina soon joined in, giggling herself.

"Me too." The blonde squeezed her brunette.

The older woman purred and settled into the blonde's arms for a few quiet moments. Emma closed her eyes.

"This is our first night in the apartment."

"It's..." Emma pressed her lips together. "It's kind of weird. We're in Boston, now."

"I suppose it is." Regina agreed, shifting slightly as she reached for the abandoned blanket to pull over them. "It's not Storybrooke."

"No." The blonde frowned slightly.

"We'll be alright." The brunette assured, squeezing the younger woman.

"I know."

"We'll visit Storybrooke."

"I know."


"Yeah, Gina?" Emma blinked slightly.

"Are you alright?"

The blonde paused for a moment, contemplating the question. Then she smiled down at the big, mocha eyes staring up at her. "Yeah."

"Me too." Regina hummed softly, pressing herself closer to the younger woman.

"I like this first night in the apartment."

"Do you?"

"Yeah." Emma smirked. "We broke it in."

The brunette chuckled softly. "Indeed, we have, along with my face."

"Hey, you broke your own face on the floor."

"That second time, you nearly broke my face."

"What second time?" Emma pulled back with a blink.

"Well, almost." The brunette buried her face in Emma's golden locks. "You have strong legs."

"Oh." Emma chuckled softly. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Regina pulled herself away and reached for the blonde's hand, tangling their fingers together. "I crushed your hand."

"It doesn't hurt that bad."

Emma sank against the blankets, squeezing her lover's hand. They lay there, then, in silence, merely enjoying each other's company. The blonde could feel herself relaxing more than it had been. The weight of the day had taken its toll.

"We should sleep." It was the brunette who had whispered those words, smiling softly at her lover's weary expression.

"Yeah..." Emma murmured, leaning forward to kiss Regina's nose.

The two of them were silenced once again, taken by the warmth of each other's body and the length of the day, their fingers laced together.

They woke up the same way in the morning as the sunlight hit their faces. Regina's alarm blared beside their heads as Emma squinted into the morning light. "What?"

"My phone." Regina groaned as she untangled herself from the blonde to grab said object from the ground, silencing the tone that relentlessly sounded. "We have to get up."

"Do we really?" Emma refused to move and brought the blankets further over her, snuggling against the brunette who now sat up. "Fifteen more minutes?"

"No, Emma." The brunette glared at her girlfriend. "I don't want this to take all day. We live on the tenth floor."

"That's going to be fun." The blonde enthused. "What time is it?"

"Eight." Regina stood from the makeshift bed and walked over to the duffle bag, soon pulling out a fresh pair of undergarments. She quickly donned them, much to Emma's disappointment, and picked up her jeans and T-shirt from yesterday. "Get up, Emma."

"Fine," the blonde huffed, but made no effort to move. Regina quirked a brow at her before ripping the covers away from Emma's body, leaving the blonde with an uncomfortable chill.

"I said get up."

"They can see." Emma quickly covered herself, eyes glued to the large window.

"No, they can't, now get up!" A wad of clothes was thrown at the blonde, hitting her square in the face.

"Ow. You really like throwing things at my face." Emma pouted, but complied before anything else could get thrown at her, and quickly donned the clothes. Regina was already by the door, her tennis shoes on.

"We have to get everyone up."

"Shouldn't we... clean up first?" The blonde blushed slightly as she slipped on her own shoes. The sudden stickiness on her face reminded her of their antics the night prior.

"Ah... yeah..." Regina's face was florid as she opened the door. "Hurry."

The two of them took a quick shower instead, re-donning the same clothes before Regina was ready to step outside. But it was Emma that had refused to do so.

"I'm not facing them."

"Emma." Regina sighed, hand on the doorknob. "Stop acting so childish."

"Nuh-uh! They know." Emma shrunk against the bathroom wall looking as if someone took a pallet of blush to her face.

It was perfectly fine at the time. She didn't care. She was satisfied. But now that the post-coital bliss was gone, she was nothing but a dog who just pissed on the carpet. She didn't want to face her friends, and most of all, her father.

David. He was in the room next to them. And if he heard Regina tripping over Emma last night, there was no doubt that he heard their licentious acts. She definitely couldn't face him. It was mortifying enough getting caught kissing Regina in the Mercedes.

"You have to face them sometime, Emma." The brunette released the doorknob and stalked across the bathroom to grab Emma's wrist. "I'll drag you out of here kicking and screaming if I have to. And, really, I don't want to. My shoulder hurts enough."

"I'm sorry..." Emma sheepishly looked away. She had noticed the soft bruising on her lover's shoulder blade while they were showering and knew exactly where it came from. Her hand throbbed at the thought.

"Come on." The blonde moved this time and followed Regina out of the bathroom, only to be greeted by David who had just been opening the door from across the hall.

"Hey," he greeted, eyes slightly wide. "Uh, are we supposed to get up?"

"Yes. It's eight." Regina replied, her cheeks blooming with an elegant pink gale before she dragged her girlfriend down the hall and to the main room.

"He knows." Emma couldn't help but to mutter.


The blonde glanced back down the hallway to find it empty.

"Get your friends up, I'll get breakfast ready." Regina released Emma's hand before sauntering over to the kitchen, pulling out the fruit and doughnuts.

Emma's eyes landed on the two brunettes splayed out on the living room floor; Ruby was snoring while Belle was twitching slightly, once kicking her girlfriend.

"Hey, get up!" Emma yelled at the two of them, both immediately startling awake.

"Oh, God, don't take my kidney!"

"That's my pumpkin!"

Ruby and Belle shouted respectively, popping up from where they were. Their eyes landed on each other for a moment, both with looks of confusion before laughing.

"What pumpkin are you talking about?" Ruby snorted at the smaller brunette next to her whose cheeks flamed.

"Well... who's taking your kidney?" She retorted, shoving the blankets at the lanky girl. "Leave me alone."

"Okay." Emma raised her brows before joining Regina in the kitchen, grabbing a doughnut from the box. "It's time to get up. We have to move stuff."

"Oh, that." Ruby rolled her eyes. "I'd rather someone pull my kidney out. Ow!" She glared at Belle who, as Emma could gather by the way Ruby held her ribs, jabbed her with an elbow.

"There's breakfast if you want some." Regina chuckled softly, waving at the previous items she had displayed on the counter, orange juice and milk had been added.

"Ooh! Doughnuts!" Ruby quickly picked herself up off the floor to dig into the box.

Belle shook her head and grabbed a piece of fruit. "Thanks, Regina."

"Of course, dear." Regina smiled and lifted her gaze. "David, breakfast?"

"Awesome. Thank you." The sheriff walked over to the four and grabbed a bear claw from the box. "So, when do we start?"

"After we eat." Regina murmured, taking an apple for herself. "Don't eat too much, though, you don't want to get sick."

"Bark." Emma chewed on her doughnut, earning a look from her girlfriend.


"Bark bark." Emma nodded, grinning widely.

"You two are freaks." Ruby laughed. "And fuckin' kinky. Don't think I didn't hear you last night. I think everyone in Storybrooke heard you."

"But we're in Boston?" Belle blinked slightly.

"Exactly." Ruby gave the couple a look.

"Ugh... can we not?" Emma hid her face. She wasn't prepared to look at David.

The man cleared his throat. "Thank you for breakfast, Regina."

"You're welcome, David." The brunette nodded before turning to pour herself orange juice, her entire face red once again. It was then that she noticed there weren't any cups.

"You already said-"

"Ruby..." Belle smacked her girlfriend's arm. "Shut up."

"Let's unload?" David looked on with wide eyes, hooking a thumb toward the door.

"Agreed." Emma quickly nodded in relief, grabbing the keys off the counter.

The rest of the group readily agreed as well and headed out the door to start another long, hot and sticky day.