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Chapter 5

After that day, Gray has been fetching me from work every day. Of course, there was a deal involved though. I told him that he can fetch me as long as he allows me to pay for our dinner. It was tough to get him to agree on it because he insists that a girl shouldn't be paying for the meal but after a few negotiations back and front, he finally agreed to let me pay for our dinner time to time.

To be honest, I actually really like it. To be able to see him every day and also get the chance to hold him when I sit behind him on his bike. Gray is so funny and cute. My crush for him was getting stronger. I got to do something about it. Hell, what happens if he doesn't feel the same about me? I need to put my emotions in control for the mean time.

Today was my off day so I told Gray that he does not need to come and fetch me from work. I was laying down on my couch as I stared at my ceiling. It feels weird not getting to see Gray today. Oh well. I decided to get my lazy ass off the couch and clean my house instead. I vacuum and mopped the apartment. After that, I finally gotten the chance to clean my wardrobe and once I was done, I took a hot shower and changed into a new pair of clothes.

With wet hair and my towel hang around my shoulders, I came back out to the living room to check my phone and was surprised to see a text from Gray. Upon seeing his message, I couldn't help but to smile widely to myself.

'Hey Lucy, if you got nothing on today, do you want to hang out or something? I know it's pretty last minute to ask you but maybe you can take the chance to check out your car too?'

I quickly replied him and sat down on my sofa as I waited for his reply. Did Gray just asked me out on a date? I couldn't believe it. Does Gray feel the same about me as well? No, no Lucy. Stop assuming. I lightly slapped myself on both cheeks and the next second or so, his message came in and I immediately got up to go get ready.

'Sure, I'll come and pick you up at your place in an hour (:'

OH MY GOD. Gray is coming to pick me up and I do not even have the slightest idea on what to wear. I swing my wardrobe doors open and stare at it. Should I wear something nice or something casual? If this is a date, I should wear something nice right? But what if this is not a date? Argh, and I just cleared my wardrobe up minutes ago. What should I wear?

I immediately took out outfit after outfit to try it on. Whatever clothes I felt that wasn't good enough, I threw them on my bed and went back to my wardrobe to see what other clothes I had. I got so tired after a while that I laid back on my bed, all my clothes underneath me as I stared at the ceiling. I haven't even lie on the bed for a minute when I heard my phone rang.

I quickly got up, exited my room and headed out to my living room to grab my phone. Upon looking at the caller ID, it was none other than Gray.

"Hey Gray!" I answered a bit too cheerfully I think because if my ears were not deceiving me, I heard him chuckling on the other side.

"Hey Lucy, are you done? I'm actually downstairs already." What? I immediately pulled my phone away from my ear to check the time on my phone and oh my freaking god, it is already the time that we were supposed to meet. I was choosing clothes for 1 hour?!

"I'm so sorry Gray but can you give me 15 more minutes? I'm not quite done yet."

"Sure, just come down once you're ready. See you in a bit." And with that, we ended our call and I immediately bolted to my room to throw on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a white tank top and my black leather jacket. I went to my dresser and quickly put on my makeup.

I took one good look at myself and felt my hair was in a horrible mess. I decided hell, who cares if I didn't dress up nice. Date or no date, I'll leave my future with Gray to God. I wore a cap, grabbed my bag and headed towards the door. I wore sneakers and did a last check to make sure I have gotten all my essentials before locking my apartment up.

I headed down and I saw Gray standing there by his bike, all dressed up. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt with his cross necklace complimenting it, a black leather jacket, dark blue jeans and black boots. Great, now I feel I am completely underdressed.

"Hey Lucy." I couldn't help but to feel sad but I decided not to let that affect me so I put on my best smile and greeted him back.

"Hey Gray." However, it seems it didn't go unnoticed by Gray because his smile disappeared.

"What's wrong Lucy? Are you alright?" I got to act much better.

"What are you talking about Gray?" I slapped his shoulder and laughed out loud as I put my hands on my hips. "You are imagining things. I'm all good." This caused Gray to raise one of his eyebrows.

"You know Lucy, I didn't ask you out today so we can all play pretend. I asked you out today because I wanted to get to know more about you, the real Lucy. So if you can tell me what's wrong, I will really appreciate it." I looked up at Gray. He had such soft eyes when he said that, like he was sincere about what he said. I couldn't help but to feel bad and looked down.

"I feel so underdressed." I said it softly and quickly because I was so embarrassed. The next thing I knew, Gray put his thumb and index finger underneath my chin so that he could tilt my face up and look at me.

"You're always pretty to me Lucy, no matter what you wear." And I swear, I felt the blush crept up to my cheeks fast. His smile was so warm when he said that and before I realized it, our faces were getting closer. Is he going to kiss me?! I don't know why but I wasn't hesitating it, like I actually wanted it, to feel his lips on mine. I slowly closed my eyes as I look forward to it. I could now feel his breath on my lips but then a sudden ring broke us apart. It was Gray's phone. I heard him cursing and swearing before he answered the phone.

"What is it flame brains? You sure know when to call at a bad timing?" I couldn't help but to giggle and blush when he said that. "Yeah, yeah. I'm coming. See you in a bit." With that, his call ended and he shoved his phone back into his pocket. "Sorry about that." He rubbed the back of his neck as he looked away embarrassed.

"It's fine Gray." I couldn't help but to giggle again at how cute Gray was being. "Was that Natsu?"

"Yeah that was Natsu. He was asking when I'm coming because he was bored at work." I smiled before I went to his bike and grabbed my helmet.

"Shall we go then? I can't wait to see my car too." Gray agreed and went to wear his helmet while I wore mine. He got onto his bike, revived his engine and I took this chance to get behind him. He made sure my hands were wrapped around his waist before he rode off.

While we were on our way to our destination, I couldn't help but to think about what happened earlier. Gray and I almost kissed. I raised one of my hands to my lips to feel it. I could still feel his warmth on it. Though we didn't kiss, at least now I know that Gray might actually harbor some feelings for me or not why would he say such a thing to me? Hell, why would he even try to kiss me? I couldn't help but to smile as all these thoughts circle in my mind. The next thing I knew, Gray's bike slowed down and his workshop came to my view.

"Hey Gray, about time you came. Oh hey Lucy!"

"Hey Natsu." I greeted him as I got off from the bike. "How are you?"

"I'm good, just bored because I got no ice popsicle to disturb." I couldn't help but to giggle when I saw Gray caught Natsu in a headlock.

"What did you say about me you flame brains?" Natsu managed to escape his headlock and now their foreheads crashed against each other. I was about to open my mouth to stop them but someone beat me to it.

"Is that you Gray?" Someone shouted, sounded like a female. A beautiful lady I must add, with long red hair coming down the stairs from what look like an office. Once she was at the end of the stairs, she placed her hands on her hips and suddenly her eyes went deadly when she saw the boys. "Are you guys fighting?" And as if her words had an effect, Gray and Natsu pulled away from each other and wrapped their arms around each other's shoulders instead.

"Hey Erza! No we're not! Right Natsu?" Eh, they are all smiles now?

"Like what Gray said." And they laughed it off, as if to try and convince her which it did because the lady put her hands down and her eyes turned back soft now.

"That's good to know." She walked up to the Gray and Natsu with a smile but stopped when she noticed I was there. "Sorry, I don't think we have met."

"Hi there, my name is Lucy." I held my hand out for a shake as I introduced myself to her first.

"Oh, so you're Lucy? I'm glad to have finally met you." Erza accepted my hand for a shake. "My name is Erza. I have heard a lot about you." I couldn't help but to tilt my head to the right when she said that. Was Gray mentioning a lot about me to them?

"Okay that's enough Erza." Gray suddenly butted in, blush covering his cheeks.

"Oh why Gray?" She asked with one of her eyebrows raised. "Too embarrassed to let Lucy know that you have been talking about -" Before Erza could finish her sentence, Gray cut her off by laughing out loud. We all looked at him incredulously like he was crazy.

"Well…" I decided to ignore Gray and looked at Erza, remembering what we were here for. "Gray brought me here because I wanted to check out my car."

"Sure Lucy, right this way." So Erza led me the way, while we left Natsu and Gray to themselves. What was Erza trying to say earlier?

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