Castle Store

The day had gone by fairly calm, Gao and and Kazane hanging out at the mall. Gao was happy to have a pause from the constant Hundred Demons Attacks, so he and Kazane had spend the day together, watching Buddyfights at the Mall stage and occasionally joining into a fight themselves. At the moment, Gao watched Kazane finishing off on off her opponents with her buddys Double Attack. Giving the now cheering girl a thumb up, he turned away from the fighting stage, planning to get something to eat.

Just as he left the area near the stage, a bright blue light erupted from the side of the stage opposing Kazane. Kazane was blended by the bright light and when it died down a figure in a long black coat and a mask, together hiding his entire body, was revealed. The figure spoke, his voice distorted:"Face me, Wind!" Kazane took a step back, clearly surprised by the sudden challenge. The figure only laughed throwing out his hand, to emit a stream of blue energy, connecting itself with Kazanes Core Gadet before disappearing. The Figure said:"Now you have no choice, but to face me. My machine has locked us in battle. The only way you can leaf now, is by buddy fighting me. Luminize, now!"

Kazane was still in a bit of a shock, but placed her on the orb of her Coregadet which was a yellow and green baseball. After taking a deep breath, she spoke:"A kaleidoscope of excitement and adventure! Luminize! Kaleido Labryinth!" The figure drew a trident from under his cloak. The trident was completely blue, the crystal sitting at its top, just beneath the tips. Before the figure could luminize, an all too familiar Ufo appeared, releasing Paruko Nanana. The announcer spoke:"Welcome to Castle Fighting stage. Today we have a fight between Kazane Fuyimia and a fighter I have no idea of, who he is!" The figure spoke up:"You may call me the General. Would you please not interrupt me. Dragons of the bottomless oceans, reveal your ancient power to this world. Accent to the surface in service of your empire and herald the coming of the Sea God. Luminize Aquatic Dragon Army!" The trident began to shine in a brilliant blue light, as the now luminized cards gathered at its top. The figured rammed the trident into the fighting stage, leaving it standing still.

Both fighters said at the same time:"Let's race the flag!" While on Kazane's side appeared the Dungeon World flag, her Buddy Blade sitting right Beside her in his full form, on the figures side appeared a blue flag, displaying large waves and a big Dragon head appearing from beneath them. The figure said:"Before you ask, I fight for Aqua World. I assume you haven't heard of it, it wasn't used in years after all. It's a quite powerful and rare world. My buddy will appear as soon as I need him! Now, I'll take the first turn. I Charge and Draw. I call to the left, Aquatic Dragon Hunter and to the left, I call Aquatic Dragon Mage!"

On the left appeared a Serpent like dragon with bright Blue scales, holding a giant bow. A quiver of arrows was strapped to his back. On the right appeared another Serpent Dragon this time clearly female. Her scales were slightly darker, and she wielded a long staff crowned by a blue and black Crystal. The Crystal began to glow, the glow transferring itself into the gage, charging an additional. The figure explained:"As long as I have another Aqua Dragon attribute card on my field, once per turn my Mage will generate me an additional gauge. Next I play the Set Spell Aquatic Resonance. Now, whenever I sent a card with Aqua Dragon in its attribute to the Drop Zone, the top card of my deck will be sent into this cards soul. And now Hunters skill. I pay one gauge and discard a Aqua Dragon from my hand to draw two. Since an Aqua Dragon was sent to the Drop Zone, I add one card to Resonances soul. Now Hunter, strike!"

The Dragon Hunter quickly took aim and fired at Kazane, dealing 1 Point of Damage to her. The general coninued:"Final Phase, I cast and set Aquatic Dragon Requiem! Now, from this point on, all Aqua Dragons sent to the Drop Zone via a card skill, will be put into this cards Soul instead. Also it increases the Attack and Defense of all Aqua Dragon by 1000 for each of my Set Spells!" Both Dragons were surrounded by a glowing Aura. Paruko announced:"Through his quick combinations, the General not only managed to increase his hand, but also set up an impressive combo of cards, increasing the attack and defence of both his monsters to 5000 each. Let's see how Kazane will respond!"

Kaznae announced:"Draw, Charge and Draw. I Call Dragonblade Wielding Sheila Vanna and two Gummy Slimes. The three of them will attack the fighter!" The three monsters quickly leaped into the air and against their opponent, but were quite surprise, when they found their way blocked by Hunter. The General explained:"I cast Aquatic Dragon Tactic. I'm allowed to move one of my monsters!" Kazane quickly ordered a link attack, her three monsters coming to 6000 Power. The General quickly countered:"Aquatic Response. My Monster gets plus 3000 Power and defence, as well as the counerattack, which he will use to destroy Sheila Vanna!" The warrior Lady was quickly destroyed by an arrow of the serpent Dragon and the Gummy were unable to attack. The General laughed:"Nice try, if this would have worked, I would have lost 7 live points in one turn, but, this move was far too easy to counter. I thought you were more of a challenge Wind!" Kazane had no other choice but to end her move.

The General quickly used the skills of his two Dragons and his draw and Charge and Draw to bring his hand up to two and his gauge was at three. He announced:"I call to the centre, Aquatic Dragon Guardian. His Skill, I put the top card of my deck in the soul of any card with Aqua Dragon in its Attribute. I choose Aquatic Dragon Requiem. Then my Hunter and my Mage will take out your Gummy Slimes!" In the centre position appeared another Serpent Dragon, this time wielding a giant shield as his weapon. The Hunter and the mage fired an energy beam and an arrow at the two slimes, destroying them effortlessly. The remaining Dragon threw his shield at Kazane cutting two of her life Points away and the shield returned to its owner. The General spoke:"Since an Aquatic Dragon damaged you, I can activate this Spell. Aquatic Soulcharge, allowing me to charge two cards into the Soul of any Aqua Dragon Attribute card. I chose Requiem!" Two cards flew from the generals Deck into the blue orb. One of them began to glow. The General continued:"Activating Aquatic Chargers Skill, when he is charged, I can pay one gauge to draw two cards and since the cost I paid was an Aqua Dragon it goes straight into Requiem Soul! And now, since it has reached four, the Countdown to your demise has begun!" The Turn changed back to Kazane again.

She announced:"Draw, Charge and Draw, I Buddycall Blade Wing Phönix to the right and another Sheila to the left. Then I equip, Brave Equipment Glory Seeker! Blade destroy his Guardian!" The Phönix unleashed a hail of steal Feathers against his enemy, completely obliterating it. The General announced:"When Guardian is destroyed, I can charge him into an Aqua Dragon Attribute Card. I choose Resonance!" Kazane continued her onslaught with Shiela against the General, but he quickly countered:"I cast Aqua Dragon shield. Your Attack is nullified and I get an additional gauge!" Kazane and Blade continued in attacking the fighter without the General interfering. After they cut down his to five she ended her turn.

The General declared:"Final turn!" Paruko announced:" The General has just declared, that he is going to win this turn, despite Kazane sitting at seven life points and only having two monsters with a critical of one on his field. Will he be able to fulfil his declaration?" The General continued:"Draw, Charge and Draw, Perfect. I activate Aquatic Dragon Resonances Effect. I sacrifice it with four cards in its Soul to draw two. I will use the skills of my dragons as well and cast Aquatic charge, to increase my gauge by two. And now, I pay one gauge sacrifice two Aqua Dragons already on my field sending the gauge directly into Requiems Soul and cast. Awakening of the Sea God. With this spell, I can call a Size 3 Aqua Dragon directly from my deck. Dragon that rules over all oceans, appear on this battlefield. Lead your underlings into battle and let your pure judgment consume my foes. Show your godly power and lead me towards my destiny. I buddycall, Aquatic Dragon God, Poseidon!" A swirling vortex of blue energy appeared underneath the General, consuming all his monsters, before realising a blast of pure energy. From the Vortex emerged first only a giant Dragonhead, followed by a long sleek body and two big wings. Before it could fully emerge, it let out a loud roar, the resulting shockwave pushing everyone back.

When it was fully out of the portal Kazane could only step back in pure fear. The dragon was gigantic, his body clad in armour of a so dark blue it was almost black. The few parts that weren't covered showed scales in the same colour. His weapon was a giant trident, almost as big as himself. The wings were equally big spotting a slightly brighter blue. The General continued:"Behold, the ruler over all oceans the most powerful Dragon lord in existence, but I'm not done yet. I call to the right and left, guardian of holy water, perceus and guardian of sacred water, triton!" Beside Poseidon appeared two almost identical looking serpent Dragon, the only difference were their weapon. The right wielded a long sword, while the other one wielded a trident similar to poseidons. Both had blue green scales and wore a blue armor, decorated with golden symbols. Before the general could continue, Paruko interrupted him:"How is this possible? The General just called two size 2 monster despite having a size 3 monster on the field. Is he cheating?" The General laughed as he responded:"Far from it. Triton and Perseus are to loyal to their king and god to let him enter the fray alone. As long as Poseidon is on my field they are treated as size 0 monsters. Now I activate their respective abilities. By paying 2 life's, perseus generates a gauge for each of them. Under the same conditions, triton allows me to draw 2 cards. Now, Triton, erase Sheila. Holy trident blast!"

From tritons trident shot a lightning bolt at his enemy, obliterating Sheila. Perseus quickly followed cutting Kazane down to 6 life. The General continued:"Now Poseidon attack her directly. Ocean God Rage!" From Poseidons trident emerged a giant Energy Orb, shooting at Kazane, but she quickly nullified the attack with Divine Protection of Shalsana, regaining one life. She was about to relax, only to see a second energy orb coming at her. Unable to block the attack her life was reduced to five. The General laughed and declared:"Final Phase, I pay five gauge and release Requiem, with six cards in its Soul. Ancient Song that carries the power of the fallen Souls, let your melody be heard across the oceans. Let it be the last thing your enemies hear before their death and be a sign for your warriors absolute power!" The blue energy orb hovering above the generals field grew in size until it was swallowed by Poseidon. After a few moments Poseidon opened his mouth again, letting a slow and almost unearthly music out. Energy began to gather in his mouth, the song getting more and more intense. Finally, the energy exploded outwards in a single beam of light, racing across the battlefield the music growing even more intense, until it finally hit Kazane. The music ended with her being consumed by the energy and her falling to the ground unconsciously. Triton and Perseus faded away leaving only a concerned Blade hovering above Kazane.

Before he could do anything, he was grabbed by Poseidon. The General said to him:"This, is what happens to the weak. I have an offer for you Blade Wing Phoenix. Join us, join the hundred demons, we could use new units, after your friends purified our allies. Join us and you will receive incredible power far greater than anything you can imagine!" Blade answered:"I'll never join the likes of you, especially, after what you have done to my buddy, release me immediately, you brute!" The general only laughed:"You just signed your death. Poseidon, do us all a favour and do what you have to!" Before the dragon could follow the order, a loud serene was heard. The General cursed:"The Buddypolice, why now? Everything was going perfectly! Oh well, plan change. Poseidon remove him from Earth." The dragon nodded, quickly blasting Blade with Energy, dissolving his form. Before the Buddypolice could raise a barrier the dragon disappeared and the general stepped through a new blue gate vanishing from the stage.

The Buddypolice quickly swarmed the place, questioning the spectators what had happened. Kazane awoke in the middle of the chaos obviously confused and unsure where Blade had gone. She looked around almost in fear but couldn't find her buddy. Gao who had come in, when the other officers had appeared talked with Takihara:"We have no idea what happened to be honest. We got a report that this general did something to her buddy and we scanned the area, nut there is no trace of him. Could you please take care of her Gao? We will contact you, as soon as something new comes up!" Gao nodded and quickly led Kazane out of the mall.

Kazane seemed in absolute distress:"What happened to Blade? I can't feel him anymore, why did he leave?" Gao tried to reassure her:"He was forced to leave by this General! I'm sure he will return soon! Just, please stay at the house, we don't know, if the General will attack you again. We will look for Blade!" Inwardly, Gao was fuming with anger. Why did the General attack Kazane? What was his goal? Who was behind the mask?

Ikazuchis lair

A blue Portal opened in the back of the cave, the General stepping through it. He was greeted by Sophia who already awaited him. He said:"Step One is complete. That was far too easy. He will become angrier and angrier, and soon he will become consumed by his rage. Then I'll strike. I'll destroy Drum and get Tenbu from him!"