Gao was still in shock after having finished reading the diary. This was only broken, when a blue Portal appeared, the General stepping through. He said:"Ah, you found the deck and apparently Yotas last words. Your Brother was a pathetic weakling and fool, playing with powers far beyond his comprehension. He never had the right, to claim Neptun and I simply punished him for his idiocy. Now, what are you goanna do? I repeat my offer: Hand over the decks and no one is going to get hurt any further. Otherwise you will watch as I slowly destroy your friends one by one! So, what is it goanna be?" Drum was at this words ready to ram his drill into the General, but Gao stopped him. He said:"Why are you doing this, Poseidon? What is your goal?" The General laughed:"Did Yota seriously fall for my trick? Poseidon never controlled me, we worked together. I wanted it to look like Poseidon was in control, so I let Poseidon notice my power at the stage. It was just a simple trick, but most effective as it seems. What I want? Power! I seek the energy of earth strongest buddy monsters for Poseidon to absorb. My Goal is to create the ultimate buddymonster! So, my offer still stands you have two days to decide, but maybe, I should give you prove, that I'm a man of my word!"With that, the General disappeared through the portal again. When he was gone, Gao sat their for a few seconds thinking about the Generals words, before something hit him. Earth strongest monsters. Gao quickly grabbed his handy and dialled a number. Nervously he waited for an answer.


Genma was again training alongside Kemura in the mountains, at the moment finishing a buddyfight against the other fighter with Duel Siegers Double Attack. As soon as the fight ended the monsters disappeared leaving Genma and Kemura together with Sylph, Kemuras buddy in the middle of a clearing, surrounded by trees. Before one of them could speak, someones handclapping could be heard, as the General stepped into the clearing. Sylph recognized him, her and Kemura having heard about the battle against Kazane from her. Sylph angrily said:"What are you doing here, General? Is what you have done Kazane not enough? On the hunt for more buddies!" The General answered:"Ah, so you have heard about it, good. To answer your question, yes, I'm after your buddies, especially that Sieger. Are you up for it, Genma?"

Kemra and Sylph tried to stop Genma, but he announced:"Sieger and I'll take you on! You'll regret the day, you challenged me!" Before either fighter could lummanize Genma handy rang through the woods. Irritated he grabbed it, checking for the caller. It was Gao. The General seemed to grin at this:"Ah, so he made the connection I wanted him to make, he is more intelligent than I thought. You can Ignore the call, he probably wanted to warn you about me, but since I'm already hear, how about we get this party started? Dragons from the bottomless oceans, reveal your true and ancient power to this world. Rise up from the depths of despair and let your pure and righteous rage consume my foes. In service of your good head my call! Dark Luminize, Abyss Dragon Army!"

The trident gadget began to glow again, this time, in a almost black light. The former crystal was now replaced by a Disaster Crystal. Sylph was confused:"This is not the chant he used against Kazane and why does he have a dark Core? What the hell is up with him?" Genma however seemed to recognize the chant. In a low voice he said:"That's impossible. This chant... That can only mean one thing. But why would he do it?" The General noticed Genmas confusion and grinned:"You recognized it? Wonderful, I hoped you would remember me. It has been six years since our fight. I let Sieger live that time, because Poseidon didn't want to absorb such a weakling like your Sieger. Let's see how much stronger you two have grown since then and if you'll be able to avenge Yota's death. He was your friend, wasn't he? You gave him Sunshine Impact after all! Ironic that it later let to your defeat. Destiny certainly has a strange sense of humour when it comes to the mikado family. Now, lumenize Genma!"

Genma quickly complied:" Ancient Dragons, awaken and bring your fury to this world! Bring fire and unleash storms of rage! Luminize! Koryukien!" His armband gadget was luminized. Both fighters declared:"Let's race the flag!" On Genmas side was the flag of Ancient World, while the General had the Aqua World flag. Before either player could make the first move Genma said to the General:"I think I know who is behind your mask but I have one question! Why are you going through all this. What do you want with the stolen energies?" The General answered:"You could say that I'm selecting. I seek the strongest fighters of earth and challenge them. If their buddies are worthy to serve as a power source for Poseidon, he absorbs them. Otherwise, I simply send them away. In the end in this world, only the strongest have the right to survive and the weaker once simply serve as a source of power to make the strong even stronger! This is the circle but my goal is to through it! I'll create the ultimate monster strong enough to even absorb Yamigedo but in order for me to reach my goal, I need the energies of buddy monsters like yours Genma the Sun Dragon Lord. My Poseidon is the incineration of the sea, so you could say the both of them are pretty much opposites. You said, you know my Identity? Then let's see if you guessed right!" With that the General grabbed the right side of his cloak quickly throwing it away. Underneath he wore a green uniform. Only seconds later the mask followed.