Underneath the mask was the face of a grinning Shido. He asked:"So, were you right? Did you expect me to be the general!" Genmas face was hidden beneath the shadows of his cap, as he answered:"Just as I thought. You played a double game, made everyone believe you were the bumbling fool you played for the world. I have just one question. Why hiding yourself like this?" Shido grinned:"After I caused Yotas death, admittedly accidental, I knew the General had to disappear for a while. So I vanished from the active fighting and hid my deck. I planned to wait for a few years, for the day the General could reappear. Now imagine my shock, when Yotas little Brother enrolled at Aibo Academy, even if I made the connection only shortly before the Gaen Cup but still what for an opportunity to destroy the last bits of resistance against Poseidon. I waited for a chance to strike, but Gao defied everything, all my plans. He destroyed some of the best fighters in the world despite having no talent at all, winning only out of luck. He didn't even use Yotas deck, which I needed. I was sure he had given it to Gao, but Yota must had realised that it would make him my target. In order for me to me reach my goal, Poseidon needs to absorb the scattered pieces of Aqua Worlds power still in this world.

So, how about we start this thing off. Charge and Draw, I call to the left Abyss Dragon, Hunter Dragon and to the right Abyss Dragon, Magician Dragon. Then I set the spell consuming Abyss. This spell has a very interesting effect. Whenever one of my Abyss Dragon dies the top card of my deck will be charged into it. Then I use Hunters skill. Since I control two or more Abyss attribute cards, I can discard 1 card from my hand and draw two with the discarded Dragon going straight into Abyss Soul. Under the same condition Magician Dragon generates an additional gauge. Now Hunter, fire!" On Shidos battlefield appeared two dragons that looked very similar to their Aqua Dragon counterparts, only that their scales were pitch black. The hunter fired an arrow surrounded by black energy at Genma which went unblocked. Shido announced:"Final Phase, I cast and Set Requiem of the Abyss. Like my normal requiem this spell will consume its soul, charging it into its own, while increasing the attack and defence of all living Abyss Dragons by 1000 for each 2 cards in it. I end my turn! Come on, bring your oversized lizard out, I can't wait to destroy him!"

Genma didn't answer instead performing his Draw and Charge and Draw in silence. After quickly observing his hand, finding it to be lacking his buddy he announced:"I cast Divine Dragon Creation. Then I call Magmanova to the Centre and Forbollka to the right. Magmanova strike shido!" The Magma Dragon unleashed a storm of fire but it's path was quickly blocked by a new Dragon, a small black dragon clad only in very light amor with black scales. Shido explained:"I just used interceptors skill. When I become the target of an attack and he is my hand, I can call him, as long as I have three or more Abyss Dragon attribute cards on the field. In addition I cast Abyssal Aura in order to destroy your Forbollka!" Before the new dragon could be destroyed by the fire, he threw several knives at Forbollka, annihilating him. While he was destroyed, both of Shidos set spells activated which he seemed quite happy about.

He continued:"Draw, Charge and Draw, bad hand? That's the same opening you used in our fight at the ABC cup. I'm not going to be so easy to beat! I use Hunter and Mages Skill and since the gauge I paid was an Abyssal Dragon my Set Spells trigger. I also set another spell, Abyssal Barrier. This will protect my dragon from any ability your monsters may use, like your Dragon fire Ice combination. The only requirement is, that I control at least three other Abyss attribute cards, but as you see there are four so that won't be a problem. I call to the center Guardian Dragon of the Abyss. Take out Magmanova. Shield of the Abyss!" The new dragon closely resembled Guardian the only difference were his black scales. Like his Aqua Dragon counterpart he threw his shield at Magmanova, destroying it in the process. Through the Lifelink Genmas now only had five life remaining. Hunter and Magician quickly took aim, reducing his life points to three. Shido grinned:"I don't remember you to be so pathetic, Genma! What happened? Shocked because the amazing power Aqua World and yet you have only seen a fragment. Anyway I cast Abyssal Soul Charge and place two cards inside consuming soul. With that, I end my turn!"

Genma quickly recovered. After performing his draw and Charge and Draw he declared:"I cast Dragon Emperror Legend. Gaining one gauge, life and card for my hand and then I buddycall Martial Arts Dragon Emperor Dual Sieger. Attack his Guardian and then his life points!" Genmas Buddy was able to destroy guardian, which only send it into Requiems Soul. The second attack was quickly blocked by a Abyssal Shield, giving Shido one more gauge. Before the end of his turn Genma said:"Now you can't beat me! Sieger will destroy you and avenge Yota's death Shido!" This caused Shido to break out into laughter, as he answered:"Seriously, that oversized lizard. Your clearly out of your mind Genma! I'll destroy it on my next turn and end this match!"

Shido announced:"Draw, Charge and Draw, I use my dragons skills, bringing my Requiem up to four cards. Then I sacrifice consuming with four to draw two. Now, I call to the center Abyssal destroyer. activating his ability. By sacrificing one Abyss card he can destroy any card my opponent controlls. So I sacrifice Requiem and destroy Sieger!" The new dragon was much smaller than the other dragons his weapon of choice being a giant book. As soon as he appeared he started chant an incineration, absorbing the set spell, before releasing the energy in a wave that engulfed Sieger, reducing him to ash. The Dragon lord however seemed unimpressed by this returning to the field only seconds later with a mighty roar. The spectators and genma on the other hand seemed confused. As if answering their thoughts Shido said:"I'm sure you are wondering why I sacrificed my impact. I didn't need it. This match will be ended by other means because now that a requiem was destroyed I can unleash it's true power. Ancient dragon that ruled over the seas thousands of years ago your seal has been released. Revive due to the fallen souls and absorb their power. Return to reclaim your kingdom and destroy all your foes. Ancient Abyssal Dragon, Requiem Master Dragon I call!"

Above the generals field appeared a big maelstrom of blue energy. The three Abyss Dragon still on the field were sucked in, together with the remaining set spell. From the swirl emerged a new dragon, even bigger than Poseidon. His scales were black as night, the wings almost as big as the rest of his body. He wielded a giant sword as a weapon, which he pointed directly at Sieger, letting out an earthshaking roar, which Sieger responded to in the same way. Shido was laughing like crazy, while he announced:"Behold, the ancient ruler of the seas, the most powerful dragon lord ever to live. His pure presence announces the destruction of Aqua Worlds foes. I can only call upon him, when a Requiem is destroyed with at least four in its soul. Then he absorbs all existing Abyss Dragon cards on my field into his soul. He is going to destroy you Genma, but first I need to get rid of something. I call Abyssal Assasin. His skill, I declare the name of a card and if it's happen to be in your hand, it gets send directly to your drop zone. Spartand!" The new dragon looked even tinier then he really was beside Master. He was only see able for a few seconds, before disappearing again. Suddenly a black knife was thrown at Genma catching on of the remaining cards in his hand. Genma quickly send it to the his drop zone knowing he had lost.

Shido had stolen his only chance of surviving this turn by cutting of Siegers evolution. Shido announced:"Finish this Requiem. Destroy Sieger once and for all. Ancient Swordmastery!" The giant black dragon was surprisingly argil, swinging his sword in an unavoidable strike against the struggling Sieger, who tried to deflect the attack, but was cut down. He reappeared only seconds later, only to be cut down a second time with a reverse strike of masters blade. Genmas life points dropped down to zero thanks to Siegers lifelink and the fight ended. Shido on the other hand was about to say something, but was cut off, when his core gadget unexpectedly started to glow and shot bolts of black lightning. Shido grimmaced:"Your lucky Genma. It seems like fate is in your favour today. Still, I can at least do something to make you forget who I am. Consumming, erase their memories!" He used the set spell and Genma, Sylph and Kemura fell into unconsciousness.