This is an old story that I'm redoing. I decided to wait until the flu was spread out. So here we go.

Jessie's POV-

I was worried about Luke. He seems out of it tonight. He didn't eat much dinner and didn't even play any videos games or even try to stay up late. In fact he was asleep before 9. I told Zuri it was time for bed as usual she when with no problems. Ravi and Emma were in the living room. "Do you guys think that Luke seems out of it tonight?"

"Not being super annoying. That's ok with me" Emma said.

"Well Coonie has been creeping on him lately and she's out with the flu now", Ravi said.

This got me worried. The flu was spreading really bad this year. They're even some news reports about people going to the hospital because their flu is so bad. I went to check on Luke, hoping that he just had a long day at school and would be better in the morning.

Sorry it's so short. I'm busy with school right now. I have mid-terms next week. Hopefully once that's done I'll have more time to work on my stories.