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Fili hears a shout and he looks over at Kili, having recognized the voice as his brother's. Not seeing Kili where he should be, Fili's heart rate picks up. Fili searches the chariot but doesn't see his younger brother anywhere.

"There's more coming!" Dwalin shouts and Fili looks over at the warrior. Seeing Dwalin look behind them, Fili looks there as well. What meets he heir's eyes is something far worse than a pack of Wargs. On the ice, sprawled out, lies Kili.

"Kili!" Fili shouts in panic with blue eyes wide.

Before anyone of the chariot knows what he is doing, including himself, Fili is launching his self off the front of the chariot. Landing on the wooden beam the goats are harnessed to, Fili runs to the front goat. A Warg and his rider sidle up next to him and Fili blocks an attack. With a slice at the Orc, Fili sends it to the ground. The Orc yanks on the Warg's reigns as it falls and the Warg crashes to the ice after it.

Fili doesn't waste a second though on the creatures and runs the rest of the way to the lead goat. With a leap, Fili lands on the back of the goat. Fili slices his sword and frees the goat from the beam before determinedly steering it back the way they came. Back towards his brother.


"Cut them loose," Balin says to his brother after Fili rushes off. Dwalin looks back at his brother with wide eyes. He is torn; he wants to help Fili and Kili but he also doesn't want to leave Balin to fend for his self.

"No Balin," Dwalin says as he rests a hand on Balin's arm.

"My goat riding days are over," Balin says with a small smile. Dwalin shakes his head slightly and Balin continues. "Take one for Kili. Durin be with you brother."

Dwalin resigns his self to their fate and turns away from his brother. Stealing himself, Dwalin jumps onto the back of the goat and slices it free as well as the one next to it. With a whistle from Dwalin, the riderless goat falls in step next to the warrior. With one last look at his brother, Dwalin rushes to aide the young heirs.


Kili sees his brother leap off the chariot and balance on the beam, running towards one of the goats. With a look behind him, Kili sees one of the Wargs catch up to him. Kili turns and dodges as it lunges at him and Kili swings his sword at the creature. The sword connects and the Warg slides to the ground and topples over. Wide, brown eyes glance back at the rest of the oncoming Wargs. Knowing he can't fight all of them, Kili sheaths his sword and grabs his bow. Stringing an arrow, Kili begins killing and wounding the Wargs before they can get too close. One of the Wargs gets past and Kili's eyes widen in panic as it pounces on him.


When the last of the goats are cut free, the chariot slides to a stop. It turns around and Balin finds himself facing the onslaught of Wargs. Balin lets out a war cry and grabs the crossbow, shouting at the foul creatures. He might not be riding goats into battle but, by Durin, he was going to help Thorin's nephews.

As Balin shoots down the Warg's charging them, he sees Fili rushing to his brother's aide. Dwalin isn't far behind him and Balin makes sure not to shoot near them. His eyes pick up on a scene that has his eyes widening. A Warg is charging Kili and pounces at him. Not hesitating, Balin aims the crossbow at the Warg and shoots at it. The arrow finds it's mark and the Warg drops to the ground. Balin lets out a cheer of victory and relief.


Fili looks on in horror as the Warg pounces at his brother. The panic rushes through him as Fili knows there is no way he can make it to Kili in time. Suddenly, an arrow strikes the Warg and it drops to the ground. A breath of relief leaves the heir and he vaguely hears Balin cheer behind him.

"Thank you Balin," Fili gasps out only to have his eyes wide and panic to wash over him once again. "Kili!"

Fili watches as another Warg crashes into Kili and sends him into the rocky bank nearby. Urging the goat faster, Fili prays to Durin he can get to his brother in time. With blue eyes never leaving his brother, Fili tracks the Warg's movement over Kili's prone form.


Just when Kili thinks it's all over, an arrow zings by and embeds itself into the pouncing Warg. The Warg lets out a pain-filled howl and drops to the frozen river. Kili lets out a breath he doesn't know he'd been holding and he feels his body relax slightly. Suddenly, a large mass plows into him and Kili finds himself airborne. With a crash, Kili rams into the rocky embankment before collapsing to the ground.

Kili groans as pain flares into his side and he opens his eyes. There's a low growl and Kili's eyes dart up to see a Warg stalking towards him. Kili groans and tries to push himself up but pain lances through his side again and Kili's vision grays out marginally. Trying to control his breathing, Kili hears the Warg practically on top of him now. Kili lifts his head up but the only thing that meets his vision is a row of sharp teeth.


In one last attempt to save his brother, Fili spurs the goat towards the Warg. Once he's close enough, Fili leaps from the goat's back and draws his sword. As he comes to a landing, Fili slices the Warg's neck. Fili watches as blood spurts from the wound before the Warg collapses to the ground.

Fili hears Dwalin approach so he quickly turns his attention to Kili. Dropping to his knees, Fili helps Kili sit up and checks him over. A groan escaping Kili has Fili's eyes darting to his younger brother's face.

"What hurts?" Fili asks hastily, concern lacing his tone.

"'M fine," Kili grinds out in irritation. In order to prove his point Kili pushes his self to his feet. He tries to stifle a groan but experience tells him Fili heard it.

Fili's eyes narrow at the barely concealed groan and he watches Kili closely. Kili's arm is tight to his side and his body is tensed up. When Kili's eyes finally look up to meet Fili's, the eldest heir grimaces at the pain reflecting in Kili's eyes. His brother is most definitely not fine.

"How bad are they?" Fili asks as he eyes dart to Kili's ribs and then back up to his gaze.

"They're not broken. Probably just bruised," Kili sighs out, giving in to the inevitable.

Fili studies his brother but nods his head when he sees the sincerity in Kili's eyes. With a turn, Fili glances behind him only to raise an eyebrow in surprise. The packs of Wargs are dead on the frozen river. Most of them have arrows through them but some have been killed with a sharp object. Dwalin is standing watch with his axes, covered in blood, held at the ready. The older warrior turns his head and his gaze meets Fili's. Fili nods his head in thanks and Dwalin returns it. After glancing towards where Thorin is riding his goat, Fili turns to look at his brother.

"Can you ride?" Fili asks, trying to quiet his overprotective voice in his head. The one that wants to tell Kili to hide until this war is over. Kili nods his head and the three of them grab their goats. They climb onto the goat's back and race after their king. Fili might be allowing Kili to continue but he was certainly going to make sure he was beside his younger brother's side at all times.


Dwalin had looked on with horror when the Warg approached Kili's still form. It was a blur in his peripheral vision that had captured Dwalin's attention. Turning his gaze, Dwalin is just in time to see Fili leap from his goat and kill the Warg as he lands.

It is experience that tells Dwalin to get to the young heirs. And his experience is helpful when Fili turns his undivided attention to Kili. Without wasting any time, Dwalin jumps off his goat and starts attacking any Warg coming in their direction. He can see, and hear, Balin's arrows fly by and hit Wargs nearby.

It takes some time but between Dwalin and Balin they have diminished the threat. Glancing behind him, Dwalin sees Kili sitting and Fili checking him over. Dwalin turns his attention back to their surroundings and keeps watch. Thank Durin they are somewhat concealed by the bend.

After a short time, Dwalin hears Kili get up and Fili's eyes are felt watching him. Dwalin turns his head and glances at the eldest their. He can see the gratitude in his eyes and Fili nods his head. Dwalin nods his head in turn and turns his attention to the surroundings again. However, the warrior didn't miss the other emotions in Fili's eyes. Protectiveness being the main one, but he also saw fear there. Dwalin forces a swallow. He knows if Kili doesn't make it through this fight, neither was Fili. He also knows that this fact went the other way around as well.

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