To the dear reader that has decided to read this story for their amusement, please do not skip this page!

If you have clicked on this story, I am assuming that you have noticed that the rating has been placed as an M. I also assume that you understand what the letter indicates, other than for the usual lemon fics' here and there. Understanding what the two points above indicate, you can proceed to finishing this prelude. Speaking of such, I have placed this as a forewarning, and not just a waste of space.

This fanfiction you are about to read is not heavy in a comedic way, and it certainly is not light with the troubles that the OC, Himitsu, Yūjō, will face.

Saying this, you'll probably be like: "They're talking nonsense!". It's the opposite, really. I may not be experienced enough to write such angsty and heavily depressed stories, but a story is a story, and stories are meant to be placed out there, whether they are or are not read. With that said, I am emphasizing on my practice for realism, and it's not the hilarity that I am ensuing. Rather it is more on the dark side of a human's personality with slow recovery.

If you already don't like the description I am giving you, you are free to back out of this now.

Content wise, I don't think that I am capable of making it heavily depressing, still though, you must be prepared for coarse language, vulgarities, bullying, abuse, and all the such that are under such a category.

So you see, dear reader, it is up to you, whether you would want to read this fic or not. If you choose to go forward, even after all this warning, I expect you to be mindful of what you say or not, me being an amateur at these things is debatable. Sure I can accept the flames, but there can be a difference in what is appropriate and what is not.

I must also emphasize on the point that I will not be held responsible to any unstable changes that you may, the reader, feel. Please, if you feel that you are of a weak heart to these genres, do not proceed any further, go read something else to pass your time.

With all that said, assuming that you have read up until here, I wish you a satisfactory time in reading this fic.