Just a fun story I felt like writing.


Including but not limited to- Percy Jackson, Star wars, and Hunger Games.

"Uno!" Reyna yelled. "Haha!"

Rey sighed. "Third game in a row."

Katniss smiled. "Giving up already?" As she put down a yellow seven which left her with one card.

Rey chuckled and said, "You will let me win."

In unison with eachother, they said,"We will let you win."

Reyna shook her head. "Hey! That's cheating!"

Katniss laughed. "You guys are funny."

Rey's face lit up with triumph as she pulled another card. "Add four Praetor! Change color to green!"

Reyna grumpily took four cards. "This isn't fair."

Katniss smirked. "Pouty." She put down her last card: A green two.

Rey collected the cards and put them back it the box. "That was fun."

Reyna looked around. "Next we shall play...twister!"

"No!" Rey and Katniss looked terrified.

Reyna almost choked. "Okay okay! We could play kings in a corner."

"mmmmmmkay." Rey put up the uno cards and grabbed playing cards.