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Including but not limited to- Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Star Wars, and Maze Runner.

"Left hand on yellow!" Percy called.

Finnick squirmed as Thomas squeezed under his thigh and Fin reached over his head.

"Why are you climbing all over me?" Finnick laughed.

"Cause we got no other choice." Thomas choked.

"Tongue on green!"

"What?" Fin yelped.

Percy chuckled. "Nah. Just making sure you're listening. Right foot on red."

"Well we are listening!" Thomas shouted as he collapsed.

"Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu're out!" Percy drummed his fingers on the spinner.

Thomas rubbed his fingers together. "That's okay. I can smell the cake Annabeth and Rey are cooking."

"DON'T YOU DARE COME IN HERE! IT'S NOT DONE YET!" Annabeth yelled from the kitchen.

Thomas raised his eyebrow at Percy. He only shrugged. "I like her that way."

Annabeth burst out of the kitchen still with oven mitts on. "Perseus Jackson so help me I will kill you."

Rey's laugh echoed through the kitchen. "Cool it, Annabeth. He's just being annoying.

Annabeth smirked at Rey's remark. She kissed Percy on the cheek and headed back to the kitchen.


I hope you guys are liking these one-shots!