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Tales from the Killer Pimp

Apparently, my 'contribution' to this story doesn't even need to be acknowledged anymore as the last chapters show. Nevertheless, I will continue to honor my obligation and just to remind the author you have to do at least two stories within a year otherwise you will experience our latest drug which has been nicknamed 'Alien' mainly because it feels like your stomach is about to explode. The tech boys have been working on an Alien doll utilizing the hydrochloric acid in your stomach to inflate it, so when… I'm sorry; if your stomach explodes there is time enough for you to see it coming out of your body.

Perhaps, I got a little carried away. What a completely inappropriate way to introduce such a sweet story. I'm rechecking my blood sugar once more after reading it. The most important thing for an undercover operative is to protect your true identity at all costs. The less contact you have with the 'real' world the less opportunity it allows for your enemies to take advantage and compromise yourself and your country. Relatives, especially, are hidden away; even that Uncle that thought $2 in McDonald's gift certificates made for an excellent Christmas and birthday gift. You protect him for no other reason than knowing he'll squeal out the rest of the family to try and save his scrawny neck.

Except for the most unrepentant pricks, the 'family question' will always tug at even the most professional operative. The best agent I ever worked with had at least eight forged birth certificates and as curious as I was to find out which one was real; I did not want to be the one who could compromise her. Despite the training and reminders of the dangers; spies and even their bosses are human. No matter what a far too tall and skinny nerd would state.

There comes a time in every spy's career where they feel the pang of family. Many choose to ignore it; others flock towards it, and some try to straddle the line and maintain both. This last is by far the hardest to do, but with a meticulous plan and the fortitude for everybody involved to follow through on that plan it can be done, but disaster is always one misstep away.

Chapter 4: Mother's Day

Emma Bunton stared out the backyard thinking of her birth daughter. While her current daughter, Molly, was a gift from Sam to give her a second chance to be the mother Sam felt she robbed her of becoming. Emma allowed herself Christmas, Sam's Birthday, and today, Mother's Day to take some time and pray for her daughter's well being. After 'giving' her Molly; Emma had nightmares for the next week over the vacant state of those blue eyes, her body hardened not only from training but from the punishment it had received. There was little time for… she had disliked the name Sammie since Jack had initially brought it up. Well, taking after her father she hopefully did not have that name for long; it was understandable with the real name of Bill Lumberg why he would feel obligated to change it. Sarah; that was the name she had mentioned before taking off as quickly as she could. Sarah… Emma closed her eyes and bowed her head hoping that her daughter Sarah was safe.

Emma had quickly discovered Sundays were the exception for Molly; every other day she was up early, not so patiently waiting to get started with her day. It wasn't as if she didn't like church or Sunday School. She got along with all of the other kids there and going to The Original Pancake House afterward where Molly would always scrutinize over the menu before deciding on the 49er flapjacks every time was something they both looked forward to. Emma glanced at her watch as it told her it was nearing the time to make sure Molly started to get ready. However, a solid knock on the door paused that.

Looking through the peephole showed a smiling young man with a brown hat. Another knock startled her a little so she put the chain on the door and slowly opened it to take a better look. The brown truck with yellow symbol and lettering along with his outfit signified he was a delivery man, but Emma had no recollection of ordering anything.

"Emma Bunton," The tall, smiling man stated.

Emma nodded, but then said, "I didn't order anything."

"It looks like there is a gift receipt attached to this and it is marked perishable. So, if you can just sign here I can give the box to you."

Emma took a look at the box; it was fairly small and it was marked as perishable. She signed the page and took the thin box without having to undo the chain. The man, still smiling, waved goodbye and wished her a good day before turning around and walking to his truck. Her itinerary forgotten and her curiosity piqued she carefully opens the package to find a disc and a note. Turning the note over she read: Dear Mom, I know I said that it wasn't safe for me to see you ever again. Thankfully I was wrong and the person after our little girl will never be able to harm her. I do know the note will never suffice as substantial proof, for somebody who was married to Jack Burton. Please play the enclosed disc. Love Sarah.

Emma took a deep breath and took a quick moment to think about this. If this was a ruse from the people after Molly; it made no sense since they would ostensibly already have her address and wouldn't need whatever signal could be sent from the disc. She went to her computer and turned it on, she placed the disc into the computer and when the image appeared on screen Emma could not hold back the tears as it was her Sam… Sarah and she wondered what had happened as she looked completely the opposite of what she had the last time she saw her daughter. She was radiant; her smile was almost blinding, but Emma basked in it. When she started to speak Emma wiped her eyes and listened intently.

"Hi, Mom; I know you got the note and I hope this proves to you this is not a trick. I think bringing the girl to you was the item that sparked everything else which ended up giving me a life I had never dreamed possible." Sarah wiped her eyes before continuing, "When you get this I hope you'll want to contact me and call this number ******-****. Either my husband or I will pick you up or give you directions to drive up. I hope you'll call soon… Chuck come over here, so they can see who you are if you go to get them." The camera shifted slightly until it clicked in place and a man came around to the front and sat next to Sarah. "Mom, this is my husband Charles Irving Bartowski. Don't be afraid, he smiles like this all the time."

The man took faux offense to that and suddenly Emma realized she had seen that smile very recently and almost enjoyed watching their continuing banter on the monitor as much as they did in delivering it. She did not want to tear herself from the screen but heard Molly open the door and complain that they were going to miss church. Not hearing a response the five-year-old made her way to her mother wondering what could be more important than getting her ready. Seeing her mom crying worried Molly until she turned and gave a kiss while pulling Molly up onto her lap.

"Sweetheart, that is your sister Sarah." Molly smiled as she had not remembered what her sister had looked like when she visited a few years ago. She was curious about her but also knew Mommy got a little sad after talking about her.

"She's pretty."

"Yes, just like you."

"Who is the man?"

"That is her husband… oh, he may be outside right now, or he may have left…"

At that time there was a loud click from the monitor and suddenly only Chuck's face was on screen, "Emma if you have looked at this and a half hour… oh, who am I kidding, as long as it isn't Monday I am still waiting out here. So if you could please come out and let me know if you want today to be the day. Thanks."

Emma and Molly looked at one another as Emma asked if she wanted to see Sarah today. Molly nodded her head vigorously and Emma laughingly agreed, "Ok, Molly you and Rex get ready and I'll make sure our ride is still here." Molly ran off to her room and Emma looked outside and saw Chuck being lectured by one of her neighbors about parking on the street on a weekend.

Chuck noticed Emma watching with amusement with an all too familiar look he had come to adore and just put it down as a familial trait, "See, all I have been doing is waiting for Miss Bunton to see if she wanted to return the package." Chuck gave a pleading look to Emma, hoping for her to bail him out.

"It's ok Crystal. He will only be here for a few minutes more. He's my son-in-law."

Those words seemed to completely allow for no further explanation until her face contorted, "Molly?"

"No, my older daughter, Sarah; she was living away from here and has just recently moved back to the West Coast."

The woman looked Chuck over scrutinizingly once more causing Chuck to blurt out, "We own a pretty successful company, I'm just dressed this way to complete the surprise."

The woman shook her head, "Don't go building yourself up. Just having a job is important; as long as you take care of your family. That is the measure of a man, not what he does." The woman satisfied with her remarks nodded her head to both Chuck and Emma, straightened her ostentatious hat, and went on her way.

"Crystal is the person behind the neighborhood watch. Molly should be out in a minute. I'm going to go back inside and check on her. I think you need to stay with the truck in case she calls a towing company."

Emma smirked as she headed back inside, the door just about closing when Chuck got the intended message as he exclaimed, "Awesome, you guys are coming!"

Initially a little worried about where Molly was going to sit was waylaid as the back of the truck was outfitted with what appeared to be very expensive equipment. Chuck told Emma she was more than welcome to sit in the front, but would probably be more comfortable in the back; those chairs have a massage setting. Molly was strapped in and given the choice wanted to play Mario Kart. Chuck quickly showed Emma how to switch the feed if they wanted to watch a movie as the truck had Netflix.

The drive was surprisingly quick and created a laugh from Emma as Chuck had said they had to upgrade the engine because Sarah occasionally drove it and she gets frustrated that every car doesn't accelerate like her Porsche. He concluded that with "Please don't tell her I said that… Please." This drew another laugh and she suddenly could see how this man had charmed her daughter.

Emma had assumed she would be spending the majority of the time on the drive up polishing what she was going to say to her daughter, but between the fun, Molly was having… ok, Emma played a game or two of Mario Kart with her and the amusing anecdotes Chuck would every so often pop up with; there was no time for thought, and when Chuck announced they were here Emma was suddenly extremely nervous. She fumbled a little attempting to unbuckle Molly's car seat and almost jumped when she felt Chuck's hand touch her shoulder.

"Hey, this is a Mother's Day surprise for the both of you. Don't worry she is going to be so happy to see both of you." Chuck finished with a funny face that caused Molly to squeal with laughter as he deftly unfastened her seat belt. "Uhh, my friend has a problem with the seat belt sometimes as well... and he will be upset you beat his best score on Mario Kart." Molly smiled brightly and hooked her arms around Chuck's neck and shook her head when Emma made the initial move to take her.

The group made their way through the courtyard and the smiles from both Molly and Chuck eased Emma's nerves. Hearing the doorbell ring brought them back with a vengeance and Emma found herself floundering in her mind what should she say, should she go for the hug she desperately wants to, amid a few other dozen scattered thoughts made her miss the door open and Chuck with Molly still attached enter. A few more minutes passed by before a softly uttered, "Mom?" broke the silence.

Emma looked up into her daughter's eyes and immediately latched on while Chuck and Molly were joined by Ellie and Devon watching the reunion with only the youngest able to hold back the happy tears.

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