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Back when I was a child, I used to wander around places and I love to explore everywhere. I know, it probably sounds like a lie for a person like me but, what I'm about to tell you now is the story of how I lost my arm. And my eye.

First of all, I was an orphan. I had no parents, no guardian, so there was no one to take care of me. I guess that was the reason why I loved to explore new things, why I hated to stay indoors. Because I would be reminded. Of my sad life. Of course, some folks took care of me, but they didn't really feel like parents.

Most of the time they would just leave food on the table for me to eat and just provide me with shelter. And they usually ignore me altogether, or pretend I'm not there. I guess my real home was outdoors.

My friends have similar stories as well. They either have no parents, or they ran away from home. This was a rough planet, and kids like us might not even survive for a year alone.

As a kid I was adventurous, brave, and most of all I was fearless. I wasn't afraid of anyone or anything. Much less the abandoned warehouse, that my friends told me to stay away from, located at the outskirts of the city.

Of course as you all predicted.. I went to that warehouse. I couldn't remember or didn't care much about the warehouse, meaning I didn't know why it was abandoned or whatever still lies in there. All I know is that there was an abandoned place that needs exploring!

Please, I was small at that time. Cut me some slack.

I got to that abandoned warehouse at midnight with my trusty tricycle.

What? Too old to use it? Well I have quite a small figure as a child. Probably my years of exploring tight, unreachable places have contributed to this. And so I was able to ride the bicycle without any discrimination. And added the fact that not many people cares about me. So I was doing fine with it.

So, now my arms pushed against the hard wooden doors that were keeping the warehouse closed. And it wasn't budging a bit! I tried to even put my weight on it, but it didn't even move! Damn my small frame!

I wasn't going to back down from this flimsy little obstacle. And so I explored around the warehouse for any kind of entrance, or any kind of doors. That I can push this time.

Just as I was about to finish circling the warehouse thus ending my journey, I spotted a small vent that was rusted terribly. So, I just teared the grate off its screws and Voila! A nice, rusty, small but otherwise accessible entrance!

I hastily crawled my way through the vent, turning left, right to wherever this takes me to. I was crawling for what seemed like ages before I finally found an opening that I can finally wriggle my way out.

As I dusted myself, It took me awhile to adapt to the dark and stuffy room. A bright light flashed across as I switched on my flashlight. It seemed that I have landed myself on an office of sorts because it has those filing cabinets and papers scattered across the floors and on top of the desks.

If only I had been smart enough to actually investigate my exploration sites, I would have known through one of the papers that was on the desk that this warehouse, this place was abandoned because a horrible event took place right within this warehouse.

A massacre. And the culprit has not yet been identified.

Obliviously, I walked out of the office door and found myself looking at what seems like a hallway. Well it was at one point. Now it just looks like someone dropped a bomb on it. Rubble and debris filled the floors and pieces of furniture were scattered across as well.

My right path was blocked by mountains of rubble and dirt. Whereas my left path was also covered by debris but slightly more dangerous with shards and pointy objects jutting out and about. I had no choice but to walk across the slightly dangerous albeit passable path.

I warily tried reaching for the end of the hallway, having passed other rooms that weren't interesting like other offices, toilets or equally destroyed rooms. However, something caught my eye as I was entering on one of the rooms.

A vending machine! How cool is that! Vending machines were endangered in this planet.

I tried to look through the glass for any kind of candy, wiping the dust to see more, but stopped as I noticed that something has fallen down on the machine. And it was a chocolate bar! Still in a pretty good package though.

Happy with my discovery I placed the bar inside my backpack and walked out the room. And I continued on walking through the hallway.

As I finally reached the end of the hallway, I heard a faint sound of rubble falling down. I plainly ignored that, thinking it was probably because of my presence that kind of tipped of a pile or something.

But of course.. That wasn't it. It was something else. Something...


But I didn't know that yet.

I then opened the doors to find myself on a huge room where, if i was correct, was the actual warehouse. The place where you store things and items. However as I shone my flashlight across the rooms, desperately trying to make out something interesting, I failed to notice something really disturbing.

All the shelves were empty. Nothing on top of it. As if it has never been used before.

Of course, I failed to notice this and instead continuously wandered around the huge dark room. I walked around and tried to shine the whole place with my small flashlight, trying to make out the room, but instead I tripped over something.

And it was a rock. Way to go.

However, and thankfully that rock led me to another hallway. Don't ask me how, it just did. This hallway was more tolerable than the previous one, only having dust slightly covering the floors. But then I noticed something strange.

There were no doors.

There was only one staircase leading to a dark place upstairs.

Now, since I was what I described I boldly walked through the hallway and up the stairs. And for the first time in my life I felt a sudden chill.

Not that cold one, mind you.

The one you have when you sense fear.

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