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Rachel POV


OMG Rae I really miss you so much,

Hopefully you get out soon. My friend said that you'll most likely get out on good behavior. So please be good! Ok.

-Love Lucy, haha.


Sorry I took so long to write back. Things are pretty hectic here. You remember Franny? She came to visit for a couple of weeks and something happened. I'm not sure, nobody tells me anything but it made her sad.

-Love Lucy


Rae! These are so far in between but I meant to tell you that I moved. I'm starting a new school and everything. And I'm sorry I wont see you when you get out. I miss you so much you were my best friend. But I truly think this is goodbye, I don't know my new address by heart but I promise to write you from home so that you'll have it. Anyway, wish me luck, I hate new places.

-Love Lucy

That last letter was two years ago. She never wrote me again. The papers were all worn from folding them so much.

I kissed the letter and put it back into the envelope before stuffing it back under my pillow. I groaned and rolled over in the cot, staring up at the ceiling of the cell.

I've been in juvi for three years for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. Sadly I missed out on so much of my teenage years because of it. I came in here when I was only 14, breaking my mothers heart and leaving behind my older brother Noah to take care of her.

I've been counting the days until my release, only one more left then I'm out of here.

They've put me through counseling so that I'll be able to go back into the working world without any mishaps, they were afraid I'd be another statistic, a person who enjoys jail, enjoys the rules, enjoys that construct of it all. It's not a bad place, and if you get used to it and you truly don't have anything going on outside of juvi…. Well it makes you want to stay. There's nothing else to do so you might as well.

I've been waiting so long to be released. I miss being home, I miss my mother's meals, I miss my brothers personality. I miss my friends who aren't allowed to visit because apparently it's a law that you need to be 18 to visit.

Without my friends visiting for the first few months of me being here I became depressed, then I became angry. But eventually the feelings disappeared and I started socializing with the other girls here. They aren't half bad.

There's a girl named Honey who I became real close too. She's this light skinned chick who got caught up with drugs, it was her third strike, plus she violated her probation so she was stuck here for 7 years, when she reaches the age of 18 she'll go back to trial and hopefully, she'll get out, otherwise she's going to prison to finish up her sentence.

Honey has thick curly hair that she keeps in two long French braids. There's a tattoo on her neck that simply has an X on it, I have the same one, she had my back and I had hers. People with the X on their neck are protected and we usually get better food in the chow hall.

Regardless of that, she's the only one I'm truly going to miss. And unlike my friend "Lucy" I'm actually going to write her when I leave.

Damn, now I'm thinking about Lucy again.

She was little on the heavy side, and I actually really liked that. She had brunette her and striking hazel eyes that were hidden under huge glasses, with a bubbly personality and infectious laughter. She was a dork and we talked about comic books all day.

We used to go the park all the time and I'd tell her all my secrets, and she'd tell me all of hers while we sat on the top of the jungle gym as if we ruled the whole park ourselves.

I smiled to myself at the memories. I remember kissing her right before I went out the night of my arrest. She was upset about it, I guess she didn't like me the way I liked her but she said it was fine as long as I never did it again.

I didn't realize I was in love with her until I went to juvi and didn't see her anymore.

"Lights out!" The warden was walking through the chambers and I huffed before clicking out my light.

I closed my eyes and listened to the footsteps and jingling of keys as all the guards clambered around.

Eventually I drifted off to sleep, thinking about my freedom.

Black Betty

"Finally Rae, check you out. Got all muscular while you were locked up huh?"

I beamed at my brother Noah who now had a mohawk sitting on top of his head. He bulked up as well and he grew much taller than me. I'm now 5'8 and if I was guessing I would assume he's almost 6 feet.

"Yeah big bro. I'm so happy to be out."

I looked around the front of the detention center and noticed how the sun was shining brightly and the birds were flying above. It was a good feeling, I get to finally enjoy the weather fully.

"Well come on I'm driving you home. Mom is ready to go already."

I turned my head to him as we walked towards the parking lot. "What do you mean ready to go? And you can drive? You gotta teach me."

He chuckled as we approached a black Dodge Challenger. "We're moving Rae. I don't think mom wanted to tell you until you were released that way you wouldn't do anything reckless. Her words not mine." He stated while putting his hands up in surrender.

I smacked my teeth and readjusted the bag on my shoulder.

"Well where we moving to?"

He grabbed my bag from me and threw it into the trunk and unlocked the door for me.

"Some place called Lima, Ohio."

Black Betty

"Oh my goodness my baby, look at you ah." My mother squeezed my cheeks and kissed them both as she gushed over me.

"I missed you so much baby. I'm so glad you're home and safe. Alright everything is already packed but we're going out to dinner to celebrate then we're heading on the first flight out of here. You're going to love this new place, it'll definitely keep you and your brother out of trouble…"

I glanced at my brother as our mother continued to ramble on and on. He just shrugged and walked into our now empty house.

I was kind of sad to be honest. I wasn't expecting to move as soon as I was released. I at least hoped that I would be coming home to my room and to lay on the bed that I've had since I was 3. But things change, and I guess she was right, we needed a change of scenery.

Later on we had dinner at red lobster and my mother asked me about my time away. I told her all the clean things that happened and she got on me about my neck tattoo.

When all was said and done we were sitting at the terminal waiting on our flight out of my hometown.

I was gonna miss VA, there's no place like it.

I was a tad bit anxious, a lot of things happened while I was out. My brother has changed a lot, and my mother seems to be, I don't know how to explain it but she's high strung almost.

It seems as if she hiding her sadness behind a smile and I'm not completely sure if it's my fault or not.

I rubbed my hands together as we listened out for our fight. I kept looking around at all the business people shuffling about with their suits and briefcases. I wonder what their lives are like. Do they have children? Wives? Mistresses?

Are they really on a business trip, or is this their way of escaping their homes for a couple of days, getting away from their partners.

"Flight A23 to Columbus. Gate 14B"

That's us.

As soon as I was settled beside my brother who sadly got the window seat I leaned on the armrest and closed my eyes.

This flight was taking me somewhere completely new. I'm literally leaving everything behind, but I guess it's ok. I was only 14 when I left, so I guess the friends I had moved on but regardless, I have to start all over, and that's what I'm nervous about.

Black Betty

I was incredibly surprised that everything was already in place when we arrived at the new house.

It was a two-story place, very cozy, and it seems that ma was already here putting things together.

There was a Toyota Camry out front, which apparently she gave to us for school. The other cars would be here in a couple of days due to the movers not having a truck or something like that.

While in Juvi they still had us in classes so we wouldn't fall behind too much. But I still had to take a placement test at the new school.

It was Monday morning and I was getting dressed into a white v-neck, leather jacket, loose black skinny jeans and a pair of black Dr Martens.

I was surprised to find my switchblade in the nightstand drawer. My brother must've packed it and hid it from ma.

I slid the clip into my waistband and pulled my shirt over it. I checked myself in the mirror and put my hair up into a loose bun and slid on my ray bans.

Satisfied with my outfit I grabbed a pen off the desk, stuffed it behind my ear and walked out of the room.

Noah met me in the hallway and together we made our way to the car.

"You ready for this shit?" He asked as we got settled inside of the Camry.

I shrugged and started to fiddle with the radio as he pulled out of the driveway.

"Either way I still gotta get used to having freedom again. But it's whatever, you ready?"

I glanced at him as he nodded. I noticed he had a toothpick in his mouth that he was chewing on and I briefly wondered if he's always had that habit.

Black Betty

My brother and I stuck out like a couple of sore thumbs. It seemed as if nobody had fashion sense except for one boy who I swore picked his outfit out of one of those fashion magazines.

With our leather jackets and gruff look people mainly stayed out of our way. I stepped on something extremely sticky and my shoes started squeaking every fucking step I took.

Some dude in a red letterman chucked some drink at this kid. I was surprised all the kid did was walk away, I would've beat his ass something serious.

The other strange thing that happened was that nobody seemed to care about the kid. Almost as if it was normal or some shit.

My brother and I stood in the middle of the hallway trying to navigate our way around, I'm almost positive we were lost.

"Why don't they have those little signs that tell you where shit is?"

"Maybe if we keep walking down to the end we can find it." He suggested.

"Damn I wonder if I stepped in soda or something my shoes are extra sticky." I said while glancing down at my shoe, lifting my leg up to look under it.

"Excuse me, you're in our way." A snarky voice stated from behind us.

My brother and I turned around at the same time, coming face to face with a trio of cheerleaders (based off of their uniform I can only assume that's what they are).

Two blondes and a brunette.

"Move out the fucking way before I go all Lima Heights on your new asses."

My eyes moved to the brunette and I raised an eyebrow. I don't do well with threats.

"Yeah sure. We'll move." I said slowly while my eyes traveled to the girl next to her. A taller blonde with striking blue eyes, before I looked at the other blonde who has yet to say a thing.

Her hazel eyes reminded me of Lucy a little bit and all of a sudden I didn't feel like being much of an asshole anymore.

I shoved my brother to the side and let the three cheerleaders move past us.

But of course us being Puckerman's we watched them walk away, checking out their legs and watching their hips all the way until they turned the corner. Me and my brother shared a smirk when all of a sudden we were hit by something cold as fuck in our faces.

"Welcome to McKinley fresh meat!" Some dude said followed by ugly laughter.

Oh fuck no.

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