The time of this chapter is two weeks after the last one.

Black Betty

Rated M

Chapter 5:

Rachel POV

The work yard is super easy. Since I don't have much experience they just have me handing them huge ass pieces of wood for a couple hours a day.

There's this one dude Rico who's only a few years older, he took a liking to me right away, hands me a Corona Extra after each shift.

I decided to save the beer this time, slid the glass bottle carefully into my jeans and covered it with my shirt so my mom wouldn't see.

I was standing on the curb in front of the work yard waiting for Noah to finish in the porto-potty.

The beer was really starting to become uncomfortable.

"Yo Rae." I looked back and saw Rico walking towards me with his tool belt over his shoulder.

I nodded my head acknowledging him.

"I'm throwing a party for my little cousin. You should come through."

"When you say little cousin…. You mean like, a child's birthday or?"

"Nah, she's about your age actually. It's basically a block party. It's gonna be this Friday if you need a ride I got you."

I shrugged and looked behind me when I heard more footsteps. Noah was finally making his way over.

"Your brother can come too."

"I'll think about it man. I'll talk to my bro, I'll let you know tomorrow."

"Sounds good. Later"


Rico walked off towards his truck. Noah stopped beside me smelling like all types of ass. "What was that about?"

"Just talking about this party he's throwing this weekend. Man you need some Degree, or something strong. Your pits are on fire."

He shoved my shoulder making me stumble a little bit.

"A party? Shit we should go. Come on though, I cant wait to shower."


With a little cash in my pocket I decided to be a bit generous.

"Yes, I needed this so much. Thank you, Rae." Lucy said with a smile, sipping her coffee.

I smiled down at her, leaning against the adjacent locker. "I found it necessary, you're a slug in the morning."

Lucy rolled her eyes but grinned anyway. I caught myself staring at her a little too long so I shook my head and tried to focus my attention elsewhere.

I need to get laid, staring at straight women all day is very unhealthy.

"By the way, you said you bought a phone and I have yet to get your new number."

I tilted my head down towards her, I still can't get over her being blonde. "I've only had the phone for like two days, these things are expensive. Plus, ok this is the real bullshit. My phone, this brick." I flashed her the iPhone X. "This bitch cost me 200 off top, they ran a dumbass credit check, like hello, I'm in high school."

She giggled, and that kind of caught me off guard. I forgot how adorable this girl was.

"Then I had to buy the case, the Apple Care, and the plan for unlimited data is ridiculous. So I didn't get it."

She snorted and I raised an eyebrow. "You might as well get unlimited, paying for your gigs will cost you more."

"Wanna bet?"

She shook her head. "No, you're gonna need the money when your bill comes."

"Hey Q!" Santana and Brittany said while walking towards us.

"Greenie, I would say hello but then that would imply that I care."

I raised up off of the lockers and gave Santana my full attention. "Aw, Santana we don't have to pretend like last night didn't happen."

She looked so offended, eyes wide. "What?"

"I enjoyed it, and the way you were holding onto me. I can tell you liked it too."

Brittany looked at Santana confused. "San, I thought you said you were at your Abuelita's house, and you went to Rachel's house, even though you know that I would've liked to go too?"

I grinned at the Latina before turning my attention back to Lucy who lightly pushed my shoulder.

"Don't be an ass Rae."

"She started it." I mumbled.

Lucy rolled her eyes and finished off her coffee handing the empty cup to some random freshman who passed. "Throw that away for me."

I shook my head at the power these three girls seemed to have. My eyes spotted my brother down the hall talking to Sam by his locker.

"I'm out Lucy. I'll text you my new number." I said while walking off.

"Don't call me that!" She yelled, and I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Yo Sam, Noah, wassup." I showed the two some love and stepped back once I noticed what Sam was trying to keep horribly hidden in his hands.

"Why the fuck are you just casually holding that."

I kept staring at what I knew for a fact was a good 4 grams of coke.

"My brother brought me some yesterday, I wanted to share it with Puck, you're more than welcome to have some."

I shook my head. "Nah, I'm good, thanks for the offer." I glance at Noah who was awfully quiet. I already knew he was high.

"Just be careful aight Sam."

He nodded his head. "Always am."

Yeah, that's what he thinks. I couldn't believe my brother was going back to his old ways. Plus he wasn't even going to tell me. Whatever, it would be hypocritical of me to talk shit. I've done worse things while I was in Juvi.

"We're heading outside to indulge a little bit, sure you don't wanna join? It's like half an hour before class starts." Sam said. He was a cool dude, plus I respected him for never asking any questions about my past.

"I'll come outside with y'all sure." Noah grinned at me and threw his arm over my shoulder while we walked through the hallways. I wasn't sure where we were heading but Sam was leading the way.

We hit a set of double doors that led to the football field, and I could vaguely see some people hanging out under the bleachers.

There were a couple of beat up couches that were scattered and 3 girls and a random guy laid out smoking cigarettes.

Sam took an empty spot on the couch; Noah retracted his arm from around me and pulled up a blue plastic chair. "That's for you Rachel."

Puck took a seat next to Sam and they got busy forming small lines of coke on a textbook Sam retrieved out of his bag.

I sat down on the chair and looked at the people we joined. One girl with curly hair sat up and looked towards my brother, awfully curious.

"I've never seen any of you before." She got up, flicked the cigarette on the ground and walked towards us. "It's kind of rude to run up in my spot, and not even offer me a gift."

Sam glanced up. "Mack this is, Puck, and his sister Rachel. Guys, this is Mack."

She raised her eyebrow and looked at Sam. "Ok, and you are?"

He lifted his hand to gesture to himself, confused. "I'm Sam."

"Ok" She shrugged and glanced at me. "You look familiar."

I tilted my head to the side. "I have a familiar face."

She smirked, giving her attention back to Sam who still trying to split the lines evenly. "Ok Sam, you want to use my space, you pay me. Especially if you're going to be doing that shit in plain sight."

"Deal." He went into his wallet and pulled out a five-dollar bill handing it to her.

I rolled my eyes; even Noah knew what she meant by that judging by the face he was tossing at Sam.

"I don't want your money sour patch. I want some lines."

His large mouth formed and 'O' shape and I had to chuckle at that.

He handed her the textbook and rolled up the five-dollar bill into a makeshift straw, handing it to her.

I looked away while she did what she had to do, decided to pull out my phone and text Lucy while I remembered.

Rachel Berry Puckerman

There, straight to the point.

"You doing some sweetheart?" I glanced up at Mack and shook my head.

She pouted a bit, handing the textbook to Sam.

"So, Rachel. Do you mind if I give you some attention over on the other couch?"

I thought about it. I was just saying I needed to get laid. This Mack chick isn't bad at all, reminds me of the girls in Juvi.

"Not at all."


"How the fuck did you get these so quickly?" I asked, in front of me were deliciously golden fries topped with cheese, and a Philly Cheesesteak sub from this place called Charley's.

I was practically drooling when Lucy dropped the bag in front of me, and plopped down in the seat beside me.

"This is me saying thank you for the coffee, plus, I don't think you've had a cheesesteak in a very long time."

I caught Santana rolling her eyes and violently bite into a carrot, while Brittany wiggled in her seat and munched on some sushi.

After popping open the containers and just staring at the food for a good five minutes, and then also, staring at Lucy for like a good five minutes I dug in.

Aw man, this food is bomb. I was focused completely on eating fuck everything else.

I saw this jock come over and sit beside me and I just gave him a dumb look. I don't know who he is, and I really dislike people being close to me.

"I need a slushy." He stated while glancing at me, then back towards Lucy.

I took another bite of my sandwich and watched silently as Lucy, Santana, and Brittany all pulled out their phones and were clearly texting each other.

"For who?" Santana asked.

"Some of those gay ass glee kids, talking shit."

I rolled my eyes and stuffed a couple cheese fries in my mouth while the girls texted for another minute.

I stared at the jock beside me. Basic white dude, slim build, I don't understand how he's on the team, must be the kicker.

"You get one, and I need a name." Lucy stated, raising that eyebrow.

"I need at least three, and I don't know their names." He shrugged.

Then they went back to texting while I finished up the rest of my food.

I started bagging back up the trash and pushed it towards the middle of table, out of my way.

Lucy snatched it up and held it behind her, and immediately there was another cheerleader there to throw it away for her.

What the fuck.

"Ok, you get one like we said. Give us the name later." Santana waved her hand and all of a sudden a huge Big Gulp cup was placed in front of the jock who smirked in response.

"Oh and another thing. Ryder, right?"

He nodded.

The cheerleader who brought the drink kind of awkwardly stood there for a little bit staring at him nervously.

"Take my baby cheerio on a date. And send me Karofsky when you get a chance, thank you."

He nodded with a little smirk and stood up, one hand holding the slushy while throwing his free arm over the cheerios shoulder and walking away.

I don't understand why he waited so long to use the drink. It was way after lunch and the hallways were stupid crowded. I was trying to mind my business, texting Mack back and forth while Lucy and her friends chatted beside me.

I saw the whole thing, and it kind of made me feel some type of way.

There was this black girl talking it up with her friend by the locker right across from us when the Ryder kid walked towards her and somehow sprayed them both with one cup of slushy.

Everyone around us laughed, including Lucy.

I don't know what I expected. I remember my first day here, and I knew Lucy was the person who ran the whole slushy thing. I guess I didn't want to believe that Lucy really was a bully in her own way.

I shook my head, the two people covered in some sticky mess just stood there with their eyes squeezed shut. I couldn't stand it; I just had to walk away.

I ended up running into my brother who developed the sniffles and walked with him towards the parking lot.

Sam wasn't around, we posted up against Noah's car and he pulled a cigarette from behind his ear that I didn't notice and lit it up.

I took a deep breath, old habits die so hard.

He was rubbing his nose and handed the jack to me and I took it after a beat.

I was cursing myself as I took that first drag, ain't shit change.

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