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Chapter 1: The Return of Palutena

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" Pit said.

"Come on let's get moving!" Luke said.

"It's been too long Lady Palutena." Pit said.

"Yes it's good to see you again my lady." Luke said.

"We can chat later boys." Palutena said. "But now it's time to fight The Underworld Army's invading.".

"Whoa! you weren't kidding!" Pit said.

"They're coming at us in different directions!" Luke said.

"If these are Underworld troops, are you saying Medusa's been." Pit said.

"Resurrected yes." Palutena said. "Though the goddess of darkness was defeated long ago she's back now and as goddess of light it's my duty to protect humanity from her.".

"Eh you worry too much!" Pit said.

"With us help you out we save the world." Luke said.

Medusa appears before Pit and Luke

"Medusa!" Pit shouts.

"So this is medusa i was thought she would have been uglier than this." Luke said.

"Hello there Pit and you too Palutena here to crash my homecoming party." Medusa said.

"Uh… this is definitely no party." Luke said.

"Oh and you might you be little worm?" Medusa asked

"My name is Luke second captain of Palutena's army and they only human to live in skyworld." Luke exclaimed.

"Soon it won't matter cuz you'll be dead right along with Pit." Medusa said. "Cuz what better way to celebrate my return than with a festive little bloodbath? After all i have been gone for 25 years.".

"They're moving their attack to the ground!" Pit said.

"Then so are we!" Palutena said, leading Pit and Luke to ground level, all the while being attacking Underworld troops sent by Medusa. "Your destination should be coming into view now.".

"Now they're attacking the town this isn't right!" Pit said.

"The people need your help I'd better get you over there." Palutena said.

"Please and thank you very much." Luke said.

As they reached the town floating above they heard people of the town cheering.

"Do you hear that do you hear the people's cheers?" Pit said. "They're celebrating the return of the goddess Palutena!".

"See this shows that the people haven't lost hope." Luke said. "But it's time to get serious and take out the Underworld Army.".

"Prepare for land battle boys." Palutena said.

Upon reaching the ground they boys proceed down an alleyway into the streets of the town taking out some shemum in the process.

"You're here to help the townsfolk so wipe out as many monsters as you can." Palutena said.

"Not a problem right pit?" Luke said.

"Yes we're on it." Pit said,Shooting some monoeyes.

"Hey i see a intensity gate let's go through it and pick up the treasure." Luke said,notifying Pit.

They through the gate only to come face to face with a Crawler accompanied by two Gyrazers.

"Whoa! i thought there was a treasure here not more enemies." Pit said in shock.

"No this just means we have to beat them then we get the treasure." Luke said.

The boys engage the monsters taking out the Gyrazers easily but the Crawler proved to be harder to deal with, getting shoted by cannon fire but found a weak spot and attacked it destroying completely receiving the treasure leaving through the gate to notice the sky turn blood red and what looks like a ball of fire lands on the ground and hops toward the colosseum.

"What was that?" Pit asked.

"Medusa has unleashed an evil beast in the colosseum you need to hurry there!" Palutena called.

"On our way my lady." Luke said.

The boys began to run up the staircases leading up to the colosseum lined with various enemies and out of nowhere a giant metal ball was toss out that will roll backdown the staircases take out some monster in the process once the boys made it past all of the monsters they were free to enter the colosseum.

"TWINBELLOWS!" Pit cried.

"The Underworld's faithful watchdog." Palutena said.

"Old Pit's gonna teach you some new tricks!" Pit yelled. "Now play dead!".

Twinbellows engulfed in a fiery aura charged at the boys Luke had successfully dodge the two head dog but Pit got hit and knocked on the ground. the beast was coming back for another charge but thinking quickly Luke get pit up to his feet and dodge the Flaming Charge making the beast collide with the wall make it dizzy taking this chance they closed in. Pit began shooting at it while Luke unleashed some melee attacks the the dog got up letting a roar the dog jump towards Luke trying to slash him with one of it's claws but dodge it perfectly.

"You're gonna have to do better than that ya mutt!" Luke cried.".

The dog breathes flames and use them to hurt Pit but not letting it happen Luke charged at the dog jumping towards his face and slaying off his horn the dog let out howl in pain.

"Get em Pit Finish em NOW!" Luke called.

Not wasting any time Pit charged at the dog and shoots a charged shot at the dog's chest.

"Yeah victory is ours!" Pit yells.

"Nicely done there Pit." Luke said.

The beast is killed and explodes into pillar of light. Medusa finally surrenders the town and her troops have retreated

"Listen well medusa!" Pit shouts "Your days of darkness numbered prepare to meet the light!".

"Let's return for now." Palutena said "This was just our first step in defeating medusa.".

"Before we come back my lady there is something i need to get first." Luke said picking up Twinbellows's cutoff horn "Ok now we can leave.".

Once they were back in skyworld Luke asked Pit for his first blade and rush to Palutena's chamber with the horn in his possession as well.

"My lady i have to come to make a few new weapons." Luke said.

"Ok Luke you remember how to do this right?" Palutena asked.

"Yes i do." Luke said putting three weapons in front of him Pit's first blade, the first blade they got in the first town, and the horn of twinbellows then gets on one knee into a prayer stance. "Help me out my lady.".

Then Palutena summons her staff began the fusion on the first blades creating the Wolf Claws, and the horn of twinbellows has been created into a cannon.

"Thank you for the help my lady now Pit has better weapons for the next mission." Luke said.

"Your welcome Luke now go put those weapons to good use." Palutena said

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