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Death: noun; plural noun: deaths;
Synonyms: demise, dying, end, passing, loss of life

The action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism.

The state of being dead.

The destruction or permanent end of something.

Reincarnation: noun;

Someone who has been born again with a different body after death.

Rebirth in new bodies or forms of life; especially: a rebirth of a soul in a new human body.

A person or animal in which a particular soul is believed to have been reborn.


Death wasn't what I had been expecting it to be.

I wasn't sure what exactly I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't the dark emptiness that met me. I had gasped and struggled for air, each breath being drowned out by the deep thumping of my heart, desperately reaching for where I knew my freedom lied and–

I was consumed by nothing.

Of course, it's probably not the nothing one would expect – it wasn't a lack of awareness or a deep sleep, no, it was nothing, and there is no way I could possibly begin to explain it, no way to understand it without experiencing it for yourself. Seeing nothing, hearing nothing, feeling nothing, being nothing, my very existence was slowly erased, every last trace of my being eaten by the darkness until, eventually, nothing. I try not to dwell on it.

Reincarnation also wasn't what I had been expecting it to be.

Although that's mainly because I hadn't been expecting it at all. I had thought that once I died that was it, game over, no redo's, and my soul would cease to exist. I also hadn't really cared much about what happed after death.

Finding that my soul was given a second chance…that I could live again…

It was honestly disappointing.

I didn't want to live again. My life was so full of shit, unending trial after trial, that I wanted nothing more than to rest; to just let go of existence and find some form of freedom. I didn't want to go through life again.

That's what I wanted when I…

Too bad I don't have a say in it.


I didn't notice it, at first.

"Luffy…why would you do something so stupid?" I muttered as I carefully put the bandage on the wide cut under his eye. There was no doubt he would need stitches later.

"Ah, it didn't hurt one bit-" he grins at me as tears falls from his eyes.

"Liar, don't do anything so stupid again!" Shanks hollers and Luffy glared childishly.

"I'm not afraid of pain at all!" he shouted back, "Next time, bring me out to sea; I want to be a pirate too!"

Shanks stares for a moment, before bursting into raucous laughter. I glare at him.

"Not being able to swim is a pirate's greatest weakness!" he laughs, "You can't handle being a pirate!"

"As long as I stay on the ship I'll be fine," Luffy says angrily, "besides, my fighting's pretty good too!"

Luffy stood up on his stool and proudly punched the air while proclaiming, "I've rigorously trained before! My punch is as strong as pistol fire!"

Shanks snorts and averts his eyes away.

"Pistol…wow really..?" He says blandly and props his head up on his hand.

"What kind of tone is that?!"

"I think Luffy can do it…" I mutter quietly, a lifetime of memories proving it to be true.

Shanks quirks an eyebrow at me and I flush. I hadn't meant for him to hear that. In the background the rest of his crew are happily telling Luffy about how great the pirate's life is.

"Hey Captain why don't you take him with us one time?" asks one of the crewmembers, "It's not a big deal."

"Yeah I agree," nods another one and Shanks waves his hand submissively.

"Well then, next time one you get off the ship and let him take you place," he says and the rest of the crew immediately turns away.

"Whelp we've said enough! Let's drink!" They cheer.

"What kind of friends are you?!"

"Well, the most important part," Shanks says, pointing his spoon for emphasis "is that you're still too young. Wait another ten years and maybe then I'll take you out to sea."

"Dang it Shanks, I'm not a kid anymore!" he whirls on the pirate, and I maneuver myself out the way of his flailing arms.

"Don't be mad, here drink some juice."

"Wow, thanks!"

"You really are a kid!" Shanks howls with laughter, tears streaming gleeful tracks down his face. I feel myself heat up with second-hand embarrassment.

"What a dirty trick!" Luffy shouts and stomps off, muttering angrily.

I watch him go and sigh before turning my attention back towards the bar. I grab the small glass of orange juice Makino placed before me and begin taking tiny sips. Next to me, Shanks makes fun of Luffy's lack of ability to swim.

It took me seven years to realize just where I had been reborn. Which was embarrassing, to say the least.

I never really connected the dots, hadn't equated my twin brother Monkey D. Luffy with the Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece. I hadn't even thought to think about that manga I had read a literal lifetime ago.

But then…Shanks docked for the first time at our little island and it just-

Made sense.

I had been lost and confused for days. I'm still lost and confused. I'm not really sure what I should do; what I can do. Those seven years gave me enough time to get attached to my brother, enough so that I can't bring myself to see him as just some character in a book. He's my brother. My family. Everything that's going to happen to him…

I can't let him face that alone.

I've been given a chance, a way to repent for what I…or perhaps this is my punishment.

Luffy was so much more than the manga portrayed him to be – larger than life, innocent, naïve, happy – and I can see the person he will become as easily as breathing. Luffy was made for greatness, will draw in those who are lost and fill their life with brightness, give them hopes and dreams, and I–

I can't take that away from him.

Monkey D. Lucy should not exist.

I should not exist.

Strangely, despite my mental age, my body will act and react without my will – childish actions and innocent interactions, and because of this I have managed to fool the people of this village. I am mature for my age, this everyone knows, but not overly so, because despite everything my body will still giggle at stupid miniscule things, will still perform actions that only a young child would, will prove that I am in fact a child, and not a 45+ year old stuck in a 8 year olds body. It only sets in stone how much I don't belong. How wrong I am. How-

Sometimes I think about running away.

About leaving Luffy and everyone behind, about letting him live his life unhindered, about just…disappearing. Luffy is young, and my leaving could have disastrous affects, but going by that logic maybe nothing would change at all; maybe he wouldn't even remember me. Is the risk really worth it?

But then I look at him, see how happy he is, how free, seethe innocence and hopes and dreams he holds, and I can't bring myself to do it. I want to stay with him. I want to protect him.

But can I do it? As I am now…I am weak – both physically and mentally. I have not recovered yet from my death, my mind is still broken, and every day is a struggle for me. I am still not sure whether this is reality, if this is all just a hallucination my mind has concocted to deal with the trauma I have endured while I lay on my deathbed in the real world. If this is an illusion my mental health is only going to deteriorate. I recognize and understand my minds current stability, which is relieving, but I don't know how to get better.

I obviously can't go around telling people that I am actually a reincarnated soul who shouldn't even exist in the first place, and oh yeah, all of them are just inanimate characters from some old guys mind. That'd go over real well.

I'm stuck at square -100.

Sighing, I slouch deeper in my stool and eye the bottle of sake sitting innocently next to Shanks. Damn underage body.

"What's on your mind kid?" he asks me, a wide grin tugging at his face. It was no secret that Luffy was definitely the favorite of the Red Haired Pirate's crew, but being Luffy's twin sister had its perks too.

"It's nothing," I reply mildly, downing the rest of my juice and turning to scout Luffy's current position. Shanks lifts an eyebrow, but says nothing, obviously not believing me.

"Luffy, would you like something to eat?" Makino asks, lugging in a large barrel of beer with surprising ease.

Luffy immediately turns away from Beckman at the prospect of food and sits next to me, happily banging his fork and knife down on the table.

"I'll pay you with my treasure!" he grins, and Shanks barks out a laugh.

"What treasure? You're lying again."

"No! I'll definitely be a pirate, and I'll pay her with the treasure I find!"

"Ok Luffy," Makino laughs kindly, "I'll be waiting."

I say nothing and kick my feet off the stool in a steady tempo. Being a kid was boring, even with pirate's roaming around.

"Hey Shanks?" Luffy asks after his food's been delivered, and tears a huge chunk of meat from his steak.


"How long are you gonna stay?" I turn my attention toward them, and cock my head curiously.

"Well it's almost been a year since we made this town our base," the redhead replies, "I plan on setting sail a couple of more times, then leaving this island and heading north."

"A couple of times…" Luffy trails off thoughtfully before turning to Shanks with a grin, "I'll learn how to swim by then!"

I can't muffle my snort and Luffy sends a scowl my way.

I open my mouth to say something, when the door to the bar suddenly bursts open with a cracking bang. All of our attention turns toward the disruption of our fun, and I shrink away at the man who walks confidently through the door. The bandits…I forgot…

Give me a break; the last time I read One Piece was over fifteen years ago.

"Excuse me!" the bandit's leader calls out, grinning lazily as he walks through the door, "So, this is what pirates look like? This is my first time seeing pirates; they look pretty dumb to me."

Luffy looks on curiously, picks up a fruit, and munches on it. I can't help but sigh exasperatedly, but don't move to stop him, tugging him away from the bar. This kid…

The bandit comes to a stop before Makino, letting his hand rest on the hard wood of the bar.

"We are bandit's," he says, "were not here to cause any trouble, we just wanna buy ten barrels of sake."

"I'm so sorry," Makino smiles, nervous sweat trailing down her face, "but we are out of sake."

"Oh?" the bandit asks, eyeing Shanks and leaning in close, "that's strange, what are they drinking then? Is it water?"

"No, it's the last of the sake…"

Shanks looks up from the bar and gives the bandit a subtle glance over.

"I'm sorry," he grins, "it looks like we've drank all of the sake here, I apologize."

He grabs the bottle I had been eying earlier and offers it to the bandit. I tug Luffy closer to me, and move us behind the bar. He doesn't resist.

"Here, if you don't mind, take the last bottle."

The bandit says nothing, the tension in the air is palpable, then he takes the bottle from Shank's hand and cracks it over his head with a smash. Luffy gasps and struggles against my hold.

The bandits all snicker and smirk, Shank's says nothing, and Makino looks shocked and worried.

"Just who do you think I am?" the bandit leader asks angrily, "don't take me so lightly! One bottle is not enough!"

"Oh no, now the floor's all wet," Shanks says.

The bandit scowls angrily and holds up a wanted poster, "See this? My head is worth eight million beli! I'm one of the prime fugitives here, and I've killed fifty-six people before, you cocky bastard!"

"Now that you know who I am, don't mess with us again! Mountain bandits and sea pirates don't mingle well."

Shanks doesn't reply and begins to pick up the broken pieces of glass that litter the floor, "Sorry about that Makino, do you have a mop?"

"Ah, it's fine! I'll clean it up," Makino replies nervously, eyes shifting back and forth between the bandits and Shanks.

This seems to anger the bandit's leader further, and he unsheathes the sword lying at his waist. Luffy is dead silent, eyes darting back and forth, and I keep my hold firm on his arms. This needs to happen…I can't interfere…this is an important lesson for Luffy…I just have to keep reminding myself of this.

He swings his sword, Shanks is sent flying backwards, and the bottles and cups littering the table fall to the floor with a crash, while Makino screams. Luffy jolts and I can't help but let a squeak escape my mouth.

"Well it seems you really enjoy cleaning," the bandit grins, "You can now enjoy doing it more."

He makes his way toward the door, lazily putting his hands in his pockets, and tosses a "Later, you bunch of chickens," over his shoulder. The rest of the bandits snicker and follow him out.

"Captain, are you okay? Did you get hurt?" Makino asks worriedly, and kneels before him. I release Luffy and he shakes angrily.

"No I'm fine," he sighs, a smile beginning to overtake his face. The rest of the crew grins at each other before bursting into loud, chaotic laughter.

"Our Captain looked so silly!"

"He fixed you up good Captain!"

Shanks pulls his straw-hat off his head and joins in with the laughter while Luffy look on in angry disbelief. I inch away from him.

"That was disgraceful!" he shouts at last, veins throbbing on his forehead, "So what if they have more people?! Who laughs after getting picked on? You're not a man and you're not a pirate either!"

Shanks says nothing, and smiles after a moment, "Look, I know how you feel, but it's just a bottle of sake. It's nothing to get worked up over."

"I don't want to see you again coward!" Luffy mutters angrily and stalks away towards the exit.

"Oh, c'mon, don't go Luffy," Shanks grabs Luffy's arm, and I pad my way over.

Instead of being pulled back by the strength of Shank's grip, Luffy's arm stretches insteadand he keeps walking. I pale and can't help but cringe; it looks a lot weirder and creepier in person. It was just…wrong.

"Wha-?!" all of the pirates exclaim, eyes bulging from their head.

"His arm! It's stretching, that's..!" Shanks exclaims in shock.

"No way, you-!"

I let out a shaky sigh, but don't say anything, I let this happen after all, and force Shanks to let go of Luffy's arm. It snaps back to him with a crack that sends him tumbling over.

"What's happening?!" Luffy shouts, looking between his arm and Shanks wildly.

"It's gone!" Lucy Roo exclaims, "The Fruit of Rubber we took from the enemy is gone!"

He turns on Luffy and shows him a picture of the fruit I watched him eat earlier, "Luffy, did you eat this?!"

I don't know why he's asking when it's pretty obvious that's exactly what he did.

"Well, yeah, wasn't it dessert?" Luffy says; sweat pouring down his face, "it tasted pretty bad though…"

"That's the Gumo Gumo no Mi!" Shanks shouts, shaking Luffy wildly, "It's one of the fruits of the devil and one of the rarest treasures in the sea!"

I sit myself down at the bar to watch the events unfolding; all of the pirates were shouting and running around in panic. It was beautiful.

"Whoever eats it will turn into a rubber man and will never be able to swim!" Shanks continues to shout, and Luffy's eyes bulge as his jaw hits the ground.

"Whaaaaaaat?! You're kidding right!?"

"You idiot!"


"They've been away for a while now…" Makino sighs as she cleans out a glass, "Do you feel lonely Luffy?"

"Nope! I haven't forgiven them for the bandit's incident yet!" Luffy exclaims and I roll my eyes.

"I overestimated Shanks!" Luffy says, and rolls his glass full of ice around, "I thought he was a tough pirate!"

"Really?" Makino asks, "I thought people who could laugh it off after getting picked on are pretty brave…"

"That's because you don't understand!" Luffy grouses, "There are times when a man has to fight back!"

He flinches after he realizes what he's said, and glances at me nervously. Sighing, I raise my hand, form a fist, and punch him firmly in the face. His head snaps back about a foot, and once again rests on his shoulders after a moment. He lets out a sheepish laugh.

"Don't underestimate women!" I say loudly, and he nods quickly.

"S-sorry!" he says, hand scratching the back of his head, and Makino lets out a little laugh.

"Excuse me?" a voice calls out from the front of the bar, and we all turn our heads simultaneously.

It was the bandits. Of course.

Shit, I forgot about this too.

What the actual hell, this is like, one of the most important parts of the series, there's no way I would've forgotten this. Did my death affect my memory..?

"Were back again," says the bandit leader, "well, it looks like the pirates aren't here today. It sure is quiet."

Ambling in, the bandits begin to take their seats and the leader pounds his fist against the table obnoxiously. I flinch.

"What are you waiting for?! Were customers! Bring us some sake!" he shouts.

"Why you!" Luffy mutters, anger simmering in his eyes.

"Luffy don't!" I exclaim quietly, and push him down from where he stood up on his chair. While I didn't want Shanks to lose his arm, more than anything I don't want my brother to be placed in that kind of danger – even if it's the most defining moment in his life. I'm his sister, I'm allowed to worry.

Makino sets to work on serving them food and sake, and thirty minutes are spent like this in peace until-

"Remember the faces on those pirates the other day?" One of them laughs, and I tense in my chair, holding tight to Luffy's rubbery arm.

"He didn't even say anything after being hit by the bottle, what a pansy!" laughs another, and Luffy's grip on his juice tightens.

"It's not worth it," I whisper to him.

"When I see a chicken like that, it makes me so mad," the leader grins, bringing his drink up to his lips, "I really wanted to kill him."

"Pirates only know how to act cool!" he laughs, and Luffy's body goes rigid before he shoots out of his seat.

"Luffy, no-"

"Shut up!" he roars, "Don't underestimate Shank's, he's not a coward! Don't underestimate Shanks!"

"Luffy let it go!" whispers Makino worriedly, eyes darting toward the bandits and nervous sweat pouring down her face.

I shoot from my seat and drag Luffy back as best as I can, but his skin merely gives way from me and begins to stretch. I stop, out of fear of the bandits noticing.

"Please, Luffy..!"

"Huh?" the bandits turn their heads, and the leader rises from his seat. His height intimidates me.

"What'd you say you brat?" he asks, his face shadowed by his hair.

"You heard me! You're the coward; you wouldn't even fight him..!" Luffy hollers and I can feel tears of fear and desperation tug at my eyes. Damn young body..!

The bandit leader stalks closer and picks Luffy up by the front of his shirt.

"S-stop!" I yell, somehow managing to find my voice, but he just ignores me.

"You need to be taught a lesson, brat," he says, and I can see angry veins throbbing on his forehead, before he turns and stalks out of the bar. The rest of the bandits follow him, snickering and making snide comments. They remind me of hyenas.

Darting forward, I attempt to stop them, but Makino grabs me before I can.

"L-let me go!" I shout and struggle against her hold, but her arms do not give way, "That's my brother! I have to help him, I can't just watch! He's my brother!"

Makino is pale and shaking when she turns me and kneels down, making firm contact with my eyes.

I am thunderstruck, tears dribbling down my face, and I don't know what to do, how to help.

"Listen Lucy," she says desperation I've never heard before in her voice, "I want you to stay right here. Don't leave the bar no matter what!"

"But-" I start, but she cuts me off by grabbing my shoulders gently.

"I'm going to go get the mayor," she says, "he can stop this."


"Don't leave!" she says firmly, before turning on her heel and rushing out the door.

I can't help but stare at the space she previously occupied in befuddlement. There's no way in hell I'm just staying here without doing anything. Panic bursts through my veins, a throbbing overtakes my head, and I take a moment to simply gasp for air. In the original timeline Luffy turned out okay, but...what if I changed something? What if me simply existing kills him? I can't-

Maybe if I-

"Right," I mutter to myself, and nod my head mutely. I take a shaky breath, wipe my face, and harden my resolve.

Mind made up, I stalk from the room without a glance back.

If I had maybe I would have seen-


Rushing to the port, I sidestep any villagers that stumble in my way. If I hurry..!

Blue water begins to come into view, and I hold my breath in anticipation. Dashing as fast as I can, my eyes dart around in search of my target.


"Shanks!" I shout breathlessly, trip over a loose board in the dock, and my knee's scrape against the harsh wood. Hissing, I feel a small trickle of blood run down my leg, but I ignore it.

"Woah, little lady, what's the rush?" Shanks grins, but there is concern in his eyes and he attempts to help me up. Pushing his hands away from me, I look up desperately.

"There's no time!" I say, the gravity of the situation becoming apparent, and tears once again prick at my eyes, "its Luffy!"

"What happened to Luffy?" Shanks asks me calmly, and kneels down to be at eyelevel with me.

"It's the bandits! They kidnapped him!" I gasp, and his shoulders tense with what I know to be suppressed rage.

"I see," he says, and lays his hand on my head, "I was wondering why no one welcomed us at the port."

Sniffing wetly, I look up at him. His face is shadowed by anger, but I can see the veins in his neck throbbing painfully. His crew is deadly silent.

He ruffles my short black hair and rises to his feet.

"It's okay Lucy," he says, and his crew begins to inch towards him. There was something heavy in the air.

"I'll get him."

Nodding my head, I stumble to my feet and latch onto the back of his cloak. Mental age or not, I was scared. My body was tense and shaky, the blood trailing down my leg forming a messy pool at my feet, and the terror running through my veins was thick and prominent. I'm one step away from an anxiety attack, and any form of comfort is much appreciated.

"Let's go," Shanks says, and the rest of his crew nods as they begin making their way from the port. I stay close to Shanks, and he lets me cling to his cloak.

Not even a minute later were standing in front of the bandit leader, and I see Luffy is lying at his feet, dirt smudging his clothes and skin. The bandit's leader's foot is resting on his head.

"Luffy…" I mutter, and twist my hands nervously.

"Hey, you guys were the bandits from the other day," Shanks says, an easy smile on his face.

"What's wrong Luffy? I thought your punch was as strong as pistol fire."

"Shut up!" Luffy shouts.

"Pirate…why are you still here? Do you plan on cleaning the whole town?" asks the bandits leader, "I suggest you leave now, come any closer and I might have to open fire on you, coward."

Ignoring him, Shanks continues to walk forward, and a nearby bandit flips his gun out and points it at Shank's head,

"Didn't you hear? You were told not to go any closer!" he laughs, "do you want to get shot?"

The other bandits all laugh and Shanks eyes him, "Well, since you pulled out your gun, I guess we'll have to fight."

"Huh?! What did you say?!"

"I said don't use this to scare people," Shanks says and points at the gun for emphasis, not even a hint of fear on his face.

There's a sudden bang as Lucky Roo appears behind him and shoots the bandit dead. He takes a large bite from the meat he's holding as the man slowly falls, a trail of blood following behind.

Makino screams, the mayor gasps, and Luffy looks shocked. I am unable to do anything more than stare. This…this was different form the manga. This was real.

"N…now you've don't it bastard!" One of the bandits shouts, and they're all pale, eyes darting to their fallen comrade. I can feel death surrounding him.

"That was dirty!"


"Dirty?" asks Yasopp, arms crossed over his chest.

"Don't make us laugh," says Beckman, puffing out smoke from his cigarette, "Do you think were saints or something?"

"The people standing in front of you are Pirates," Shanks says calmly, drawing out the last word, before patting my head and draping his cloak over me.

"Shut up, this is none of your business!" One of them yells, and I can see the fear on his face.

"Listen well bandits," Shanks says slowly, "You can whip food or sake at me, or even spit on me; I can laugh it off…but!"

The glare on his face intensifies, I can see why he's one of the strongest men on the seas; can see what makes him a Yonko, a man unafraid to go against Whitebeard himself, and I find myself unafraid.

"I don't care what reasons you have! I won't forgive anyone who messes with my friends!" He shouts, and I can feel his Haki thrumming in the air. I clutch his cloak closer to me.

"Shanks…" Luffy whispers, awed.

"'Won't forgive me' Hahaah!" the bandit leader laughs, "You, a bunch of pirates who float around on a ship all day, want to challenge us?!"

"We will destroy you!" His words seemed to have rallied his men, and they all grab their weapons to charge at Shanks, who doesn't look concerned in the least.

"Go to hell!"

"Let me take care of this," says Beckman, pulling out his long rifle and brandishing it, "I can handle them myself…"

He takes a long drag from his cigarette before crushing it on a nearby bandits eye with a 'tss', and the bandit lets loose a scream as he falls to the floor clutching his face. The other bandits scream in rage, as they continue their charge, brandishing their swords. With a lopsided grin Beckman brings his rifle up and-

Swiftly knocks them all out without firing a single shot.

"Woah…" I mutter, and collapse to the ground. Shank's cloak is large and pools around me. I kinda feel like a princess or something.

"Don't overestimate yourselves, bandits!" Beckman light a new cigarette, "If you want to fight us, you better get a fleet of marines to back you up."

"Wow..!" says Luffy from where the bandit's leader was digging his foot into his face.

"Amazing…" Makino says, awed.

"Wait a minute!" the bandit leader shouts, sweat pouring from his face like rain, "This little brat messed with us first!"

I growl under my breath and glare as fiercely as my seven year old body would allow. It probably wasn't very intimidating; I needed to work on that in the future.

"It doesn't matter, after all, there's a reward on your head," Shanks replies evenly.

"Nngh," the bandit grunts, and he looks around wildly for a moment before whipping something from his coat pocket and smashing it on the ground. A large explosion of smoke bursts forth, and I immediately jump to my feet and dash as fast as I can to Luffy.

"Lucy..!" I hear Makino shout, and I feel a small wave of shame and guilt before I stomp it down firmly. I won't just sit idly by while those I care about are in danger.

"Come with me brat!" The bandit leader shouts, and I push myself from the ground sharply, smashing my body into him. My hit doesn't really do much, except stagger him maybe, and I feel frustration tug at me edgily.

"W-what?" I hear him mutter, before I'm punched on the head and dragged from my feet. The punch causes stars to explode behind my eyes, and I can do nothing more than let him throw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

This wasn't my most…thought out plan…

"Let go of me!" I hear Luffy shout, and I struggle against the hold the bandit has on me.

The smoke was starting to dissipate and the bandit's sweat was soaking through to my skin when he turned sharply and made a mad dash between a nearby row of houses. Darting between alleys and side streets, we eventually come to a stop at the dock, and I increased my struggling as he throws me and Luffy into a nearby boat and jumps in.

It's only moments later that were out to sea, and I am paralyzed.


I'm terrified of water.

I know how stupid and silly that sounds, considering where I am, but it's true. Water…it calls to me in a way nothing else ever has, it calls to me so strongly and hauntingly that I have found myself standing at the docks more times than I can count and…it terrifies me. Considering what happened in my last life, I suppose it's only natural but-

I won't survive in a world like this.

I can't-

Luffy is struggling wildly, flailing his rubbery limbs before he seems to realize the type of trouble were in.

"Looks like we got away!" the bandit says cheerfully, a sick grin on his face, "Who would've thought a bandit would escape by boat?!"

"Well I only used you as a hostage, but you're useless now," he says, turns to look at me, anger simmering in his eyes, "And you girl…"

Tensing up and I try to back away from him, but the dingy boat is so tiny I merely run into the wall. He talks half a step forward, sharply raises his hand, and I am assaulted by intense pain that throws me harshly against the edge of the boat. Stars once again explode behind my eyes, and I let out a whimper as I clutch my cheek.

"I've killed fifty-six people who messed with me before y'know," he laughs, and Luffy leaps to his feet.

"You bastard!" He shouts, and attempts to punch the bandit only for him to be easily dodged. I watch the bandits leg raise and-

Luffy is kicked overboard.

"Luffy!" I scream, hands reaching out to grab him, but he misses my grasp by an inch.

"Ha!" shouts the bandit gleefully, "Good riddance!"

I can see Luffy's shocked tearful face before he hits the water, and my body freezes of its own accord. I have to help him, I have to save him, I have to-

I'm dragged upward by the back of my cloak and turned around to face the bandit leader. Tears are streaming down my face in a messy stream, but I keep my expression carefully blank. This is merely my body's reaction. Not mine.

If I keep telling myself that-

"Do you enjoy this?" I ask him as calmly as possible, even while my heart is beating an untamed tempo in my chest and my blood is rushing through my veins wildly.


"Do you enjoy killing children and slaughtering woman?" I clarify, and his grip tightens.

"Who do you think you're-"

"Does it make you feel powerful?" I continue, ignoring his words and the warning in the back of my mind, "Does it make you forget your own cowardice? Perhaps it amuses it, or perhaps it arouses you?"

"You-" he splutters, his jaw slackening slightly, and I feel satisfaction bubble in my chest. How strange this must be to him.

"Does death arouse you?" I stare him straight in the eye; his face is red with rage and his fist is trembling, "Is that how sick you are?"

I lean in closer, "Well listen up," I whisper, eyes narrowing, "I have intimate first-hand experience with death, and let me tell you-"

I pause, let him look into my eyes, and my face forms into a snarl,

"It isn't that fun."

I can see a hint of fear in his eyes now, and he bears his teeth angrily before punching me and tossing me into the ocean. Even though I can feel the terror beginning to consume me, can already feel the first laps of cold and water and salt, can feel death and darkness-

I can't help but feel pleased.

Luffy is spluttering and gagging next to me, and I somehow manage to force my way to the surface just in time to see the Lord of the Coast swallow the small ship whole. Terror freezes my movements and I am dragged down by the strong current of the ocean, am forced to swallow a mouthful of salty water and I gag desperately.

"Lucy!" I can hear Luffy shout distantly, before he too is dragged under, the curse of the Devil Fruit baring itself.

This catches the Sea King's attention and it turns toward us with a great roar.

Tears are mixing with the water of the ocean, I desperately reach for the surface, darkness consuming me – and it is dark and cold and endless and I am becoming nothing, every inch of who I am draining away-

I'm pulled to the surface.

Spluttering and coughing, I let my eyes drag up to see my savior. Shanks, of course, is there, calmly staring down the large beast. I feel hope and happiness fill me, relief and weightlessness accompanying it. We were saved-

"Get lost," Shanks says, and the Sea King stops, I can feel his Haki, and the ocean is calling to me, hauntingly and brokenly and endlessly, it hurts so much, I can feel everything, the Devi Fruits are out there, waiting, calling, and I can-

The beast turns on its tails and disappears into the blood filled waters. Sighing, Shanks turns his head up to the sky before looking down on us with a smile.

"Thanks Luffy!" he says, "Makino told me about everything. Thanks for sticking up for us."

Luffy is sniffing tearfully, and I-

I can't focus on anything.

I can only stare blankly at the water, watch the blood slowly drain into it. My mind feels broken.

"Oh c'mon, boys don't cry," usually I'd hit him for such a comment, but I stay silent.

"But, Shanks…" Luffy cries, clutching to him closely, "Your arm..!"

Letting my eyes fall on the bloody appendage, I blink slowly. I couldn't stop it after all.

"It's nothing," Shanks says, and pats Luffy's head lightly, "it's just an arm…as long as you're alive."

Luffy cries harder, and I lay my head on Shanks' shoulder. I couldn't…

The world is swallowed by darkness.


A week passes after 'the bandit incident' and the village settles somewhere between relief and peace. Everyone was relieved that Luffy and I were okay, but we've been coddled far too much for my comfort. Makino, who nearly had a breakdown after we were kidnapped, scolded me for an hour when we got back, but most of it was just 'I'm so happy you're okay's. She's been indulging us with food and juice since then, and Luffy couldn't be happier. On the other hand Chief, the mayor, has been giving us the 'cold shoulder' if you will. He was angry that Luffy started such trouble, and he was not afraid to show it – but everyone knew he was really just worried. Shank's seems to be taking Luffy's dreams of being a pirate more seriously, and doesn't tease him as often. As for me, well, I was never really close with anyone but Luffy to begin with, so it's not like much has changed.

"You're really leaving this time?" Luffy asks, staring up at the tall pirate, and Shanks laughs and turns his head away.

"Yep. We've stayed here long enough, it's about time we moved on," he says, and looks at Luffy from the corner of his eyes without turning his head, "are you upset?"

"Yeah, but I won't force you to take me along anymore, I'll become a pirate by myself," Luffy grins, and I poke him in the back.

"It's about time," I say, "that 'take me with you, take me with you' was starting to get annoying."

Luffy pouts at me, and Shanks sticks his tongue out at us, "I wouldn't take you even if you begged!"

He pointed his finger at Luffy and grinned, "You don't have what it takes to be a pirate!" he exclaimed.

I laugh at Luffy's angry expression, and poke him in the cheek. It boings against my fingers.

"Yes, I do!" he shouts, "one day I'll find myself a crew that is as strong as yours, and I'll find the greatest treasure!"

Everyone stops what they're doing to look at Luffy, and I can't help but hide behind him a little at the attention. Being social was never my strong point.

"And become King of the Pirates!" he finishes with a grin, and everyone grins.

"Oh, so you want to be bigger than us, huh?" Shanks comments idly, and I poke my head out from behind Luffy's shoulder.

"Well then…" he trails off, reaches up and grabs the legendary straw-hat resting on his head, "This hat is my gift to you."

He pushes it on Luffy's head, and the younger boys head bows, tears beginning to leak from his eyes, "This is my favorite hat, y'know."

"When you become a great pirate in the future, you'll return that hat to me," he says as he walks away, towards his crew.

"Ah," I realize suddenly, and dart ahead to catch Shank's attention just in time to catch the tail end of his conversation with Beckman,

"…he reminds me of my early years."

"Shanks!" I call out, and the man turns his attention towards me.

"Yes, little lady?"

I dig around in the dark leather satchel tied to my waist and bring out a familiar cloak.

"Here," I say, holding it out to him, "I cleaned it for you, so I thought you'd want it back."

Shanks says nothing for a moment, then reaches out his hand and grasps it. I start to let go, but am startled when he merely pushes it back towards me.

"Keep it kid, I wouldn't want to take away something that 'makes you feel like a princess or something," he grins roguishly and I flush furiously.

"I- I said that out loud?!"

He ruffles the hair on my head and begins walking towards his ship, something overcomes me and-

"The ocean is scary," I call out suddenly, and he looks at me over his shoulder, "and water's scared me for as long as I can remember."

He doesn't turn around, but I can tell he's listening so I continue, "But, Luffy's an idiot. He'll probably do something stupid like challenge the World Government or break into Impel Down of I'm not around, so…"

I look down at the soft, smooth material of the dark cloak and pull it closer to my chest before looking up at him with a grin.

"I think I'm going to become a pirate too!"

Shanks throws his head back and laughs, a deep sound that travels through the air and echoes lazily on the dock.

"I think my cloaks in good hands then!"

I let Luffy cry on my shoulder as we watch their ship sail away, and I pull the cloak over my body. The material's long, and I'm going to have to figure out a way to make it work, but…

There's no denying the happiness tugging at my chest.


The next five months pass in relative peace, Luffy attempting to get a grip on his rubber powers, and me attempting to get the damn cloak to stay on. The thing is more trouble than it was worth.

So, the town settled back into their daily routines and all was well.

That is, until Grandpa Garp came home.

Then all hell broke loose.



Can you believe this? I don't think words can begin to explain how hard I worked on this (and I'm not even that proud fml orz). I always struggle more with stories that follow the words line by line, so I can't wait to start making changes in the dialogue and overall story! I didn't want to change Luffy getting the straw-hat too much because it's something I genuinely enjoyed reading in the manga. Memories…

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