Anyone but Him

A/N: Decided to make this a two shot. This takes place pre-season one when Jay was first hired.


Hank wanted to kick himself, repeatedly in the balls.

The newest member of his team, Jay Halstead, being lead down the stairs to celebrate the end of his first day with the rest of the team.

It wasn't the celebrating that Hank was upset about. Hank wouldn't pay much times attention to the going on in the personal times of his team. (Then again with the exceptions of Jin and Erin, Dawson, Willhite, and Olinsky were married with kids). Oh no his problem was with the lust filled looks that were being passed between Erin and her future victim, when they believed that no one was watching them.

It was like he was watching the beginning of what lead to the down fall of Tommy Romero and all those who came before and after him.

All Hank had to do was replace the heart broken teenager with a heart broken former ranger, that he would be forced to see everyday look of a kicked puppy who also happens to have a license to carry. The only difference this time is that Hank handpicked this one and served him up on a shiny platter.

'Fuck' Hank thought now he had to save the stupid puppy before he became Erin's pretty new bitch.

Hank rushed down the steps to catch up with the group before they were off to Molly's. As he got to the bottom of the steps he could hear Platt call out his name.

"You're a little too late they already left five minutes ago. My question is why the hell did you hire detective pretty boy?"

"Not now Trudy, I am trying to a train wreck with a fatality" Hank said as he continued to try and make his way to the garage and meet the group a Molly's.

"Oh well excuse me dearie am I stopping you on your oh so important mission. Well news flash dipshit that train has left the station and he is making his way to the hazel eyed tunnel" Platt said in her usual sarcastic tone that she uses so often Hank has forgotten what her regular voice sounds like.

"Dammit Trudy, I don't need to hear that" Hank replied giving up his chances of escaping this conversation, the last thing he needs is to piss her off that women can hold up all his paper work.

"Well get used to it you're the moron who hired detective pretty boy and our girl Erin has got taste when it comes to looks."

"Yeah, well that's not about to happen on my watch." By this time he was in front of her desk leaning against it, he's pretty sure he may have twisted his ankle a bit on his rush down the stairs.

"Not about to happen? Who the hell do you think you are talking to? What you think you are the only one in this precinct that has had to handle that girl's trail of tears? Think again. She's a man eater Hank and a prime steak has just been placed in front of her." Platt said leaning down to look Hank in the eyes to show how truly fucked he is.

"Not if I make it a rule we are now a vegetarian facility and if someone wants any kind of meat they have to go to another restaurant" Hank shot back even though he knew there was a very low chance of that rule being followed.

"Uh huh, you even think about placing any kind of restriction on who she can see Hank and watch what that daughter of yours does."

"That's right she is my daughter. Erin is a lot of things, but when it comes down to it she will listen" Hank said to Platt though it sounded more like he was trying to convince himself rather than her.

Platt chuckled as she leaned back shaking her head before she gave him one final warning, "Well behaved women don't make history, so no when it comes down to it Hank every girl has it in for their old man"

Hank walked away after that with no other thing to add in, regardless of she said Hank had an obligation to make sure this team was able to function. If Erin wanted to date a cop she can, but it won't be Halstead anyone but him.


As you can probably tell I have a soft spot for Trudy, I love that women. Any way let me know how you like it.