Chapter Twenty Two

After many hours they finally arrived home, quickly unloaded the car, and dragged their things into the house. Harry had shrunk Ginny and his trunks before leaving the train so they didn't have to worry about luggage.

Molly told them that dinner would be served in a couple of hours; meanwhile they were free to do whatever they wanted. Harry and Ginny quickly left the house; they headed to the pond hidden in the woods.

"So, Harry, what can we do for the next two hours?" asked Ginny as she winked suggestively at him before running away.

"Mrs. Potter, I do believe that you are trying to seduce me," replied Harry as he gave chase. When he finally caught up to her he grabbed her around the waist and kissing her very soundly.

'It appears to be working' responded Ginny as she deepened the kiss.

'Yes it does.'

When they finally came back up for air, they found a quiet spot near the water. Harry sat down and pulled Ginny into his lap so they could continue kissing.

It wasn't long before they were getting a little adventurous as Harry's hand slowly made its way inside her t-shirt. He was a little hesitant at first as they had not gone this far before. Once he sensed that Ginny was perfect happy with what Harry was doing, he slowly moved his hand up to her right bra covered breast. Harry gently held her breast in his hand as they continued to kiss further.

'Hmm, Harry, that feels so good,' said Ginny.

Taking this as further encouragement, Harry slowly caressed her breast, this elicited an even stronger reaction from Ginny.

'Oh, Harry,' said Ginny as the emotions continued to wash over her.

It warmed Harry heart to realize that such a simple action could have such an affect on her. A few minutes later, Harry moved to her left breast and repeated what he had been doing.

They continued to kiss enjoying the new closeness they had discovered in this simple act. They didn't go any further with the exploring but were happy with the progress they had made.

Over an hour later, the two of them returned to the Burrow still enjoying the new feelings that they had experienced that afternoon.

They didn't realize that someone else had witnessed their time together.

Dinner was a noisy affair, which was hardly surprising as all the Weasleys had been invited. Molly was in her element; she loved having her family around her and cooking the largest meal Harry had even seen short of those at Hogwarts.

The conversations during dinner revolved around what had happened towards the end of the year. Harry tried to avoid talking about it but didn't really have much choice.

"Thank you, Molly, this was a delicious meal as usual," said Harry when he had finished.

"You're welcome, Harry," replied Molly.

"I am just glad that you are all home for once. It has been so long since the Burrow has been so full," continued Molly.

Harry felt slightly guilty at the announcement they were going to make later because he knew that Molly would be upset. He just hoped that the open invitation to visit would make things easier for Arthur and Molly to accept. Ginny picked up on what he was feeling and reassured him that it was the correct decision and that she had not doubts about it.

Harry and Ginny helped Molly clean up after dinner; the rest of the family disappeared into the sitting room so they could relax.

"So, Harry, I am sure that you are happy to finally be away from your relatives?" asked Molly as they washed the dishes.

"Yes, Molly. Mind you, Professor Dumbledore didn't make it easy for us," replied Harry.

"I can imagine he didn't, he doesn't like not having control over a situation."

"I just wish that he would let me make some decisions about my future. I already know the prophecy; it is not like I am going to run off and face Voldemort tomorrow," replied Harry.

Molly was slightly shocked that Harry had used Voldemort's real name, but decided that it wasn't an issue.

"Don't you mean, it's not like Ginny will let you run off and face him," Molly replied before laughing.

Ginny dropped the plate she was drying at that comment because she was laughing so hard.

"Oh, so funny," replied Harry as he wandless repaired the dish to the shock of Molly.

"How did you do that, Harry?" asked Molly.

Harry hadn't realized he had done it. Feeling slightly uneasy, he realized that he would have to explain to Molly that they could do wandless magic. Harry quickly called Arthur into the room so that they could explain to both of them. He then placed several privacy charms around the room.

"We haven't told anyone else what we are about to tell you. We both fully trust you, but need to ask that you don't share this with anyone else as it could cause problems," Harry said.

"Of course, Harry, anything you tell us will always be in strictest confidence," replied Arthur.

"Thank you," replied Harry as he looked around nervously. Ginny took his right hand into hers and started to caress his knuckles. She was also giving him strength through the bond to reassure him it was the correct thing to do.

Harry then went on to explain that both of them could do wordless and wandless magic, and practiced regularly when they were alone. The magic was not as strong as when they used their wands, but it was getting stronger.

Arthur and Molly had a number of questions for them. They answered them all honestly and without reservation as they didnt want to hide anything from them.

'Harry, since we have them alone, we should tell them about Potter Castle,' Ginny said after they had finishing answering their questions.

"There is something else that we need to talk about. We were going to wait until later, but now is the perfect opportunity," Harry stated.

They both looked up and waited for Harry to continue.

"As you know I now own Potter Castle. Since I no longer have to return to the Dursleys, we have decided to move to there. It is more secure than Hogwarts, and Xavier is going help Ginny and I add Phoenix magic to the wards which will make even more secure," explained Harry.

Harry went on to discuss all the benefits of moving to the castle and the facilities that would be available for them to learn and continue their training.

Arthur and Molly had a long whispered conversation before responding.

"Thank you for telling us Harry, we understand why you would want to move. However, we have to be honest with you; we are not comfortable with you two being alone together for so long. We know you made a promise, but it will be much harder to keep with no one else around," explained Arthur.

"That won't be a problem, Arthur; we would like to give you an open invitation to visit whenever you like. You are welcome to stay for as long as you wish. In addition, we are going to invite Hermione, Luna, Neville and the twins to join us and continue the training that we have been doing since Christmas," replied Harry.

"Well, that is very generous of you, Harry, but we would still prefer it if there were adults with you all the time. We will be happy to visit, but cannot leave the house unattended for too long," replied Arthur.

"We are also going to invite Sirius Black and Remus Lupin to move to the castle. Ginny and I have been working on a potion that should stop his transformations, so it is the perfect opportunity for us to test it and get additional training from them," replied Harry.

Arthur and Molly looked at each other again and realized that they had fully planned out what they wanted to do, and therefore were happy for them.

"Well, it is obvious that you have put a great deal of thought into this; therefore, we are happy to give our blessing. When will you be leaving?" asked Molly.

"We are going to leave this evening; we would like a couple of days to ourselves before the others arrive. We promise that we will not do anything that would cause us to break the promise," Harry told Molly as he got up and approached her.

"Well, I wish you could stay a little longer, but will not stop you," Molly said as she pulled Harry into a hug.

"I am so proud of both of you. Again you have shown that you are capable of making mature, sensible decisions," Molly stated.

"Thank you, Molly," replied Harry.

They continued to talk for a while longer discussing when Arthur and Molly would visit them at the castle, and making sure that Sirius and Remus were at the castle before the others were invited. Harry was happy to agree to the conditions, and promised to wait until after their first visit before inviting the others.

After dinner, Harry and Ginny went off to find the twins who had disappeared as soon as dinner finished. They found them in their room, plotting something. They quickly discovered that the twins were making plans for some new pranks for next year at school, and wanted to ensure that they had plenty of time to brew anything they needed.

"We have a fully functional Potions lab at Potter Castle," said Harry after they finished explaining what they were doing.

"Really? Well that would be useful," replied Fred whose face lit up as though Christmas had come early.

"Yes, and we were looking for you so that we could invite you to stay at the castle this summer," Harry told them.

"Ginny and I are moving in this evening. We have spoken to your parents and they are happy for you to stay," continued Harry.

"Wow, that is cool guys. When can we come?" asked George.

"In a few days. We have to talk to Sirius Black and Remus Lupin to ensure that they can come to the castle first," explained Harry.

"Okay, well we would be happy to come," replied George again.

"Great, we are going to invite the rest of the New Marauders so that we can continue to train." Then Harry laughed. We can also help work on the pranks and have some fun. And just for incentive, we have a full Quidditch Pitch and a large swimming pool."

They twins had the biggest smiles on their faces as Harry and Ginny continued to tell them about the castle, and what facilities were available.

They continued to talk for a while about their summer plans, and began a schedule that they would try to keep each day. The twins didn't want to wake quite so early during the summer.

They soon returned to the living room to talk to Bill, Charlie and Percy. Arthur and Molly had asked Harry and Ginny to talk to them so that there was no confusion about what was happening.

They walked into the room and settled down on the large couch opposite the fire. Once the others got comfortable they started to explain what was happening.

"Guys, we have spoken to your parents already and wanted to explain what is happening. As you know I no longer have to stay with the Dursleys. That was made possible because I now have a new home. We have decided that that we are going to move in tonight. We have extended an open invitation to your parents to visit whenever they like," Harry told them.

"That offer is open to the three of you also. If there is anyone you would like to bring with you, we will need to talk to them first. However, if they are someone you trust, then we doubt that there would be any problems."

"Well, thank you, Harry," Bill said. "As I told you recently, I trust you with Ginny, therefore don't have a problem with this. I think you know who I would want to bring with me when I come; so I am sure you won't have a problem with that?"

"No, Bill, Fleur will be welcome at any time. The twins will be moving in at some point soon too," Harry said with a smirk.

"We also wanted to let you know that Sirius Black and Remus Lupin will be invited to live with us. Sirius has already offered to train us"

Harry never got to finish that sentence as a cutting curse hit him in the back of the neck just missing his spinal cord. The reaction to the attack was instant. Ginny quickly erected a golden shield around them which absorbed several more curses. At the same instant, Xavier, and to everyone's surprise, Fawkes, flashed into the room. Ginny was quickly laying Harry down on the couch so that they could get to the back of his neck. The blood was spurting everywhere, and it was obvious that Harry was going to die soon if they didn't stop it.

Fawkes and Xavier landed on the top of the couch above Harry, and started dropping tears into the wound. Ginny was trying desperately to stem the flow of blood which was quickly washing away the tears that Xavier and Fawkes were attempting to heal Harry with.

'Ginny, you are going to have to transform and help us,' explained Xavier.

Ginny didn't hesitate, and soon the three Phoenixes were crying into the wound and finally the blood started to slow down. Almost five minutes later the wound was fully healed, however, Harry had lost a large amount of blood.

'Xavier, has Harry lost too much blood?' asked Ginny desperately.

'No, Ginny, he was close, but he will survive.'

'Oh, thank Merlin, I cannot believe this has happened again,' replied Ginny.

As soon as the shield had appeared, Molly had sent a message to Professor Dumbledore explaining that Harry had been attacked. Madam Pomfrey arrived a couple of minutes later with her medical kit.

"Ginny, you will need to lower the shield so that Madam Pomfrey can check Harry," said Molly.

"Where is Ron?" asked Ginny in an angry voice.

"He is being dealt with, Ginny. He is out of the way and will not be able to interfere any more," replied Molly.

"Okay, but I am warning all of you, if anything else happens, we will not be responsible for the consequences," replied Ginny.

Ginny lowered the shield and allowed the others to approach. Madam Pomfrey immediately started checking Harry, and confirmed that the wound had fully healed. She explained that the curse had hit his main artery and therefore the blood was flowing very quickly. That was why it took longer for the Phoenixes to heal him as the tears were being pushed away by the blood.

Harry was still unconscious and Madam Pomfrey explained that until his blood was fully restored he may stay that way. They didn't want to force him to wake up, as that could cause problems too. Blood Replenishment Potion would need to be administered every four hours for the next three days.

Meanwhile, Molly had pulled Ginny into a hug and was comforting her. Now that Harry had been healed the adrenalin had worn off and the impact of what had happened finally hit her. She sobbed silently into Molly's chest.

"So much for having a few days to ourselves," said Ginny.

"Ginny, given the circumstances, I believe it would be best if I come with you to help care for Harry," replied Molly.

"Are you sure, Mum," replied Ginny.

"Of course, it is the least we can do," replied Molly.

"Thank you, Mum. I am not sure what we would do without your help," replied Ginny. Molly hugged her again and reassured her that she would never have to worry about getting help.

"Madam Pomfrey, thank you for your help. We are going to move Harry to a new location, unfortunately only Harry can give you access to the location or even tell you about it. We will be sure to contact you should anything happen," explained Ginny.

Just after the curse hit Harry, Bill had jumped out of his seat and immediately starting firing Stunners into the corner that the curse had come from. It didnt take long for a curse to take out the attacker who fell to the ground with a thud.

Bill quickly rushed into the corner and dragged Ron back into the room; he was quickly bound to a chair and left stunned.

Bill stood guard over Ron, while the others watched on as the Phoenixes healed Harry. All the others were shocked when Ginny transformed into a Phoenix and started healing Harry too, but didn't say anything.

After Madam Pomfrey had left Ginny just sat in shock on the couch holding Harrys head in her lap. She didnt talk to anyone else. Harry wasnt even responding in the bond at the moment, which was scaring Ginny. She knew that he was still there but wished that he would come back.

'Harry, are you okay?' asked Ginny in the bond.

Just as Harry had when she was unconscious Ginny started pouring all her love for Harry into the bond. Xavier was also singing directly into the bond which was strengthening the love that Ginny had.

After twenty minutes Ginny was starting to get very worried.

'Xavier, is Harry going to be okay?' asked Ginny.

'Yes, Ginny, he will be okay, eventually. The more love he feels coming from you, the faster it will be. I know you are scared but just keep going,' replied Xavier.

'Thank you.'

Ginny continued to pour her love into the bond. Suddenly Fawkes song joined them in the bond and further increased the strength of Ginnys love. It was this addition that finally broke through to Harry.

'Harry?' asked Ginny.

'Yes, what happened?' asked Harry. He was still very confused and didn't understand why he was unconscious.

'Ron attacked you; the cutting curse hit you in the back of the neck,' replied Ginny.

'Well, that explains why it hurts so much, why can't I wake up fully?' asked Harry a little worried.

'You lost a large amount of blood, Harry, it took Xavier, Fawkes and I to fully heal the wound. You will need to take Blood Replenishment Potion for three days,' explained Ginny.

'Oh,' replied Harry.

'We are going to move you to Potter Castle soon to complete the recovery. Mum has offered to come with us and help care for you.'

'Thank you,' replied Harry.

Harry and Ginny shared a kiss in the bond; it wasn't the same but was all they could do at the moment.

Ginny quickly explained to the others that Harry was going to be okay and that he was responding via the bond. She also told them that they would be leaving for Potter Castle shortly.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Professor Dumbledore, Arthur and Bill were trying to decide what to do about Ron. The nature of the attack was serious enough that he could be sent to Azkaban if charges were brought against him. They just hoped that Harry and Ginny did not do that.

"Well, I for one believe that he has not met the conditions you set earlier this year, Albus," said Arthur.

"Unfortunately, I have to agree with you, Arthur," replied Dumbledore.

"Well, it looks like you are going to have two Weasley's in the fourth year, Albus," Arthur said with sadness. Arthur was starting to realize the impact of what had happened. There would almost certainly be questions about this when Ron returned to school and was still a fourth year.

"Actually, Arthur, there will only be one. Ginny's scores were so far off the charts that we are going to offer her a placement in the fifth year," Dumbledore explained and he looked up at Arthur's sad face.

"I am sure that she will be pleased with that," replied Arthur. It was a little comforting for him to realize that Ginny was doing well, but didn't compensate fully for Ron's actions.

"It would be wrong for us not too, really," replied Dumbledore. "After all, she shares knowledge with Harry. In addition we have determined that both could do their NEWTs next week in most subjects and pass without even trying. However, we don't want them to grow up so quickly, so are just going to let them continue with OWLs next year."

"Well, after the night they have had, I believe that this will be welcome news," replied Arthur.

"I agree, Arthur. We were going to wait until the letters, but I will talk to Ginny once we have decided if there should be anything else done with Ronald here." Dumbledore said as he waited for a decision.

"Don't worry about Ronald; we are going to have a family meeting to decide what will happen to him. We only need to speak to Ginny, to determine if they would like to press charges." Arthur got up from the table and indicated to Dumbledore that they should go and find Ginny. They both walked out of the Kitchen leaving the brothers alone.

"Ginny, how is Harry?" asked Arthur.

"He is healed, but still has a way to go before he will be fully better," explained Ginny.

"Mum told me that she is going to join you to help care for Harry until he wakes up. I am so sorry that you have to deal with this type of thing again," Arthur said as he approached Ginny and softly kissed her cheek.

"Yes, Mum is going to join us. It should only be for a couple of days; you are free to join us at any time."

"Well, given the situation, I think my time will be spent here for now. We would like to talk to you about what, if anything, you would like to do. We also have some news for you," replied Arthur.

Professor Dumbledore sat down next to Ginny and started to speak. "Ginny, I am pleased to tell you that based on your results from your tests, the teachers have decided to move you forward a year.

"Therefore starting in September you will now be in fifth year with Harry."

Ginny jumped out of her seat and to everyone's amazement pulled Professor Dumbledore into a hug. She suddenly realized what she had done and looked a little embarrassed but didn't care, especially when she saw the twinkle return to Dumbledore's eyes.

Stepping back she finally responded, "Thank you, Sir. That is very welcome news. I am sure you are aware with the shared minds that I was completely bored in the classes."

"Yes, Ginny, it had come to our attention," replied Dumbledore with a laugh.

"What is going to happen to Ron?" she asked.

"That is up to you, Ginny," replied Arthur.

"What do you mean?" asked Ginny looking confused.

"Due to the nature of the attack you could press for charges to be brought against Ron. If that is the case, then it would have to go to court to be decided. Whatever you decide I will tell you now that we have decided to hold Ron back. So starting in September he will again be in his fourth year," explained Dumbledore.

Neither Harry or Ginny wanted to go that far. They may not have liked what Ron did, but felt that it would cause even more problems for the family if this was dragged through the courts.

"Professor, we would like to keep this within the family. If we were to press charges it would cause a lot of unnecessary press coverage because of who Harry is. In addition, it could cause information about our bond to come out. Therefore we are not going to do anything other than to continue avoid Ron at all costs. We had already advised my parents that we would be moving to a new location tonight, and this just reinforces our decision."

"I think that is a very wise choice for you to make. I will leave this matter for you to deal with, Arthur," Dumbledore said as he stood up to leave.

"Thank you for coming, Albus," replied Arthur as he showed him to the door.

The family gathered in the kitchen so they could deal with Ron. Ginny had decide it would be better for her not to be there, as she was still too angry to guarantee that she wouldn't do anything.

Arthur revived Ron whilst he was still bound to the chair. They were not going to leave anything to chance when they dealt with him.

"ROLAND BILIUS WEASLEY," screamed Molly as soon as he opened his eyes.

"HOW DARE YOU ATTACK HARRY, I AM COMPLETELY ASHAMED OF YOU," continued Molly as she paced the kitchen.

"He deserved it," Ron attempted to say but didn't get any further because someone silenced him.

"RONALD, YOU WILL LISTEN AND NOT TALK," screamed Molly again a fury had increased.


Molly walked over to Ron and stood directly in front of him. She slowly lowered herself down so that she was looking directly in his eyes.

With a calm but serious voice she continued to speak, "As punishment for what you have done you are grounded until September. In addition, Professor Dumbledore, with our consent, has decided that you will not be allowed to move into your fifth year when you return to Hogwarts. You were given the opportunity earlier this year to redeem yourself, but again, you have chosen not to take it.

"Now, we are only going to tell you this once, so make sure you are listening carefully. We all fully support your sister and Harry. Therefore, you have absolutely no right to go against our decisions. You will assure all involved that you conduct yourself properly around them, from now on. If you don't, then we will break your wand and remove you from Hogwarts permanently."

Molly left Ron to consider what she had said.

The other brothers all added their own comments regarding Ron's actions, and made it very clear that if he did anything like it again, then brother or not, they would deal with him.

Ginny and Molly made the final arrangements to transport Harry to Potter Castle. Xavier would flash Harry directly to the master suite. Ginny would follow just afterwards with Molly.

Once they had confirmed that everything was ready, Xavier disappeared with Harry. Ginny quickly said goodbye to her brothers and father before transforming and taking Molly to Potter Castle.


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