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Back at Dragon's Edge, it was nearing sunset, and Heather was preparing to leave. It wasn't for good reason of course. After all, discovering the person who destroyed her home village, not her real home but home nonetheless, was actually her big brother. Add the fact that she had been a Berserker after all this time. For those who were weak, would have lost their sanity right then and there, but Heather wasn't weak. Though she figured some time alone to think about these revelations would be best for her. Yet she couldn't stop but think that there had been more.

She remembered something else from her original family, besides holding her father's hand, Oswald the Agreeable, and playing with his shield. She suddenly remembered the running silhouette of a child, older than her, who she suspected, based on what she now knows, was Dagur. Though, it was not him she was confused with. It was the baby boy, about her age, he was playing with. She remembered him vaguely, even more so than remembering her father. Did she have another brother?

She wasn't sure, but the feeling was there. It was extremely vague, almost non-existent. Yet she could feel, but it made her confused. She couldn't remember him if she had. The only memory she could remember was a blur of auburn hair and forest green eyes… it almost looked like…

…Wait a minute…

…It couldn't be.

"Heather." She jumped at the voice from behind her. Well, speak of the devil.

Heather turned around and saw Hiccup looking at her, noticing her packing. He sighed, "Well, I wish you good luck." He simply said, before walking back. Heather could see it, even for a brief moment. He knew.

"Hiccup?" He stopped, almost regretfully, she noticed.

It was so silent that you could hear a pin dropped to the ground, even Windshear and Toothless didn't make any sound. They were equally confused at both of their rider's behaviour, or lack thereof. After a few moments of pure silence, Hiccup turned and faced Heather with a blank expression, "T-This might sound crazy, but," Heather hesitated, as Hiccup gestured her to continue, "Are you-" Heather abruptly stopped at the sad smile that had appeared on His face.

It alone was prove enough for her, "How-" "Twins." He cut her off.

Hiccup paused, before he sighed, "I've known all these years… but I couldn't blame them for keeping it a secret. To be fair, I had almost lost it when I was told by my, well, step-father, I guess. He told me why Oswald did it, and over time… I understood his reasoning. There was a definite chance that I will fight Dagur for the chief title, if I had been raised by the Berserkers. But he didn't want that, so he did it to protect his children. He cared for all three of us so much, that he would separate us to keep us from harm, even from one another. Ironic, considering what Dagur is doing right now. It wasn't easy, of course. I mean, there will never be a father who is completely strong enough to give away their own child, especially if they deeply cared for them. But, he also needed someone he could trust. So he turned to the Hooligans. Stoick had been stubborn at first, since his newborn son had died because of being too weak to survive." Heather gasped. She didn't know that Stoick had lost his newborn so soon.

Then Hiccup had a stern look, "But even though Stoick is not my real father, he is still my father… in anything but by blood. It took me disappearing into the woods for a whole day, and Stoick coming to save me from a pack of wolves to realize that. He said that he had already accepted me as if I was his own son. He only lied because he didn't want to lose me… and if I was in his position, I would have done the same." Heather could see it now. The bond he had with Stoick. Even if they weren't blood family, they were still a family. It seems that Hiccup had accepted what he was long ago… now it was her turn to do the same, "So… do the others know?" She suddenly saw Hiccup hunching slightly. She guessed that would mean, no they don't.

"They don't need to, not yet, at least. Only the adults at Berk and elder Gothi know. Though, since now I know I have a sister, maybe I'll start letting my Berserker traits out more. I've been holding them back for so long. Sure I occasionally go to a secluded place and just wreak havoc, but it wasn't exactly enough. I'm surprised I haven't gone completely berserk yet… or deranged." He explained, as they both laughed a little at the last part. It looks like Heather might actually like having Hiccup as a brother… at least he wouldn't be as deranged as Dagur, but he was still her… their brother nonetheless. Though she had to admit, they were both pretty crazy at times. Not as much as their big brother, but the craziness was there. Must run in the family.

They both stopped laughing, as Hiccup looked at her in sadness, "Well, I wish you good luck, sis."

Heather smiled warmly, "You too… bro." She said, before continuing her packing. She was grateful for the supplies Hiccup, who was now proven to be her twin brother, had been generous enough to give. Well now he did found out that he had a sister, so he would try his best to try and help her. Keyword: try. She can take care of herself just find, so he had nothing to worry about, not much at least.

When she finished, she put her stuff on Windshear, preparing to leave, "Guess you're leaving," Heather paused, turning around, seeing Astrid with her arms crossed and a sad look on her face, "Again." Heather couldn't help but feel a little regret. In a short amount of time, Astrid had been her best friend. She hadn't had that in… ever. Technically when they first met didn't count as she had been trying to get the Book of Dragons for Alvin. Even though, in the end, she had been forgiven, she hadn't built any friendship before she left.

"I thought you were tired of being alone?" Astrid asked.

"I am." Heather answered, but with not as much sadness as she hoped. Perhaps Hiccup had something to do with it. Somehow and sometimes, he could find a way to get rid of other people's sadness.

"Then don't be. It's safer here, you have support… and I'm here." Astrid pleaded. Heather sighed. Yes it was safer and she did have support, but she needed to have some time alone. Even though having Hiccup as a brother was great and all, definitely had a better feeling than when she found out about her other brother, Dagur, it was still too much to take in.

She needed some space, at least until she can fully absorb the information she had gained, "I know. I-I just, have a lot I need to figure out." Heather replied in sadness, before she put on her satchel. Then she noticed Astrid holding her axe, looking at it with sadness. Perhaps someday, she would be able to tell her how she made it. She couldn't possibly make another copy, that much Heather knew, which was why she would plan a surprise with Hiccup. Who knows, it might finally get them together. She seriously still doesn't believe that they were just friends.

Heather smiled, taking the axe and put it on her shoulder. She smiled at Astrid once more, before mounting on to Windshear.

"Thanks, Astrid. It was nice having a friend again." Heather said. Astrid waved goodbye, Hiccup standing next to her. He nodded to his not-yet-known-by-his-friends sister. Heather noticed Hiccup mouthing 'We'll see you again' with a wink and a mischievous smirk. Her smile inwardly widened. It was more of a statement, but she knew he would be expecting her to do something stupid like this in the future.

She nodded back at her brother, before turning to Windshear, "Let's go, girl." She said to her dragon, as they flew away from Dragon's Edge.

Hiccup couldn't help but feel bad for Astrid, watching her new friend leave. He also felt bad for keeping his real inheritance a secret, especially to her. But it wasn't the time yet. Still, he wished he could tell her, "Hey, I know you guys, got pretty close so… I'm sorry you're losing a friend." Hiccup said with pity.

Astrid immediately smiled softly at him, putting her hand over his shoulder, "But, I still have you." She said with a cheerful tone. Hiccup smiled at her.

But he'll get there when he get there. For now, Hiccup and Astrid watched as Heather flew on her dragon to the sunset. And he couldn't help but wonder if that bond he had with his friends was going to last.

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