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"Everyone take cover!"

Immediately after Hiccup said that, Tuffnut ran away from the agitated green dragon. Ruffnut… tried to run… but only managed to move her upper body, which did not help her whatsoever. She slumped in disappointment, and immediately braced herself as she saw the Stinger heading towards her direction. Luckily the dragon ignored her, having already stung her lower body and decided to try and sting the others instead. Astrid immediately took a shield, just barely avoided being paralyzed.

"Please, remain calm! Everything is going to be okay!" Fishlegs… well, Hiccup honestly didn't know why the blond viking was trying to calm everyone, as the Speed Stinger is already on the aggressive… no matter how calm they tried to be… and he was pretty sure it wasn't going to be 'okay' if they just stand still.

Toothless jumped, avoiding the Stinger, as it sped towards Fishlegs…

"Remain calm!"

What amused Hiccup the most was that the large Viking said this… as he panicked and jumped out of the way, Meatlug flew away from the Stinger's path. Unfortunately, the twins' Zippleback wasn't fast enough… proven by the fact that one of the heads got hit by the sting… "BAAAARF!" This also happened to be Barf, otherwise known as the head that Ruffnut rode... and Ruffnut immediately fell down after, having leaned too hard on the edge of the chest she had been seating on… whether it was the dragon or just a coincidence, clearly it had a strange sense of humor… which was, unfortunately, amusing to the lone Berserker.

Oh boy, the Stinger had to be stopped right now. Otherwise, it might made someone else look like an idiot and made Hiccup laugh hard enough to be called a maniac… and apparently Astrid thought the same thing… without the laughing-Hiccup part.

"Stormfly, Spine Shot!"

The Nadder immediately swung her tail, unleashing a few carefully shot spines near the Stinger. Toothless decided to help, as he climbed on to a wooden fence, shooting a few plasmas. Both Night Fury and Deadly Nadder managed to lead the Stinger back to the cage and with precisely aimed plasma, Toothless managed to close and lock it.

'Oh, thank Thor!' Hiccup thought in relief. He barely managed to held on to his laughter, proven by the fact that he had cackled momentarily, which had been immediately covered. Though unbeknown to him, Astrid and (surprisingly) Snotlout had managed to catch a glimpse of it, further raising their suspicion of Hiccup's weird behavior.

Ruffnut crawled (more like dragged) herself beside Barf, who was drooling and smoking out from his mouth. She put her left hand around the dragon's head, flopping down the floor completely.

"Guys, a little help here?"

The only one who replied was her twin, "Uh, no."

As the gang recovered (minus a somewhat still half-paralyzed Ruffnut) from the failed 'training' attempt of the Stinger, Astrid did something that if someone had told her she would've done it, she'd have instantly thrown her axe at the person… which was having a discussion with Snotlout… about Hiccup.

"Wasn't Hiccup acting similar during the Thawfest when he had actually been winning?" Snotlout asked, further surprising Astrid that he, of all people, had noticed and remembered that time… then again he had almost lost to the one-legged Viking for the first time, so it could count as a traumatic experience... for a Jorgenson.

It wasn't that the idea of Snotlout acting mature was so farfetched (maybe to some), it was that she was honestly seeing and hearing genuine concern and worry from the very person who was used to tormenting (not as much as he used to, but still) the topic of their discussion.

If anyone knew Snotlout, they'd instantly say that he was an idiot (at times… yup) and arrogant Viking, but also loyal to a fault.

But not once in their times with him had he shown any weak (the Jorgenson's words, not Astrid's) emotions such as concern. He would still show it… at times (remember when Hookfang had a bad tooth?), but not in their record of knowing the Jorgenson, did he show it completely without trying to cover it up… at all.

"Yeah, but you don't think they're connected, do you? I mean, that was way over three years ago. Besides, everyone changes over time, Snotlout."

"Yeah… but to the point where someone who is always helping people out, never mocked anyone for their injury, and always try to avoid danger… to laughing at their misery, making jokes at someone who had bad luck, and stubbornly keep a dragon that is clearly dangerous to everyone around it? I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure, even as long as three years, he wouldn't change that drastically. For Odin's sake, he still even have his curiosity… which I'm positive would get him killed someday." And Snotlout was definitely sure the last part came to everyone's mind, all the time when they thought about Hiccup.


"Yes Astrid, I noticed that too. I'm not an idiot to not see if anything is wrong with my own cousin."

'Uh, I wouldn't go that far.' Astrid thought, before shaking her head.

"Well, what do you want me to do? Just walk right up to him and ask 'Hey Hiccup, I noticed you've been acting weird recently, want to talk about it?', because he would immediately try to cover it up. You know how he is." She said. Honestly, she thought Snotlout was the last person to notice ANYONE'S weird behavior… or he would just try to say it was nothing. By Thor, she expected Fishlegs to be the one having this conversation. But apparently the Jorgenson knew Hiccup well… enough.

It honestly dawned to Astrid that despite the constant bickering, Snotlout cared for his cousin… and when she looked at it now, it was to the point that Snotlout actually saw the son of Stoick more as a brother. Hiccup may not see it that way, but Astrid had noticed slightly that Snotlout's annoying tendencies towards his cousin had changed after the peace with the dragons, from being a big bully… to being an annoying big brother.

She would know. Her mother and father often told her of Hiccup's mother, Valka, and how she would always be constantly annoyed by Spitelout, her big brother, which was still hard for Astrid to comprehend at how someone like Valka (from what she was told about her was very much unlike any Jorgenson) could have a big brother like Spitelout… and that was basically her asking how Hiccup could have a cousin like Snotlout.

The actions that, they described, Spitelout used to bicker his little sister had turned out to be playful for the siblings… still confusing as to how that could be possible when you are related to a Jorgenson… then again, the fact that Hiccup's mother (and technically Hiccup himself) was a Jorgenson as well, made Astrid to double-check her parents' story by asking Gobber (cause he had known them best, but also because she wasn't allowed to ask Stoick of anything related to his wife due to his grief back then)… and low and behold, it was true.

'I guessed Hiccup never seemed to understand that those moments were supposed to be normal for him and Snotlout because… his mother hadn't had the chance to tell him, because she…' Astrid immediately felt a small pang of sadness and guilt at the sudden reminder that Hiccup grew up… mother-less.

"Well, I have a more pressing matter to attend to, and that is telling the others how to get rid of that Speed Stinger before it hurts anyone else." If Astrid hadn't realized of Snotlout's brotherly bond with Hiccup (which she was sure the Haddock didn't even knew he had), she would've rolled her eyes at the statement. But then she remembered that he had tried hard to convince Hiccup to not take the dragon with them (which he failed), and to put him back where he came from when he had seen it recovering (also failed).

She now knew that Snotlout must've known that Hiccup would be too curious for his own good, so in a sense, he wasn't being the reckless kind this time… he was being the brother-who-takes-away-your-toy-whether-you-like-it-or-not-because-it-is-dangerous kind.

As Snotlout returned inside, Astrid stayed out, leaning to the doorway with her arms crossed, when she heard a dragging-like noise mixed with the sound similar to that of a smoke coming out of a forge. Out of the corner, she saw Barf and Belch… more like Belch moving while dragging Barf's head… who was leaking gas from his mouth with his tongue out and face limped, creepily.

"That is really unsettling." She said, as she went back to her hut. Whatever secret Hiccup was hiding, she was sure that this one would be the kind of secret he would tell them when he's ready… which was going to take a long time, and she couldn't help but think, 'Why do I have a feeling that this might end up as badly as when he tried to keep Toothless a secret?'

As the twins and Fishlegs were resting inside the Clubhouse, (I am not lying that center hut where they held their meetings is called the 'Clubhouse') they couldn't help but ponder over what happened a few moments ago… not the Stinger incident (cause that was, technically, bound to happen), but more with their 'Group-Chief' they guessed? (Said person was standing right at corner doorway, unaware of the conversation between his cousin and best friend… Astrid still counts as a 'friend', right?)

They had seen Hiccup mad, but this wasn't mad… in fact, they didn't even think it was possible for him to have such... anger inside of him. They could only guess that he was in a bad mood, so they decided to let it go… for now.

"Mhm, exactly how I thought this would end up. That thing is going to end up paralyzing everyone on the island before this is over, and then there's going to be no one to take that stupid dragon back to where we found it." Snotlout said as he entered the room.

At that point, Hiccup was not keen on arguing. Not because he couldn't (his new sense of pride would not allow that), but because he knew that one more argument… and he might lose it. He hadn't thought of it up until now, but he remembered something that his brother (whom he hadn't known back then) had told him of how a Berserker was said to have a form of 'state' that they enter, which he remembered Dagur gloated long when they were still young called the Berserker Rage.

It was a state that could be entered only when the Berserker was of-age, but it was rarely used and he was told that the grown-ups and those of-age Berserkers prefer to not use it at all. Despite its' advantages, it was extremely, if not barely, hard to control unless you have proper training… which was hard to be done, as that state was centered around their anger and proper training meant that you'd have to learn to control that anger and to control it the Berserker would have to learn to control his emotions.

In the raged state, a Berserker would practically be considered an animal as all logic and reasoning would be cut off from your head, leaving only instincts. While their name gave them the reputation for their thirst for battle, they could be very kind and caring towards others if you were not their enemy.

What made the rage even more dangerous was that it could be triggered without the person even knowing it… but only if said person had barely any control of his anger or reached at his, or her, boiling point and accidentally triggered it.

That was the problem with Hiccup was that he hadn't technically been living as a Berserker, and he had also let his anger loose now that he was planning on revealing his heritage soon, but not that soon. So his Berserker Rage could go out of control if he lose his temper, and judging by how long he had been holding them… his state could go longer than the average. And averagely for a normal Berserker, it could go on for an hour tops… and that one hour alone was said to be enough to defeat roughly 5 adult Vikings…

So basically, Hiccup's could go on up to three days, a week tops… if he could let go most of his anger. 'Most' would be the keyword. Luckily he seemed to found a way to do that other than training and punching (more like mauling) a dummy, by forging. With the added strength he didn't even knew he had, Hiccup could practically forge things easier than before… and he even came up with an awesome idea for a sword… and possibly an axe (the latter would just be nothing special… aside from a few detailed markings and whatnot).

"Alright, I-I'm too tired to argue with you. We'll talk about this in the morning." Hiccup said in tired voice, masking his inner struggle, as the Viking head back to his hut followed by his faithful Night Fury friend.

Once they were gone, Ruffnut leaned to Snotlout, "Hey, if you wanna get rid of that Stinger, I'm in." She said, before tumbling down for leaning too hard, "I don't know how much more of this I could take. I figure it's him, or me." She grunted.

Snotlout smiled in satisfaction, before sending an apologetic one (which, luckily, hadn't been noticed by Ruffnut or Fishlegs, as he was heading to his hut) towards Hiccup's direction, 'Sorry cuz.'

Did Snotlout just apologize? Sure it was in his head, but still.

Meanwhile, outside Fishlegs' hut, Meatlug was watching over the Stinger who the nerdy Viking had taken from his cage for a checkup on his injury.

"Good news, little guy." Fishlegs said, "Your split comes off today! Nurse Meatlug, if you would do the honors, please?" The Gronckle prepared herself, before a small fireball, it wasn't enough to harm the Stinger's leg, but enough to incinerate the split. It looked at his healed leg, squawking at the two unsurely. Fishlegs gave it the thumbs up and Meatlug nodded at the Stinger. It took a small step with its' healed leg, feeling no pain. It immediately looked at the viking, "Yeah, you see. No more pain."

It roared happily, before immediately launching to a sprint. It jumped on Meatlug's back before running in circles around Fishlegs, "Wow, you sure had a lot of energy stored up, didn't ya? Wow-" Fishlegs realized where it was heading, the pool… that was deeper than it looks, "Ooh dear, Meatlug quick, stop him! Speed Stingers can't swim!"

The Gronckle immediately hovered and went after the Stinger, but it was too late… or not. Meatlug stopped her chase, jaw dropped at what she was seeing. Fishlegs went to see why his dragon stopped, only to be amazed himself… the Stinger was actually running on the water's surface as if it was solid ground. Didn't he just say that Stinger's couldn't swim?

This wasn't technically swimming, but walking on water was no small ability, "Wo-, how did you do that?" Fishlegs asked in utter confusion. Upon hearing the question, the dragon ran to Fishlegs before looking at his feet. Upon closer inspection, Fishlegs could see something the Stinger had that the previous Speed Stinger pack they encountered definitely hadn't, "Webbing!"

He thought of this for a moment before realizing, "Of course, you can't fly so you needed a way to island-hop. You adapted, evolved." The dragon made a cheerful squawk. The first ever proof of dragon evolution… and it was found by Fishlegs. The viking a sense of pride before realizing another thing, "Ohoho, that's incredible. Oh, I have to tell Hiccup about this right away!" He said, before running to Hiccup's hut.

Yet in that moment, Fishlegs hadn't realized that if this Speed Stinger could go to other islands easily… then its pack wouldn't stay on the island where they found the juvenile, thus it would make them go towards…

Dragon's Edge

The pack of the juvenile arrived on the beach towards the direction they last saw one of their own be taken away. The alpha roared towards the pack, intend on bringing back their taken juvenile member… at all cost.