Nate saw the dark figure approaching, the heavy snowfall blurring the identity that he knew already. The boots crushed the deep snow and he got a look at the man that was nearing. A bear pelt sufficed as a cloak and he was wrapped up in warm fur clothing, but his attire was not what drew the most attention. He dragged the carcass of a moose behind him and blood smeared in the snow from the trail it left. Crimson stood out against the white nature and at close inspection, he noticed the smeared red on his mouth and lower face as well.

"Another moose? Is that all there ever is here?" He heard Hardison beside him complain as he stepped out onto the front porch of the large, log cabin. The Mage was covered in layers upon layers of clothes, only his mouth was seen.

A low growl answered him as the man addressed scowled.

"I don't see you going out and hunting the food."

"Why are you complaining? You like to hunt!"

A smirk from the hitter revealed red tinted teeth and sharp canines.

"You're right. I do like to hunt." The threat was implied and it made the Mage squeak in fear as he bolted back inside.

A bark of laughter came out of nowhere, alerting him to the presence of the thief, sitting on the rocking chair not five feet away. She was bundled up, hands holding hot cocoa and breathing in the warm steam. A rustling noise made him look to her back, the white feathers huddled close to contain warmth. Her sense of humor made him smile, used to her odd ways.

A cough came out of nowhere and he saw the grifter start to open the screen door.

"Don't even think about it. Bed rest, now."

A dangerous flash of red in those eyes made him gulp, not wanting to test his luck. But still, fate was on his side as the hitter came up the steps, dragging the moose carcass behind him and setting it in front of the door. A distressed sound was heard from the other side, the sick grifter about to protest but was stopped by a sneeze in her scarf.

"Sorry, Soph. Can't skin em inside."

The soft rumble Eliot gave made the fury die down in her eyes and Nate thanked the Lord for that small win.

He turned away as Parker jumped up when Eliot offered to teach her how to skin the animal, flicking open a sick looking knife as he did so.

Gazing out into the white abyss, he let out a content sigh and closed his eyes.

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