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6/17 Beacon Academy Very Early Morning

"Hmm..." Naoto pondered while everyone were all asleep. She kept looking over the folder of court records, of their case they've won yesterday.

"Apparently Team MAYJ and Team MASK were all returning from their excursion from Mountain Glenn with data extracted from the White Fang. However, as they were returning to Vale, Junpei was framed for murder by someone nearby. Junpei-san's friends did the best they could to help their teammate, they couldn't obstruct the authority's duty. The only to save Junpei was through the court system, or to say it simply, take this situation to court." Naoto reviewed as she continued. "Dojima-san were also part of this case, seeing that he was called back before they took their flight back home. The case was really important."

"We were up against a prosecutor from our Kingdom of Japan, Sae Niijima, who was still as stern as they say in our kingdom, and a witness we cannot say out loud... That aside, apparently the case at the time, was due to the frequent murders that was being taken in the area where the team took their detour. Someone killed a faunus sympathizer, it seems a human was taking this so far that he was truly prejudice to the core. He accused Junpei in order to frame him for the murders, labeling him a member of the White Fang, which the gallery agreed, a perfect and easy target for a 'savage, sub-human, murderer.' We've then gotten to a point where Junpei kept his mouth shut, which caused us to lose a lot of ground, our advantage in court, and it was the White Fang intelligence he and his team brought back. Team MAYJ were on their way to their client when the murdering occurred."

"While this gave Junpei an alibi, the witness reminded the court about the murder, while it made the gallery wonder, that made him slip. Why is he so persistent on blaming Junpei. It was clearly because he's a faunus, so I can assume that he had a grudge against the our kind. As the truth comes to light, he truly was prejudiced, he thought he was able to get away with killing the 'traitorous humans' who sympathize with the faunus. He's been doing that for a while, before me and my friends ever set foot in Vale. As the case was about to come to a close, the said witness chose to pull a last effort to claim my life just because I am the first faunus to win a court battle. He pointed his gun at me from the prosecution box as Kanji and the rest of my team duct under the defense box. It was then that Narukami-sensei instantly pinned him down with his face planted on the table at the Prosecutor's table. The force was hard enough knock the witness out cold."

"Despite the odds against us, we've managed to pull through with pressing witnesses and used so little evidence to prove Junpei's innocence. And the intelligence that Team MAYJ brought with them will be sent to their client with ease. This accomplishment might give all faunus the courage to stand up and speak out in a way."

"Kanji-kun, our leader couldn't understand as much in the court session, but his reaction to the crazed witness's gunshot was impressive. He was really... frustrated when the witness tried to taunt me, but it show a great deal how much he cares for his friends."

"Rise-san was quite helpful when she was focusing on the testimonies of the witnesses that can to testify, her skills made this easier to discern the truth.

"Teddie... well, he did help in a way. His distractions DID made the witnesses to slip information. Although, I would recommend going to court again, if his behavior goes out of hand..."

Once Naoto closed the folder, she then looked around the room to see her Team fast asleep and then to the window with the sun rising. "I have to wonder how our Senpai's are doing..." She sighs the question.

*Time To Say Goodbye

6/17 Beacon Academy Morning

In the early morning, Team KRST were heading out to their airship that will take them to Vale. "Nnugh... Do we really have to go back to the Courthouse...?" Teddie questioned with a groan.

"We still have to follow-up review our case with the authorities. Dojima-san and Nanako-chan will be there as well." Naoto mentioned which lit Teddie up.

"Oh yeah, they couldn't head back home because of the case, right?" Rise recalled.

"Indeed. Once Narukami-sensei arrive, we'll be seeing them soon." Naoto agreed.

As they waited for her, they heard footsteps, thinking it was her, but it turns out that it was Team JNPR. "Team JNPR? Are you guys heading out to your mission?" Rise guessed.

"That's right. What about you guys?" Ren asked.

"Nothing more than a follow-up. We're just waiting for our Huntress we're shadowing... Although, she has been absent for a while now..." Naoto mentioned.

"Ya think she overslept?" Kanji assume.

A little pause after and Teddie notices Jaune pondering to himself. "It's not like you to think like that, Jauney." Teddie told him as he then hung on his shoulder. "Wanna talk about it, bonde to blonde?" He asked with a sense of humor.

What? No, it's just that... I got a call from Ruby but she immediately hung up afterwards... Weird she did that." Jaune explained as he shrugs him off.

"Meh, probably a butt-dial." Nora assured.

"Team RWBY has always performed exceptionally in the field." Ren agreed. "We should be focusing on our own mission."

"We're gonna be deputies!" Nora exclaimed with excitement.

"You guys think? I mean, I just got this... Feeling. I, I don't know..." Jaune continues with uncertainty.

"Jaune-" Before Pyrrha was about to reassure Jaune, an alarm blared out as the ringing reached the Academy.

"...? Did anyone hear something?" Kanji asked as the alarm rung grew louder.

"Hey... I think something happening at the city." Rise noticed. She summoned Himiko to start scanning, only to realize the answer before her. "What the...? How- The Grimm there inside the city!" She exclaimed.

"What? But how did they even get inside the barrier!?" Ren questioned.

"... We're changing our mission. Everyone on board!" Jaune commanded as his team followed.

"Dammit! We'll hafta go without our Sensei. Hey, wait up! We're comin' with ya!" Kanji exclaimed as his team followed as well.

As thy all boarded the same aircraft, Jaune reached out to Ren who was disappointed. "Ren, We'll make it out to that village another time." He reassured as Ren nodded back.

"Oi! Take us to the city! Pronto!" Kanji knocked on the pilot's door with his request, taking off into the air and towards the city of Vale.

Elsewhere, Cinder and her peons watched the Huntsmen take off to the city. "You don't think they..." Emerald muttered.

"Sure looks like it." Mercury agreed with his scroll out with a message from Adachi. "Seems those kids found out about the base in the mountain."

"But this is still days away!" Emerald groaned.

"So? What do we do?" Mercury ask, only for Cinder to observe the outbreak.

6/17 Vale Morning

Team RWBY were mowing away at the endless Grimm that floods the city.

Ruby snipes incoming Grimm with her Crescent Rose and sliced them as the got near. Even utilizes her Personas various mixtures of skills and elements that demanded the situation.

Weiss managed to fend off her own group of Grimm with her glyphs along with Shiva covering her with its ice skills and frozen blade sweeping in an arc followed by freezing the slashed Grimm as they then shatter on the ground afterwards.

Blake and Cait Sith keeps ripping down the Grimm with debuffs. Gunshots, slashes and claws ripped through them one by one with no end in sight.

Yang shot multiple fire bolts out of her gauntlets and even threw a vehicle at a group of enemies. She even wielded a Beowolf by the leg and pounded good number of Grimm charging at her, only to be slammed away.

As they chipped away at the Grimm swarming the team of Huntresses, Ruby found herself under the gaze of a pair of heads of a King Taijitu, hissing at the young huntress. Although they then heard a explosion ringing somewhere. Ruby turned to her back to see both Nora and Kanji flying in the air with their weapons in hand.



Both Huntsmen slammed onto their King Taijitu heads and brought it, paved, into the ground as they jumped back with their designated teams rallied to them. "Oi! Ruby-chan! Don't kill the Grimm without us, yeah!?" Kanji exclaimed with vigor.

"Your okay, Ruby-chan!" Teddie followed with relief.

"Rise-san, can you see the city? What's the strength of the forces of Grimm here?" Naoto asked as she shot a Beowolf, coming right at her, in the head.

"Hang on...!" Rise responded as she open up her scans. "Wow... Beowolves, Nevermores, Ursai and Death Stalkers... and they're multiplying!" She stated.

"What about their entrance? If we could get to it, maybe we can close the breach?" Nora suggested.

"The Grimm flooded through and dug in. They pushed us back." Ruby told them as she and her team backed up to their allies while keeping their sights on the Grimm in front of them.

"Oh... I got more bad new. A batch of Grimm are attacking the safehouse!" Rise alerted.

"What?! Agh! And just when we were in the clear!" Yang roared as she pummeled an Ursa, sending it flying.

"Kanji! Can Team KRST go support their defenses! My team will hold the line!" Ruby suggested.

"Uh... We'll hang around, too!" Jaune agreed as his Team agreed.

"You guys against these shit-heads, like an even fight." Kanji commented. "Alright team, we're takin' our fight to the safehouse!"

Naoto and Rise nodded but Teddie complained. "What...! I thought we were gonna fight along side with Young Sensei!" Teddie groan.

"Cut the damn belly achin' and move! She already has a blonde with her." Kanji retorted. "Move it, Ted!" As he ordered, leaving Team RWBY and Team KRST to hold against the incoming Grimm.

At Vale's safe house the people inside were panicking and some people were barring the door down from the inside while the rest of them were terrified. Dojima and Nanako are together as they were sitting down calmly. "Are we gonna be okay, dad?" Nanako asked with concern.

"This city's filled with Huntsmen, I'm not that worried." Dojima replied with a chuckle. "With Yu and Seta around, I'm confident that hey'll make quick work with those nasty Grimm." He assured.

"Big Bro... and his mother...?" Nanako wondered.

"Oh, right... you didn't know who Yu's parents are, right? You see, my older sister chose to become a Huntress and went to study in this Kingdom. And that's how she met my brother-in-law, her husband who also was studying here, too."

Nanako looked fascinated on hearing Yu's parents for the first time. "Wow... Then is big bro-"

Their conversation was interrupted when one of the civilians voice rung out. "Uhh... Hey, Hey! We got trouble!" He alerted. The civilians poked their eyes through the barred windows to see that several Ursai were about to charge the door.

As the civilains screamed and panicked for the worst, a brown, black, and green-colored blur rammed, smack into the group of charging Ursai and plowed through them before they could charg into the door. While the civilians were baffled, the next thing they heard was a bunch of trash cans ringing nearby, only to see a teenager with his feet sticking out of a rolling trash can. "Trash cans... why is it always trash cans...?" The teenager groaned as a hoverboard-looking weapon planted right next to him as he stuggles out of the can to reveal himself as Yosuke wiping off the trash off of him.

"Huh? Yosuke?" Nanako exclaimed as she poked her head out of the window.

"Wha- Nanako-chan!? You're still here!?" Yosuke staggered upon sight. He then see the her detective dad inside behind her. "Dojima-san, you too!?"

"Yeah, but- Heads up!" Dojima alerted as Yosuke turn to see a pair of Beowolves closing in. One of them went for a swipe to the student's head but Yosuke duct and managed to spin up before the other Beowolf charged from below. While spinning around he grab Takaheya Susano-O and hacked their heads apart, with style. "Okay... too close..."

"Yosuke, where's Yu? Aren't you guys on the same team?" Dojima asked.

"My leader told me to go on ahead and help with the Grimm attack." Yosuke replied as he turns to Nanako with a thumbs up. "You're big bro's gonna be fashionably late, I promise you that." He reassured with confidence with Nanako giggling.

"Yosuke-senpai? Am I detecting you right?" Rise hailed.

"Rise-san, loud and clear!" Yosuke replied as he went off to fight more Grimm. "Listen! Yu and the others are on their way to back us up." He told her as he summons Jiraya to blow away the Grimm in his path. "How are you guys holding up?"

"We're right on the other side of the group of the baddies, we came to reinforce the safehouse." Rise answered.

"If our Senpais are gonna arrive, let's make sure to save them some, yeah!?" Kanji boasted as Take-Mikazuchi slams into the center of the group of Grimm with Maziodyne zapping all of them dead.

"And what's this about saving some of them for Yu?" Yosuke sighed with disbelief as he regroups with Team KRST before another wave of Grimm appears and charges at the Huntsmen. "Well then, let's give our leader some time so he can get here!"

"Let's go Team KRST... and Yosuke!" Teddie exclaimed vigorously as they engage the Grimm.

*Time to Make History

The 5 Persona Users charged towards the Grimm as they then set off on their own numbers.

Yosuke hoped over several Grimm as they try to claw him, reaching their arms above them as the agile Huntsman slashed a last Grimm as he landed on the ground. He then spun around and used Magarudyne, spinning around into the group of Grimm as he create a vortex, lifting them into the tornado and spin-slashed the Grimm within, cutting their limbs into pieces and they were sent flying out of the swirl, hitting the other unsuspecting Grimm nearby.

As one of the Grimm turned away to see what hit it, Kanji lobbed a fist at it, causing it to stagger in dizziness, followed by a consecutive pounds to it's body until he summoned his Persona to grab the Grimm, tossing it at another batch. Immediately Take-Mikazuchi appeared above them as it slams its giant body onto the group, crushing them flat.

Rise parries many strike from multiple Beowolves as she backs away with singing, summoning music notes towards the crowd of Grimm as they explode in a rhythm with Rise finishing with a performing stance with her face turned away from the explosions.

Naoto continues to fire away with Yamato Sumeragi at the relentless Grimm closing in on her. She summons Sukuna-Hikona in order to reduce their numbers, using Vorpal Blade upon them followed by Hama and Mudo to eliminate them one by one. She then notice a couple more Ursai charging towards the Safehouse. While she has her Persona to stall the Grimm at bay, she points her gun at them and uses her semblance Keen Sense and took aim as she focus in and takes aim and shoots. The bullet trails towards them and it goes directly through the skull of the Ursa and it then trails towards the other one, preventing them from attacking the Safehouse. A sigh of relief and the Faunus detective faces back to the swarming Grimm in front of her.

Teddie was literally using Kintoki-Douji as a huge rolling ball as he crush multiple Grimm underneath. Although it was halted by a Death Stalker using its stinger to block Teddie's rolling path, making Teddie fall on the ground. Teddie got back up and ran everywhere with multiple Grimm called Creep chasing him until he summoned Kintoki-Douji, casting Mabufula to freeze them in place, including the Death Stalker at its legs. "Kintoki-Douji! Tomahawk!" He commanded as his Persona lobbed its missile onto the group of Grimm, blasting them into smithereens as Teddie wept off sweat.

"More Grimm reinforcements heading our way!" Rise alerted as the group see more Grimm coming around the corner, even Nevermores flying above.

"This isn't good, we won't have enough aura to hold this line..." Naoto note with concern.

"Then allow me!" A familiar voice declared via Persona Link. Just then a powerful lightning bolt appeared and beamed the Nevermore out of the sky and a wave of fire within the line of Grimm approaching, burning them to crisp.

Assuming who they heard, they turn around to see Chie Axe-kicking an approaching Beowolf to the pavement. "Are you guys okay?!" Chie asked as Team NYCA's aircraft hovered overhead with Yu and Yukiko jumping out and landing nearby along with Shinjiro and Ken.

"Senpai! How's it goin'?" Kanji waved with relief but with Teddie bumping away.

"Sensei! I missed you so much!" Teddie cried with joy as he jumped onto Yu, dropping his weapon.

"T-Teddie!?" Yu studdered.

"Sensei, Yuki-chan, Chie-chan! I never thought I'd ever see you all ever again!" Teddie sobbed with tears flowing down.

"Teddie, we've only been gone for a day." Chie sighed.

"I guess we can't help it. We were in a Grimm-infested city." Yukiko mentioned.

And this place will be Grimm-infested if we don't do something!" Shinjiro exclaimed with a reminder as he pounded a Ursa's skull.

"Aragaki-senpai, the others are in another district in town! They should be on there way here." Fuuka told him via Persona Link.

"Right." Shinjiro noted as he faced the Investigation Team. "Listen, my team's heading our way. Let's buy them some more time before our reinforcements arrive-" Although he cut his explanation when they heard and saw a big explosion coming from the alley. "Never mind, they're here."

"Junpei what did I say about using your Persona in a closed space!?" A female voice exclaimed. Turns out it was Team MAYJ appeared out of the smoke. "You'll almost destroyed the buildings even after you're in the clear!" Yukari complained.

"Hey, it was the only way to cleared the Grimm in front of us." Junpei shrugged.

"On the bright side, we're here and our friends are holding the ground for us." Minato mentioned as he spots Shinjiro and the Investigation Team.

"Team NYCA and Team KRST identified. Supporting allies." Aigis stated as she fire bullets... out of her finger tips. Afterwards another pair appears behind them. A Red-haired Cat Faunus and a man with silver hair and a modded uniform.

"Hey Shinji, did you leave enough Grimm for me?" Akihiko asked with confidence.

"Shut up, you'll only get what's left. These guys here cleaned up most of what they did here." Shinjiro pointed out.

"Team KRST, Team NYCA." Mitsuru approached the group before them. "I'll say this again; you all have our deepest gratitude for saving our friend."

"Kirijo-san. Ah yes, the case yesterday." Naoto recalled. "I did seemed too obvious for someone like him to commit a crime like that.

"Obvious?" Junpei groaned.

Roars of Grimm of different species echoed as another wave occurred. The Investigation Team readied themselves but the Teams from Gekkoukan stood in front of them, battle ready. "Let us take from here. This'll make us even." Minato suggested as he drew his sword from his shield, the Orpheion twins.

*Mass Destruction

He and his Team charged forth and struck first with several slashesd, one on each Grimm he defeats and blocks an attack and parries it away. He then connects his blade onto his shield like a Violin and irritated the surrounding Grimm with a noise, stunning the creatures in their place. He then pulls out his evoker and points it at his head, summoning Orpheus to blast the Grimm with Agidyne, drawing their attention onto him

Yukari saw this and readied her weapon, the Artemis Bow, and pointed at the stunned Grimm shot several of them as she then points her bow upward with multiple arrows and fires above the enemy, shooting down the Grimm as Minato takes cover under his Shield according to his plan as he lowers his shield to see the dead Grimm before him.

Aigis calls forth her Persona, Palladion, a mechanical android with a javelin springing out of the head of the Persona, to charge through the numbers and dispersed afterwards while spraying bullets at the confused Grimm.

"Hiyaaaa!" Junpei swung away with his longsword, Dualhander, dealing away with Ursai coming at him. At one point, he hack away the Grimm by slicing the Ursai in one swing as he pushed his blade in one and into another and another, until he sliced the last one in half, as the following sliced Grimm dropped down with their body split in two. He then notice a Ursa Major charging at him, changing Dualhander into his Club form and readied to take his swing punting the dead Grimm flying, placing his weapon on his shoulder as he sees the Grimm off.

Ken swung away with his spear and thrust its pointy head into the Creeps swarming on him. At his side, Koromaru howled as he summoned... a 3-headed bloodhound with chained collars and 3-pronged tridents for its legs. Cerberus was its name as it dashed through a number of Grimm with a fiery blaze. Ken followed up, summoning Nemisis and using Hamaon on the last Grimm, with the foe exploding, dissipating away.

"You all are doing well, it can't let let myself fall behind in the for the sake of the SEES!". Mitsuru drew her Rapier, Penthesilea dealt away with a beowolf. She soon caught wind of a 3 three more creeps pouncing at her and immediately drew her Evoker. "Come forth, Penthesilea!" Mitsuru commanded her Persona, also named Penthesilea appeared taking on the display of an iron-masked queen wielding a dagger and a rapier. Both the Persona and its user stab and sliced against the Beowolves puncturing them with holes in them, along with freezing the rest in icy coffins. and shattering them in pieces.

"I've been waiting for this moment!" Akihiko jabbed with his knuckles, gloves with electric static emitting on his gloves, Ikazuchiken, punching away at the Grimm that closed in on him with lightning speed. One of the Ursai made a strike on him as Akihiko blocked it, pushing him back, but boost himself back with flurry of punches, even gave a uppercut at one them, followed by using his evoker to summon Polydeuces as his Persona charge up with its weapon pointed up. "Can't touch me! Maziodyne!" Hence Polydeuces brought down the lightning upon the Grimm vaporizing the rest, leaving no Grimm for the rest of his friends. "Really, that's it?" He questioned with cockiness.

"Even when you said to leave some for you Akihiko-san?" Junpei groaned. He missed his chance to deliver his own blow against the last Grimm.

While the SEES group finished off the main group of Grimm, the Investigation Team were all awe-struck by the SEES of their performance. "What's going on here...?" Yosuke asked.

"The students from Gekkoukan High... I never thought they would be Persona Users, let alone skilled Huntsmen like us..." Naoto speculated.

"Are they... from our Kingdom?" Yukiko wondered.

Just then, Yu notice a lone Beowolf hiding behind a nearby alley with the SEES off-guarded and the Grimm charged and made its pounced. "! Minato, behind you!" Yu exclaimed as rushed to the unsuspecting student's aid. Minato quickly followed in response as he tries to parried the incoming Grimm's attack, but the Beowolf knocked his sword out of his hand he fell down leaving him open for the Beowolf's finishing strike. The other's were all surprised and couldn't react quick as Yu decided to draw Raijin. "Damn! Raaghh!" Yu raised his broken Katana and threw it at the lunging Grimm with his best of his strength. The speed manage to plant itself into the Grimm's neck and then, immediately, Yu suddenly appeared above the Beowolf with his hand gripped onto the planted Raijin and dragged his blade across the Grimm's neck. As the startled huntsman rolled away afterwards, they all see the Beowolf's head decapitated.

Everyone soon gathered to help Yu and Minato up. "That was close..." Minato sighed. "Thanks for the save just now."

"It's no problem..." Yu assured as he looked down to Raijin. Despite its blade broken in half, its edge was still able to cut.

"Oh no! Sensei, what happened to your weapon!?" Teddie questioned with surprise.

"We... fought a powerful foe." Yu answered as he sheathed his weapon. "We managed to escape before he finished us."

"Someone more powerful?!" Akihiko repeated with eagerness.

"It's the same person we've fought in the train incident months back." Shinjiro answered as the rest of Team MASK responded with facing him with exclamation marks.

"Never mind that person." Mitsuru interrupted as she overhears multiple footsteps approaching. "It seems our reinforcements arrived." She reminded the group as they see some Black Fang soldiers reinforcing in front of the Safehouse along with some Atlesian soldiers with their Atlesian Knight falling from their airships above them as they all fire upon the remaining Grimm that comes around the corners of the area.

"Looks like you guys cleaned the main force. To think about the point of sending most of our forces over here..." A voice came in as the see Alvin walking towards the Persona Users.

"It certainly does bring the comfort for the civilians." Naoto assumes as Alvin joins the conversation. "What's the situation, Alvin-san?"

"Simply put, we've managed to bring the area secured with the combine effort with Atlesian military, despite our odds..." Alvin stated. "We should be able to clear the city and they should be able to isolate that entrance anytime now..."

"Sir!" A Black Fang soldier ran up to him.

"Speak of the devil." Alvin chuckled. "I'm guessing we guys isolated the hole?"

"That's... uh... about that..." The soldier stuttered as an explosion rang from another area as Alvin lost his confident smile. "We still have a problem with a huge creature still coming out of the entry point.

"A huge creature? A Grimm?" Alvin assumed as the others wonder, which also prompt Rise to scan what the soldier meant.

"Not the kind I'd seen before. It looked like one of those 'Shadows' things we read in the reports." The soldier stated.

"A shadow!? Seriously?" The Persona Users exclaimed which surprised Alvin.

"Uh... Yeah, I'm detecting a big one. And it looks like Team RWBY and Team JNPR are struggling against it!"

"Dammit, one thing after another!" Kanji grunted.

"Um.. right..." Alvin stuttered as he process the situation. "Look, we'll secure the surrounding areas, can you guys take care of the that huge shadow thing?" He suggested.

"Of course." Mitsuru agreed as she turned to the Teams of Persona Users. "It seems our common enemy appeared, we should proceed with caution none the less."

"Alright! Let's go pound that Shadow!" Junpei rallied as he rushed on ahead with others of Team MAYJ followed. Even Team NYCA and Team KRST followed as well.

"We're already on ends, throwing caution to the wind." Shinjiro scoffed as Mitsuru sighed as well.

"We can't let our underclassmen get the better of us, come on!" Akihiko recommended as they followed suit.

"Gyaaack!" Jaune staggered as he was punted back in a daze while Pyrrha began to take aim against the enemy.

Team RWBY and Team JNPR fired their ranged weapons against the giant Shadow that loomed out of the entryway. "Okay, what the hell is that!?" Yang questioned angrily.

"That mask. Is that... a Shadow?" Ruby muttered as she takes a good look at it. The Shadow stares back with an orange mask and had its pale-gray hair spiked up with lighting bulbs on its back. It even had electrical wires connected to its arms and legs. The shadow ready to charge up with streetlights around them flicker as it casts its lightning bolt across the group striking them with intense zaps with the Huntsmen dodging away from the streak of lightning with only Ruby rolling forward.

Ruby stood before the Shadow as she take up Crescent Rose as Rise hailed in. "Ruby-chan, are you there? Are you doing okay?" Rise questioned.

"Wha- Rise!?" Ruby stuttered as the wires whipped around with the Huntress dodging left to right. "Ugh, this shadow appeared from the entrance and we can't close it with more Grimm appearing!" She point out. The Shadow is holding the hole open with Grimm spewing out around it"

"Oh yeah, that's bad. Not to worry, we've manage to secure the safehouse with some help. We''re on our way back to your position. Hang tight!" Rise assured.

"Uh... Take your time... N-No rush!" Ruby stutters as she then dodges a slam from the shadow. She reloads Crescent Rose and continues to fire at it while dodging swings from its arms.

"Ruby!" Yang exclaimed as she tries to rush to Ruby's aid, but was still blocked off from all the Grimm preventing her from doing so. "Dammit, get out of my way!" She yelled as her eyes flared up red.

"That shadow... it's coordinating the Grimm's attacks!" Weiss deduced.

"We know that, but how we going to Ruby with these Grimm in the way?" Blake questioned as her Persona Cait Sith using Blade of Fury to defeat the surrounding Grimm before her, despite more Grimm approaching.

"It must be some sort of tactic." Ren guessed, as he fires at the charging Beowolves followed by slashing them in pieces as they approached.

While everyone were preoccupied by the Grimm, it left the young Huntress to fend for herself. Ruby summoned Soma for the assist with slicing the connected wires, little that she notice the sparks emitting from the ends, the shadow used the bare wires to taser the Persona, shocking Ruby as well. "Ack! My weakness! Why!" She stuttered while in a downed stated. Just as the surrounding lighting starts to flicker, the Shadow began to flicker brightly. "Uh... Rise do you know what it's doing!?" Ruby panicked.

"The Shadow is... absorbing energy from the electricity around, the light fixtures and... Oh no! It's gonna attack!" Rise alerted.

Ruby staggered as she tries to run away but then her cape was caught on a broken rebar from a nearby debris. "No NO! Not again!" Ruby exclaimed as she tries to pull her cape out.

Her friends all shout her name with no avail as she stood there as the Shadow began to fire its Giga Spark. Although immediately, a broken weapon planted itself in the ground in front of Ruby and a Huntsman appeared soon after, followed by holding a tarot card in his hand. "Dominion!" He shout as he summons and angel wielding a scale and a tome in each hand. As the blast of lightning shot towards them the beam was then canceled out for an odd reason. "This persona has an unique trait to resist electric attacks." He explained as he faces Ruby to reveal himself as Yu.

"Yu!? How did you-?" Ruby stuttered as the Shadow behind him started to act up. It whipped Yu aside as it casts Ziodyne on Ruby but then some unique flashy red bird swooped in and blocked the lighting bolt as the see Minato hoping off of his Persona.

"Not a great idea to turn you back on the enemies, especially the Grimm and Shadows." Minato reminded as he kept his eye on the Shadow. "If we kill this Shadow, think it should bring the Grimm in a state of confusion." He wondered as he readied Orpheion.

"That should work, but it looks like the Shadow's aware about you guys and will send more Grimm against everyone else." Rise stated as she and the rest of the Persona Users rallied before the incoming Grimm.

"Then we will hold our ground from here on out." Mitsuru stated as she drew her rapier. "Yuuki, Narukami, Rose, can you three take from there?"

"Yeah, the three of us should be fine." Minato assured as Yu and Ruby readied themselves as well.

*Laser Beam

"That Shadow can absorb electricity. You'll have to be careful when you use electric attacks" Rise explained.

"Don't forget that it can also use powerful electric attacks, too!" Fuuka followed.

"We'll switch out Personas if necessary. Other than that, it's all pure skill on our terms." Minato stated.

"Doesn't look like it has any weakness, we'll have to improvise." Yu agreed.

"R-Right!" Ruby confirmed, albeit, little confidence with the Persona she has.

The Shadow began to swing its cables around again with the three Persona Users starting off with dodging and parrying them. one of the wires wrapped around Minato's sword as he planted it onto the ground from the shadow tossing it away. He then summons Thanatos, a wicked deity with coffins around him with a single blade in its hand. The Persona slashed through the cables as Minato follows with doing the same in cutting down the wires loosen from Thanatos's assault.

Despite Yu's Katana is still broken in half, he still able to use his Persona abilities as well as his new discovered Semblance. While he has the Persona, Setanta, a spear-wielding warrior clad in white armor with a scarf over its mouth, charging up with Power Charge, Yu avoided the cables as he threw Raijin near the Shadow, warping in the air near the side of the Shadow, using Fatal End, a charged pirce attack as the Shadow roared in pain. Yu dropped below the ground and warped away before the Shadow could inflict damage upon him.

Ruby continues to run around and evading the lashing cables being swung around. But once the Shadow set is sight on the Huntress, it ready to strike another Ziodyne at her. Quickly trying think of a way to counter the attack she recalls that she can use multiple Persona as well, albeit, disappointed that she almost forgotten that. She looks into her mind and swaps the Tarot card before her. "Uh... Queen Mab!" Just as she summons the Persona, the Shadow unleashes it's Ziodyne at the Huntress, but this time the damage was completely nullified by the appearance of the Persona she summoned, a Celtic deity with purple flowing hair and blue and green-striped suit with a pure white cape with it. Ruby had Queen Mab with her as the Huntress dodges the strikes more fluently, without less struggle while she slices the cables, cutting them off from the shadow.

The shadow roared as its cables were all cut down, despite its last leg standing, it began to charge up again. "Uh, hey, it's charging up again!" Ruby warned.

"I see it!" Rise exclaimed as she and Fuuka scanned. It all directed towards the lighting fixture around street lamps, store lights and other connected sources of electricity.

"T-The light fixtures! It's drawing energy from the surrounding street lamps!" Fuuka exclaimed.

"If we take'em down, it should reduce the energy the Shadow takes yeah!?" Junpei suggested.

"Yeah, that definitely will work. I just hope we don't get filed for an electric bill." Rise agreed joking with sarcasm.

"Let's get to it, break down the street lights!" Akihiko declared. While the Wild Card users stall the Shadow, everyone one else broke through the Grimm as they made their way towards the street lamps.

Yang pummeled through an Ursa Major as another Ursa struck her from the side as she recovers from falling, only to see several Ursai along with a Major before her. Although Polyduce jabbed its pile driver arm into the Ursa Major's head as it left the other Ursai backing away. With her guard still up, Akihiko stepped forward. "Xiao Long! It's been a while." He greeted as Mitsuru and Shinjiro followed

"Aki! Shinji! I could've handled that!" Yang exclaimed as she punched a beowolf.

Ha! Sorry for taking that!" Akihiko apologized with sarcasm. "Looks like you'll have to pay more attention to your surrounding!" He explained as he quickly jabs an Ursa coming from behind Yang. Although Yang soon pummeled a Beowolf before its attack reached Akihiko at the same time. "Still, you and I should have a spar sometime later!" He suggested as he decked another Beowolf.

"How about if we can ave a contes of how many-" Yang suggested until Shinjiro cut the conversation short.

"Less talking, more slaying!" Shinjiro exclaimed as he summons Castor to unleash Deathbound upon the Grimm along with the street lamp all together. "... Screw it, let's just focus on the Grimm." He groaned as went on to strike another Grimm to bash.

"Are you Yang Xiao Long?" Mitsuru asked as she approached Yang. "I was informed about your efforts for my colleges, this may be short notice, but I've been told that you'll need this." She handed Yang an Evoker.

"Wait... is this...?" Yang wondered as she realized what it is.

"Make sure you use it well." Mitsuru said as she used her own Evoker to summon her Persona. Penthesilea cast Mabufula as she hailed ice shards across the countless Grimm before it.

Yang stared down onto her very own evoker. She then placed it on to her head and shouted her Persona's name. "Set'em ablaze Ifreeta!" She shouted as she pulled the trigger.

While Team JNPR and Team KRST were holding the line against the Grimm on their end, with the members of Team NYCA, and Team MAYJ breaking down a nearby street lamp. "We got another street lamp down! Two more to go!" Rise stated vigorously.

Just as the number of Grimm increased again, Yang's Persona lunged into the fray and exploded in the center of the group in a fiery blaze, much to their surprise. "That persona..." Jaune recalled as Yang approached from behind them.

"Step aside, I'm gonna burn through them!" Yang exclaimed as she charged in with a Maragidyne, winding up her fist and swung it through the group followed by a huge huge wave of fire following as the Grimm burned away along with melting the last streetlamp. "Yeah, we did it! So what's next?!" She cheered.

"She... took out every Grimm in our way...!" Fuuka stuttered with amazement.

"And the street lamp, too..." Rise included. "Uh... Just stall the Grimm, our leaders got it from here." She told them as they continue to fend off the Grimm.

With the Wild Card Users holding the Shadow at bay, it unleashed its Giga Spark and beam fired out of the Persona Huntsmen's direction and shot a building instead of the Huntsmen, even with their Personas with electric immunity.

"Wait, what!?" Ruby exclaimed as she saw where the Giga Spark beam blasted. "Where was it aiming at? Was the point of destroying the street lamps?" She wondered.

"Huh? We did lower the strength of the blast... Ohh!" Rise mentioned as she and Fuuka discovered where the direction the attack was aimed at.

"The safehouse is in the direction where the Shadow almost destroyed, behind this building!" Fuuka stated. "The Shadow would've blasted through the building along with the safehouse at the same time!"

"Talk about a close call without noticing." Minato sighed with relief as he changed his expression to a stern one. "Shall we finish off?" He signaled to Yu and Ruby.

"Yeah!" Ruby agreed as Yu gave an affirmative nod as they readied his Tarot Card. "Black Frost!" The young huntress exclaimed as she slice her tarot card.

"Jack Frost!" Minato excalimed as he pulled the trigger.

"Pyro Jack!" Yu summoned his Persona

They brought forth an snow fairy, a pumpkin-faced fairy, and a black-colored version of the ice fairy and bombarded the shadow with Fire and Ice spells followed by a pair of fireballs swirling around an ice ball as it molded into an needle as it shot into the Shadow's mask as it it roared loudly.

"All together!" Ruby exclaimed as he three all exclaimed with Ruby pointing Crescent Rose upward.

"KING FROST!" The three wild cards shouted with their tarot cards shattering separately. As to where the Ruby's sniper bullet went, three figures that looked alike appeared above the wounded shadow, a snowman with royal attire along with a scepter. The wounded Shadow face upward painfully as the King Frosts slammed onto the Shadow with a extreme number of pounds.

Soon enough, the Shadow finally dissipates as the cave that served as the Grimm's entrance, preventing anymore Grimm from entering the city. With the Shadow gone, the remaining Grimm were all in a complete disarray, allowing the Huntsmen to clear the area them, eventually clearing the city of the Grimm threat.

Just as the leaders returned to their friends, they still noticed something coming out the entry, an Atlesian Paladin appeared as the Huntsmen around armed themselves in their battle stance. But then Professor Oobleck appeared out of the machine along with Zwei hopping towards Ruby. "Students! Well done!" The Professor approved instantly while he lifted one of the machine's arm with a dazed Torchwick, much to the student's surprise.

"M-Mrs. Narukami, I beg you, calm down!" They hear Professor Port from an alley they see Seta tearing through the Grimm with extreme prejudice, much more to their surprise. The remaining Grimm were all running away from her, but they were all pinned down and started to viciously rip their limbs off, much to the Huntsmen's horror.

"O-Okaa-san...!?" Yu stuttered as Seta froze from her assault and turned to her son.

"Y-Yu-kun! I... um...! There's a good explanation for this!" Seta staggered with pleas of worry as she quickly approaches her son, despite the revelation of his mother's true colors.

"H-Hey... that lady, Yu's mom... isn't she the rumored dangerous Huntress, the Demoness of the East...!?" Jaune whispered his question.

"Wait, we're talking about THAT Demoness of the East? Yu's mom!?" Yosuke questioned as they backed away from Seta, who was still doting his consternated son.

Soon after the teachers sealed off entryway, all the Huntsmen gathered around. Team NYCA, RWBY, KRST, JNPR, MAYJ, MASK, Sun and Neptune, cheered for their success, even Cinder and her team were there along with the teachers giving pats on each other's back, even Seta moping around about what happened. They even watch Torchwick in cuffs as he was sent into the aircraft escorted by Atlas Soldiers as they soon took off in the sky as they see airships floating in the sky.

6/17 Beacon Academy Daytime

Back at the Academy the Investigation Team gathered as they all reminisce about their recent feats as Team NYCA shared what they've encountered on their mission. "This Adam person... is he that powerful?" Naoto asked as she summarized their story. "He may be even our worst enemy we'll be facing one day, less we don't study and train more."

"Damn, the bastard not only shattered Senpai's weapon, but creamed Senpai's entire team!?" Kanji grunted.

"We never saw it coming... That White Fang guy nearly killed us, he literally had years of combat experience." Yosuke shivered the thought.

"All the more reason to train a lot more than we should! It a really good thing we're attending this school." Chie stated with confidence.

"We still haven't solved everything yet." Yu mentioned sternly. "The White Fang is still out there, a lot of people were hurt. We don't know why they did this and to top that off... Adachi-san, he's working with the White Fang."

"Huh... I wondered about that. Nao-chan said that someone came to our Kingdom to... recruit soldiers or something?" Teddie wondered.

"That's right. Whatever the case, we don't even know how the White Fang entered out Kingdom, and I'm not sure recruiting soldiers wasn't the only case." Naoto presume.

"'Not the only case'?" Yu repeated.

"Numerous foreigners are aware of our Kingdom and was left out of the great war. But not many of them knows that Japan has a special barrier preventing dangerous Grimm inside."

"What, the spell-based barrier?" Yosuke guessed. "Yeah it's common knowledge to the people of Japan but..."

"That could be a huge possibility, but not proven yet. At least to say, it hasn't went down, even before we were born." Naoto agreed.

"Could that be the reason why the White Fang entered Japan? To drop the barrier?" Rise assumed. "That definitely would cause the Grimm to follow."

"But we don't even know how they got inside our Kingdom in the first place." Yukiko recalled as she sighed.

"... Uuuugh... all this talk about our Kingdom and a lot has happened in Vale... I'm getting very dizzy from all of this..." Chie groaned as Team NYCA were all staggering around.

"You senpais have all stayed awake from yesterday. I'd suggest you guys should sleep for the rest of the day." Naoto suggested with a chuckle.

"You're right. I bet Team RWBY are thinking the same thing." Yu agreed as they all went to their dorm rooms.

With the efforts of the Young Huntsmen and the combine force of the Japan's Black Fang and the Atlus Military, they managed to overcome the Grimm Attack. Their next step is to rest from their adventure for now...

At Ozpin's Office, the Headmaster along with Seta and Glynda in the room, were talking to the Vale Councilmen on the communication, including the General Ironwood, onscreen. "Ozpin? ...Ozpin!" A Councilor hollered.

"Yes, Councilor?" Ozpin replied as he swung his chair to face the screen.

"You've left us with no choice; The Vytal Festival Tournament cannot be broadcast, let alone held if we are unable to ensure the safety of the citizens." The Council stated angrily while the headmaster sipped his coffee. "Therefore, we have reached out to the Atlas council, and together have decided that the best option is to appoint General Ironwood as head of security for the event."

"Thank you, Councilmen. Our Kingdom is happy to lend as many troops as it takes to ensure that this event runs as smoothly, and safely, as possible." General Ironwood assured.

"And we thank you, General." The Councilmen replied.

"Will that be all?" Ozpin asked calmly.

"For now. But after this festival comes to a close, we are going to have a serious discussion regarding your position at Beacon Academy." The Councilmen told the Headmaster. "General Ironwood's reports of these last few weeks have left us somewhat... concerned. I'm sure you understand." They finished as they disconnected, leaving Ironwood on the screen.

"This is the right move, Ozpin. I promise. I will keep our people safe, you have to trust me." Ironwood reassured as he, too, disconnected.

"You're right, Glynda-san, he truly is a show-off." Seta gossiped as Glynda sighed.

"At any case, as of now, Torchwick is held in the General's ship. And everyone is helping cleaning up the mess that occurred in the city. Afterwards we can resume our classes tomorrow." Glynda reported as Ozpin nodded affirmatively and swung his chair to face his window.

"While we're here... is it about time we discuss the form that Kirijo-san took with him?" Seta brought up. "You mentioned 'Field Trip'"

Ozpin swung his chair back as he smirked as they began their conversation.

6/17 Vale Daytime

On top of a building, Cinder's group were speculating the outcome of the resulting Grimm attack. "All in all, I call today a success." Cinder declared.

"Those stupid brats really made a mess of things." Emerald commented negatively.

"What did I say? It's like it's their job or something." Adachi agreed.

"Yeah. Not many Faunus didn't make it out of those tunnels. You think the White Fang's gonna listen to us?" Mercury asked.

"No." A voice replied in a dour tone as it reveals to be Adam appeared before them. "... But they'll listen to me." He stated as he turned to the ex-cop."Adachi how many men have you secured." He questioned

"At least more than half that went with Torchy-kun. You're gonna need time to recruit more guys." Adachi answered as he scratch his head as the Masked Faunus growled. "Seriously, cut me some slack..." He groaned.


The instrument rings as a Tarot Card floats down to Ruby's palm as it flashes, fading to white

Close your eyes now time for dreams,
Death is never what it seems.
Did the things you thought you should,
All the things they said were good.

Fading back to black, more Tarot Cards float down, counting the Arcana that Ruby established along with her friends of Beacon, and then fading out to white again.

All your faith in ancient ways,
Leaves you trapped inside a maze.
Take the lives of those you need,
Sow the death then reap the seed.
Reap the seed.

Fading in once more reveals the Investigation Team with Yu las, facing elsewhere as he shift his attention to the opposite side.

Born an angel, heaven sent,
Falls from grace are never elegant.
Stars will drop out of the sky,
The moon will sadly watch the roses die.

In vain,
Lost, no gain,
But you're not taking me.

Instead of fading out, it follows all of the SEES with Minato last, facing right as he shift his attention the opposite side as the screen fades white.

You can't have my life,
I'm not your sacrifice.
You can try, but I'm free,
And you won't conquer me.

I won't crawl,
Most of all,
I won't fall,
For you.

Fading back to black it show Team JNPR looking at the Tarot Cards they're holding in their hands followed by Team RWBY doing the same, but with Ruby last as she looks upward after as it fade out.

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Also... Omake skits! Plus an extra one... ;)

Tumbling Surprise Parties!

The girls were walking in Town as Ruby rushes towards them eagerly. "Hey guys! Do you guys know what's really fun?" She asks.

"Cruising on your motorcycle? Dancing at a sady club all night long? Beating down a room full of bad guys?" Yang guessed.

"Hmm... Oh! How about training? Eating a lot of different types of meats?" Chie guessed.

"Oh! Hanging around at Junes?" Nanako guessed.

"Hmm... I would say... Good manners and Good Postures." Weiss assumes.

"Silence." Blake stated simply.

"Books, lot's of books." Naoto guessed.

"Dancing? How about that? Or singing?" Rise wondered.

"Setting your enemies on fire as they beg for mercy?" Yukiko guessed as the others stared at her with horror.

"No, no, no, no. A surprise party!" Ruby exclaimed as they all turned to Ruby, with the exception of the members of Team RWBY with staggering expressions towards Ruby. "I heard Yosuke's birthday is coming up. Who's with me!" She asked.

"Yosuke's birthday?" Nanako and Chie repeated.

"Oh! Is it that time of year already?" Rise wondered.

"I supposed it'll be nice of you Ruby-chan." Naoto agreed as they turned to Ruby's Team.

"... Yeah... No." Yang disagreed.

"I agree with Yang." Weiss sided with her as she folded her arms, smacking her lips. "Oh... That felt strange to say.

"Awww, but why not?" Ruby groaned

"Yeah, what's wrong with surprise parties?" Chie asked.

"Well... Don't take this the wrong way..." Blake said, thinking what to say. "But whenever Ruby throws a surprise party... She's..."

"She's terrible at throwing surprise parties." Weiss answered.

"Yeah..." Balke agreed.

"Huh... Really?" Rise wondered as they recalled the previous attempts.

At the time of their first month of their school semester, they threw Teddie a surprise party, they weren't sure when his birthday is, so they decided sometime in April. Teddie opened the door to his dorm room to be greeted by his friends... with Nora eating it with her hands. Ruby came from behind with megaphone and screamed. "SURPRISE!" Ruby shouted from behind Teddie as the Toonish Ursa jumped into the cake as it landed on the unsuspecting Yosuke. The cake fell on top Yosuke.

"Wh-Why...!?" Yosuke stuttered, muffled from the fallen cake.

Some weeks later, the did the same for Yang as she opened to find a beowolf-looking cake before her with Yosuke holding it up. "Surprise!" Her friends cheered, not realizing the cake was so accurate enough to fool Yang as she struck the Grimm-like dessert, splattering the cake along with punching Yosuke in the face. Yang was punching what remains of the cake while Nora continues to gobble up pieces and Yosuke was rolling on the ground as he groaned in pain.

"Nghh... WHY...!?" Yosuke cried.

Another time later, they did the same for Yu's Mom.

"Oh my! A present for me?" Seta realized as Yu guided her to her present in a classroom.

"From some secret admirer, from what I've been told." Yu told her. "Happy Birthday, Okaa-san!"

"Oh Goodie!" Seta cheered as she opened the present as a note popped out reading "You're Old!" on it.

"... What the... why did..." Yu stuttered, much to his shock, he slowly turned to his mother as she stood their, looking down on the note. "Um... Okaa-san-"

Just then, the students appeared out behind the desks. "Surprise!" They exclaimed.

What they didn't expect was Seta ripping off the teacher's table and tossed it at the exit, not without making debris. The students looked towards the exit with shock and horror as they turned to see Seta terrifyingly furious. "NO ONE'S LEAVING THIS ROOM UNTIL I FIND THE PUNK WHO CALLED ME OLD!" Seta exclaimed in a loud roar.

"O-Okaa-san! calm down! Please!" Yu pleaded as he does his best to quell his mom's rage.

"Uh... hey... who even wrote that note!?" Chie asked quickly.

"I-I dunno! Yosuke said he would deal with present!" Teddie answered as Seta's glare turn to him, giving Teddie a fearful look.

"WHERE IS THAT PUNK!?" Seta asked as Teddie flinched as he pointed at the exit where Seta threw the desk.

Apparently Yosuke hid outside the door of the classroom in order to surprise Seta, more unfortunate that he was decked by the toss as he became dazed on the ground on the hallway. "W-Why...?" Yosuke gave a weak groan as he passed out.

Counting all those surprises, Ruby took a moment to regret the idea. "I mean... he didn't 'Die' die..." Ruby said with uncertainty, realizing the bad idea.

"... Wait, this is Yosuke we're talking about, right? Pretty sure he won't mind." Chie approved. "How 'bout it? A surprise for Yosuke?" She reconsidered.

The girls nodded in agreement, despite Weiss, Blake, and Yang's reluctance.

Cinder... who?

At the Library, Yu, Yosuke, and Weiss were studying as Teddie and Ruby snuck up on them. "WEISS!" "SENSEI!" Ruby and Teddie exclaimed as they surprised them with Yosuke tumbling out of his seat.

"T-Teddie!? Ruby-chan!?" Yu stuttered with surprise.

"Will you please stop doing that!?" Weiss exclaimed angrily

"Dude! What the hell!? What is it!?" Yosuke grunted as he stood back up.

"That upperclassmen from Haven wants to hang out!" Ruby told them.

Yu: "Who?"

"Cinder-chan, Sensei!" Teddie answered.

"Cinder-chan?" Yosuke wondered.

"Cinder...?" Weiss repeated. "Doesn't ring a bell. What's her last name?"

Ruby and Teddie were about to answer, but they didn't know her well. "Umm... what was it...?" Ruby pondered, leaving Weiss unamused and the guys confused giving question marks on their heads.

Teddie then started making guesses. "Was it..."

Cinder Mall

Cinder and Co, were shopping at a clothes store, "Always 17." Cinder and Emerald were taking a good look at an outfit that Cinder was considering to wear while Adachi and Mercury were on their scrolls. "... This is something young people wear, right?" Cinder asked as Emerald shrugs.

"You asking us that?" Adachi questioned with disbelief.

Cinder Falls

At a stairs, the guys, Adachi, Mercury, and Torchwick were all laughing out loud at Cinder who was on her back on the stairs. For some reason, it appeared that she fell. "Stop laughing and help me!" Cinder demanded with Emerald stuttered what to do with Neo calmly looking back and forth between the laughing men and Cinder.

Cinder Stalls

"Cinder-senpai, We just need to check your dorm for evil plans." Naoto told her with Kanji trying to open the door that Cinder was barring against. Emerald and Neo were stuffing their closet of the devices as Adachi and Mercury were pushing the closet door, preventing their gadgets from falling out.

"Are you sure those were scheduled for today?" Cinder asked.

"We don't notify students when we're trying to bust them!" Rise exclaimed outside the hallway.

"But we're exchange students." Cinder reassures.

"Doesn't matter!" Kanji denied, as he pushes on the door.

"Man... this, uh... weather's crazy, right?" Cinder started to stagger her words as she pushes the door back.

"Cinder-san, what?" Adachi grunted.

"Please move out of the way, Cinder-senpai." Naoto requested in a firm tone.

"You know, your abs look great today." Cinder flirted as Kanji smiled by the compliment.

"Kanji-kun, please!" Naoto and Rise exclaimed.

At the same time, Neo took aim at the door as Emerald was trying to hold her back. "Neo, no!" Emerald grunted as she shook her head.

"Neo, yes!" Mercury whispered as he nodded his head.

"Neo-chan, what the hell!?" Adachi grunted with shock and awe.

Cinder Wall

As Cinder got out of thew shower stalls, she then opens the exit door only to find cinder blocks blocking the door. "What the... who put this wall here!?" She yelled.

On the other side of the wall had the guy laughing at the prank they pulled with leftover blocks and bags of cement on the side. Suddenly Cinder blasted a hole in an fuming rage as the males staggered and bolted away.

Cinder Saw

Adachi was in arm's length of a saw that Cinder somehow acquired and attempts to severely punish Adachi as Torchwick and Mercury frozed in fear as they watch the horror. "Cinder-san! Stop! I said we're sorry!" He exclaimed.

Cinder Lols

This time it was the guys fell down the stairs and Cinder was laughing nefariously on top with Emerald and Neo giggling behind her. "Shut up, we get it!" Adachi grunted angrily.

Cinder Bawls

In an unforeseen future, world peace has been achieved with the Huntsman cheering, dancing, and celebrating the achievement.

The villains were all disappointed and frown for the failure and Cinder took it worst. "NOOOOOOOO! My nefarious puh-lans!" She cried as she pound her fist on the ground. She sobbed like crazy as Adachi tried to comfort her by patting her back.

"Well... I can''t say I told you so." Adachi commented.

Back in reality after Teddie's guesses, Ruby eventually said her piece. "Uhh... I don't know, it's like Cinder Autumn or something..." She assumes.

"Well, too bad. I'm studying." Weiss told her she went back to her books.

"Yu and Yosuke both shrugged at Teddie and Ruby as the groaned.

The Wrath of the Mysterious Food X

At the Cafeteria, Team RWBY and Team JNPR were all excited to taste the dishes of Chie, Yukiko, Rise, and Fuuka's cooking. "Thanks for treating us to dinner you guys. I'm really looking forward to your dishes." Yang said as they waited for their cooking.

"As long as I can eat it, I'll eat anything!" Nora assures.

"I wonder what dish they'll make. Is it something they eat in their Kingdom?" Ruby wondered.

The chefs made their way to the tables their friends were at and place the pot in on the center. "Here ya go! A pot of curry, just for you all!" Chie declared as she and the other chefs prepared their plates. What they saw was a purple substance sticking next to the rice. The Huntsmen, aside from the oblivious Nora, realized how odd it looked.

"What the... is this really curry?" Weiss asked as she poke the substance with her fork. "Never seen this in a color as such before."

"I'm very sure it's curry...! I think..." Chie assures

"We went to Vale to purchase the right ingredients, everything that range to spiciness and... hotness and..." Yukiko followed as she trailed off.

"It still smells great though, right?" Fuuka asked.

Blake felt very sick upon the scent of the curry, she did her best to cover it. "I... don't feel so good..." She stuttered.

"I... have to hand it to you all, you all made it possible to create this outcome..." Pyrrha commented passively as she gave a pained expression.

"Thanks! So, you gonna try it?" Rise asked eagerly.

The Teams looked to each other with doubt as Jaune scooped a piece with Ren and Nora following. "Well... they made it just for us... I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try." He said with confidence as deep breath as they took a bite.

The next thing that happened, Jaune and Ren passed out as they see chunks of the supposed curry pouring out of their mouths. The rest of the team were terrified by how it came to this, even by Nora who's on her 3rd plate.

Aside from Nora who was fully contented, no one else ate dinner that night.

*Time To Say Goodbye - Jeff Williams

*Time to Make History - Shoji Meguro

*Laser Beam - Shoji Meguro

*Sacrifice - Jeff Williams