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So our story begins with some fish

Police who have blocked up the Krusty Krab until the

Official manager shows up. The case is a Krabby Patty with

No cheese. The case is solved by our

Great spongy hero. But it's just a dream we

Eventually see that it's the opening of the Krusty Krab 2.

But SpongeBob is

Oh-so-certain that he'll

Be the new manager.

So much excitement that no one

Quite noticed that Plankton was up to his tricks. He was

Using the time to steal King Neptune's crown!

And Mr. Krabs was framed and frozen,

Requiring SpongeBob and Patrick to go to Shell City.

Enduring the way there was hard and dangerous. But

Plankton had taken the formula and turned the Bikini Bottomites into slaves!

At arriving at Shell City, Sponge and Pat

Nearly lost their lives. After being saved, they went home,

To fix the mess. That's just what happened, and everyone was

Saved...by a kid.