Important News!

I am currently re-working from scratch RWBY: Kitsune no Reaper, as of this moment that I'm writing this notice, I have already reworked the first 3 chapters and currently working on the 4th one.

This decision was made after months of trying, and failing, to continue writing this story from the point I had reached. It felt slow, clinging to the canon and with how disappointing RWBY show had become for me later on, I couldn't really find the passion to release the scrapped last chapter. Thus after many PM's of various readers, I've decided that starting over fresh and with a different angle I would be able to complete this story!

I've already made a plotline all the way to the end and have some scenes written of turning points and I'm expecting this story to be roughly 500k words when it's complete.

I won't be uploading any of the content to fanfiction until I've reworked up to the 10th chapter BUT if you wish to read the re-worked version BEFORE I upload it to fanfiction you can either join my newly made discord directly (Server ID is 42SQENPj54) OR if you're willing to support me creating this kind of content, I've created a Patron (IreJasmine), this is purely optional and only if you wish to support my hobby, I will still be updating the content in both the discord server and fanfiction as I write it.

There's other things I'll announce with this post and those are:

- Hakurei Shrine will be continued from where I left it, I've already written about 2k for the next chapter and will release it before the end of the month.

- A new Danmachi story that I've written, it's already around 70k words and will be periodically published once I've written 100k words for it.

- A new BNHA story that I had started writing in an alt account will be moved to this account and also be added to the discord.

- Discord is 42SQENPj54 and is IreJasmine

I think I've covered about everything needed to be said, here's hoping that you'll receive me with a warm welcome just like the time y'all received this story when I first wrote it. Anything else you wanna tell me feel free to hop to the discord, PM here or in ~


Ire Jasmine