RWBY: Kitsune no Reaper

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Author's Note: Jasmine here~ After giving a much better introduction of Naruto (and his appearance) in Remnant's world I felt more at ease, this chapter will contain information about the world of Remnant I'm trying to build along with many other important details of the story itself.

Note: Due to the lack of calendar in RWBY I'll be using our Earth's calendar (Jan-Dec), I won't be using any specific year though at least not until there's an official one released.

Warning: This story will contain very dark themes, drama, action, adventure, romance, gore, mature scenes(Lemons), and much more. So please don't judge me (I kid, pls do)

Without further ado enjoy Chapter 2~

Chapter 2: The Start of a Journey

Warning: You're reading the old, discontinued, version of this story.

Two months had gone by for Naruto since his adoption and now it was middle of April, his living arrangements with Glynda had really turned out for the best.

Currently he was doing the groceries for the coming month since his newly surrogate sister had been called to work on her day off, smiling he picked one chocolate bar from the stand and added it to his merchandise cart. Pushing the cart towards the pay line, Naruto pulled out his recently bought Scroll, to say he was amazed by how advanced the technology from this world was compared to his was an understatement.

It had taken him almost a full month of being home-schooled by Glynda about many of the things of this world after all.

Naruto suddenly felt something yank his fox tail, restraining the yip that almost escaped his mouth, he turned around curiously and found the culprit being a small girl that hugged his fluffy fox tail tightly with one hand and held a teddy bear in the other. His smile softened as the blond crouched down to pat the girl whose only response was to snuggle deeper into his tail.

"LEA! Where are you!?" Naruto heard the distinctive shout of an upset woman, glancing at the girl on cloud nine and making the connections easily, he lifted her up and set her on his shoulders, and nodded to himself when the girl squealed happily and grabbed onto his wolf ears.

"Let's go find your mother okay?" The blond said and took the girl giggles as an affirmation, pushing the cart out of the cashier line he looked around for a bit and found a woman in her early thirties talking with one of the supermarket staffs, no doubt asking for help in finding her missing daughter. He made his way through the crowd of people in minutes reaching the group that had already formed around the lady to help her out.

"Excuse me..." Naruto started, gathering the attention of the group "I think you might be looking for her?" Naruto pointed at the happily squealing girl that toyed with his wolf ears, making them twitch every once in a while. The group of adults blinked and turned to the lady who was trembling, the woman quickly snatched the girl away from Naruto's shoulders and hugged her tightly to her bosom.

"Oh my little Leanne! I'm so glad you're okay..." The woman hiccuped as she rubbed her nose with her daughter's before turning to Naruto "Thank you... thank you..." the lady said as she gave Naruto a tearful smile, he grinned and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"It was nothing" Naruto said as he patted the girl on her head "And you stay out of trouble" he lightly chided the child who only giggled back before returning to the nearest pay line again. Pulling out his Scroll again Naruto started to read on the news while he waited, reading small entries about nonsensical stuff that usually appeared on the news but there were few ones that actually caught his attention such as the entries related to the White Fang, the Faunus activities and the gardening section.

No, he actually doesn't like gardening itself but it was a hobby he had picked up as a kid and it was the one thing that he could properly do while he planned his next prank.

Memories of the Elemental Nations came to mind at that line of thought and he smiled hollowly, entertaining that thought he idly wondering what most of his friends were doing at the moment but he didn't get to entertain that thought for long because he was the next in line to pay for his supplies. Handing the cashier his credit card and signing the bill he picked up the bags, leaving the supermarket and sitting by the taxi stall he waited patiently yet again.

Or at least that's what he tried to, few of the people who walked by sent him 'discreet' discriminatory glances.

His wolf ears dropped slightly at that, one of the first things Glynda had taught him from this world was about the two different races that 'cohabited' inside the safe-havens of the kingdoms in Remnant, the Faunus and the Humans.

The first one being the Faunus, the race of humanoid people who posses physical traits identical to that of animals. Because of this very reason they tended to be treated as animals and demeaned, even though they had their own civil rights it was not to the same extent as the humans rights... but that wasn't the real reason for the glances he received, it was true that Faunus were mistreated but the idea of coexistence was already in motion.

It was common knowledge that Humans and Faunus could interbreed but the idea was preposterous to many groups and highly discouraged but there still were many families of the dubbed Half-Breeds sub-species that lived happily because most children would only inherit the Faunus parent trait, or be completely human and they wouldn't be ostracized too badly as long as nobody knew both parents.

The real reason for their glances was due to his uniqueness.

He was a Hybrid, the sub-species of Faunus born from two different species of Faunus and one that is born with both of it's parents traits. The Hybrids were very rare and scarce but they were there, and because Faunus essentially were already 'animals' then being a Hybrid labeled you as an 'abomination' to nature because not only it went against the natural laws of birth but also because they were 'even more animalistic than Faunus'

Naruto, although not being original of Remnant's world, had somehow become a Hybrid of a wolf and a fox. He knew that the fox part came from his eternal friend Kurama but he had no idea where could the wolf part come from since as far as he was aware, there was no wolf Bijuu. The only explanation he could come up with was that when he was thrown into this dimension his body had been forced to adapt.

Honestly it just felt like Konoha's Demon treatment all over again.

One taxi later and a short trip through the streets, Naruto entered the lobby of his Apartment tower and greeted the receptionist with his trademark grin to which the lady waved back enthusiastically. It had been a surprise to the personnel of the building when Glynda had mentioned she would start living with her surrogate brother, of course the shock of said brother being a hybrid wasn't too well received by all of them but their respect for the blonde teacher and the charismatic nature of the ninja more than made up for the common dislike.

Rounding the hall corner Naruto was pleasantly surprised to find Glynda opening the door to their apartment, at first it felt really weird being around her as there was some sort of tension between the two but it smoothed out in no time once they had just sat down to talk and talk, and continue talking until they knew each other better.

"Yo sis!" Naruto called out, snickering to himself when the teacher visibly jumped.

Glynda could only glare at the snickering blond.

- 0 - RWBY: KnR - 0 -

Fast forwarding three months later, Naruto had to re-started his basic training after he made the tragic discovery he could no longer mold Chakra. He could easily feel the energy flowing inside his body but it felt corrupted, twisted. Knowing that he had a severe handicap he was forced to adapt, luckily for him he could still use Senjutsu as it somehow was being enhanced by his Faunus features but he still was limited on the things he could do.

The only possible explanation Glynda and him could come up with for his lack of Chakra was that since his body was physically wounded when he was summoned into Remnant, then he might have also been spiritually wounded.

Either way within those three months Naruto trained himself to the bone in order to control the new source of energy, which was called Aura in this world. His already high mastery over controlling energies due to his Senjutsu training allowed him to learn how to use Aura in the span of a week to the point where he could use it to hide his Faunus traits if he so wished. Two weeks after being comfortable with his mastery over Aura, Naruto had discovered his Semblance and spent the rest of those three months mastering it.

Such feats had surprised not only Glynda, as it gave prove to his story of being an otherworldly person, but also surprised Ozpin.

Talking about Ozpin, the headmaster had come and gone a couple times during those three months. The headmaster would always try to prod information out of the two blonds but if there was one thing that both, Glynda and Naruto had agreed upon, was that there was absolutely no need for anyone else to know about his real origins so they simply avoided the topic all together whenever it was possible.

Of course, the headmaster easily saw through their hesitance and dropped the issue stating that 'I'll always be available if you ever need to talk'.

After both, Glynda and Ozpin, had come to terms with the fact that Naruto was a prodigy(he snorted), the blond teacher got permission to take him to different Huntsman missions so Naruto would get an insight as to what kind of job Glynda did and in the two following months the blond had already become famous not only for his skills but also for how easy he could deal with the Grimm.

Being an Hybrid Faunus didn't even tarn his reputation, if anything it made it soar higher among the people whom he helped and with such success Glynda had decided to give the teen something special for his 16 birthday.

Naruto was honestly not expecting any sort of birthday gift so he was pleasantly surprised when Glynda came forward with a sword in one, and not just any sword. It was a Katana. The handle and the blade themselves were black in color, but what surprised him the most was the sheath of the Katana. The sheath was the same silver color as his wolf ears and had a rifle integrated. (Recolored Adam Taurus sword).

He had been so excited from the random act of kindness that he had gompled his surrogate sister and met face to face with her feared Semblance, which by the way he still had to fix the crack in the ceiling after being thrown so hard onto it.

Although Naruto never was one for Kenjutsu he still managed to master the art much quicker than anyone expected, mainly due to his Semblance giving him a slight boost, and seeing as he was becoming too famous for his own good Naruto had decided to change his wardrobe and create an alias under which he could work with, and avoid unnecessary issues, hence he worked nonstop until the end of the year on a new project along with mastering his new strengths.

Time flew fast for Naruto as he did this, and by the time he finished it was December in Remnant already. Happy that he managed to complete his personal project, along with adding two new weapons to his arsenal, he made his debut as 'Menma the Reaper'.

Knowing that he was ready to face the world again, Naruto had requested Ozpin to approve his instatement of becoming a Huntsman but the request was rejected, something that actually angered the teen seeing as he wasn't lacking anything that the job entailed and when he asked for questions the Headmaster had refused to give any.

And now we find a quietly sighing to himself Naruto whom opened the door to his room, having just returned from buying more Ramen on the store, he quickly took off his shirt and headed to the kitchen intent on preparing the dinner for today.

Cooking was the one thing he had taken upon doing for Glynda since it was his way of expressing gratitude for her help.

Pulling out his Scroll, Naruto dialed his surrogate sister and set it on the stand of the kitchen counter as he moved around preparing the cooking utensils while he waited for the call to push through. Leaning onto the sink as he waited Naruto started reminiscing of how truly hectic his life was since his youngster days.

At the young age of 12 he finally managed to become a Shinobi, six months later participated in the Chunin exam and left to train with Jiraiya when he was 13 then returning to Konoha when he was 14 already. It didn't even take a full year for the madness known as the Fourth Shinobi War to occur and he had been 15 and half of age before he died... or was supposed to have died anyways, instead he somehow was sent to Remnant against his will.

And he was sent completely alone.

The buzz sound of the call connecting through snapped the blond out of his thoughts, looking at the screen he could see Glynda with a small frown as the teacher hastily spoke with someone else before turning to face the camera. As soon as she saw Naruto on the other end, the frown was replaced by a smile. From the perspective of outsiders the two could really pass out for real siblings when Naruto hid his Faunus features.

"Hey sis" Naruto greeted with an amused smile as he picked up the scroll "I just got back home and am about to start dinner, what would you like?"

The teacher raised a hand to her chin as she thought over the question "I guess pasta would be good, we haven't had that in a while and als-" she was abruptly stopped and the sound of her crop smacking flesh was heard followed by a male pained groan "As I was saying before being interrupted, I also have some very good news" there was the sound of the crop again followed by a string of curses from the same male voice and then it went silent "Good riddance, I should arrive home soon" a short goodbye and the call was over.

Naruto laughed as he prepared the meal, letting his mind wander all over the place. One of the first thoughts that popped in his head was the matter regarding his Chakra, he could clearly feel the energy inside him but it was twisted and mixed with this world's energy and there also was the fact of his missing tenant however Naruto didn't think too much about it lest he get depressed again.

Next in the line of thought was the variety of people he met throughout the year, some of the locals had taken his presence kindly and rooted for his continued success when he spoke of becoming a Huntsman, like the little Leanne and her mother he met months ago. Though he also had to mention the ones that didn't take as kindly, and tried to ostracize him, but there was no need to worry over such silly things, the random pranks those people would often find themselves in were enough of a payback.

Rubber chickens were never that deadly in his home world after all.

Laughing to himself again Naruto was startled by the sound of the Penthouse door closing, walking out of the kitchen and down the hall the teen saw Glynda trading her heels for flip-flops, with a grin he gave his surrogate sister a warm welcome hug which she reciprocated shortly. She went to leave her stuff in her room and changing into more comfortable clothes before she joined the ninja in the kitchen while he finished cooking.

Glynda had taken a seat on one of the kitchen tabourete and started talking about how her day had gone by while her little brother finished preparing their meal, which didn't take much longer after all and the two moved over to the dining table and ate their dinner while trading words.

Naruto finished his share first, patting his belly happily as he patiently waited for Glynda to finish, she did at a much more sedate pace. Once done, Naruto took both plates to the sink before returning with two glasses of water and sitting in front of his surrogate sister and gave her his complete attention.

Glynda could only give him a troubled smile.

"Naruto, Ozpin has thought over your request of becoming a huntsman again and hw has decided that you could become one on two conditions..." Her troubled smile changed into a small frown "First, you would need to undergo a year of missions to prove your strength once again, if you accomplish it with satisfactory results then comes the second condition... You will join Beacon academy at least for a year or two depending on how you do there before being officially instated as a Huntsman" Glynda rubbed her temples for a bit at that "I honestly don't see why you would need either, you're already much farther above any other student but I guess it can't be helped..."

Naruto however knew better, the real issue wasn't whether he was strong or not but whether he was trustful enough or not and since Naruto wouldn't give Ozpin the trust of telling his origins(being from another dimension) then the Headmaster wouldn't give the blond the trust needed until he cleared this test of his.

"It's alright Sis, I will do it. Once I'm in Beacon, Ozpin will be wishing he'd accepted me sooner, believe it!" Naruto grinned with his trademark foxy smile. Glynda sighed in exasperation at her surrogate brother antics before sliding a yellow folder which contained the information for his first mission.

After all, if he accepted then he have to leave the very next morning to Mistral.

The whiskered ninja decided that they should celebrate his 'almost" sure admission into Beacon and becoming a huntsman, placing a bottle of wine on the table and returning again with two champagne glasses he poured the heavenly liquid for both, each taking their glass and raising it for a toast.

"For Beacon" Naruto grinned as he held his glass.

"For Remnant" Glynda added as they cheered.

- 0 - RWBY: KnR - 0 -

Morning came by faster than both expected, dozen upon dozens of alcoholic beverages littered the table and rolled across the floor, they had drank all night long.

Naruto stood by the door with a small backpack slung across his shoulder, dressed in a black polo shirt with the Uzumaki swirl on his chest, blue-faded jeans and no shoes. Next to him (read: clinging) was Glynda, her face slightly red and sleep clothes disheveled.

"Take care little brother" Glynda whispered as she hugged the blond tightly.

"Yeah... You too sister" Naruto murmured back a bit sadly, standing to his full height he turned and closed the door softly before leaving for his journey again.

Another one year training trip however this time...

He would do it completely alone.


Author's Note: I know the timeline it's a bit confusing so I'll post it here.

October 10: Naruto's 15 birthday
February: Naruto dies and is 'reborn' in Remnant
April: Start of this chapter
May, June, July: Training of Aura + Semblance.
August, September: Participates in missions with Glynda.
October 10 again: Naruto's 16 birthday, receives Katana as present.
December: Debut as Menma the Reaper and the end of this chapter.


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