Rework Announcement

THE REWORK IS UP UNDER THE SAME NAME! (You can also head into my profile to search it without needing to filter)

After uploading chapter 3, I will periodically (weekly if possible) release the next chapter of RWBY: Kitsune no Reaper. As of now there's already 7 chapters written. If you wish to read the chapters ahead of time/as they're written consider joining the discord (42SQENPj54)!

Or if you want to support my hobby, support me by patron (IreJasmine)

I will leave this old version available for those who want to re-read this but know that there ARE mayor changes in the new story, specially in how the relationships are made/progressed. I will place a warning on all chapters reminding people they're reading the old version just in case.

That is all, thank you for following this story and giving it so much love. I hope the new version will receive the same, if not an even better, reception and love.

- Ire Jasmine