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The Difference of Knowing:

Chapter One:

Naruto couldn't help but think about the time. The time she had visited him in his lonely apartment. She had told him to be friends with Sasuke and the whole entire situation had been abnormal and rushed but Naruto in his innocence had accepted nonetheless. Then slowly but surely he, and Sasuke had developed a very odd friendship. Though neither parties would admit to it out loud, they were best friends. At the time he was excited and even thanked the girl for the opportunity.

Now that Naruto was older he was well aware of what she did on that same night, literally minutes before she visited him, that same day she had massacred her whole clan, killing everyone but Sasuke without remorse. She was a murdered, some sort of sick reasoning behind her actions. Naruto thought about that now, his mind swirling as many things began to flood into his head. One example of his thoughts being 'Would I survive this altercation?'

He thought about this now, as her Sharingan red eyes glared into his crystal blue. He backed away as the taller man with blue shark like skin came forward, an item Naruto assumed to be a sword covered in wrapping was fixated aggressively pointed at the blond. She looked exactly like a female version of Sasuke. Though, her face held beauty...Something he would never have associated with a , looks could be deceiving.

The shark-like man wearing matching clothing as Izumi walked forward. "It's hard to believe that such a child holds the power of the Kyuubi.",

His eyes went wide, he knew of the Kyuubi! All he could do was stare, his mouth agape and his bulged fearfully.

"Naruto, you're coming with us.", her voice came out smooth, it wasn't threatening, it was actually a pleasant sound to his ears. Albeit, it came out impassive, he couldn't place a finger on his weird thoughts. She looked almost like he remembered, maybe a bit taller and her face had definitely matured more. And soon he found himself asking: How could this girl, Sasuke's sister be the psychotic murderer he had heard so much about? At this moment, it almost seemed impossible to him. From first glance she looked rather innocent, disregarding her bored expression, she was simply a beautiful brunette. Her jet black hair fell backwards in a sleek ponytail, her face was actually symmetrical a clear cut sign of beauty. He noted all this as he gazed on in fear. Again looks can be deceiving he convinced himself.

"Why don't we step outside?", the shark figure spoke, gesturing outside the door with his free hand. Naruto listened obediently, not wanting to trigger the strangers in any shape or form. He gulped doing so as he felt his heart doing somersaults in his chest. The shark man was tall and intimidating, his sharp teeth coming together as he smiled down at the blond. A sinister gaze within his eyes, he definitely looked evil, there was no doubt in that. He then took in the appearance of the girl again, looking her up and down.

"Yo— you, you're Sasuke's elder sister." He started, not understanding where he was going with that. Directing his words towards the black haired girl again. "You're the girl that visited me that day, the day you killed everyone in your clan except for him. You seemed so nice back then! What was that anyway, some sort of act? A sick game of some sort? What did you gain from it? Look what you did to Sasuke, shit your whole entire family!", Naruto felt himself become emotional. "I actually believed that you could be my friend.", he muttered.

She didn't seem to have a reaction to his words, not on her expression at least, her face didn't even so much as twitch. "Sasuke?", Kisame began. "This is the first time I'm hearing about a Sasuke, Izumi.", She remained motionless, her face not so much as twitching.

"He is my younger brother, details are irrelevant.", She explained nonchalantly.

"Ah, sounds like an interesting story to tell, considering that from what I heard is that you slaughtered everyone in the Uchiha clan. Ah, a story for later… Anyways back to the boy.", Kisame allowed his weapon to slam into the floor, the heavy weapon breaking through it with the mere force of gravity.

"It would be a hassle if he...ya know tried to escape, how about I cut off a leg or two?", Naruto's eyes widen, his blue orbs instantly darting between the two ninja who obviously outclassed him. Could he run? No, they could probably catch him. But he had to do something, would he really just let these two take him?

The girl kept her blood red eyes on him, both engaging in a subconscious staring eye contest. He silently hoped that the girl would voice a complaint, a negative to his affirmative. But nothing came, her mouth sewn shut.

"Right.", The blue skin man stated, turning towards Naruto, the boy just stared feeling completely useless. What could he possibly do?

Suddenly, a darkness filled the atmosphere of the hallway. Almost a familiar feeling, it filled the area radiating with a lust for… Revenge.

"It's been a long time...", came the feminine voice of the girl. Naruto performed an about face. "...Sasuke…", As plain as day, there he was Sasuke Uchiha in all his glory. But this wasn't the Sasuke Naruto had come to know over the years. This was not the friends that he knew, this was a different individual altogether, it was a shadow looming over him. He shivered a bit, viewing the absolute hatred that had engulfed his friend. Sasuke had truly been through a lot, they were similar in the hardships they had to go through, Naruto was different however in one aspect; he never had a family like him. There was of course the Third, and Iruka, hell even team seven. But, to lose the people that birthed you and all the people that loved you, that was a toll of it's own.

"Oh, speak of the devil. So, this is your younger brother that I've heard so much about.", Kisame tilted his head behind himself. "How are you Sasuke?",

"Izumi Uchiha…", Sasuke mouthed his first words, them being his sister's name. His Sharingan burned red hot, as he narrowed them dangerously at her.

"Sasuke.", Naruto said simply. No reply came from his Uchiha teammate, his were narrowed as his hand began to illuminate in electric blue.

"Izumi, you're time is up…",

She turned finally acknowledging him with an alignment of her face. He was definitely different!

"I've compiled my hatred and I've waited all my life for this moment. Revenge is best served sweet, they say. Well, I say it's best served with a shock!", The hallway now glowed with the blinding blue light of the Chidori. Naruto found himself frozen as the boy prepared himself for an attack.

"It ends here!", Sasuke roared, dashing forward as his ninjutsu burned through the walls of the building. Naruto watched as Sasuke's attack aimed for his sister's chest, an attack that would undoubtedly kill the girl. He blinked for second, which proved to be just enough time to miss the events that played next. All he really remembered was a loud crash that radiated throughout the building like an Earthquake, then followed by the dying sound of a thousand chirping birds. Smoke blew everywhere, his eyes being blinded for a short interval of time. When the dust cleared and Naruto finally realized what had happened his eyes went wide.

Izumi held Sasuke by the wrist, the blue ninjutsu dying in the younger boy's hands, his Chidori had made impact with the wall beside him creating a considerably large hole. He had aimed it directly at her, and she simply moved her hand and brushed his attack off like it was nothing. She held his arm stopping the boy from so much as even landing his ninjutsu on Izumi.

Naruto was awestricken and Kisame to chuckled. Sasuke attempted to move for an attack on his sister, who simply replied by crushing his wrist causing him to fall to the floor. "Chidori I'm impressed.", she stated simply.

Naruto moved before he could think, calling the power of the Kyuubi to himself it's chakra surrounding him. He would need to do something against these two.

"Too slow!", The blue skinned man's sword slashed past his face, seeming to miss. Naruto was quite perplexed by this action until he found himself unable to summon any sort of chakra. Shit!

"My weapon absorbs chakra and devours it!", Kisame explained. "This will be a huge problem if you continue doing this, so forget the legs. How about I start with those arms of yours.", Naruto continued his attempts, keeping his hands together.

The shark-like man cackled. "You're wasting your time…", his sword was now mere seconds from cutting or rather shredding through Naruto. He closed his eyes praying to whatever, that some kind of miracle of would happen. The sword finally came down and his life flashed in an instant. Naruto waited for the killing blow, his eyes shut, as he heard a loud poofing noise echoed through the building. The sword came into contact with something directly in front of the blond. He peaked an eyelid open, his eyes gazing forward. A toad stood in his way, his wrists coming outwards to block the attack.

"You guys must not know me very well. A mere female cannot detain such a man as myself, hell I am all that is a true man. I cannot be wooed by some girl when you're like me.", Naruto knew that voice, it belong to the pervy rat himself. "The ladies bow at you awesomeness, Jiraiya the Toad Sage at your service.",

Kisame twitched a bit. "A tad goofy for someone praised as one of the legendary Sannin.",

Naruto turned his eyes landing on the girl laying over his shoulder and then pointing a finger at Jiraiya. "You left me to go hand out with some broad. You're just a dusty old pervert, pervy sage.",

The white haired shinobi shrunk backwards scratching his head. "I really wish you would stop calling me that in front of people!",

Izumi spoke softly. "So you were able to dispel the Genjutsu we placed on her.",

Jiraiya's face became dead serious. "Using an innocent girl in order to separate me from Naruto. It's sick and a cowards tactic.", he paused as he placed the girl on the ground parallel with the wall. "I know that he's really what you're after.",

Naruto looked between Jiraiya and the two ninja.

"I see, that's how Kakashi was aware, you told him.", Izumi said knowingly.

"What are you guys planning?", he inquired. Izumi said nothing keeping Sasuke tight on the ground and below her feet.

"Naruto is the prize that the Akatsuki are after…", she stated before her voice became venomous. "And we will have him.",

The holder of the Kyuubi gulped.

Jiraiya's voice became deep and vicious. "You'll never get Naruto.",

The girl wasted no time to respond. "We'll see about that.",

Jiraiya let out a cackle. "Actually, this is all extremely convenient. I can take you both out simultaneously.", The two shinobi just glared at the Sannin, before a harsh voice finally spoke.

"No!", Sasuke stood to his feet, shaking a bit seeming to have taken a beaten from his elder sister. How could a sibling do such a thing to the other, an elder sister at that. "Stay out of this...don't you dare bud in.", Jiraiya stared on rather skeptically but made no action to move. "This is my fight!", the difference was now clearly prone on Jiraiya's face and Naruto stared in complete awe.

"Sasuke…", was all he found himself able to mouth.

The raven haired boy let out a heart filled warcry, as he launched his fist at his sister, the girl caught his hand mid punch and squeezed it causing a popping sound to echo.

Naruto shifted towards his teammate, almost subconsciously, when he found the large figure of the shark pushing between him and Sasuke.

"Now, now let brother and sister have a little chat.", Kisame grinned. Fuck.

"Go away, I'm not interested in you at the moment.", she told him. His face turned red with more rage.

"Then get interested!", his fist came forward again only to be met with a punch to his gut, Sasuke toppled over just before his sister's slender kneed collided with his nose. The girl was ruthless, as she assaulted him, beating Sasuke mercilessly and without breaking so much as a sweat. Finally, was thrown back into the wall, his body slamming hard as he collapsed onto the ground. Naruto couldn't watch anymore

"Ero-Sannin do something!", he yelled as he watched the long haired girl lift Sasuke by his neck and push him into the wall. Who would think that someone with such an innocent look in her eyes could be this malicious, this wicked. It bugged Naruto's Mind, and to be so ruthless to her own flesh and blood. It was mind churning.

It ended with Sasuke falling unconscious, an ear burning yell being released from the younger Uchiha as he gazed into his sister's eyes. The girl held him by his shirt.

"So heartless, Izumi.", Kisame smiled.

Naruto couldn't take it, he was ready to charge. He didn't care how powerful these guys were, his friend was in need of help. Naruto rushed forward his legs seeming to move by themselves.

"Naruto, wait!", He heard Jiraiya yell in fear. But it was too late, the Genin was running off.

Kisame responded fast. His sword being withdrawn within seconds, it was fast too fast for Naruto to respond. There was no time to slow down, all he could do was try and dodge the attack that would inevitably kill him.

The next set of events set Naruto's head spinning. As if from absolutely nowhere Guy-sensei had made an appearance, his leg making contact with the Kisame's sword and knocking the weapon to the floor, before following up with a swift quick punch to the shark man's gut.

This caused Izumi to turn around and completely drop her brother to the ground with no care.

"You again, these surprise attacks are sure beginning to annoy me.", the blue skinned man said irritably.

"Glad I could catch up in time. Naruto, get back. Jiraiya-sama and I can handle this!",

The blond haired boy looked up at the bushy-browed man, wholeheartedly glad that he had came to his aid.

"Let's kill him Izumi, he seems like the problematic type.", Kisame picked up his weapon swirling the large sword in his hand tauntingly. Izumi's eyes were

"I've got this, you two don't move.", The sunkissed blond turned to watch Ero-sannin perform a set of curious hand sign. Both Guy and Naruto gazed on curiously as the entire hallway became engulfed in what he could only describe as flesh.

Kisame's charge was halted as his feet became stuck in the flesh. The man forcefully pulled his leg from the hold.

"Jiraiya-sama, what is this?",

The man responded but his voice seeming to focus on the two Akatsuki.

"Welcome, Lady and gentlemen, to the stomach of the have just stepped foot in the belly of the beast, where you'll be slowly digested over the span of an entire year.", The two Akatsuki gazed at eachother.

"Kisame we're leaving." She ordered boldly, taking off into the next hallway.

The blue shark man, slashed another set of flesh. "Right!", he said before dashing after her. The white Haired shinobi wasn't having it, he slammed his hands into the wall of flesh and forced it forward.

"Try as you might, but there is not a shinobi alive that can escape this Jutsu!", he called threatening them. Oh, how he was wrong. The shinobi that could break through his technique was a black haired girl who had completely annihilated her clan. And Naruto never forgave the girl for her actions, what she did to his best friend.

The air was as cold as ice. The boy could feel the wind hit his face heavily, smacking it, the wind actually stinging. He would have liked nothing more than to leave this forsaken tundra at once, but such a thing would be considered abandonment of a mission; which was a dishonorable charge of course. He had made it to the land of snow, again somewhere that he considered forsaken. He felt his exposed hair ruffle as it blew in the wind, his hood slightly coming off. His mission was simple, he was to escort a leader of a small ninjaless village, through snow country in order to reach the village hidden within the snow in one peace. What would be a simple task for blond Jounin, who was at the bare beginnings of 17.

It was a solo mission, nothing too drastic. However, it was considered an A-rank mission due to the bounty that laid on the man's head. Regardless, it would be of no issue. He reached the small village within minutes, finding a trail that led to a gated entrance. It was open of course and he entered. He had half expected the place to be empty, with the amount of snow they were getting. However, everyone seemed to be used to it, there were crowds of people as if the cold didn't bother them. They moved about, heading home, buying supplies, normal activities. That was fine because Naruto was absolutely freezing. He moved, as he gazed upwards at the cloudy sky, he knew he was early, he had come probably a day earlier than was necessary, so he was in no rush.

The boy moved through the town, taking it's appearance and noting that he liked much larger villages than this one. They seemed to lack any sort of luster. His eyes wandered to a small hotel, to which he figured he would spend the night. Everything just seemed normal,a nice young man even held the door for him. Again everything was normal. That was until Naruto's eyes suddenly caught something with his peripheral vision. He turned suddenly, as he gazed to his left. Electric blue eyes zoned onto a figure, the figure walked in the opposite direction of his gaze. She walked very smooth, and didn't seem to make noise even when she stepped into the snow; shinobi like as she quickly placed her black hood over her ponytail. His eyes narrowed, that was odd. He wouldn't be surprised if there were some other shinobi in the village, however, that still brought up red flags.

"Um, sir. Are you coming?", the man holding the door inquired awkwardly, witnessing what probably seemed odd to the civilian.

"Sorry, I'll be back… Excuse me.", he jogged a bit forward, his blue eyes staying on the hooded figure. A few things he determined, it was a girl. She was a ninja, and if she were any good she knew he was one also. He stopped a short distance from her making sure not to look suspicious. Her pace increased, as he moved further away from the hotel and more towards a secluded part of the village. He noted that the population of people here decreased as they continued.

She moved suddenly, turning around a corner into what seemed to be an alleyway. He narrowed his eyes, as he dashed towards the alleyway. He entered, gazing into the darkness as he searched for the girl. She was here only moments ago. He withdrew a Kunai as he surveyed every corner of the small Alleyway which led to a dead end. He silently cursed at himself for being too obvious with his pursuit. He sighed, assuming that the girl had escaped, probably body flickering away. He took one last gaze around the empty place before heading for the exit.

She seemed oddly familiar, and he suddenly found himself pondering just who that ninja could have been. He stepped outside of the alley, his eyes gazing into the small street of the snow village as flakes fell lightly and the wind blew heavily. He guessed he could just head to a hotel, his hands were freezing. He thought this as he blew his breath into his palms.

He stopped abruptly, a piercing feeling pressing lightly against his neck. He could feel the cold sharp blade of a Kunai. His eyes gazed backwards for a second, as he identified his attacker.

"Izumi Uchiha.", he stated, almost growling.

"Naruto-san...What brings you to this small village?", She says. Her voice was smooth and lacking of any emotion. Yet, feminine and seeming to hold a knowing tone. It was the same voice, however, as all those years ago. He still remembered. And what else he remembered was just how evil this girl was. He remembered how she had lied to him and how she had hurt Sasuke. She was just simply evil.

"I could ask you the same thing.", He stated, blue eyes crossing into black eyes. She was an S-classed criminal, extremely dangerous. But, he wasn't the young naive boy from all those years ago.

"I'm meeting someone.", she told him. "You do not interest me at the moment. However, I do not wish to be followed, and if persists I'll be forced to act accordingly.",

She removed the Kunai, a bit surprising to him.


She turned away. "Such information does not need to be disclosed.",

"Nothing, you Akatsuki are doing is good. And it is my duty as a shinobi to capture any wanted criminals.",

She looked on not seeming to be phased by his threat in the slightest.

"I have a mission, I suggest you do not interfere.", she stated this coldly, before disappearing into a flock of black crows. Naruto watched as the crows took into the sky, and disappeared a short distance away. She was here, the person who had caused Sasuke to leave and ultimately drove him onto the wrong path. The S-classed criminal who committed one of the most heinous crimes in Konoha history. She was here in this small village, he would keep this eyes out. But, first he needed to contact the village.

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