The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

It all started when her freak of a sister went to that special boarding school of hers. It was so special that only certain people can receive admissions to it and allowed to enter its grounds. And guess what the only one requirement to get in? Magic.

And her beautiful, smart and ever so lovely younger sister had it in spades. It was like adding salt to the wounds her low self-esteem had wrecked havoc on her emotional faculties. She could accept that Lily was beautiful. Her family had a history of beauty skipping a few of generations before it surfaced again. Even her mother wasn't really that stunning and her aunts as well. Nevertheless her being not as pretty as Lily was easily accepted. Petunia believes her own children will be the ones that would be having the good-looks that apparently skipped her.

Being smart was easily accepted too. It is not that she's dumb or anything. Lily just got the lessons faster than her. She also remembers them faster than her. Probably an effect of her being younger than Petunia. But the fact that others see Lily as smarter than her remains. And she accepted that. In fact she was quite proud, not that she would admit it to others. Having a younger sister that can take care of stuff she won't bother with in the future would be godsend.

Petunia acknowledged those two things Lily possessed that she hadn't. Beauty and Brains, they say. However along with admission of the facts there was the ever lurking grievance she felt for every remark people speak about her sister. "Look at how wonderful your sister at school, Petunia!" "Wow! Look at her gorgeous red hair, Petunia!" And the ever famous one: "Why can't you be like Lily, Petunia?"

She just ignores those statements about her and her sister. Deep down she knows she won't be like her sister. But they keep on comparing her to Lily! And so the resentment keeps on growing in her heart as the people's comments keep on going.

Petunia even disregarded her sister's fascination with a slimy haired git she apparently befriended with. She had no clue what or why Lily was... enamored with that git. He was ugly and had hair like he was dunked in a bucket of grease. But then again, maybe Lily decided to help or do something with that boy. Lily had made a friend while she only watched in the background.

Her acceptance can be called a facade to be honest. A very fragile facade that barely hides the dark and heavy bitterness in her. She kept it in check until the day that letter arrived in their mail.

Oh how it shattered the glass barrier of jealousy and anger inside Petunia. A special trait her sister only had. Forever it will be reminded to her that she don't have it and never will. She can't even compete with that! But there's still a piece of hope in her. Just like the story of Pandora releasing all the world's evils from a box with leaving only a small shard of hope in it, she had that small hope that maybe, maybe Lily can share it with her. Share this... magic she had with her. A desperate attempt on fixing her... emotions? Mind? She doesn't know what . Petunia knew one thing though. She can't afford to lose against her sister. No matter what.

But the reply she received was like a slap to her face. It stung so badly. She maybe cried that night. She wasn't even allowed to see a glimpse of that magic Lily had. Add insult to injury, Lily didn't even tried to do anything about it! Oh she saw that in her face. That frown in her oh so lovely face. Was she feeling sorry for her? No, she wasn't. She was sad that Petunia even tried. Tried to have her oh so glorious magic be shared to her sister. Tried to compete with her!

Thank God that her sister won't be around her for most of the year. She will be staying at their boarding school, which was a castle. May God raze that heretical institution. After hearing her sister was a witch, Lily even admitted to her that she was like those witches that were burned at the stake, Petunia quickly went to the nearest church and quickly admitted herself to teachings. It was no wonder she was suffering so bad. Petunia was in the midst of a... a witch for almost 11 years!

If only that witch wouldn't dirty their household for more than a month everytime their boarding school takes a break, she would happily ignore her presence. God will take care of those sinners and heretics in due time. The gifts that witch had, she used to envy so much; well she knew the truth now so it seemed to be so stupid of her back then. After all, normal people don't get that many gifts at the same time. Normal people don't have magic.

It was two years or so that witch last made her presence available to Petunia. Petunia deliberately ignored the witch for most of the times, including summer breaks and holidays where that witch visits. Calling that witch a freak would be an insult to all of the freaks in the world. In fact, Lily would still be a freak until she called herself a witch. Freaks are freaks. A freak of nature, a mistake made by God yet allowed to live for it still had a purpose, a symbol of what normal people shouldn't be. Just like how parents showed their children the mistakes they shouldn't do, Freaks are what people shouldn't strive to be. If Petunia remembered correctly, some of those Freaks are helpful members of society. Like that one person who managed to make the television. He was a freak in wanting to see people in a box that he made it possible. Now she was enjoying that freak's work right in the middle of her ever beautiful house with her handsome husband and a her son sleeping in his crib upstairs.

Now that she was thinking about freaks and all, Petunia remembered the time Lily was still her sister. She could admit that Lily was a freak back then. Beauty, Brains and that ability of hers. If only she didn't chose to be a witch, no matter how much she says she was born one. Witches aren't born, they became one when they decided to renounce their faith in God and decided to use their gifts in helping the Devil. Oh how Lily proudly told her she could cast a compulsion on someone to do her bidding. She even told her that she could do a perfect obliviate spell. That evil in her sister wasn't there before she went to that boarding school of hers. Forcing one to do what she wants to do and to forget or wipe from existence. If that wasn't evil at all, then what else would it be?

If only she could go back and stop her sister from becoming one of them, then she would gladly do it all over again. Ask her sister to not go to that place. Go to the Church where they always go to every Sunday. Ask the priests about it. Tell them on what to do with it. If things went perfectly, Lily could have served the public and God with her abilities. She could even make their parents proud by serving the public well. After all, her abilities were a gift from Above. It was meant to be used to serve the normal people. If no offense could be taken, she could say that Freaks like her sister were made to serve the normal people and make their lives easier. A perfect tool made by God, albeit not intentionally, to help His creations in serving Him.

"Darling, there's something wrong with the telly."

Vernon's words broke Petunia's reverie. Now that she wasn't dreaming of things that wouldn't come, she can say that the telly was spazzing out. It was making garbled noises and the screen was garbled as well that she had to turn it off before her dear Dudley could hear it. She could also see the lights outside their home going out one by one. The news didn't announced about a power interruption in their area so how could it be happening. Peeking through the curtains on her windows, Petunia could see three figures standing outside their home. Vernon even decided to join her in spying those figures. Petunia could see someone wearing something like a bathrobe for Pete's sake!

Vernon looked her in here eyes and spoke,"Pet, do you know them?" Making a glance upstairs, Vernon continued, "They look like hooligans to me and fear for my Dudley's safety."

Shaking her head slowly as possible, Petunia replied, "Vernon, I think those are Lily's acquaintances." Joining her husband in looking at her son's location, she added, "Vernon, please go to Dudley. I'm not entirely assured that they won't make a move to my son but with you there with him, it would at least make Dudley safe. I'll deal with these... wise asses myself."

Vernon quickly moved upstairs after nodding with his wife. Her husband maybe the head of their small family but she is the mother. The wife. The light and pillar of the household. Petunia is the one who makes the decision inside their home.

Readying herself for the encounter she would be facing in a few moments, Petunia gathered her wits, confidence and mental strength. She would need all those three in facing these... wizards. Bah! Calling them wizards would be an insult to the geniuses she met in her life. She studied English, both Grammar and Literature, in college that she knew that these wizards are hallucinating that thinking they are so smart when in fact the suffix they used were often projected in a negative light. Hmmm... Now that she though about it, it fits them perfectly. A person who acts being wise in a very excessive manner. Perfect. Fits well with bastard, blaffard, drunkard, coward, and dullard. All of those could describe those people outside so well!

*Knock* *Knock*

Opening her door, Petunia expected to talk to this Headmaster Lily was gushing for entire 7 years she was living in their parents house. But all she could she was burned out streetlights, a deep fog with a tinge of gasoline and a baby basket with a baby in it.


Wait a minute.

Lily was dead. Specifically, murdered. And her son is the only survivor of the said attack. And they will be leaving Lily's son in her care?

Wasn't the father's side of the family should be the one taking care of this matter? She was only a housewife and Vernon was only starting to rise up in the hierarchy of Grunnings. Ah, Vernon. Bless his soul. A man that accepted her faults and embraced it with all of his heart. He even embraced her past and the fact she had a freak (not a witch anymore for God had already judged her justly) for a sister. He haven't forgotten how Lily and her husband (a perfect example of a wise ass) crashed their wedding day. Even with how Lily was frowning at her husband, she could tell that she was sad that James didn't do the disturbance she expected out of him. Thankfully she quickly distracted Vernon from exploding and proceeded to kick Lily and James out of their reception.

Speaking of the Potter brings her back to the baby in her living room. With him being the only survivor, if the letter was to believed to be true, then James was dead too (another one God had judged justly). And haven't she heard about how the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree it came from? If that saying would be applicable to her situation, then Harry would be a freak as well. Like his parents.


That won't do in her household. Those acquaintances of Lily thought she was the perfect surrogate for taking care of Harry. If she will be raising this...freak then she would do her best to stamp it out. Just like how you stopped a bonsai from growing big by cutting off its branches while young, it would be also applicable to a young tyke. Cut off the magic and he won't be a freak. May God have mercy on his soul if he decided to join them.

Still, Petunia knew for a fact that those wizards will be coming for this tyke after a decade or so. Why not give them a surprise? A perfect gift for those people who took her sister away from her. Her young sister that was inducted into becoming a witch. Converted to do evil against people. Denounced the name of God.

She has a lot to do. To make her plan successful, Vernon is needed in here.

Harry questioned why is he out here in the cold when his aunt, his uncle and his cousin were inside eating dinner? He already said sorry so many times but they ignore him in favor of Dudley. Dudley crying and screaming that the freak threw the rock at him that afternoon and caused his arm to bleed. Clearly ignoring the fact that he was out at the playground and Harry was pulling weeds from his aunt's garden at the front. And there are no rocks nor stones at his aunt's garden for Dudley throws them at him and thankfully the stones are thrown way out the yard and into the neighbor's yard.

The young boy was just thankful that he swiped a few pieces of bread and meat he cooked for them before being thrown out of the hose through the back door. Eating under the cloudless night sky was a sight to see, if you ignore the cold. He can see those stars that form certain patters and he saw one pattern that kinda looks like a big tub. After munching down the last of the dinner roll and dusting off the excess crumbs off his second-hand shirt and too-thin-and-too-long trousers, he finally noticed that the entire neighborhood was silent. Too silent to be specific. He remembers that dogs usually bark at this time and some crickets like to play a tune. But there is no sound at all. He looks around if there was something wrong in the neighborhood and by accident he looks up.

A big crack in the night sky is a very weird sight to see and Harry wonders if this is why everything is so quiet. Then suddenly the big yellow crack in the sky began to grew and grew until the entire sky is full of cracks. Then the cracks began to change colors. When Harry though that the cracks will disappear when the colors became a deep blue color, the ground shook. Harry remembered that this is what the teachers call earthquake. The teachers say that when this happens he must lie down on the ground and try to cover one's head. So he did. And how scary it was.

The entire sky was changing colors and was this how the Apocalypse happens but he wasn't experiencing pain at all. Then the shaking and color show was ending. Only to be replaced by a red sky, a red ground and explosions. Harry wondered what happened but before he could process a things, a explosion rocked around him. The last thing before passing out was a black blur crashing to the ground.

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