Iris and Tom getting their specialized training! Hope you all enjoy their foray into Alchemy and their specializations, it's something I've been planning out for a while since they're going to be neck deep in the second world war.

This was written in...about an hour, hour and a half? Lily reviewed most of it but she had to sleep, I'll go over it again later. Short, but like I said written in an hour, gonna go play Resident Evil 2 now, bye~!

At the end of the first week of classes at Hogwarts all of the professors were meant to meet with the headmaster for a conference to go over the standings of the incoming class.

Edward Elric had been warned about how tedious it could be and he was now weary of it, shooting a glance at Slughorn, who looked to be already deep in his cups they both rolled their eyes as Headmaster Dippet began his role call.

Ed might not like Horace, but he certainly respected him at the very least, and he had been right in stating Ed should have been a bit 'loosened up' before attending the meeting.

Lesson learned, duly noted for the next term.

The meeting went as expected, all of them giving reports on the best and the worst of the coming year, when the Headmaster eventually broke up the debates with a forced cough.

"Very well then, now that we are organized, does anyone have anything else to add?"

"Yes," Edward stated as he slid two folders towards the Headmaster, "I would like to request lodging for two specialized tutors."

Armando adjusted his glasses as he opened the folders and his brows raised slightly as he met Edwards gaze, "Why exactly do you need the Dark Lady Elsa Arendelle and the Gray Lord Roy Mustang in my school?"

Edward grimaced at that while running a hand through his hair, "Because Iris Black is an Infernomancer, and Tom Riddle is a Glaciusmancer, and if the previously mentioned pair find out they have actual potential protégés and we kept that information from them...well..."

Professor Able glanced about the gathered professors before finally speaking up, "I don't understand, what does he mean?"

Albus let out a tired sigh as he shook his head slowly, "Every witch and wizard is capable of practicing alchemy, though most give up on it due to its heavy reliance on muggle science, the focus on logic, action, and reaction. Of those who actually follow through, one in ten is capable of having an elemental alignment, which means they have a more direct control over said element in their magical and alchemical actions."

Edward nodded at that, "Unfortunately there are very few people who have multiple alignments, something along the lines of one in ten thousand. Roy Mustang is aligned with fire and air, with a bit of water for flavor. Elsa Arendelle is water, wind, and a dash of earth. This makes them two of the most powerful magicals on the planet. Luckily for us, neither of them want power, they just want to be left the hell alone since their arts would likely die with them."

He paused then tilted his head to the side, "Until now. Their alignments are rare, so rare that they likely think themselves to be unique and alone, if they find out they have potential apprentices though... Well..."

Dippet remained silent for a few moments, then asked, "Will they work for free?"

Edward grinned at that, "For a chance to train the next generation and carry on their legacies? Of course."

"Granted, moving on."

It was early December, it was cold and wet, and Iris was not happy being forced to trudge through the partially frozen mud of Scotland beside her Tomcat while Professor Elric just hummed to himself ignoring their complaints.

If the man had not been so pretty she'd compare him to Snape at the moment.

Eventually they came to a stop and he turned towards the pair of first years grinning, "May I present Lord Roy Mustang and Lady Elsa Arendelle. Miss Black, Roy here will be your tutor, Mister Riddle, Elsa will be yours. They will take you to a properly prepared practice area, and after they break you to the point of crying they'll return you to me. Have fun!"

Iris and Tom glanced at each other for a few moments, but they were stronger then most and released the death grip they had on each others hand while moving towards their respective tutor.

Tom approached Elsa and stood before her silently as she appraised him with a critical eye. Tom noted that for a woman she was relatively tall, her blonde hair was kept back in a tight braided pony tail, and her glacial eyes nearly matched his own as she gave him a once over.

"Acceptable, come along."

Tom blinked and froze up a moment as the woman turned and walked away from him, he blinked and felt a moment of rage at being so easily dismissed but quickly beat it down through shear will and followed his apparent mentor to the shores of the Black Lake.

They were silent for the longest of times before she finally spoke again, "Young Tom, do you know what you are actually capable of as a Glaciusmancer?"

Tom blushed brightly and much to his shame, shook his head in the negative.

Lady Elsa smirked as she clapped her hands together and began weaving them about in intricate patterns as symbols glowed along her palms and forearms.

Tom stood still in mesmerized fascination as a castle of ice grew out of the lake, complete with flying buttresses, glaring gargoyles, and curtain walls.

Elsa stared at her massive creation for a few moments, then clenched her fist as it all melted back down to water and crashed back into the lake.

Raising her hand a shield formed before her keeping the sweeping wave away from herself and her apprentice, then she turned back to Tom and smiled.

"We're capable of doing anything we want."

Tom stared up at his new master in awe, and smiled.

Iris stared at Roy Mustang a few moments before cocking a brow, "Alright, you're here to teach me, then teach me."

"Cheeky one aren't you?" Roy stated with a smirk.

"I stabbed my head of house in the hand when he recovered me from the streets he banished me to and keep said knife safe and secure in case I ever needed to eternally curse him."

Roy raised a brow then let out a sigh, "Ed, really?"

"Yup!" His old comrade stated with a wide grin.

Scratching the side of his head the pepper haired man let out a sigh before gesturing for Iris to follow him, "Wonderful, another Fullmetal...look lets stick to basics first, here take these."

Iris blinked as Roy handed her a pair of black gloves with intricate red patterns stitched along its surface.

"What are these?" She asked.

"Friction cloth gloves, click your fingers and you create a spark, that spark will be used to ignite the air around you and the runes on the gloves will allow you to control the coming inferno. They are kind of a training method to fully embrace your ability before you can wandlessly cast an incendio, oh also hold still a moment will you?"

Iris paused and Roy tapped his wand on the top of her head and muttered something she didn't quite catch, she felt a cool buzz pass through her body before she shook her head and met his gaze evenly.

"What was that?"

Roy smirked, "Fire and concussion protection charms, you're going to need it, trust me."

Iris tilted her head to the side and blinked slowly before replying, "Why?"

Roy grinned and pointed to the scarecrow twenty meters before them, "Click your fingers and think about how much you want that target to burn."

Iris raised a brow, shrugged, and clicked her fingers.

Two seconds later she was flying backwards and landed on her back as a roiling fireball rose to the sky, Roy laughing hysterically the entire time.

Standing up shakily, wiping ash from her eyes, Iris grit her teeth and stomped forward glaring at Roy but soon focused her rage on the straw stuffed scarecrow before her.

Feeling her magic roil beneath her skin she felt her rage take hold and clicked her fingers.

The ground twenty meters to her right exploded, and showered her in dirt, but she hadn't been sent flying.


So it begins.

Two hours later the filthy Iris, and soaked through Tom trudged back towards the castle following their whistling Alchemy professor. Both children were exhausted, dirty, tired, and cold, yet when they met each others gaze they both broke out giggling.

"That was brilliant!" Iris crowed, and Tom could only smirk in agreement as he clasped her hand.

"Yes, it was, and it was only just the beginning."

A Song of Ice and Fire, am I right? Hope you all enjoyed!