Life isn't fair.

A lot of people know that. Some can say they have survived the world's greatest disasters on Earth. No matter how true that may be, some people have to learn how to survive their own personal disasters in their lives. Though they might be small, it's a big deal to them.

Granted, adults don't think children understand what happens in the world. But kids smarter than you think. They think children aren't smart enough to see what's happening around them. But they do. And soon enough, you'll learn who they are, what they will do, and who they'll be.

This is the story of six strangers, five stories, four lessons, three losses, two connections, one adventure.

But before we can begin, let's meet the children.

Wyatt Logan. 14 years old. Small for his age. Licorice black hair with piercing green blue eyes. The middle child of two loving parents, and the often playful torment of his older and younger brother. The family live in a nice neighborhood, a nice house, and are well known around town. Wyatt is a straight A student, has never had a detention a day in his life. Has a fair amount of friends, and teachers who admired him. You wouldn't think his life is bad, but deep inside him, he's desperate for a change.

Rebecca Daniels. 15 years old. A stereotypical popular girl. Pretty, likes to be the center of attention, and very sassy. Nobody knows if she was born that way. Most say it's because her parents run half the town of Bennett, she feels she has a power that allows her do to whatever she wants. But the reality will hit her when she has to finally make her own choice.

Lloyd Sander. 15 years old. Neon green hair he dyed after he lost a bet, a scar mark on his face that makes you ask him where he got it, and a hobby of vandalizing the neighborhood without getting caught. Not even once. He's the guy you go to if you want to get revenge, and have no fear of taking the rap for it. His sly, outgoing personality makes him the perfect person if you need something done. Yet soon enough, Lloyd will have to decide if he wants to change for the better or live a life of danger and pay the ultimate price.

Hope Barber. 14 years old. Tall, grey eyes, the reddest hair you could ever imagine, and the most gentle face you'd ever see. But don't be fooled by what you see. She isn't one to be messed with. And yet, her name will fool you, because hope is one of the many things she lacks. She believes she doesn't have a place in the world, and doesn't belong. She'll discover she's never been more wrong.

Zane Wood. 15 years old. The youngest of three brothers, and older than two sisters. He isn't a talker, yet he has so much he wants to say. Ever since he and his family moved to Bennett, being the new kid is the worst thing in the world. He thinks his new life will be the same as his old one. This time, it's going to be amazing.

Well, you've met the children. You'll see their stories and how their sudden meeting will change them in a way they never thought possible. You'll also see the one person who will help them along the way.

So that is the prologue and the introduction. Granted, it's short but will get longer once I get deeper into the story.

Let me know what you think! Also what do you expect from the characters? I'm interested in seeing what you think will happen to them.