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August 6, 2016

1:00 p.m


Blake had returned from the cliffs and was back at her dorm.

"So, what did Darrel want to talk about?"Yang asked.

"This."She held out her left hand, showing her ring.

"He didn't..."Weiss stated, shocked.

"Yes, he proposed to me!"Blake shouted. Ruby, Yang, and Blake squealed in glee.

"This is great!"Ruby yelled.

"He plans for the wedding to be at the end of our 2nd year."Blake explained.

"That should be plenty of time for planning."Weiss stated.

"You are so lucky."Yang stated. "I know; Darrel's all mine now."Blake said lovingly.

August 7, 2016

9:00 a.m

Ranch 20 miles from Vale

Two female ranchers were getting their cattle ready to head into the field. As the cattle feed, they're unaware that a pair of blue eyes are watching them from the trees.

Suddenly, a huge theropod erupts from the trees, clamping its jaws around a cow and drags it to a safer place to eat.

"Did you see that, Alice?"The mother said to her daughter. "I did. Was that a...Dinosaur?!"

August 7, 2016

1:00 p.m


"So, you two tied the knot?"Pyrrha stated to Blake and Darrel as the three teams sat together to eat lunch.

"I just proposed to her and she said yes."He stated. Blake kissed her fiance. "And the two of us couldn't be happier."She said happily.

"Would Darrel Maximus and Nora Valkyrie report to Ozpin's office?"Glynda said over the intercom.

"Well then, we'll be right back."Darrel stated as the shape-shifter and war-hammer wielder left.

"Why do you think they left?"Jaune wondered.

"Maybe it was an anomaly!"Yang suggested. "Oh, right! We forgot you told us about what happened yesterday."Jaune said.

At Ozpin's office...

"So, what do you need us to do, sir?"Darrel asked.

"Earlier today, we had another incursion at a ranch. Namely, a dinosaur incursion."Ozpin explained.

"That explains my being here, but what about Nora?"He said, pointing to Nora. "This ranch belongs to Nora's family."Glynda added.

"Are they alright?"Nora asked, concerned.

"They're fine, Ms. Valkyrie. They seek your assistance to help get a carnivorous dinosaur off their property."Ozpin stated.

"Yes sir."The two departed.

The two left for the to get their weapons. Nora grabbed Magnild, and Darrel grabbed Compliance.

"Remember, use stun and knock out grenades. These are living animals, not Grimm; understand?"Darrel stated. "Crystal, sir!"She said in her usual bubbly manner.

"Let's just go."Darrel stated.

August 7, 2016

1:20 p.m


The two arrived at the ranch, where they were greeted by two females wearing classic farm attire. One had long orange hair, and the other had long blonde hair.

"Darrel, this is my mom, Valka, and my sister, Astrid."Nora introduced her mother and sister. (Yeah I know I used names from HTTYD2; bite me. Plus, I like the movie.)

"So, sister Nora, is this the guy you talked about?"Astrid said.

"No; Ren has black hair with a pink streak; I don't."Darrel clarified. "So, let's get down to business; where's the Dino?"He asked.

"Earlier today, we were getting our cattle ready for the day. But then, a large dinosaur came out of the tress and took one of our steers."Valka explained.

"What did it look like?"Darrel asked, as he pulled out his Encyclopedia Scroll. "It wasn't a T-Rex but was as big as one; the head was too long, arms had 3 fingers, and a short ridge protruded from its back."Astrid explained.

"Excellent."He entered a few commands, and a hologram displayed it.

"Acrocanthosaurus, a large theropod dinosaur that lived in Vytal 115 million years ago."The electronic voice stated. "Its name means high-spined lizard due to the large ridge on its back. Scientists aren't sure of its use; it may be used for storing fat or an anchor for muscles."The voice stated the origin of its name.

"At 40 feet long, 14 feet tall, and 3.5 tons, Acrocanthosaurus was one of the largest theropods to exist."The voice stated, comparing it to a man. Valka whistled. "That's big."

"Acrocanthosaurus was a carnivore, preying on even the largest animals, besides maybe a few Grimm, to walk Remnant: Sauropods!"The voice stated as it displayed a hologram of the theropod bringing down a sauropod several times its own size. Astrid whistled. "And an even bigger behemoth!"

"Acrocanthosaurus belongs to a group of theropods called carcharodontosaurs, theropods designed to kill big prey."The voice concluded.

"So, we are dealing with a 40-feet long, sauropod killing theropod?"Nora said. "Pretty much."

"So, where is it?"She asked. "Follow the trail of destruction."Darrel said bluntly, pointing to a section of destroyed trees.

The two walked to the opening in the forest and started to search for it.

Before they could continue, they heard deep grunting. They followed to find something bizarre.

It was a quadruped. It had a long narrow head and a keratinous beak. Neck was short and broad. Body was barrel-chested and long. Front legs were short and stout, tipped with four blunt nails. Its back legs were long and narrow and also had four blunt nails. Its tail was long and narrow. But what was surprising was the amount of body armor it had: padded scutes and a 'shield' covered most of its body, with four cone-shaped spikes protruding above its shoulders, with the first being the longest.

It was a dull olive green with a pale yellow underside. Its scutes and spikes were bronze yellow. Eyes were small with yellow irises and black slits.

"This is Sauropelta, a nodosaur, armored dinosaur; said armor was used as a defense against predators. Plant-eater."Darrel explained.

"What are the smaller dinos around it?"Nora asked. Darrel saw 8 small dinos scattered around the armored beast as it ate.

They were roughly 2 feet long and very small. Their head was triangular. The head started with a parrot-like beak with a short spike on the upper jaw. At the back of the skull was a short frill. A short neck led to a small and thin body. Arms were short and thin, and each 5 fingers ended in short nails, two of which were extremely reduced. The legs were also short and thin, and besides the dew claw, there were three short toes with blunt claws. Tail was short and thin. They had a series of slightly tall orange feathers going down most of their tail.

Their body was tan brown, with a white underside. Frill's inside was a pale orange. Eyes were brown with orange irises.

"These are Aquilops, small ceratopsians, horned dinosaurs and among the oldest and smallest; plant-eaters."Darrel explained.

"What are they doing around the armored dinosaur?"Nora explained.

"Why do ox-peckers stick together with rhinos?"He said rhetorically. He took a photo of the scene, sans the flash.

"The birds alert the rhino of predators, and the rhino protects them. The same applies to these two dinosaurs and many other animals, living or extinct. Its called symbiotic relationship, or mutualism, where two animals benefit in a relationship."He explained.

"So...will the armored dinosaur attack us?"Nora inquired. "Only if its guards are scared.

Just then, a loud roar rips through out the air. Several Aquilops scatter, and the nodosaur starts thrashing his tail from side to side.

"What spooked them?"Nora said, slightly scared. "My guess is the Acrocanthosaurus."

The two quickly run out of the woods, following the roars. The two come across an open plain and see something surprising.

A pack of 8 Dromators are facing the Acrocanthosaurus, which has black scales and red scales along its ridge with blue eyes. They notice that the Acrocanthosaurus is guarding its kill. Behind the carnage, was the anomaly. Darrel also took a picture, sans the flash.

"Should we intervene?"Nora asked. "Only if our well-being is threatened.

One Dromator wasunlucky to be crushed underfoot. Two others were impaled on its claws. One was chomped on and then thrown into another, killing them both.

Seeing as their pack was deeply reduced, the rest fled. The Acrocanthosaurus roars out in victory and then it picks up the scent of unknown being, it smelled it when it attacked the strange small furry four-legged beast. He located them and roared at them, telling them to leave.

Nora, being her over-confident self, ran out, Magnild in grenade launcher form, firing a volley of three stun grenades, which didn't do much surprisingly. The Acrocanthosaurus roared at her in annoyance and was about to eat her when a somewhat loud roar was heard.

Nora turned her head to see Darrel, now as a Sauropelta, jogging towards it, spikes lit up with green energy. He impacted its knee, damaging it, the Acrocanthosaurus crying out in pain and then retreated back into the anomaly. Nora wanted to do some actual damage, but Darrel stopped her. The anomaly closed.

"Leave it alone; its already had a bad enough day."He said in a nasally voice. He then changed back, and the two walked back to the main section of the farm.

Meanwhile back 115 mya, the Acrocanthosaurus was heading down to a water hole to drink, and had accidentally disturbed a mother and baby Sauroposeidon(Color for both is like a Masai Giraffe.) Not wanting to be killed, it was forced to leave. 'Can anything go my way?'It thought.

"Hey, Nora?" "Yeah, Darrel?"

"I don't mean to pry, but where's Mr. Valkyrie?"He asked.

"Nora sighed. "Dad was abusive, so my mom divorced him, took me and Valka, and moved away from Mistral."She explained, albeit a little glum.

"I see; I'm sorry for asking."He said.

The two eventually arrived back at the cattle ranch, and they noticed that on the edge of the herd, were the Sauropelta and the six Aquilops.

The two walked up to Valka and Alice. "Uh, how come the Sauropelta and the Aquilops are still here?"Darrel inquired, slightly worried.

"We managed to corral them here, and we decided that our cattle could use some extra protection."Valka explained.

"Oh, and Nora,"Astrid held up twin large pet-carriers, containing each 1 female and 1 male Aquilops. "These are for you."She said.

"EEK! My own pet dinosaurs!"Nora shouted. "Darrel, do you think you could help with them, please?"Nora asked, eyes wide.

He sighed. "Fine; but they are your responsibility."

August 7, 2016

3:00 p.m

Ozpin's office

"So, while the theropod was returned, the armored dinosaur and the miniature ones are stuck here?"Ozpin said, slightly annoyed, VERY slightly.

"Yes sir; but the Valkyries will take care of the Sauropelta and the majority of the Aquilops, while Nora will take care of the two she currently has."Darrel explained.

Glynda sighed in slight annoyance. "Fine, but the two that are here are under Team JNPR's responsibility; got it?"

"Yes ma'am."Nora stated, and the two left.

August 7, 2016

8:00 p.m

Roof of Team DIMD's dorm

Blake-wearing a simple black dress- was told to meet Darrel up here. There he stood, wearing something similar to what he wore for homecoming, and standing in front of a table for two that had a white table-cloth, 2 purple glass vases with iris flowers, and candle in the center, and two covered plates.

"What's the occasion? Las time you proposed to me."Blake asked. "Its just been a while since we've gone on a romantic date."He stated.

Darrel held her chair as she sat down, and then he took a seat. "For dinner: Steak!"He removed the covers to reveal two fine cuts of steak with sides of mashed potatoes and a dinner roll.

"This is really nice. Thank you, Darrel." "You're welcome, Blake."

This certainly shed light on Nora and her family. And now it look like she has 115 million year old dinosaurs for pets. Speaking of which, give me names for them. Note, there's one male and one female.

Regarding the next chapter, Darrel will turn into this: I'm cold, I'm from the south, and my nickname is after a famous rock star.

Sauropelta- Lizard shield

17 feet long, nearly 3.5 feet long, 1.5 tons

Melee Attacks: Shoulder spikes and tail

Usage: Battering ram

Abilities: A DNA-enhanced version can charge its spikes up with green energy. This energy can be used for charging or projecting as green cone-shaped spikes made of energy.

Appearance: Dinosaur King

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