I'm back! And you must be thinking: "Wait story's over. What's he doing?" Well, This is the AN explaining some of the thought process for this story.

So my main inspiration for this are another fanfiction called Phineas & Ferb in Primeval which is pretty awesome other inspirations are other BBC Prehistory documentaries/movies (Not counting the Walking With Dinosaurs Movie).

Besides that other thing I have to say is that my next story is a RWBY X Pokemon crossover but not as you would expect it.

Here we have a teaser for...RWBY: Dragonfire!

"Soon this planet will fear...the Dragonians!"

"So, we have gone from fighting creatures native to our planet to aliens. What is my life coming to?!"

Darrel is devastated by the sight before him as smoke, fire and ash blow around him.

"Darrel...I am your true father." "NO!"

Ruby is shown forming a red sphere of energy in her hands.

Weiss is seen wearing some kind of white one-piece swimsuit and she's riding some kind of dolphin-like creature towards a very large swell of water in front of her.

Blake is in a cave, her attire almost specter like with a ghostly purple hood dodging or parrying black and purple spheres of energy while also firing similar spheres from her hands.

Yang is coated in flames and appears to be sparring someone that looks Egyptian.

Screen goes black as we see a Green eye surrounded by 4 gems: Red, White, Black, and Yellow.

It ends with a roar of a Draconian beast.

The final war is about to begin!